This is the first sequel to my story "The Missing Piece", which takes place in an alter universe where Sam is in a wheelchair. You'd probably have to read that story first to fully understand this one.

My beta for this story was Gabi2305 who developed the plot and also wrote three chapters at the end of the story.

Chapter 1

It was quiet as the man quietly made his way through the old cars and piles of junk. He peered over to the house that the junkyard belonged to, cursing quietly that it could not enter the house. There were way too many protective barriers around it, but luckily there was no protections out here, only debris. He would have to wait until his prey exited the building, which would have to happen soon. The man could feel it, any minute now the hunter would leave his house, tempted to get in his car and to his friends by the fake phone call he received.

He looked up at the pitch black sky overcast with clouds. It was the perfect evening to grab a hunter not suspecting an attack. He smiled to himself at the thought. Just another poor useless hunter, so dumb and foolish. These hunters really shouldn't travel alone.

The man got his wish when the hunter came hurrying out of the house, in a panic to get to his friends who he thought were in danger. Poor fool couldn't even recognize a false phone call when he heard it.

The smirking man silently and efficiently made his way through the maze of junk to get behind the hunter. The hunter was just fumbling with his keys to a car when the man grabbed him and slammed the his head against his own car, knocking him out on impact.

The man chuckled and flashed his black eyes down at the pitiful hunter. "Not so tough now are you, Bobby Singer?"

Sam shot up in bed hundreds of miles away in Michigan with his heart pounding. What the hell had just happened?

He had a dream, but not just any dream. It had been a vision, he knew that for sure. The whole thing was so real and it was almost as if Sam had been there himself. But unlike most of his visions, this one had involved someone he knew, someone he was close to.

Sam wiped a shaking hand across his forehead and it came back with sweat, another sign of a vision. Sam turned onto his side and was welcomed with the sight of his older brother drooling next to him. He looked over to the other bed and saw that his dad was asleep as well. He hated to wake them but he had to let them know about this. This was serious. Bobby was in trouble.

"Dean!" Sam called out to his brother and shook him not so gently as he did so. Dean moaned and his arm came around limply to smack Sam right in the face.

"Shuddup, 'm sleepin'..." came Dean's tired reply but Sam wouldn't have any of it. He got right next to Dean's ear and screamed. "DEAN!"

Dean shot out of bed so fast that Sam almost didn't catch it. His legs got twisted in the sheets and the next thing Sam knew Dean was in a pile of blankets on the ground. It would have been hilarious other than the situation. John shot up out of bed as well, fully awake and alert.

"What?! Somethin' wrong? You okay?" Dean asked wildly, now also wide awake. When Sam looked perfectly fine he growled.

"What the hell are you wakin' me up for Sammy?" Dean hissed but his anger faded when he saw Sam's frightened expression. "What's wrong? Sammy, you have a vision?"

The light was flicked on and in a second John was sitting on the bed next to Sam. "What was it Sammy?"

Sam looked his father in the eyes. "A vision." Sam told him

John looked a little confused. Sam had a good amount of visions before this. In some of those visions they had enough information where they were able to find the person and help them. And a good amount of those people had been saved. The visions did freak Sam out but he hadn't acted this jumpy since his first few visions .

"Did you see enough to be able to locate the person?" John asked but Sam shook his head wildly. Dean had joined them by sitting near the end of the bed, looking worried.

"No Dad. This wasn't just any vision. It was Bobby."

That got both Dean and John's attention. "What happened? This wasn't a death vision was it?" John asked and Dean got up and began packing.

"No. I just saw a demon sneaking around his place and then he knocked Bobby out in his yard." Sam informed him. "We have to get there now."

"Just wait a second Sammy. Dean, quit packing for a minute. Before we do anything I'll try to call Bobby. If he answers I'll tell him to get out of there and come join us." John went to dial Bobby's number. After a minute he looked at his boys. "There's no answer."

"God dammit! What do demons want with Bobby?! Was it the yellow eyed demon?" Dean looked at his brother.

"No, its eyes were black. Just like a low-class demon."

"Bobby let himself get attacked by a low-class everyday demon?" Dean cocked his eyebrow. It wasn't everyday that a hunter got taken advantage of by a single demon.

"It was just waiting there, lurking around his house. Bobby came running out, I don't know why. He went to get in his car and the demon grabbed him and smashed his head into a car. It knew his name though."

John, who had been sitting there deep in thought glanced at Sam. "Boys, I think this might be something serious. I need to get there as quick as possible. If the demon didn't kill Bobby when he found him then he wants him for something else. And I can't waste any time."

