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Epilogue: A Reunion

15 years later

Trisha's POV

"Psst…" a little voice said in my ear. "Psst…Momma."

"I think Daddy's sick, he sure does make a lot of noise," another little voice said as I rolled over to see the little miniature me sitting on top of my husband's chest poking him and pulling on his eyelids as he snored away.

"Sammy, leave Daddy alone," I whispered, rubbing my eyes as I slowly woke up.

"Charlie and Cooper are up," the first little one smiled at me, a perfect Uley grin on her face.

"Go to the kitchen and I'll be there in just a second," I shooed the two little girls out of the room.

It was Saturday in the Uley house, our small three bedroom house that seemed to be bursting at the seams. It was going to be a busy day, every Saturday was really. It was the only day I had to devote fully to my family, my husband and my four little ones. The rest of the week was a flurry of academic activities, teaching third grade at the reservation school, seeing my girls in the evening in time to help with homework and make dinner. The truth of the matter was, in some ways, I had become that girl, the one I worried about becoming when David imprinted on me. But it was only in ways that I wanted. Everything that had happened in the last 15 years were things that I had wanted, even the surprises were things that I chose to deal with in certain ways.

After David and I reunited following my trip to Mexico, we spent four years as a couple, living together and working out the other little kinks we had in our relationship. We didn't talk about marriage until graduation from college got closer. We knew it would happen, that we wanted to be married, but David knew it was important to me have certain things for myself first, the most dire being my education. I had missed school more than I realized until I actually started attending it again. I majored in Elementary Education and graduated with honors in the normal four years, taking classes and working at the hardware store when I wasn't in school. It wasn't an easy time but the pride that I felt when I finished, was well worth the stress and late nights of the four years of college.

As a graduation present, Uncle Jake invited David and I to Italy. Both of us were hesitant at first, but we were assured that Ethan and Elena were elsewhere. It wasn't so much I was worried about seeing Ethan again, I still missed him, especially when I needed a friend outside of David and Mom. It was more a fear of the awkwardness of the situation. We went though and were welcomed by my uncle with open arms.

It was a great vacation, probably the best two weeks of my life to that point. We visited museums, things that were totally boring to David, but he sucked it up for me. We ate pasta and drank espresso and I nearly died laughing watching David's huge body try to drive a tiny, bright yellow Vespa. As we stood in St. Peter's Square, David gripped my hand and dropped to his knee, sliding a small diamond ring on my finger, telling me he had little more to offer than his last name and his heart, which I had held for so long, no matter what I said, it would always be mine. David and I returned to La Push, engaged with an extra souvenir, one we were oblivious to until almost two months after returning to La Push, when I stood in the bathroom with Anna waiting for the timer to go off and glaring at the plastic stick with two pink lines.

Within a period of two days, after finding out that I was pregnant, I saw one wolf and two former-wolves faint, something I didn't know was possible for wolves. And, as if Mark didn't hate me enough, he made sure to accuse me of getting pregnant on purpose and trapping David. I knew that any relationship I had with Mark before, would never exist again, I had broken it beyond repair, and while we might be cordial at birthday parties and holidays, things would never be like they were.

Four months after returning home, David and I were married on April Fools Day, my parents anniversary in a small ceremony in the front yard of our house, Grandpa Billy's house. I wore a lace gown, accommodating my growing baby bump, with Dad walking me down the aisle, not wanting to let me go when we reached David and his smile. Mom was my matron-of-honor, while Mark stood as David's best man, though he looked at me with disdain throughout the ceremony.

Nine months after the Italy trip, Sarah Emily Uley came into the world screaming her lungs out and into our hearts. From the moment we were told she was a she, David started in overprotective Daddy mode, buying everything in the color pink he could find while also scaring away any little boy that tried to come close to me when I was pregnant. Sarah was her Daddy's princess and had him wrapped around her little finger from the first ultrasound. Not to mention that she looked so much like David, save her pouty lips and her doe eyes, those were all me, that my Dad said upon seeing her for the first time, "Poor kid, looks just like a Uley." He wasn't quite so nice the next day when Krys imprinted on his little princess.

