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Zoe's POV

The next day when I woke up, it was a little after 8. After I yawned like 4 times, I remembered what we had in store that day. Then I got so excited, I woke up Rini and Rita.

"Zoe!" Rita yelled at me.

"Five more minutes…" Rini told me while falling back asleep.

"No, Rini! Wake up! Remember! We're going to the Water Park today!" I told Rini while shaking her to wake up from the ladder. She rose up slowly, then her eyes widened.

"Wait, we're at Beaches! WAIT! WATER PARK!" Rini then screamed. Then we started jumping up and down together.

"Oh god." Rita said and put the blanket over her head.

"I CALL FIRST!" Rini shot, took the stuff she set out yesterday for today, and ran into the bathroom.

"Ugh! I gotta be faster!" I said to myself.

"Zoe, can I ask you WHY wake me up at 8 in the morning on vacation?" Rita asked from her bed.

"Cause I'm super excited for today! Just think of all the hot guys that are here from around the world!"

"…Point taken."

After we finished getting dressed, it was 9:40. Then we went downstairs to the buffet for breakfast.

"I'm so happy we got the suite! All of those free bathing suits are the cutest!" I said as I took some pancakes and eggs.

"Yeah, well why did they all have to be 2 pieces?" Rini complained while she took waffles and bacon.

"Rini, how many times do I have to tell you, you SHOULD be wearing a 2 piece. And I hope you're not gonna wear that in the pool."

"What? I'm just wearing a t-shirt and shorts over the bathing suit. You are too!"

"Yeah, but I just wanted to make sure that you wouldn't wear it in the pool."

After we got our breakfast, we chose a table and sat down.

"So, are you gonna go in the pool, Rita?" Rini asked her.

"Nah. I'm gonna tan." Rita answered.

"Oh. Ok then."

"We should tan tomorrow!" I suggested.

"Uh…sure…?" Then after half an hour, the boys finally show up.

"Where've you guys been?" Rita asked.

"Sleeping." Kouji answered.

"How long have you guys been here?" Takuya asked.

"Like, 40 minutes." I answered.

"Wow. We woke up 40 minutes ago." Kouichi told us.

"Ok everyone! Listen up!" TJ called out to us, "I've created a schedule for us to follow for today!"

"WHAT!?" we all yelled.

"Why!?" JP asked.

"To make sure that you all don't do everything in one day, and then be bored for the rest of the trip." TJ answered.

"UGHHH!" we moaned again.

"Don't listen to him. Do what you want. BUT DON'T HURT EACH OTHER!" Rita told us. We started cheering when she said that.

"C'mon girls! Let's go!" I lead Rini and Rita.

"Ok, don't go directing me, Zoe." Rita told me and got up from her chair and started walking toward the pool.

"Hey! Wait for us!" Tommy called out.

"Not so fast!" TJ said.

"What now!?" Takuya asked. He sounded really annoyed.

"You all need to get some food in your systems first!"

"But that doesn't make sense! When you go to the pool after you've eaten, you get cramps!" Tommy told TJ.

"Yeah, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Eat first!"


"EAT!" Then all the guys immediately sat down and started eating. Haha!

"Ok. Now let's go!" Rini exclaimed. Then her and I started running to who knows where with Rita yelling at us to stop running from behind.


Ok, TJ was starting to annoy me. He thinks that just because he's like 8, 5, and 4 years older than us, he can boss us around and tell us to go left or right. He was bugging everyone. Thank god he was away from us for like 5 minutes to get something out of the room.

"So…Kouji, Takuya, it's summer." Kouichi told them. Tommy and I then knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Yes. Very good, Kouichi." Kouji said.

"Your point?" Takuya asked.

"You guys know EXACTLY what I mean!" Kouichi said.

"No not really."

"C'mon! It's summer, we're on vacation, you know! The perfect time to ask a certain someone out!" I added while lightly elbowing him.

"JP! Could you not talk so loudly!" Takuya whispered. And when I said a certain someone, I meant Rini (A/N: Yup. I HATE TakuyaxZoe).

"But it's the perfect time! It's been what, 3 years? C'mon, Takuya!"

"No, JP! If I do ask her out, and she says no, it could ruin our friendship!" (A/N: Just noticed that this sounds like Zoey 101 XD)

"She'd say yes though!"

"Wow. You know EXACTLY how to annoy Takuya, JP. I laugh." Kouji said while smirking.

"You're no different, Kouji!" Kouichi said.


"You always talk about Zoe. Why don't you ask her out?"

"I don't intend on asking her out."

"But why!?" Kouichi and I asked in unison.

"Just because you like someone doesn't mean that you have to ask than someone out!"

"But how do you know if she likes you back or not?" I asked.


"Oohh. That's love right there." Takuya told Kouji. That's when Kouji looked like he was about to KILL Takuya.

"I'm so confused!" Tommy complained.

"Yeah, well you miss a lot when you're not in middle school yet, Tommy!" Kouichi told him.

"I'm back!" TJ said as he sat down. Great.

"Good for you." Kouji said.

Rini's POV

I was so excited about the water park! It was gonna be so much fun! Except I expected the guys to be there with us so it would be even better. But nooooo! Instead, they were being forced to eat by TJ. Ugh!

"Let's go on that huge slide first!" Zoe suggested.