"Alright then, let's get going." Dean started to pack again.

"Dean, no. I...I want you boys to stay here."

"What?" A shocked gasp came from both brothers. The three of them always went on hunts together ever since Sam and Dean graduated from high school. There was never one time when they split up. They worked as a team, falling into easy routines. Sam might not be able to do all the creature-chasing in some hunts but he played a big role in all of them some way. With them splitting up, that routine would break. And John would be all alone on a hunt. He wasn't used to hunting alone anymore, it would throw him off.

"Dad, no! We're coming with you! Why wouldn't we?" Dean asked, sounding hurt.

"We can handle a demon Dad, it shouldn't be that hard, Sam butted in.

John sighed and ran a hand over his face, it was obvious that it was hard for him to say this. John had become an exceptionally better father over the years, all thanks to Sam rejoining the family eight years ago. He still wasn't going to win any father of the year awards but he had made a great deal of effort to be there for his boys when they needed him. And helping them out with things other than hunting. He didn't like to see his boys hurting.

"I have a feeling this is bigger than it sounds. I think something big might be going down and I have to get there as soon as I can. I need to try to handle this as quickly as possible..."

Sam got the hidden message in his father's words. He needed to be quick, and with Sam around things would take longer. Even though he knew it was true and that his father wasn't trying to be mean or rude he couldn't help but feel sad. "It's okay Dad. I understand. I'd just be too much of a burden when you're trying to hurry up."

Dean, who had been looking confused, just got the message as well. "What the hell Dad?! So we'll have to wait a few more minutes unloading the wheelchair and crap. What does that matter? It's not going to stop you from doing what needs to be done!"

John smacked himself in the head. "No Sam, you're not a burden okay? You're not a burden at all! And it's not just your wheelchair, it's having two other people with me to worry about. Things would go faster if it was just me. And I want you boys to be safe because I do have a really bad feeling about this."

"I can't fucking believe you!" Dean yelled at John, his face bright red. "So you're just going to leave us? What if something gets us here?!"

"Dean, you two are grown adults so don't tell me that you both can't protect yourselves here! Nothing here is going to get you, we already finished the hunt! And I am not bringing you two with me where I think you could get hurt. I am not going to lose my boys! Do you understand me?" John shot back, trying to get his message across.

"No, I don't understand you," Dean growled. "We've been able to handle ourselves on any other hunt! Why not this one?"

"Dean, what Dad's saying makes sense. He thinks this one is too dangerous. He just wants to protect us," Sam tried to tell his brother.

"I will call you boys with updates, and I will be back as soon as I can. I'm not leaving you Dean."

Dean still looked furious, but he knew better than to shout out anything else.

"I'm going to need to get to the airport. Dean, come on son. Please come with us to the airport at least."

Dean glared at John and then looked over at Sam who was still sitting in the bed. He paused for a moment before answering. "Fine," he grumbled

The whole ride to the airport Dean sat in the passenger seat while pouting and smoking the whole time. Sam couldn't help but worry and think that his brother was making a way bigger deal about this than he should. Dad was just going on a hunt and didn't want them coming because they could get hurt. He was just protecting them and would be back right after the hunt. What's the big deal?

The scariest part of this was that Dean had refused to drive. Dean never put down an opportunity to drive. Dean just muttered to Sam, "You go ahead and drive." Sam knew that meant Dean had a lot on his mind. His brother always held his feelings inside. If Dean was afraid of something or wondering about anything, why didn't he just ask John? Dad would surely answer whatever question Dean might have.

Sam tried to clear his head as he pulled the Impala into the airport parking lot. A couple years ago there had been advancements made in the hand driving adaptments that Sam used. The adaptments used to be more manual and strenuous and sometimes Sam would get tired pulling the hand brake and accelerator all the time. But now the whole thing was much more simple and automatic. There was just these two adaptions that stuck out near the steering wheel and all Sam really had to do was press the buttons on them. Of course Dean made sure he had the newest equipment. Now both the Impala and John's truck had hand controls just in case, although Sam stuck with the Impala on most cases.

John got out of the backseat and closed the door. He walked over to the driver's side window and Sam rolled it down.

"You boys just stay put here. I'll call you as soon as I get in South Dakota and I'll call whenever I have updates alright?"

"Alright Dad," Sam answered. Dean however, remained silent.

"Dean." John sighed. "At least tell me goodbye. I don't want to leave with you upset with me. I promise I'm just doing this to keep you boys safe."