When Sarah was two, after a drunken Halloween party at Helen's and a night of unprotected sex, we found out we were expecting our second little one, another girl, Samantha Rachel. Sammy was born at 30 weeks, premature but a fighter nonetheless. While Sarah was an Emily clone as far as personality went, Sammy was a Daddy's girl. For the first three months after she came home from the hospital, Sammy couldn't sleep anywhere but David's chest, his warmth keeping her comforted like the incubators at the hospital. Now, though she struggled with asthma and underdeveloped lungs, there were no other signs of her prematurity.

"Momma, can I help?" Sarah stood beside the bed again, her long brown hair pushed behind her ears. "Want me to wake Daddy up?" she giggled as I grabbed her and pulled her to lay next to be on the bed.

"Let's get Charlie and Coop to do it," I smiled, kissing her on the cheek. Her eyes got wide as she hopped off the bed and scampered out of the room and I rolled over to watch David.

"Dollface, I love you," he groaned in his sleep. I leaned over to kiss him. It was only recently that he'd started wearing clothes to bed again and it had it's advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages being surprise quickies were no longer an option and advantages being not having to worry about the kiddos seeing David naked.

"I love you too," I whispered, grabbing my house shoes from beside the bed.

Charlie and Coop or Charlotte and Cooper were the latest addition to the bustling Uley household. Twin girls born a little less than two years ago, who lived for the morning when they could slobber all over their Dad. And while David pretended it was annoying, I could tell by his smirk, he loved it.

I walked into the nursery, both girls standing up in their cribs, bouncing. "Momma, up!" Charlie said with her chubby arms up begging me to hold her.

"Come on, little one," I said, lifting her and putting her onto the floor.

"Momma, me too!" Cooper squealed. I picked her up and set her down next to her sister, who now had her arms up again for me to hold her. Charlie was the clingiest of all the girls. Sarah liked to be held and she liked to be around me, but Charlie had to know where I was at all time, screaming if she couldn't see me or David. It always made for interesting mornings when I dropped her off at Emily's everyday before school

I held Charlie on one hip while holding Cooper's tiny hand on the opposite side. "Wanna wake up Daddy?" I asked, Cooper tottering next to me giggling as we walked into the bedroom.

I put Charlie on the bed and then lifted Cooper to join her. "Daddy, up!" Cooper crawled to David's side, patting his cheek with her hand. "Up! Now! Up!" she bounced.

"Charlie, why don't you help her, sweetie?" I kissed her cheek as she turned to David, her little tiny bell voice ringing out.

"You get up, Daddy! We go to Annabewe's wedding!" she did the funniest thing, crawling to David and then hitting him hard on the stomach.

"Ugh!" David yelped as I laughed. "Shit that hurt!"

"Ooh, Daddy says bad words!" Sammy said from behind me. "Sarah, Daddy says bad words!"

"Daddy always says bad words," Sarah shook her head as David sat up and pulled Charlie to him.

"Why you wanna hurt Daddy, Charles?" David asked leaning up again the headboard.

"Daddy no get up," she snuggled into his chest.

"Yeah, well, you don't have hit Daddy," David patted her back.

I stood back and watched my daughters crawl all over their Dad and knowing that today wasn't going to be an easy day for David. Today was a special Saturday, a wedding for the wolf-circle as Brady was marrying his imprint, Annabelle, after loving her in so many different ways for 25 years. Today, Ethan was going to be there, it was honestly the first time we would have the chance to see him since the day he left, a thought that resulted last night in two long sessions of lovemaking, trying to convince David physically that I was his and there was nothing to worry about. It was sure to be an interesting day.

Just like their personalities, my daughters' fashion preferences were different and unique. Sarah was insistent on a ruffled black dress, while Sammy, who would've actually preferred no dress, wore a pretty cobalt blue jumper with a white undershirt. The twins were dressed in dresses of black and white and I sat them all on the couch in the living room to take a picture before running up to get dressed myself.

"You look handsome as ever," I whistled as David stood at the mirror trying to tie his tie.

