A/N Another short crack filled one-shot made from a small plot bunny that bounced into my head. Enjoy.

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This is… illogical. How could this be possible? There must be some mistake.

But how can it be a mistake if I'm seeing it with my own two eyes?

I knew he would change. I knew they all would. I was also expecting some growth in this department, but I had never imagined it to be this big. Who knew that a kid like him could do something to bend all the laws of my data in just 10 years?

I admit, when I first got the invitation for our little Tennis Club reunion, I had envisioned us all the same, hanging around, discussing tennis like the old days. I had snapped out of it quickly, telling myself how stupid I was to assume that, but I hadn't known how much wrong I'd been.

Of course, it wasn't that surprising that Fuji and Tezuka came together, but if it was because Fuji stalked Tezuka on the way or they lived together they wouldn't tell. Even though many people think it was the former, I happen to know that it is highly probable that is it the latter.

But then again, I'm not too sure about my data anymore. I mean, just look at him.

The others were quite shocked as well. But now they've all accepted it for a weird spur of fate, and are almost getting used to it. Me, not so much. I cannot just accept something so strange and mnd-crushing to something as simple as fate. Facts are real, while with fate, you never know. I need a reason for this occurance. I need facts to reassure myself.

Tha is, everyone except for Eiji and Momo. There is a 87% chance both are sulking on the inside for their respective reasons.

Fuji wasn't surprised at all. But then again, even with my lack of data on him, it's obvious he wouldn't even bat an eye at a flying cow. Nothing really surprises him, except when Yuuta refuses his love.

Another big shock is Kaidoh. The mere thought of him being a CEO is strange, but to actually see him in a power suit shaking your hand firmly and looking like he was ironed and perfected by some receptionist just boggled the mind.

Has my data really gone rusty over the years? So many of my calculations were proved wrong today, I'm beginning to have my doubts, even if the chance is only a small 42%.

My mind is swirling, words won't escape my mouth. I know I'm supposed to say something, but something will not let me. I finally know the meaning of being tongue-tied and speechless.

"This is… illogical." I manage to croak out. Gulping a sip of water, I wait for his reaction.

"Mada mada dane, Inui." The lack of 'senpai' also disturbs me a bit, but my mind is not clear enough for me to dwell on that.

"Echizen…" I furrow my eyebrows in deep frustration. "Echizen, how did you get to be over 2m tall?"






"No. Pon-ta."