Dean, who was smoking his...what...4th cigarette maybe?...looked like he wasn't going to respond. But then he cast a short glance at John and muttered "Bye Dad."

"I'll be back as soon as I can. You boys stay safe." John looked at them. "Dean, you look out for your brother."

Sam rolled his eyes. He wasn't a kid anymore. And while yeah, he might still need Dean's protection, he could look out for himself as well. But Sam knew John was extremely overprotective of him, having already lost Sam once in his life.

But when Dean responded it was in all seriousness. "You know I will."

John nodded, and then he turned around and the brothers were on their own.

For the next couple of days boredom struck down on both Winchesters. Sam wanted to go to the beach since they were staying in a motel near Lake Michigan. It was summer and even in Michigan it was nice and warm. Sam didn't want to spend the days cooped inside the motel. But the thing that made him stay in was Dean.

Dean was moody and no matter how much Sam asked, Dean would not tell him what was wrong. Dean busied himself by signing Sam up for another basketball team that he found out was nearby. Sam still played now and then when they took some down time. Another thing that Dean busied himself with was smoking.

Dean at one point had been able to cut down to five cigarettes per day. That was about a year ago. He had actually attempted to quit then. However, he ended up running out of gum and patches and unable to handle the cravings he had grabbed for his smokes instead of running to the store or asking Sam to. Dean was now back up to maybe 7-10 per day. He really tried keeping a limit for himself but Sam knew when he got stressed or angry he smoked more.

And right now Dean was both stressed and angry and he had so much time on his hands. That lead to Dean smoking more than Sam had seen him do in a long time. Dean seemed to be back up to a pack a day. His brother already had a smoker's cough that was getting worse and he was running out of breath quicker. The last thing he needed was to smoke more.

"Dean?" Sam decided to ask on their third day of doing absolutely nothing.

"Yeah?" Dean replied, he was yet again smoking. This time inside the room since John wasn't around to see. The area around Dean was clouded with smoke in the air and Dean was staring out the window aimlessly. Sam hated his brother like this. Whatever was bugging him he had to let Sam know!

"You're practically up to a pack a day man. I think you should take it easy a bit."

Dean let out a frustrated sigh as he glared at Sam. "Quit bugging me about my smoking Sam! I will quit eventually. I already told you that. Why won't you just let it be?"

Sam had been bugging Dean about his smoking lately, but that was only because he was concerned. He never forgot that dream he had back when he was fourteen and he was determined to make his brother quit. Sam may have not bugged Dean about his smoking when he was younger, but as the years went on and they became closer, Sam learned that was okay to argue and bicker with his brother. They did it all the time now, most of the time they were just playing around but other times they were not. Sam knew everything about his brother now and they were even more comfortable around each other than they were when they first met. They got into prank wars, constant teasing and name calling all the time. Sam was no longer afraid of getting his brother upset or Dean leaving him like he was years ago. Their relationship had developed a lot.

"Dude, I'm not blind. You'll run up a couple flights of stairs and be short of breath. You can't keep going on like this Dean. I even see you having a hard time breathing during hunts."

"So what? I'm getting old. Give me a break." Dean shrugged and then killed his point when he brought his cigarette back up to his mouth to take a deep drag and ended up with a hacking cough.

"See? That's exactly what I mean! Your smoker's cough is getting even worse man! And don't give me that crap about getting old! You're twenty-six! Dad's pushing fifty and he can run for longer! I actually found this anti-depressant drug that can help you quit." Yeah Dean was twenty-six, which meant he had been smoking for ten freaking years!

"Fine, maybe I am smoking too much. But I told you I will quit. Don't worry about me Sammy, just relax." Dean finished his cigarette and put it out.

"You know what Dean? I could relax if you could! I'll quit bugging you if you tell me what's wrong with you." Sam got his wheelchair right in front of Dean and folded his arms.

"What are you talking about! I'm fine!" Dean defended and went to reach for his pack of cigarettes but Sam slapped at his hand.

"Drop the act Dean. Ever since Dad left you've been brooding and pouting the whole time."

"No I'm not, I'm just bored! There's nothing to do."

Sam knew it was time to take drastic measures. He looked directly in Dean's eyes.

"Ugh...god...Sam!" Dean screwed his eyes shut and let out a sigh of defeat. Gotcha. Those puppy dog eyes worked all the time.

Dean was silent for a minute or so but that was a good sign, it meant he was thinking about how he was going to say what was on his mind.

"You think he'll come back?" he asked suddenly, shocking Sam. "Dad. Do you think he'll come back?"

