A/N: Another prompt word challenge drabble.

She was broken when he met her. Treated callously by guys. Not treated with respect. When he met her she'd been in a rather controlling relationship with an acting teacher. It all started out as a game when they met at the same diner that Brennan and Booth always ate at. When they had begun talking,Sweets was suprised to learn that she lived in Canada. It was then that Sweets' psychiatrist side kicked in. There was no way a nineteen year old girl would travel all the way to DC on her own if she wasn't running from something. She'd confessed everything. All about her boyfriend back home and thinking that she wasn't good enough to make it as an actress. He'd taken her home that night. Back to his apartment. That was where the games began. The games of pretending someone actually gave a damn. That they could trust and not be betrayed. It wasn't supposed to be more than a game but somehow,Lance Sweets had fallen for that broken woman and all thoughts of games had been flushed down the toilet. He could trust her with everything. Even with the story of how he'd gotten the scars on his back. It was so much more than games now which made it much more dangerous,now that he wanted to surrender his heart to her. But he loved it and wouldn't have it another way.

The End