Authors Note: SO here it is, the long awaited last chapter. Sorry this took me so long. I wanted to get it up before I head off on my vacation. So, here it is. In case anyone was wondering, Nick and Lulu are real characters in the TV show "The Guardian" staring none other than Simon Baker as Nick. SO when she's trying to figure out who Nick reminds her of, well, it's Jane, and when Jane's teasing her about her tv crush, he's teasing her about liking him. This entire fic was inspired by the episode of the Guardian where Nick and Lulu finally get it on, and surprise of all surprises, Nick isn't the one who screws it up first. Just a quick thanks to every one who reviewed and patiently waited for this chapter. This is unbeataed, so, there will probably be mistakes.

Disclaimer: I don't own "The Guardian" or "The Mentalist", I just watch them for Simon Baker, I know, I have issues.

Lisbon looked at him with her head cocked to one side, studying his face, he did look truly sorry. Whether it was an act or not was not important right now. Without warning she threw her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers for a hungry kiss, pouring into it all the emotion, want and need she had been feeling. It didn't surprise her one bit when he started to hungrily kiss her back.

He pushed her back against the counter, tangling his hands in her hair, bruising he lips with his, he licked her bottom lip with his tongue, demanding entrance to her mouth, which she gladly granted. He released his hands from her hair, trailing his hands down her face and shoulders, leaving her shivering as he brushed just barely across the outline of her breasts as he trailed his hands down her sides to the bottom of her t-shirt.

Breaking his lips from hers he trailed hot open mouthed kisses down her throat enjoying the sensation of her moaning against him. He let his hands slip under her shirt and smiled against her neck when she gasped at the contact. He drew lazy circles against her stomach, savoring the contact as he slowly worked his way up her body.

She could barely stand the sensations that his hands on her body were causing, she ran her hands through his hair, loving the feel of his curls against her hand, she allowed her hands to take a similar path that his hand, trailing across his shoulders and down his chest. Changing positions, she started to nuzzle his neck with her lips, scraping her teeth along the same spot that had caused him to moan last night, delighted that is seemed to have the same effect today.

Distracted as she was she didn't even realize where his hands were until they were on her breasts, massaging them and tweaking her nipples through her bra. His actions cause her to involuntarily thrust against him and for him to release a low chuckle. "Like that do you?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Shut up Jane, you know you like it to." She said grabbing his butt and pulling him to her so that she could feel his erection pressing against her, and to prove to him, that he too was enjoying what they were doing.

Deciding that he'd had enough of her talking he again kissed her hungrily, realizing that he didn't want to have to wait any longer. He kept one hand on her breast and moved the other down between their bodies, fiddling with the button on her shorts, quickly releasing it and sliding the zipper down. He slid his hand into her shorts, caressing her through her panties, hearing her moan and wrap her arms around him only made him want to touch her more.

Removing his hand, he pushed her shorts and panties down her hips to pool on the floor and then brought his hand back to her warm center, letting his hand rest there, not moving for a second, until Lisbon started to wiggle beneath him indicating just how egger she was to have him touch her.

He slid his hand along her heat, noticing how existed she was and smiled against her neck, kissing and sucking there as he slid one finger inside of her, slowly circling around. He started to pump his finger in and out, inserting a second when she started to moan against him. He watched he face as he brought her closer to the edge, finally allowing his thumb to brush against her clit, noticing the way she involuntarily closed her eyes when he touched her. Her breathing was increasing and she was moving her hips in time to the rhythm he set with his fingers, he could tell she was getting closer. He began moving his finger faster, stroking her harder with his thumb until he felt her contracting against him and heard her moan softly. He kept up his movements until he was sure she had come down from her high. Slowly he removed his fingers and smiled as she opened her eyes.

"Wow, I've seen you do amazing things with your hands before, but that was amazing." Lisbon joked breathlessly. "I don't think I'm ever going to think of this kitchen the same way again."

Jane chuckled slightly as he moved to kiss her mouth, slow and soft, not wanting to push her. "So I take it you enjoyed it then?" Jane asked when he broke the kiss.