"This blows," he groaned. "I hate having to get dressed up."

I giggled while I slipped my heels on. "I know, but just think. One day, you'll get to get dressed up for your daughter's wedding."

"Grr…" David growled.

"See? Now today's not so bad," I said, kissing his cheek.

We finished getting dressed, moving our caravan of daughters to the car, David trembling ever so slightly and trying hard not to phase, something he had stopped doing about ten years ago, but still had to control.

"You don't have to be nervous," I told him as he strapped the twins into their car seats. "I love you, David. I married you, and tonight, when the wedding's over, I'm not coming home with anyone but you and our girls." I knew he needed reassurance that this wasn't going to turn into a fiasco and while at first I contemplated not going to the wedding, Jesse, the now eighteen year old college student, madly in love with her imprint, begged me to go. And just like when she was little, it was hard to deny her anything.

"I know, I just worry," David sighed before opening the door for me to get in the car.

The wedding was beautiful, and throughout it, I watched as Ethan beamed with pride as his baby sister exchanged vows with her imprint. When the ceremony was over, the final pictures taken, we made our way to the reception.

"Girls, why don't you go play with your cousins?" Mom said, pointing to the Wahalla children on the dance floor. They were beautiful children, all with names that started with an 'E.' Two girls and a boy, Emmett, Emilia, and Evangeline, all three the perfect combination of Ethan and Elena. Sammy looked at me, questions in her eyes. Sarah was dancing with Krys, but Sammy was more than anxious to play with her cousins.

"Will Elena be okay with that?" I asked Aunt Nessie.

"Of course, sweetie. Why wouldn't she? They are family," she smiled.

"Just don't get dirty," I kissed Sammy's cheek as she ran off.

"Emmie! Wait up!" Sammy called after the middle Wahalla child. It was noticeable to me that Ethan wasn't there.

"He's in the house. You should go see him," Kim said behind me watching me search for him.

David and I each held one of the twins and I looked at him. "Let's go see him," I said as David groaned but complied, following me as we walked into the house.

And there he was, his back to us, looking out over the wooded area from the high windows. I could tell, even from the back he was as handsome as ever. David squeezed my hand, more for his own security than mine. "Remember who I married and who I'm going home with," I whispered, very low. David nodded and grinned.

"Ethan," I said so softly I wasn't actually sure if he would hear. But he did and he slowly turned around.

"I hadn't smelled that scent in so long I wasn't sure if my nose was deceiving me," Ethan smiled as he looked at me. "Wow, looks like you've been busy," he pointed to the sleeping baby in my arms, walking to meet us.

"This is number three," I said nodding to Charlie who was cradled in my arms, sleeping away. "And that's number four," I nodded to Cooper who was sucking on David's shirt collar.

"Names?" Ethan asked as he got closer and Cooper dropped David's collar and smiled at Ethan.

"This is Cooper and that's Charlie," David said, his face no longer a glare.

"They are girls, right?" Ethan asked.

"Yes, Charlie is Charlotte," I said, rocking the baby.

Cooper reached her arms out for Ethan and he looked at David for the okay to take her. David reluctantly released her to him. "Hello, beautiful," Ethan said, Cooper flashing another grin and giving a sloppy kiss on his cheek, her newest talent acquired after watching Sarah continually kiss Krys on the cheek, much to David's chagrin. "So, um, come have a seat," Ethan said.

David reached over to take Charlie from me, holding her tightly to his chest as she slept. We followed Ethan to the couch, sitting across from him as Cooper kept playing with his hair or his shirt. "How are things?" I asked, making the first move so to speak.

"Great, did you get a chance to see Elena? I know she'd want to see you. We're expecting our fourth," Ethan bounced the baby. Somehow, I doubted Elena wanted anything to do with me.

"Not yet, but I'll look for her when we leave," I smiled at him. Ethan hadn't changed a bit, literally. He was exactly the same, he hadn't aged a day, and while David and I both had age lines and the beginnings of grey hairs, Ethan was perpetually young.

"So, four kids, huh?" Ethan raised an eyebrow.

