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Chapter 5: Battle of Sōkyoku Hill (Part 1)


Ichigo was having the time of his life. He didn't know why but the thrill of battle, the chance he could die this very day didn't frighten him. No it excited him. He finally understood what Zaraki was talking about when they battled. His smile slowly turned from lady killer to Zarakis' maniacal grin. Byakuya and Soifon would swear until the day they died again that they were fighting a reincarnation of Zaraki. Hell they even thought they saw a yellow silhouette of the giant former captain behind him a few times.

"Come on, you two can do better than this. Show me your true power. I want a fight to be remembered" he called to them as he dodged Byakuyas' blade and caught Soifons' with Zangetsu.

"What the hell is this kid? I swear he must be channeling Zaraki or something to fight like this" said Soifon in disbelief.

"It matters not. Chire Senbonzakura" said Byakuya as he released his shikai. Ichigo grinned wider as he started fighting with increased vigor.

"Now we're talking. Shou Zangetsu" he called releasing the shikai of his first blade. Energy exploded from his body in a massive wave, dispelling the conglomeration of sakura petals from converging upon him. He rushed Byakuya and swung Zangetsu in a wide arc forcing him to recall the blade to block. Soifon took advantage of his open side and attacked again. He proved to be more flexible than they anticipated by bringing Kanshiki (who was on the opposite side) above his head and twisting her to block the incoming strike.

"WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE" she yelled in frustration trying to push past his defense.

"Die ryoka" said a voice behind Ichigo. He turned to see a shinigami from the first squad raised a battle ax that was his zanpakutō. They all heard a high ululation as a battle cry and saw the man get decked and sent flying ten feet away unconscious. They followed the fist to the source to find Hanataro.

"Thought you could use some help" he said as he jumped away to help another 11th squad member.

"Great more traitors" said Byakuya in annoyance. Ichigo was about to respond when he felt something was wrong. He couldn't tell exactly what but it didn't matter for now.


(With Unohana and Orihime)

Both women were furious and the battle that raged between them was testimony to that. Both of them moved as if they had battled for all eternity, the grace was unimaginable. The damage they were causing even more so.

"Why" asked Unohana her eyes narrowed. To many this would have been far too vague, but Orihime understood her completely.

"Because I love him" she replied.

"He murdered my fiancé" retorted Unohana.

"He is my fiancé" she replied blocking an overhead strike.

"How could you choose to be with someone like that? A murderer" asked Unohana as she blocked a horizontal strike.

"Many would have said the same to you about Zaraki" retorted Orihime as she jumped back to dodge the downswing from Unohana.

"THEY ARE NOT THE SAME" she yelled tears flowing once again down her face.

"YES THEY ARE" Orihime yelled back kicking Unohana in the stomach catching her off guard and removing her zanpakutō from her grasp. Orihime stood over her with Tsubaki pointed at her throat panting with exertion and sweat pouring down her in waves. Unohana just hung her head and surrendered to her grief again.

"I loved him…and now he's gone" she said she said as more tears slid down her porcelain face.

"Then you should understand why I fight for MY Kenpachi. You loved Zaraki san, and I love Kurosaki kun, and I refuse to lose him. Not now, not ever, especially since I just got him" replied Orihime lowering her blade and letting him return to his usual form.

"What do you mean" asked Unohana.

"I loved him ever since I was in middle school. Back then kids used to pick on me every day. They were all jealous of how long my hair was and of its unusual color. One day some girls went too far and cut it short, and in the end made me cry. Kurosaki kun saw what happened and comforted me in a small way. He sat there rubbed my back and listened to me vent. But what really endeared me to him was what happened not even a week later. My older brother, the only family I had left, and I argued over something stupid. That night we didn't even talk during dinner, then he left for work and I still didn't say a word. On his way to work he got into an accident, and needed to be rushed to a hospital. Kurosaki kun lives in a clinic run by his dad, and that was where they took him for his initial treatment. They rushed me there to see him in case he didn't make it. Kurosaki kun saw me as I was yelling at Sora to be alright. They loaded him up to transfer him to a regular hospital, and then put me in with them. Kurosaki kun left without telling his family and sat with me all the way there and in the hospital. He held me as I cried, and comforted me when they delivered the news that Sora died. He was so strong, he had just lost his own mother several months before and here he was comforting me. I fell in love with him that very moment, but I never knew if he would feel the same for me. I was nervous and shy and I could never tell him because I never wanted to be rejected. So I just watched him from afar cursing myself for my cowardice. Only since we came here did he ever show me his true feelings. I love him, he loves me, and I know both of these things without a single doubt in my mind" said Orihime. Unohana was speechless as she listened. It stunned her to learn these things and made her really think about what was going on. She shunpoed away without another word, desperate to find the questions that belong to the answers she now had.