"Hell yes." Lisbon responded pulling back slightly. She looked down and smiled at his obvious discomfort. "We should really do something about that." She said giving him a devilish grin before grabbing him through his pants and squeezing slightly. It was his turn to moan and her turn to smile at him then. She started to kiss him and walk back out of the kitchen, all the while undoing his pants. As he pulled her closer to him she thought that they weren't going to make it to the bed room.

She was kissing him hungrily and walking him backwards into the first hard surface available, the kitchen table. Lisbon reached between them and undid his pants, pushing them and his boxers down his legs. Leaning against him she felt his now free erection pressing into her stomach and smiled against the kiss. He was so ready for this.

Jane pulled her close to him, rubbing his hands up and down her back and realizing she still was wearing her t-shit began to pull it over her head, breaking their kissing for just long enough to get it over her head. Once that was out of the way it wasn't long before her bra joined the rest of her cloths on the floor, and his shirt as well.

Jane reached down and placed his hands on her now naked hips and rubbed his hands up and down her sides slowly, getting higher and higher each time. At last he finally reached her breasts, and cupping them in his hands, allowed his thumbs to brush against her nipples, groaning as he watched her throw her head back in pleasure.

He bent his head down, taking one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on it slightly. Lisbon could barely stand the sensations. It was almost unbearable. She reached down between them and grabbed his hard erection, stroking it up and down, gasping as her ministrations caused him to groan against the nipple he still had in his mouth.

Before she knew what was going on Jane had spun them around so that now her back was to the table, in one swift movement lifting her up so that she was even with him. He pulled one of her legs around his back, preparing to enter her. He looked at her straight in the eye, not moving, waiting for her to give her permission, knowing that once he did this there was no going back.

Lisbon looked at him and shuddered at the look on his face, the same one he had last night, the one that said 'I want you right now' and she knew that she wanted this, probably more than he did, not giving him a chance to change his mind, she used the leg he already held behind his back to pull him closer, causing him to enter her and the look on his face at the moment that they were joined almost made her want to come again right then.

He stared at her for a second before the overwhelming urge to move over came him and he started to move slowly, thrusting into her. Pulling her closer and using the table as leverage he began to pick up the speed, loving the sensation of him inside of her, the friction that the angle was causing was just amazing.

He knew he wasn't going to last long, and man did he want to just let go, but he wanted to make her come first, wanted to make her come again. He loved the look on her face when she was reaching that high. He'd only seen it once, and already he was addicted to it. He studied her face, looking for the signs that she was getting closer.

She pulled her legs tighter around his waist; He was holding her up now, using just the table as leverage to get her closer. The angle was amazing to her. She could feel herself getting closer as he started moving faster and harder. She looked at his face and saw that he had been watching her. He bent down and pressed his lips to hers, invading her mouth with his tongue and thrusting it in time to his hips, pushing her closer and closer. She couldn't hold on much longer and dug her fingers into his shoulders as she shuddered around him moaning into his mouth.

She was barely holding onto him now as he picked up the pace, thrusting faster and faster until finally he just let go, having to release her form his arms to hold himself up on the table. He slowed his thrusting down until he was no longer moving, just pressed up against her. He slowly pulled back, looking her in the face, testing to see if she was ok.

Lisbon was still breathing hard; she certainly had not expected this when she opened the door this morning. Jane backed up and leaned against the counter, giving her a curious look at the playful smile now on her lips.

"I just showered you know." She said, looking at him, not bothering to hide her leering. "And now, I'm all hot and sweaty again."

"Really?" He said, now understanding the look.

"I guess I'm just going to have to take another shower." She looked him up and down one more time. "You look like you could use one too. It's a pity that I only have one bathroom." She glanced at him seductively before sauntering off towards the bathroom, wiggling her hips slightly. It only took Jane a few seconds before he jumped up and followed her. He came up behind her, brushing his hand softly across her back.

"I'll wash your back it you wash mine." Jane whispered in her ear, chuckling slightly at the shiver that ran down her spine. This was without a doubt, the best day he had had in a very long time.