My first Digimon fanfic! I've liked it since like the middle of 2007, and then I stopped in like the middle of 2008, now I like it again! And I've had this idea since summer '07. So, here you go!

Disclaimer: I don't own it, except for my OC!

It was FINALLY the last day of school before summer! Then, you could basically do whatever you wanted! But for Takuya and the others, you just had to wait a whole class until freedom. Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, Zoe, and Rini (A/N: My OC with the name of that Sailor Moon girl. Haha, I came up with this OC in 2007. And she has pink, shoulder-blade length hair) were entering their last class of 7th grade.

"Man! This summer's gonna be AWESOME!" Takuya exclaimed as he put his books on a desk.

"I just can't wait to get away from all of the teachers, especially Mr. Hatashi." Zoe said while putting her books on the desk behind Takuya.

"Wow. You're lucky he's not in the room!" Kouichi told Zoe as he put his books on the desk behind Kouji's which was next to Takuya's.

"What? He's the strictest teacher! He yells at us for no reason! It's like he just doesn't like us cause we're his class!"

"That's exactly what he does. But everyone's so used to it now." Kouji said with no emotion.

"Hey Rini! What are you doing sitting all the way over there!?" Takuya shouted to Rini from across the room.

"Well, you know, every time I sit near you guys, one of you gets in trouble, and then that person drags the rest of us 4 into it, so then we ALL get in trouble! So, I just wanted to end my last class on a GOOD note!" Rini told them.

"…Makes sense." Kouichi agreed. And that's when Mr. Hatashi walked into the room.

"SIT DOWN!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone immediately sat down in their seats.

"Now I know all of you are probably thinking, 'Oh! This is my last class until September! So I don't need to try at all!'" Mr. Hatashi spoke in a high pitched voice as the kids in the class looked at each other trying not to laugh, "WELL YOU'RE WRONG! You'll ALL have to write a 1,000 word essay on how you enjoyed my class this year!"

All of the kids immediately started to complain and shout about how unfair that was. Then Kouji raised his hand.

"Yes Kouji!" Mr. Hatashi picked on him.

"What if we didn't enjoy your class?" Kouji asked him. Everyone started laughing at what Kouji had just said.

"Do you feel like testing me, Mr. Minamoto!? I could easily just give you a detention right now!"

"No! You can't give a detention on the last day of school!" Zoe butted in.

"Oh it looks like Miss Orimoto would like a detention, too!"

"You can't give a detention if it doesn't exist anymore until September!"

"Watch me!"

"That doesn't make any sense." Kouichi whispered to Kouji.

"Oh! And you want one too, Kouichi!? WOW! Just LOOK at all of the detentions!" And that's when Rini raised her hand, "WHAT!?"

"Uh…can I go to the bathroom?" Rini asked.


"WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!!!"

"Learn to NOT interrupt the teacher when he's talking!"

"But you weren't talking! And I just wanna go to the bathroom!"

"Mr. Hatashi, you can't give her a detention if she didn't do anything." Takuya said in-between the talking.

"…Oh WOW! Isn't this great! All of the 5 friends get to spend another HOUR at school for detention!" Mr. Hatashi sarcastically exclaimed.

"You can't be serious!"

"I hate my life." Zoe said into her arm with her head on her desk.

"You 5 will stay after class…DID I EVER SAY STOP WRITING TO THE REST OF YOU!?!?!?" Mr. Hatashi yelled. Everyone frantically grabbed their pencils and continued writing.


Takuya's POV

After class, the bell rang and you could hear kids screaming, and see papers flying in the halls. But nope. I couldn't be apart of that because I was stuck in Mr. Hatashi's classroom! He really hates the 5 of us. And most of the time, we don't even do anything!

"I blame you for this, Kouji." I whispered to Kouji.

"How is this even CLOSE to my fault!?" he whispered back. Now everyone is whispering.

"If you hadn't said you didn't enjoy the class, none of us would be here in the first place!"

"Kinda true." Zoe added.

"Yeah well who really doesn't deserve to be here is Rini. She just asked to go to the bathroom!" Kouichi told everyone.

"Yeah I know! Seriously!" Rini exclaimed.