(With Kagirinai, Yumichika, and Ikkaku)

"Alright you two remember what Kenpachi said" said Kagirinai as he drew his zanpakutō to clash with several 1st division members.

"No holding back" answered Ikkaku blocking a strike from above.

"No limitations" answered Yumichika as he kicked away another shinigami.

"JUST FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE" all three yelled as one.

"Sake Ruri'iro Kujaku" called Yumichika letting his true zanpakutō reveal itself to them…it was a Kido type. However no one cared as several words Kenpachi said rolled through their heads.

"It doesn't matter what you can do. It doesn't matter what you know. If it can be used in combat use it. If you know Kido use it. If your zanpakutō isn't a direct combat type, release it and fight from a distance. If you can use any form of release use whatever you got. Combat is battle, battle is war, and there are no rules to war. Anything that is used in fights is combat, so when we storm Sōkyoku hill, don't hold back. Never hold back, because that is not the way of the 11th division. We fight with everything we have, and WE are the reason that wars are won.

They were inspiring words and everyone took them to heart. Their battle prowess skyrocketed. Now they doubted that even the soutaicho could stand up against several of their members if they banded together.

"BANKAI Ryūmon Hōzukimaru" called Ikkaku making numerous eyes go wide at seeing a feat they never believed possible. Someone that wasn't even close to captain class released a bankai. They shuddered at the thought of who else kept secrets like that hidden.

"Otoshiireru Kage Kusari" yelled Kagirinai. His zanpakutō transformed from a blade to a battle chain. The links were pitch black and the weight on the end was a large conical pendulum also black. The handle stayed as the hilt of a sword.

"Ok here is how it's gonna go, I'm gonna take on Tosen. Yumichika you take on his fukutaicho. Kagirinai…you just choose whomever and make sure you kick their ass" said Ikkaku as he leapt into battle with the blind taicho, Yumichika close on his heels.

"Ok…now who to fight" Kagirinai said to himself looking around. He saw Kiyone attempting to stall Gin Ichimaru…and failing miserably.

"Eh why not" he said and leapt into battle.

"You are being quite the pest…I think I'll get rid of you" said Gin his creepy smile never leaving his face. He raised his zanpakutō to end her life in a single stroke. As he brought it down a clang of metal meeting metal rang throughout the area and it never fell any further than just above his head.

"Now now is there really a need to exert such violence against such a beautiful woman. Besides you have bigger things to worry about" said a voice from behind him. He glanced back in shock to see Kagirinai holding the hilt of his released zanpakutō, a length of the chain wrapped around his own blade stopping it from going any further.

"Not bad kid, not many could stop a taicho intent on killing someone. But you even diverted my attention enough to let her think she could get a strike in" said Ichimaru as he turned just as Kiyones blade struck home. However much to her dismay and terror there wasn't a mark on him from her attack.

"Ikorose Shinsō" said Gin as he thrust his zanpakutō forward to spear her. Before he could make it though, she was gone in a flash. He sensed a person to his left and saw Kagirinai standing there holding Kiyone bridal style with a murderous look in his eyes.

"I was willing to let it slide once with an ass kicking, but you just had to go and piss me off. First you attack my love, then you try to kill her right in front of me, and finally you don't even know how to use that blade the proper way" said Kagirinai glaring at him.

"I don't know how to use my own zanpakutō eh? Well than you'll just have to take it by force and teach me won't you" he said mockingly.

"Gladly" said Kagirinai from behind him again. Gins eyes widened as he didn't even sense him until he spoke. As far as he knew not even Youroichi could accomplish something like that. Before he could react any further he felt a kick to his back. It lifted him off his feet, but before he could go flying Kagirinai was in front of him and sent him sailing upwards with a powerful uppercut with the heel of his hand. Finally with a knee to his arm he lost his grip on his zanpakutō. He skidded several feet away holding his arm as it was going slightly numb from the impact.

"Well well well you actually managed to make me lose my grip. Now all you have to do is show me what I was doing wrong" said Gin sarcastically.

"You are a dumbass. You want to see how to properly use her than just give me a minute" said Kagirinai.

'Hello Shinsō, would you be willing to work with me and Kage Kusari' he asked the blade in his hands.

"Now why would I want to do something like that" asked a feminine voice.

'Because unlike your current master I will not treat you like a slave or tool. You will be treated as a partner, just like Kage Kusari' he replied.

"The boy is right Shinsō. He has never treated me with anything other than respect. Hell I would even go as far as to say I like the kid" said Kage Kusari in a deep echoic voice.

"YOU LIKE SOMEBODY…I never thought I would see the day when a shadow type zanpakutō actually likes its wielder. Well just being treated with respect doesn't mean I'll go with you" she replied calmly.

