John Sheppard's: How To Have A Lunch Date 101


Author's Note: I usually write John/Teyla but today...I felt like doing a John/Keller one.
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"Hey Jennifer!" John said.

"Hello John," Keller said turning around from her work.

"So what are you working on?"

" really working I was just playing minesweeper."

"I love that game! I'm a master if I do say so myself," John said sounding very proud and almost striking his proud pose.

"Really? I'm having a bit of trouble."

"I could help you with that but...I have to ask you a question?"

"OK, whats your question?"

"Jennifer would you go on a date with me?"

"A date?"

"Yeah! Like a lunch date?"

"Um...OK that sounds great," Keller said staring into John's big blue eyes.

"Great!" He made his voice softer. "So see you later?"

"I will definitely see you later."


"Bye." Keller replied. "See you later." And when John had left the room Keller spun around with joy and said 'Yes!' with excitement.

Later came and John was just sitting at a table in the cafeteria waiting for Keller to arrive and when she did she looked beautiful and that's exactly what John said.

"Wow! Jennifer, you look beautiful!"

"Thank you, you look pretty good yourself."

"Thanks I try," John said leaning back on his chair, they both laughed. "So what would you like to eat?"

"I don't know?" Keller said still laughing a bit.

"How about egg salad?"

"I hate egg salad!"

"Me you want some?"

"Of course!"

"I'll go get them wait here?"

"OK." John came back with two egg salad sandwiches; one in each hand.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome."

"So Keller when would you like my help with minesweeper?"

"Does that really matter right know?'

"Well...I said I would help when do you want it?"

"I don't know?"

"Well whenever you need me I will be there!"

"Thanks but I don't play it that often..." she turned her head and laughed.

"I wasn't talking about minesweeper..." They stopped talking and everything became quiet; and Keller and John just stared at each other and leaned closer until their lips touched and they kissed.

"Wow..." Keller said, the cafeteria stayed quiet for awhile until...

"What happened to all the blue jello?" McKay shouted.


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