Princess of the Dead

A prince can destroy all monsters

When he grows up

But when he is still a child

He can only stop his princess's tears

With a single rose

Chapter Two



Ichigo jumped back from the purple light and studied the wielder. Well, by "study" this writer means his eyes fell on her long pale legs. He liked how her purple leather boots traced out her calves and how her leg muscles twitched and flexed slowly. Then his eyes fell on the extremely short skirt that looked torn at the bottom. He gulped, suppressing the hormones that he had kept hidden for awhile. His eyes traced out the small waist and slim arms before his eyes landed on the shoulder length black hair. Her slender neck was pale just like the rest of her.

The girl turned her head, "Hey, are you going to help me or not!" She screamed at him as he snapped out of his daze and jumped into the air in front of her. He lifted his weapon high in the air before breaking the skull of the monster. The hollow shattered like blue glass and floated into the air as he landed. He turned to stare at the girl.


The girl looked up at him, "Ichigo?"

He blushed. No way! He had been checking out his date! He looked at the girl to see a small star on her forehead that glowed purple. She held a glaive that looked sharp and deadly, thirsting for blood. She had sparkling dangling earrings as his eyes landed on the brooch in the middle of her chest. A heart shaped crystal was in the center of it.

He felt a strange spark in him. The urge to reach out to touch flooded through his hormonal brain as he felt Zangetsu pulse beneath his fingers. He wanted to trace the odd symbol on her forehead with his fingers and he felt his heart beat faster. It didn't feel like lust, but something…deeper yet strangely familiar. His eyes narrowed. Why couldn't he place this feeling?

She turned around and began running. She jumped on top of another building.

"Hey, wait a minute! Hotaru! Stop!" Ichigo began following her, but he soon realized that he wasn't going to catch her. He flashed step in front of her as she gasped and grabbed her hand. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" She looked away as she tried pulling from his hard grip.

He shook his head, "That wasn't what I meant. What I meant to say is…what ar-AHH! GOD DAMMIT!" Ichigo screamed when she rammed the heel of her boot into his foot. This caused him to let her go and she began running again. Ichigo turned to run after her, but saw that she was already gone.

He felt the pulse of her power before it disappeared. He sighed as he put Zangestu away on his back. What was with that girl? What was with that mark on her forehead?

He stared at the empty air for a moment before deciding to get back into his body. As he did this he growled in frustration. What the hell was he going to do now? He had to find her that was for sure, but how? Even Ichigo knew he sucked and sensing spiritual pressure. He then remembered the gay waiter and grinned.

He began formulating his story.

But before he went to Lafayette, he decided to go to a warehouse where he knew he would find some much needed answer to the girl with the glaive. He walked down the streets for a few minutes before he found the warehouses. He searched for the spiritual pressure which was not his strongest talent, but he kept pushing for it. He stopped and opened the doors to one where he found a blonde-haired man.

"Shinji, I need to talk to you." Ichigo asked the man who was reading a porn magazine.

He threw the magazine aside, "What? Do you need even more help with your hollow self?" Shinji jumped down from the beam that he was sitting on as he fixed his black shirt. "It better be important."

"Do you know anything about a girl with a glowing symbol on her forehead?" Ichigo pointed to the center of his forehead, "A girl that wears a short skirt?"

"I can't imagine that you caught a hot girl like that," He snorted as the strawberry boy growled.

"That's not what I'm talking about!"

"Draw me a symbol in the dirt floor then," Shinji squatted down on the floor and watched as the younger boy drew a twelve that was stuck together. He fell silent which made Ichigo a little nervous. Shinji lifted his head slowly, "You sure this is the symbol you saw?"


"WHY?! ARE YOU THAT FREAKING STUPID! THAT'S THE SYMBOL OF THE PRINCESS!" Shinji yelled as he shoved his foot into Ichigo's face. Ichigo then punched him in the stomach and grabbed his foot before throwing him into the ground.

"What the hell is the freaking princess?" Ichigo asked after the dust settled. Shinji brushed the dirt off his shirt.

"Don't you know about the Senshi?"

"Uhh, not really."

"How can you be a shinigami and be so damn stupid?"

"Just get on with the freaking story!"

"The senshi are the princess of the stars. There's one for the moon, mercury, mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn. They have these powers that they use to protect the Earth. Mercury and Neptune both deal with water while Mars has the power of fire. Jupiter and Uranus have the powers of a storm. And Pluto has the powers to control time. Saturn is important for the Soul Society because she has the powers of death and rebirth."

Ichigo nodded, "Okay."

"Supposedly she came to Earth and gave birth to the Soul Society from all the lost souls that couldn't find the afterlife. She can kill a thousand hollows in one swoop from what I heard. I'm guessing that the Soul Society is looking for her because of the whole Aizen deal."

Ichigo thought about this story for a moment, "Why did she leave?"

"No one knows."


"LOVE it's my dream," a beautiful voice sang on the microphone where the group of shinigami sat in their human bodies. Most of them looked uncomfortable, "A beautiful dream that no one's ever seen, a beautiful deceit that no one's ever notice, a beautiful love that no one will ever break."