"But if we start on the slide first, everything else is gonna feel like a huge let down!" I reminded her.

"True…so what should we start with?"

"Um…" I started looking around, "Oh my god! Look at that surfing thing!"

"That looks so cool! Let's do that!"

Then we ran to the surfing thingy. We stood in line to go and in front of us were 3 guys about our age that looked like they were all together.

"See, Rini! Hot guys!" Zoe whispered to me.

"Whatever." I told her. I wasn't really caring about the guys for this trip. I just wanted the fun. But the guys are basically all that Zoe was caring about. Which is why I wanted OUR guys' company.

"Next 5!" The guy in charge of the surf thing called. Zoe looked at me and smiled because that meant it was me, her, and the 3 guys. We went on and we were immediately having trouble. But those guys looked like they'd been doing it for a while. One of them was helping Zoe, obviously hitting on her, the other was doing his own thing, and the other came over to me, since I had wiped out.

"You need help?" he asked me. Uuuuugggghhhhh!

"No, I'm fine." I replied. I tried to sound rude, but obviously it didn't work since he was still there.

"You sure? You've fallen like 5 times." Right after he said that, I fell in the water. I was hating the irony.

"I'm fine, thank you!"

"Suit yourself." He told me. And then he continued to do it. Then he actually started standing up and doing it. I was too busy being distracted that I flew back to the end of the little pool it was in. Then he flew back too, on purpose though.

"I'm pretty sure that that's not how you do it." he told me. I actually chuckled a bit when he said that, "I got you to laugh! Does that count for something!?"

"Fine." I told him while smiling. I didn't really wanna talk to him since I was into someone else. But he was kinda cute, "But shouldn't I know your name first?"


"Oh, I'm Rini."

"Nice to meet you." He took my hand and I thought that he was about to kiss it or something, because if he did I would've smacked him across the face. But instead, he just shook it. I was starting to like him, but I was trying to talk myself out of it. But next the next thing I knew it, me and Zoe were going everywhere with those 3 guys. I felt really bad!

"Zoe, don't you think we should look for the others? It's been 2 hours!" I whispered to her.

"Rini, relax! Besides, these guys are way more mature than the others. I bet they're somewhere doing something gross right now!" she whispered back. Now, I FELT HORRIBLE!!!!!

"Hey, you girls want some food?" Joe, the guy Zoe liked, asked.

"Sure!" We said in unison. Why was I still there!? I kept on getting sucked in by their hotness!

Kouichi's POV

We didn't have a clue where the girls were. We looked for them EVERYWHERE! They just ditched us!

"Ok…we've looked…enough! Let's…eat!" JP was panting.

"I still think we should keep looking." Takuya told us.

"Takuya, we all know that you wanna see your girlfriend, but the rest of us are dying! We need food!" I said.


"We just ate anyway." Kouji reminded us.

"Yeah! But I'm sure that we just burned off 3 DAYS worth of food!" Tommy added.

"…Fine. We'll go eat." Takuya finally gave in. FINALLY! My stomach sounded like a bear! We went to the closest buffet we could find. We walked in, and couldn't believe what we were seeing. It was Zoe and Rini sitting at a table eating with 3 guys.

"WHO ARE THEY!?" Me, Kouji, Takuya, JP, and Tommy asked in unison. Takuya and Kouji immediately walked over to the table. We were gonna try to stop them, but it wasn't worth it, so we just followed.

"Hey guys!" Takuya said, making it obvious that he was a little upset. As soon as he said that, Rini and Zoe looked up from their food. Rini turned back to her food and Zoe just sat there.

"Oh hey! Joe, Mikey, Pete, these are our friends, Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, JP, and Tommy!" Zoe told the 3 guys, who were apparently Joe, Mikey, and Pete.

"Hey!" Mikey greeted us and put out his hand. Takuya smacked it away though, "Ok then…?"

"Can we talk to you two?" Takuya asked.

"Ugh, fine." Zoe said. Then Zoe and Rini got up and walked out of the buffet so that we could talk.

"Where've you guys been!?" Takuya yelled.

"With them." Zoe answered while pointing to the 3 guys.

"We've been looking for you 2 for TWO HOURS!" Kouji added.


"YES!" All of us guys said in unison.

"Well soooorry! We didn't know!"

"Now ditch them and come with us!" I butted in, to prevent myself from just standing there.

"Well with that attitude, noooo thanks!"

"WHAT!? WHY!?" Us guys said in unison.

"Cause we've been enjoying ourselves with these guys! They're more mature then you'll ever be! Right Rini!?" And that's when all eyes went to Rini who was standing there quietly.

"Right Rini!?" Zoe asked again. From the looks of it, Rini felt pressured to answer.

"R-…right?" Rini spoke finally. She looked like she didn't even know what the heck she said.

"Now if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go back to them. Why don't you guys find something else to do, maybe something related to crawling under a rock? Later." Zoe then walked away with Rini still standing there looking down. When Zoe realized that Rini wasn't next to her, she pulled her by the arm and dragged her back to the buffet.

"Why is Zoe being so mean?!" Tommy said almost crying. Oh here we go.

"Kouji, JP, how can you have a crush on HER!?" Takuya asked them.

"Sometimes, I don't even know." JP answered.

"That's what I like about her." Kouji answered in his on reply.

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