"Don't worry guys! Before this I called my mom and told her what happened. She's coming most likely to yell!" Zoe said.

"QUIET!!!!!!!!!" Mr. Hatashi yelled. Then after about 5 minutes, Zoe's mom, Mrs. Orimoto, came barging through the door.

"Finally, mom!" Zoe exclaimed.

"Who are you?" Mr. Hatashi asked.

"Who am I!? I think the real question is who do you think YOU are!?" Mrs. Orimoto yelled at him. Then Mrs. Orimoto continued yelling at Mr. Hatashi.

"C'mon guys. We can go now." Zoe told the rest. The five of us left the room as Zoe's mom kept yelling at Mr. Hatashi.

"Whoa! Look at all the paper here!" I said as we walked through the hallway.

"Feel sorry for the person who has to clean this up." Kouichi added. About 30 seconds later, they we're out of the building with JP and Tommy outside the door.

"Where have you guys BEEN!?" JP asked.

"Yeah we've been out here for like 20 minutes!" Tommy added.

"Long story." Kouji answered.

"We'll tell you on the way to the bathing suit store." Zoe told them. We were on our way to the bathing suit store because we needed them for the trip that we were talking together. It was a trip to the Bahamas for a week. No parents, one chaperone, me, Kouji, Rini, Zoe, Tommy, JP, and Kouichi. That's why we all kept saying that summer was gonna be awesome.

Eventually, when got to the bathing suit store, me, Kouji, JP, Tommy, and Kouichi split up from Zoe and Rini to get our bathing suits.

"Wait, I don't even want a bathing suit! I'm not gonna swim!" Kouji realized.

"C'mon buddy! You're not gonna go swimming in the Bahamas!?" I asked as I patted Kouji's back.

"No, I'm not."

"Kouji! It'd be fun! And they have so much water related stuff at Beaches!" Tommy pitched in to help.

"Wait…we're going to BEACHES!?"


"Wait, WE ARE!?!?!?" I yelled, too.

"Yes! Why?"

"All of the girls there are so HOT!!!!"

"Really?" Kouichi asked, "Then we could get girlfriends or something!"

"Dude, we said we think the girls there are hot. We don't wanna marry 'em." Kouji smacked his brother in the back of the head.

"You guys can eye the girls all you want. I'm focused on Zoe right now!" JP exclaimed.

"Yes! We know! EVERYONE KNOWS! Even the people on Mars know!" Tommy shouted at JP.

Zoe's POV

I couldn't WAIT for the trip! It was killing me! And it was just the next day, too! So me and Rini were getting bathing suits. I was getting my usual purple 2 piece. Then I turned around to Rini.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Rini, you're getting a ONE piece?" I asked her.

"Yeah. Why?" Rini asked me.

"Well, you have basically the same figure as me, and I'm a perfect bikini bod. So you definitely should get a 2 piece."

"I've never worn a 2 piece before. I'm more used to a 1 piece."

"Then this is your opportunity to get used to a 2 piece! Plus, I heard that there's a lot of cute guys at Beaches Resorts!"

"Yeah, I don't really care about the guys, but fine. I'll wear a 2 piece."

"Phew! What a relief."

Then Rini picked up a pink and white polka dot 2 piece. We both took our bathing suits and went to pay for them. We met up with the guys outside the store and left.

"Sooooo…1 piece or 2?" Takuya asked. God.

"Wouldn't you like to know." I replied.

"Yes. Yes we would." Kouichi pitched in.

"Ugh. You guys are unbelievable."

"So Rini…1 or 2?" Takuya asked. Rini opened her mouth and was about to answer I guess.

"DON'T ANSWER!!!!" I yelled before she could.

"I wasn't gonna!" Rini told me.

"You guys are weird. I'm going home. Bye!" Tommy told us.

"See you tomorrow!" We all yelled after him.

"So who's the chaperone?" Kouji asked.

"No clue. I asked my mom like a thousand times and she won't tell." I answered, "But I hope it's someone not old."

"Great. Now watch it be some grandpa." Kouichi said.


"Yeah. Should've knocked on wood." JP added.

"Ya know what, I'm gonna go home too. Later guys!" Rini said out of the blue.