"I hate the human world! I can't bring my sword and now we have to listen to this girly music!" Ikkaku yelled as the group either rolled their eyes or sighed in frustration.

"Oh shut up, cue-ball!" Yachiru shouted as she slapped her small hand on the glass table, causing some of the drinks to spill. Byakuya's eye twitched slightly when his coffee spilled slightly on the sleeve of his shirt. He didn't do anything though deciding against angering the child vice-captain.

"Why you-"

"Ikkaku! Shut it!" Rangiku shouted.

"Rangiku, yelling is not going to solve anything," Ukitake said, trying to sooth the stressed out shinigami. How would you react if someone had assigned you to find a legendary princess?

"Ukitake, you don't understand that these people can't be reasoned with." Rangiku tried to explain.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Renji asked with a vein on his forehead.

"Oh you know what I mean, Renji dear." Rangiku cooed as the vein suddenly got bigger.

"You know what-"

"Renji!" Rukia yelled, trying to stop her best friend from making some stupid remark that would annoy her brother.

"Aww, Rukia-chan calm down." Shunsi said sweetly as he reached out for her hand to calm her down.

"Do not touch my sister," Byakuya stated icily.

"LOVE though you'll laugh, it's the most beautiful word." The dark-haired singer sang lovingly, "LOVE though you'll laugh its' the most important word."

Hitsugaya sighed as he twitched uncomfortably in his seat. "So where do we start looking?" This caused the group to go into a thoughtful silence.

Ukitake held out a few folders, "We should start with the Tokyo tower. These folders say that there were some strange sittings there."

"I agree," Byakuya stated, "Rukia, Renji and I will go there."

Hitsugaya, "Rangiku and I will go looking at the crater."

"Byakuya, I think Rukia should come with me." Ukitake said before coughing, "She is in my squad after all." Byakuya glared at the other captain, before faltering to this idea. At least she wasn't going with Shunsi.

"Then I'll be with Ikkaku, Yahiru, and Yumichika," Shunsi said as he took another sip of alcohol.

"Aww, but I want to go with Bya-chan!" Yachiru pouted as Byakuya looked at Shunsi pleadingly not to let the child come with him.

The singer began moving her hips gracefully, "Now, come close to me, I'll sing an endless song. God, please tell me, redder than red, the truest love."

The song was sweet to Rangiku as the woman sang, "Now, kiss, hold me, show me love that's forever. God, please tell me, bluer than blue, the real heart." Rangiku stared at the singer and then at the crimson rose that brought on pleasant memories of a lost childhood, a traitorous friend, and a prince in training.

"Rangiku?" Hitsugaya asked.

"What's wrong big boobs?" Yachiru asked, mimicking Hitsugaya's worried glance.

"LOVE everyone says, but no one knows its true meaning. Cannot be grasped alone. So I want to see it with you."


A silver-haired man closed his eyes for a moment and sang, "LOVE a wonderful person that makes everyone turn, a wonderful time that everyone wants. A wonderful romance that everyone dreams of." Helios watched the scene of the shinigami with great interest. Well, actually his eyes fell on the pink-haired girl with candy sticky lips and tiny smooth hands. His horn glowed whenever he thought of the tiny girl who reminded him of Chibi-Usagi.

Yachiru was the perfect subject for his visits. She was energetic and would tell the world her thoughts except for her dreams. The girl had been born in bloodshed with no memories of her parents long forgotten. She was strong and clumsy at the same time. She was goofy with her cheerful smiles and her little crush on Byakuya. All she ever asked was for him to take her flying. She talked a lot too. She talked about her Ken-chan and her squad. She always beamed whenever he asked how strong they were.

They're the strongest squad in the Soul Society! She even let him sing. She asked a lot of where he heard the song. He said in the human world and he would sing to her whenever he got a chance.

"Helios, what are you singing?" ParaPara asked with her blue hair dancing around her. She peeked over his shoulder to see the shinigami. "Oh, aren't they the ones that kill hollows?"

"Yes." He answered, deep in thought.

"Even the child?" VesVes asked skeptically. "Helios, let's do something fun."

"Like what?" ParaPara asked, "Oh! I know we can listen to Helios sing!"

The red-haired Amazon looked up at the prince of dreams. "You can sing?"

The man blushed slightly, "Yes, but not very well."

"That is not true!" The childish ParaPara yelled, "You have such a beautiful voice! Please sing for us!"

Helios blushed an even brighter red as he looked down at the pink-haired girl in the water of his dreamworld. He closed his eyes, "Alright, but just one song." The two girls nodded as they sat down, "LOVE can never match true love. LOVE though you'll laugh will never return once lost. LO-"


The man looked up to see JunJun running toward him. The ground starting shaking as some of the trees burst into flame. Horror broke his emotionless mask for a moment as he ran over to the green-haired woman."JunJun, CereCere, what's wrong?" He yelled over the blast as he watched his home being destroyed.