'What would you say if I told you that I would use your power the way it was meant to be used' he asked.

"WHERE THE HELL IS THE DOTTED LINE" she shouted enthusiastically. Kagirinai just chuckled and cracked his neck.

"Oh Gin, it looks like I get to show you how this beautiful blade should be used. Now Ikorose Shinsō" he said shooting her right towards Gin. He jumped to the left thinking it was an easy victory even without his zanpakutō. He saw Kagirinai move his hands in a strange manner but put it off and charged. He saw Kagirinai smirk and felt a pain shoot up through his back. He looked behind him and saw to his horror a blade sticking out of his back. He followed it back to the source and saw it began curving. He kept following it until he saw to his disbelief…it was Shinsō. The blade had twisted and curved to come around behind him to stab him in the back.

"How" he asked in awe.

"Simple Shinsō isn't a normal blade. The extension is not the limit of her power. She can twist, turn, arc, and any number of other things to reach her target…assuming her wielder is competent enough to use her properly. You see Gin Shinsō is an Urumi, a long, thin, flexible blade that with the right movements can slip around allies to attack enemies, attack from behind, or attack multiple enemies in different places with little effort. In the right hands she can become a power like no other, but in your hands she is little more than a spear for all you can do. I think she has made her choice, just by letting me use her, her answer should be more than clear. You have just become a zanpakutōless captain, and with the loss of Shinsō comes a loss of at least a quarter of your power. My power on the other hand has only increased" said Kagirinai with a small smile. Everyone in hearing distance was stunned and terrified. Things just got a hell of a lot more complicated for the shinigami loyal to Yamamoto, and that much easier to those who are loyal to Ichigo.


(With Yumichika)

"Shūhei I really wish I could convince you to join us. Your skill could be very useful in the 11th division. But since you seem to be attached to the hip with your captain (AN: I use Taicho, Captain, Fukutaicho, and Lieutenant interchangeably) I will just have to defeat you beautifully" said Yumichika slightly creeping his opponent out.

"Those are some big words coming from an 11th division failure" he replied the insult directed at his zanpakutō.

"Well at least I don't fear my partner. Sure I didn't get along that well before, but then my captain pointed out that anything and everything can be used in combat. He showed us that holding back is just as much an insult to ourselves as it is to our opponent. So from now on I will not shy away from using my zanpakutō to his full potential, just because he is a kidō type. No I shall embrace him as a partner no as a brother, like I should have done from the beginning. As my captain said once before 'I'm fighting side by side with him. I'll never lose to someone… who only fights by himself'. You who has always feared his blade has rejected his partner and given up a strength that should have been his from the beginning. You have crippled yourself, and in that you have given me the advantage I need" said Yumichika proudly. Shūhei just stood there stunned as Yumichikas words sunk in. He never even saw the attack coming until he was wrapped in the kidō vines and they were draining him of all reiatsu. Flowers started blooming along the vines as the reiatsu filled them to the brim.

"So what now" asked Shūhei in a weak tired voice.

"You fall…ba-suto" Yumichika replied calmly as all the flowers exploded at one time making a plume of fire 30 feet high. Shūhei fell forward completely unconscious. Yumichika never wanted to kill him so he absorbed the majority of the reiatsu and used the bare minimum for the explosion. After words he split the energy with Ruri'iro Kujaku, making both feel much better.

"You spoke beautifully to him Yumichika. I'm sure you just gave him the push he needed to accept his zanpakutō" said Ruri'iro Kujaku softly.

'I hope so. Ever since Kurosaki taicho showed us the error of our thinking I have been regretting ever coming up with that stupid nickname for you. You deserve my respect and much more than I can give you right now. I just hope in the future I can feel worthy of being partnered with such a magnificent blade' thought Yumichika sadly.

"(Sigh) Yumichika, you actually came up with a good idea in the nickname. Though I may hate it, there are some instances where a kidō type weapon may come at a disadvantage. That melee form could save your life one of these days. With it you made me even more versatile than I was before, and that alone will give you an advantage. Just don't use it every time you need me" said Ruri'iro Kujaku with a chuckle.

'Thank you' replied Yumichika as he went out to continue battling for his captain.


(With Ikkaku)

"Why do you stray from the path of justice Ikkaku" asked Tosen as he blocked a strike from the bald headed man.

"Stray from justice? What the hell are you talking about? This is war and in war you follow your commander in this case it is Kurosaki taicho" replied Ikkaku.

"But he killed Zaraki in cold blood" said Tosen, who furrowed his brow. He may have never liked Zaraki, but neither could he condone his death.

"First off it was an accident, secondly 11th division is built for combat. We don't care who leads us, just so long as they are strong. Kurosaki taicho has proven that he is both stronger and smarter than Zaraki taicho, by beating him and increasing the battle prowess of the division in general" said Ikkaku as he jumped over a horizontal strike and lashed out with the blade on his back. Tosen dodged but just barely.