"All girls, even the damn dog is a girl," David grumbled. I giggled thinking about the dog in question. When Apple had passed away after living a long 12 years, I was hesitant to get another dog, but Sarah was insistent. David and I were both against it, until Krys showed up with the Weimaraner puppy that Sarah had already named Pumpkin, it being close to Halloween and all, and we welcomed Pumpkin into the family.

"A man's man gets stuck with all that estrogen and pink stuff," Ethan smiled.

"Yeah, I'm dreading the teenage years," David groaned, shaking his head.

"Let's hope they're not anything like us when we were teenagers," Ethan laughed and I joined in as David kinda chuckled.

"Momma? Daddy? Did you see Emmie? We're playing hide and seek and she's really good at it," Sammy said as the door opened. "Poppy keeps growling at Krys though. He and Sarah are dancing."

I giggled, waving for Sammy to come over to us, and thinking about my Dad already protecting Sarah from any impure actions of the imprint. "This is Sammy," I said, introducing her. "Sammy, this is Momma and Daddy's old friend, Ethan."

"Nice to meet ya, mister," she said. "Are you a wolf too?"

"Yep," Ethan nodded. "Nice to meet you too."

"This is Annabelle's brother," I told Sammy as she nodded.

"I know, they kinda smell alike," Sammy grinned. "When can I change?" She pulled on her dress.

"What do you mean they smell alike?" I asked her, she shouldn't be able to pick up on that, even if she was going to wolf-out, she wouldn't until she was older and it wasn't something I particularly wished on my daughter.

"Chill, babe. She heard me say it," David answered.

"Momma, Poppy and Gramps keeping picking on Krys and it's not very nice," Sarah said from the doorway with her hands on her hips.

"Did you tell Queenie and Mimi?" I asked, the family dynamics of Mom and Dad now being Queenie and Poppy and Sam and Emily being Gramps and Mimi were quite amusing to watch.

"No. I wanna go home though. They're being mean," Sarah's bottom lip quivered as I looked at my husband with pleading eyes.

David looked at me, his head cocked to the side in question. I nodded as he stood. "Sarah, let's go get you guys in the car. Can you hold Cooper's hand?" Sarah was already there taking her little sister from Ethan.

"You must be Ethan," she said sweetly. "I've heard lots about you. You're very handsome."

"Thank you," Ethan chuckled. "Don't let your Daddy hear you say that."

David waited for Sarah and Sammy who both held Cooper's hands as they walked out of the room. It was just Ethan and I left now and an awkward silence sat in.

"Are you happy?" he asked.

I smiled. "More than I really knew I could be. You?"

"More than I think is humanly possible," Ethan returned my smile.

"I'm sorry for everything I did, for causing you so much heartache, for running you off from your home," I said as tears started to well in my eyes.

Ethan closed the space between us, getting up from his seat to sit next to me. He took my hand in his and turned me to look at him. "It wasn't just you, Ray. I love my life with Elena, sure I would've loved to have been here with my family for certain things, but life just didn't have that in the cards for me. I had so many opportunities I never even knew I wanted before her."

"I know, and I just wish I wasn't the elephant in the room. She's my cousin and she doesn't even want to say anything to me," I said, holding myself together.

"She probably would if you gave her a chance. You have to think of it like this, for so long, everything in our relationship she thought I was comparing to everything I had with you. And I didn't, the love I feel for her is so much different, more than anything, you know?"

"I know. Ethan, you know you will always hold that special place in my heart. I'm grateful for everything we shared, all those years that you were my best friend and I'm happy that everything has worked out like it has," I sat up straighter.

"I guess imprinting's not so bad, huh?" Ethan grinned and I nodded back to him.

"I guess not," my words were genuine and I struggled with the thought that more than twenty years ago I cursed the imprint. Looking back at it now, it made my life complete. We sat in silence before I reached over and hugged him. "Thank you, Ethan, for loving me like you did."

"Thank you for letting me go, Ray," Ethan whispered before pulling away.