"Bye!" We called out to her.

Rini's POV

I couldn't WAIT for the next day. I was so excited for THE BAHAMAS! Who wouldn't be? The only thing that was bugging me was the chaperone. Everyone was afraid that it would be some strict old guy that doesn't let you do anything.

"Sooooo mom…who's the chaperone?" I asked my mommy.

"Well, I talked with all the parents today. And we all agree that-"


"Honey, you didn't let me finish! We all agree that there should be 2 chaperones."

"Aww! Why!?"

"It's for security, Rini."

"Well…who are they? And PLEASE say they're not old men!"

"I guess it's ok to tell you now. It's Zoe's cousin Rita and Tommy's cousin TJ."


"You'll meet them tomorrow when you go to the Bahamas."

"Ok! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I need to go pack ASAP!" Then I ran upstairs to my room to continue the packing I had already done.

Zoe's POV

When I got home, I immediately started bugging my mom about who the chaperone was. After the guys kept on talking about old men, they got me scared too.

"Mom who's the chaperone!? Mom who's the chaperone!? Mom who's the chaperone!? Mom who's the chaperone!? Mom who's the chaperone!? Mom who's the-"


"Which one?"


"Oh…ok." Then I just went upstairs and finished packing.

Takuya's POV

The trip was gonna be awesome!!!! And to make it better, we were going to BEACHES RESORTS! It couldn't get any better.

"TWO CHAPERONES!?THAT'S NOT FAIR!" I was yelling at my mom.

"All of the parents agreed that it would guarantee more safety, Takuya!"

"You don't trust us!? What would we do!?"

"I didn't say I didn't trust you. And ALL of us decided this, Takuya. I bet the other kids aren't making as big of a deal of this as you are!"

"…Fine. I don't even wanna know who they are."

"Shouldn't you be packing or something?" Shinya popped in.

"You don't even sound like you care that I'm gonna be gone for a week!"

"Frankly, I don't." Yep, that's my little brother.

"Whatever. I'm gonna go pack." Then I went to my room to do my packing.

Kouji's POV

So when I got home, I just had to ask my mom, who was in the kitchen, who the chaperone was…that was sarcasm. But, yeah, I asked.

"Mom, do you have any idea who the chaperone is?" I asked her.

"Chaperone'S! We, the parents, agreed that there should be 2 chaperones. They're Tommy's cousin and Zoe's cousin." She replied while washing dishes.

"Woohoo, fun. I'm gonna go pack."

Kouichi's POV

"MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!" I yelled immediately when I walked through the door.

"Oh, Kouichi, good afternoon to you too." She replied from the couch as if she was extremely tired.

"Who's chaperoning the trip!?"

"Oh, uh, Tommy's cousin and Zoe's cousin."


"The parents thought it was best if you did."

"AWWWWW! Oh well. I might as well go pack."


"TWO!? REALLY!? WE'RE NOT THAT IMMATURE!" I was already talking to my mom while eating potato chips.

"We ALL agreed, Junpei! It won't be as bad as you're making it!"

"But it's like you guys don't think we're responsible enough!"

"It's better safety, Junpei! You don't even know who it is that's chaperoning!"

"Well then who are they!?"

"Tommy's cousin and Zoe's cousin!"

"…Is Zoe's cousin a girl?"


"Well ok then. I'm gonna go pack!" I then skipped upstairs to my room.

Tommy's POV

"But mommy! TJ's no fun! You know how 18 year olds are! They think they run the place!"

"You know, I'm right here!" TJ yelled at me.

"But that's exactly why we chose him as another chaperone. Plus, he's here to visit with your aunt and uncle! We might as well put him to work!" my mom replied.

"This isn't fair at all!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, and you think I'M happy about this!? The parents FORCED me to. They practically threatened me! I don't wanna spend a week with a bunch of spoiled kids!" TJ said.

"We didn't want to pay a person to do it so we just chose you! Plus, Rita's your age! Talk with her!" mom told TJ.


"Forget this. I'm going to pack." I said to anyone who would listen, then went upstairs to my room to finish packing.

This is gonna be a looooong trip!


And there it is! I can't wait to continue!