Sam was speechless for a moment. "Of course he's going to come back Dean! He called us as soon as he got there. He's been calling us everyday." Sam should have known. Dean seemed to have this fear of people leaving him, a fear of being alone. But Dad had been calling them. He had told them he had a lead on Bobby's whereabouts and was going to find him.

"I just have this feeling that he's keeping something from us. That he knows more about this than he's letting on, you know?"

Sam bit his lip. Dean might be right. It did kind of seem like their father knew something more about the demon that took Bobby.

"If he is he knows what he's doing and its the right thing. When hasn't Dad known what he was doing?" Sam pressed.

"I know. It's just...what if he decides to go after this demon and whatever it is that he knows without us? What if he finds out that he enjoys hunting alone and doesn't want us hunting with him anymore."

Sam could tell Dean was embarrassed and uncomfortable with admitting this. "Hey, if he didn't call like he said he would, then yeah maybe Dad wouldn't keep his word and come back. But Dad's called everyday. He keeps asking how we're doing and he drilled it into our heads that he's coming back. He's going to keep his word Dean. He wouldn't lie to us like that." Sam knew he had said the right thing when Dean nodded.

"Yeah, you're right. I didn't think of it like that." He gave Sam a small smile and stood up to stretch. "Whattaya say about heading over to a bar Sammy? Go and have some fun?" Dean wanted to get Sam's mind off of his smoking and have a good time.

Dean saw Sam pale a little bit and he knew what was coming next. "That's okay Dean, go ahead. I don't really feel like going, I'm kinda tired." Sam still didn't like big crowds of people and Dean knew they made him uncomfortable and self-conscious about himself. When Sam was in a crowd, he stuck out like a sore thumb and the wheelchair would give him negative attention. For as accepting as Sam was of his disability, he didn't like getting stared at or talked about in the wrong way.

"You sure? It'd be fun," Dean tempted but Sam just went over to the bed and lifted himself into it, waving Dean off.

"Yeah, I really am tired. Go on, go pick up some girls."

And that was exactly what Dean was going to do. Go pick up some girls, but for him and Sam.

Dean spotted what looked like the perfect chicks for Sammy. Not too revealing, but still really hot. Dean watched them as he got a few drinks in him and then made his way over to the girls who had been eyeing him as well the whole time.

"Hey there ladies." Dean put on his best flattering grin as he approached the two brunette girls. Dean was a lot more confident with girls since Sam had helped greatly improve his reading difficulties. "Name's Dean." Both of the girls giggled and Dean had worked his charm again.

He spent a while talking to them, getting to know them a little bit and bought them a few drinks before he was confident that Sam would like one of the girls. Turns out that they were best friends and both single. The one with the shorter hair, Bridget, seemed more of his brother's type, she was more reserved and seemed sweet. Sam needed to date a girl to get a confidence boost. Sam had never asked a single girl out and Dean knew if it weren't for the wheelchair he would have had tons of dates already. Girls could be so cruel, what did it matter that his brother was in a wheelchair? Dean didn't even really see the wheelchair when he looked at his brother because he was so used to it. It was just like a part of Sam, it didn't define who he was or what he could or couldn't do.

"So are you girls busy tomorrow night?" Dean asked with a smirk. He was leaning against the bar counter, drink in one hand and cigarette in another.

The girls looked back and forth between each other. "Both of us?" the one with the longer wavy hair, Kristie, asked him. "Look we both think you're cute but we don't do threesomes so you can just get out..."

"Woah, woah, I'm not talking about threesomes. I've got a little brother back home." Dean smiled.

"Oohh you do? Is he as cute as you are?" Kristie asked

"Well, I don't think anyone could be as good looking as I am, but hey, he's got my genes," Dean joked

"What does he look like? Why isn't he here?" Bridget piped in. Dean was happy the girl was taking interest.

"He was tired and passed out back home. His name's Sam. He's a little more gangly than me but he is taller and has real strong arm muscles. Brown hair like mine, but longer. Plays on a basketball team. He's not as outgoing as I am but he's a real nice kid."

"Ooh an athlete, sounds like your type Bridget!" Kristie nudged her friend causing her to blush.

"I do like athletes. And I like the shy type too." Bridget smiled but then frowned as she watched Dean take a drag of his cigarette. "But I'm not too crazy about smokers."

Perfect! Dean should take up a job as a matchmaker. "Then you'd love my brother." He grinned. "How does nine tomorrow sound? At the restaurant across the street?"