Akatsuki Pro.

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Pein: Explain to me why you decided to do this?

Drake Hellion: rather simple, I thought it would good for some more variety.

Pein: by mixing Akatsuki and Halo 3 addiction?

Drake Hellion: yeah, is there a problem?

Pein: not thus far, no, but what if you get no reviews? or favs? or anything from this?

Drake Hellion: Then I am sad...

Pein: sur-

Drake Hellion: Sad that I have to delete this that is.

Pein: ugh....anyways, onto the Story, please read, and if you can read, would you please be so kind as to leave a review while your at it.

Drake Hellion: Overkill!

Chapter 1.

Gametype: Team Slayer

Map: Last Resort



A read Spartan dropped into the match and glanced around as three others did the same.

"Grab the sniper rifle! Art! Laser duty belongs to you Puppet! And Mangekyou! Grab a mongoose! I want this game ending in OUR favor!" the red Spartan with full HAYABUSA armor commanded quickly.

Another Spartan with CQB helmet, chest and E.V.A shoulders nodded and picked up the rifle sitting in front of them.

The third with standard armor nodded and made a break for the base.

XxArtBlastxX sniped roflcopter!

Gained the lead!

"Suck it yeah!" The Spartan holding the rifle yelled as the last Spartan drove up the stairs with a mongoose and honked the horn.

"keep them pinned on that side Deidara…me and Itachi will get a angle and BR them" the leading Spartan ordered.

"understood yeah!" ArtBlast replied while taking another shot

XxArtBlastxX sniped TwinkieEvo22

"I have laser" the third Spartan, PuppetxMaster, spoke boredly as he dropped his magnum for a the Spartan laser.

"Good job, get in an angle and fire on my word and no sooner, got it?!" the leader Spartan asked as he and Mangekyou stopped at the beach and ran up the stairs to get a better angle on the enemy team.

"careful Realm! Two headed your way!" Art stated as he took aim at someone hiding behind some cover "and boom!" he yelled as he fired.

XxArtBlastxX sniped PwnPro

Several minutes later…

Game over!

In the lobby

XxArtBlastxX: haha! You all got owned so badly! Yeah.

Roflcopter: hell with you! No lifer piece of shit!

PuppetxMaster: someone's a little sore about losing.

God_Realm: enough! Lets go, we've met our qouta for today

Leaving lobby

Pein sighed and removed his headset from his orange hair, his grey ringed eyes tired from lack of sleep, glancing at the clock he read 4:32 AM.

He yawned and turned off his brand new 360, before standing and walking over to his bed that was a few feet away "Pein! The hell!? Why did you offline!?" he heard Deidara yelled from down the hall, the disappointment in his voice clear.

Pein sighed and turned his head so his voice would not be muffled by his pillow "Cause we've been up for six straight hours of Halo 3! I am tired and need sleep…" he paused "in fact, I want all of you asleep now!" he added.

There was silence…

"Party crasher!" Deidara called back after awhile.

"whatever…" Pein mumbled falling asleep instantly.

You see, its been like this for a few days, five to be exact, the Akatsuki had decided instead of trying to capture Naruto and kill him, they would play the 360 and Halo 3, which was much more entertaining then chasing a blond idiot with horrible choice in clothes.

Pein, or God_Realm as was his Gamertag, had purchased the Xbox 360 as a means of killing time only, till he bought Halo 3 and the things became the Akatsuki's goal, being the best.

His three team mates were as follows.

XxArtBlastxX was Deidara, go figure, he was the Team sniper for his skill with the sniper rifle, everyone thought he would like the rocket launcher, but nah.

Mangekyou was none other then Itachi, who was the driver and all around reliable guy who had a mean BR.

PuppetxMaster was Sasori, their heavy weapons specialist and lone wolf.

And Pein was the leader, his skills were wide, each weapon he adapted to, but not fully mastered them, he was quick to think and decisive.


They were Team Akatsuki!!!

And when combined with the other Akatsuki…

They were…

Clan Akatsuki!!!

And this, is there adventures in the world of Halo 3 online.

Pein: I will admit, I like how you described me, a leader with calculating skills, but come on, I could not get tired over such a task as..gaming.

Drake Hellion: have you ever played Halo for six hours straight? its no picnic.

Pein points up.

Drake Hellion: shut up...