"David's waiting so I better go. You and Elena should come over tomorrow, we can have a barbeque," I said, knowing David would be thrilled shitless to share his meat with his former enemy.

"I'll talk to Elena and give you a call later," he answered.

"Bye, Ethan," I started to the door.

"Good bye, Trisha," Ethan said as I slipped through the door and headed out.

"Thanks," a voice said to my side as I stopped on the porch. "For what he said, for letting him go."

I turned to the youthful voice, the perfect woman standing on the porch, her beautiful curls and bright eyes, her smile was so sweet. "Elena," I said softly. She played with the ring on her finger, her wedding ring.

"Family is so important, Elena, so if you could not hate me, I would—" she cut me off.

"You have your love and I have mine, I know it's not easy to let someone you loved that much go, but I'm thankful you did," Elena spoke eloquently and I walked over to join her.

"It's funny, huh, how things go? Maybe we can be the family we could've been," I smiled.

"I'd like that. I think our kids like playing together," she giggled hugging me. "Grandpa Billy would like this."

I released her and nodded, telling her to come over the next day with Ethan for lunch. I knew the girls would love to see them and I would love to catch up with my cousin. I said my final goodbyes to her before climbing in the seat next to David in the Ford Flex. He took my hand and held it, kissing my knuckles as Sammy and Sarah went on about their cousins, dresses and boys and not wanting anymore baby sisters.

When we got to the house, three of the four little ones were fast asleep and we carried them to their rooms and then I helped Sarah get ready for bed, brushing her hair and giving her a kiss on the forehead before turning off the light and watching her tired eyes sag.

I gently shut the door and listened as David talked to Krys in the kitchen about how it wasn't okay or normal for him to sleep outside Sarah's room. Quite hypocritical since David did it for years with me. I gave one final check on the girls before heading to the bedroom, changing into my nightgown.

"How's number five?" David said into my ear as he slid his hand from behind to rest on my belly, kissing my neck lovingly. My stomach was still flat and unless you knew I was pregnant, you certainly couldn't tell. This one, like the other four, wasn't planned or expected, but we would take it.

"Making Mommy very emotional," I rested my hands on top of David's, holding them there. I turned in David's arms to face him, leaning up to kiss him softly. "I love you," I said against his lips.

"I love you too," he said. "Thanks for choosing me."

"Will you be okay if Elena and Ethan come over tomorrow?" I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter his hands sliding to rest on my rear end.

"Yep, if that's what you want," David said, lifting me to wrap my legs around his waist.

"I do. I want the girls to know their cousins. I want to know Elena," I kissed him as he walked backwards to the bed and laid me down, sitting back on his knees to take his shirt off and kicking his shoes to the side. I raked my fingers down his chest, stopping at his belt and gently unbuckling it. Fast and hard had its place, but this was the way I like sex with David, gentle, loving, and full of life.

"I love you so much," David said, kissing my lips and slowly pulling my panties down off of me, pushing my gown up and placing a warm, wet kiss on my stomach.

"You are the best husband and father anyone could want."

His forehead met mine as I hugged him. "You, our girls, you all are my everything." He pushed into me softly and slowly. I moaned and arched my back at the sensation, his lips feverishly kissing me as he pulled out and pushed back in.

"Did you lock the door?" I asked, not wanting my daughters to walk in on us, for their sake and ours.

"Yep," David groaned. "Ugh…can I keep…going?"

I nodded as he kissed harder and he moved in and out, my muscles tensing and releasing. The most amazing thing about anytime David and I made love being how perfectly our bodies seemed to fit together, and while there some that might prefer more complicated and intense positions, nothing felt better than the good, old missionary.

"You have to…first," David groaned and I reacted by wrapping my legs tighter for one more thrust of his pelvis.

"Oooohhhh!"My walls clenched and my back arched up harder.

"So perfect…" David shuddered until I felt him release and then collapse on top of me.

"Perfect ending to the perfect day," I whispered in his ear. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," David slipped out of me and rolled over onto his side of the bed. I curled into his side, and kissed his chest, falling asleep to his warmth and enough love to last us a lifetime.


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