"This one will be perfect! She'll just love it!" SpongeBob was picking out a present for Surprise Sandy Day. Last year he got her a bunch of flowers and a note. This year he was planning on getting her a teddy bear. He had finally found the perfect one. It was medium sized with a big red heart on its right foot. It was wearing an orange and pink shirt with solid pink pants. There was also a little pink bow on its ear. He quickly picked it up and ran to the cash register. After paying for it, he ran all the way home. Surprise Sandy Day was tomorrow and he still hadn't figured out exactly what he was going to do. Last year he had tunneled in but this year he had to be even sneakier. She couldn't know it was him. He sat the bear on the table and stared at it.

"How am I going to do this little bear?" He picked it up again and started talking to it. Little did he know that, as he squeezed its arm, a small little recording chip started whirring. "Oh, I wish I could tell Sandy how I felt about her. She's just so beautiful that I can't say it without stammering like an idiot. She probably doesn't like me anyways. Maybe someday I'll finally tell her." He placed the bear back down and ran up the stairs to his bedroom. It was late at night and he needed some rest. Tomorrow was a big day for him.

The next day, SpongeBob was sitting behind a large rock in front of Sandy's house. As soon as he was sure no one was looking, he ran up to the front door and slipped inside. He rang the door bell and bolted back behind the rock. Moments later, Sandy opened the door and saw the teddy bear sitting on the floor.

"What's this doin' here?" She picked it up and looked around for a note. Seeing nothing else, she turned and went back inside. As she was walking towards her tree, she noticed the little button on its arm. She pushed it. After a couple of seconds a familiar voice started speaking. She quickly recognized it and gasped. Not because it was SpongeBob's voice but because of what he was saying. Obviously he had recorded it by accident but did he really mean it? She had never really thought about it before but she did like SpongeBob. She decided to go and see him.

Later on at the pineapple, Sandy was knocking at SpongeBob's door with the little teddy bear in her arms.

"Hi Sandy," SpongeBob said as he opened the door. "What brings you here?"

"This." She replied holding out the teddy bear. SpongeBob started to get a nervous look across his face. "Do you know who sent me this?"

"Um… no Sandy I'm sorry. But it sure is cute."

"Are you sure you don't know? Cause when I found it, I just happened to see a button right here. You wanna know what happens when I push it?"

"Uh, sure Sandy." She pushed the button and SpongeBob's face began to turn completely red. They were both silent for a few moments.

"SpongeBob, if ya'll really liked me you should've just told me. I like you too." His head shot up immediately as a huge grin started to spread across his face.

"Really?" She nodded. They stood there awkwardly for a few moments before hugging a little while longer. "So Sandy, do you want to come in for dinner?"