"Helios, the-"

The trees fell into the pool, shattering the image of Yachiru and the others. Out of the flames stood a shadowy figure with spiky hair came out from the woods. His world was burning to the ground and spiritual pressure was suffocating the Amazons. Glass was shattering and trees were snapping, but all he could see was the skull on the person's skin. Helios stood in front of the four Amazons as the figure stalked closer.


Though beautiful

It cannot




Hotaru pressed her back to the door of the apartment. Her cheeks were bright red as she felt a fuzzy of feelings in her stomach. So one of those weird things was Ichigo? The people that she had been sensing was him! Or at least one of them. What was that weird look on his face though? She had only seen that look on Mamour's face when he was staring at Usagi or when Haruka was looking at Michiru from afar. She blushed at this comparison.

"Oh hey, Taru, why do you look panicked?" Rei walked by with a bowl of chips in her hand.

Hotaru looked down, "Ummm, nothing's wrong. I just got scared because…a black cat jumped out of nowhere and I was afraid of the bad luck it could give me!"

Rei frowned at this, "Sure, Minako and I were going to watch a movie. Want to join us?"

She shook her head, "No thanks, I got to call…Ichigo." Hotaru felt her stomach twist uneasily. She hated to lie, but it wasn't like she could say, Rei, I saw this big gigantic monster that no one else could except Ichigo and I. And then we killed it, but Ichigo was wearing some weird outfit with a big sword. Well, she the other senshi probably could, but she knew that if it was important they would have warned her.

Rei smiled at her, "How was your date?"

"It was fine. Did you know his father is a doctor?"

"Lafayette didn't tell me that."

Hotaru mentally groaned, realizing that her friends and Lafayette had been teaming up to get her a dating life. This idea seemed very disturbing to her because she could just imagine the gay man and her friends debating about what kind of guy would be best for her.

"Yeah, well…I'll be in my room, bye!" Hotaru kicked off her shoes as she walked up the carpeted stairs to get up to her small, lit room. Lamps scattered the place as she put on a CD and quickly turned it out so she could tune out. Through the paper thin walls she could hear the chatter of the senshi below her.

"Did Hotaru tell you about how her date?" She heard the bubbly blonde ask.

"Not really, but she said she was going to call him…" Rei sounded like she was lost in thought.

"Well that's a good thing, isn't it?" Makoto asked.

"Yeah, but she looked freaked out about something."

"What? Did that guy try to put the moves on her or something?" Hotaru could already imagine Makoto jumping up and ready to beat Ichigo to a bloody pulp.

Not with a big sword like that…Makoto wouldn't even get to touch him. Hotaru shuddered at this thought as she listened closely. The image of Ichigo and that sword suddenly looked terrifying. She closed her eyes and imagined him. His aura was different from others she had felt. It was similar to her own, but felt more violent. She had never felt anything like it before.

"I don't know, she's just been acting so…odd." Rei explained.

"Maybe it's the signs of love." Minako sighed dreamily as Hotaru opened her eyes.

"That could be it. She did say she would call him, right?" Makoto asked.

"I'm worried about her ever since Setsuna told us to bring her here. Did she tell you guys anything about that?"

"No, I thought that was weird too, but you know Setsuna. She has to be all mysterious and talking in poetry whenever we ask her something important."

"I know, it's so frustrating," Makoto let out a sigh.

She stared at the window in her ceiling that let in the night sky that began to creep up into the sky. She sighed and closed her eyes again; maybe she should sleep on it. It couldn't hurt. She hugged a pillow to her chest as she controlled her breathing. Her music flowed in and out of her head.

"LOVE though you'll laugh, to us, the most important word." The beautiful song pulled her into sleep, tugging slowly down the path. "LOVE hear the whisper of the heart, hear its true voice. Listen carefully, where lies true love whom to give true love. LOVE though you'll laugh, in the entire world is the most important word."

Her eyes fluttered open to see a orange-haired boy. On her window.

Her eyes widened. "EHHH!"

"Hotaru, don't' scream!" Ichigo tried to say, but it was already too late. Hotaru had rolled out of her bed as the window cracked under his weight. He crashed into her bed as he scrambled to get to the screaming girl. He suddenly pinned her down. "Don't scream."

"I'll scream rape if you don't get off me."

"I doubt that your friends could see me." Ichigo whispered to her as he tried not to crush her, "Now, be quiet, PLEASE!" Hotaru fell silent as Ichigo sighed with relief. "I want some answers and-"

"You think by pinning me down is going to get you those answers. Hasn't anyone told that violence is never the answer?"

"I usually don't listen to what everyone else tells me. So now talk."

"Get off of me then I'll talk." Hotaru said as the orange-haired boy got off of her slowly. She kicked him in the face as he fell over with blood dripping down his face. She smiled in content. "Now what are your questions?"

"What the hell!"

"That was for pinning me down and breaking my window. Now, what are your questions?" Hotaru asked as she handed him a tissue.

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