"I still don't see why you follow him" said Tosen with a frown.

"Yeah I guess that would only come from actually understanding us. We don't care about justice. We don't care who was right or who was wrong. We care about war, because in war we have a purpose. Everyone in 11th division has only one purpose…to fight. We have no other skills than war. We don't communicate, we don't give a rats ass about the rules, we don't even give a flying fuck about advancing technology. Those things are out of our grasp. So we concentrate in the one area our talents do not falter, in battle" said Ikkaku. His conviction stunned Tosen for a moment which was all that was needed to land a decisive blow on him.

"Now you're mine" said Yumichika as Ruri'iro Kujakus' vines ensnared his arms and legs from behind.

"What a cowardly move" said Tosen trying to hit a sore spot.

"Cowardly, you're a fucking captain. We do what we need to, to win. Sneak attacks, attacking in groups, hell even distraction it's all legal" said Ikkaku as he charged forward and landed a devastating blow to Tosens torso. Blood poured out of him as he fell to his knees the blood loss and reiatsu drain too much for him, he passed out.

"Ok where to next" asked Yumichika.

"Think we should help Kagirinai? I think he went after Ichimaru" said Ikkaku.

"I don't think we'll be needed" said Yumichika with a sweatdrop.

"Why" asked Ikkaku. Yumichika just pointed behind him to Kagirinai who was wailing on Ichimaru with both of the zanpakutō in his hands.

"Ok on to plan B" said Ikkaku.

"Plan B" asked Yumichika.

"Yup we grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show" said Ikkaku as he pulled a chair out of nowhere and sat on it facing the asskicking that Ichimaru was receiving.

"Works for me" said Yumichika as he copied Ikkaku.


(Back with Kagirinai)

"You're not bad kid" said Gin as he tried to dodge another strike from Shinsō only to walk into Kage Kusari.

"You're not too shabby yourself without a zanpakutō. However I'm still holding back" said Kagirinai with a smirk.

"Oh really than why not fight at full" asked Gin as he narrowly avoided the weight of Kage Kusari, and the blade of Shinsō.

"You're funeral, Kage Kusari, Katsu" he said. The chain started changing. The links sharpened and started to become serrated. The weight started caving in at four key points making four blades that looked extremely sharp. Then those four blades also serrated. In a matter of seconds the entire chain turned into a vicious looking bladed chain. Gins eyes widened at seeing the weapon. Now he didn't have to worry about being captured…he just had to worry about being ripped to shreds…or cut to ribbons…or both. Who was he kidding, he was royally fucked, but that didn't mean he couldn't try to bluff his way out of it.

"You know that little change won't do much" he replied.

"True but then again I'm not done" said Kagirinai with a smirk. Before anyone could ask what he meant he pulled off his upper shuhakashō (spelling?) and threw it into the air. It moved much slower than it should have. When it landed instead of a small 'thump' that one would hear from cloth landing, a huge crash was heard and a plume of dust rose from the ground. Gin looked back at Kagirinai to see what he really looked like. Kagirinai had always worn a hood with his shuhakashō, for whatever reason. It had hidden the majority of his features. Now everyone could see, and it scared six shades of shit out of most of them. His hair was lava red, at least shoulder length and spiked back and down (think of Sonic the Hedgehog) and a goatee. His eyes were a piercing steel grey that held no mercy. He stood at an imposing height of 6'4" and his torso was ripped. It was also riddled with scars.

"That was unexpected. Kind of reminds me of the soutaicho" said Gin as he stroked his chin.

"That senile old fuck hasn't got shit on me. While he has strength, I have something so much better…" said Kagirinai. As he finished he disappeared and reappeared behind Gin. As he did approximately 21 low ranking shinigami around them fell with cries of pain as their bones snapped.

"My specialty was never with a zanpakutō, but instead that of Hakudo and Kido. However that doesn't mean I don't have good skills" said Kagirinai as he disappeared again to reappear to the right of Gin.

"This will not end well" said Gin as his asskicking began again.


(Back with Ichigo)

"Why don't you just give up boy" said Byakuya as he was slowly losing his patience.

"Because it's more fun to piss in your porridge" retorted Ichigo as he jumped over Soifon and kicked Byakuya in the face.

"Ok, I'm really getting pissed off here" said Soifon.

"Better than being pissed on" said Ichigo with a cheeky grin. That actually got her to crack a grin of her own despite the situation.

"You can cut the cheek you know" she said.

"But that would ruin a perfectly good ass" he said looking at his ass with a frown. Soifon couldn't help but chuckle and even Byakuya had to smirk at the play on words. However it didn't last long as he became business less than three seconds later.

"You have irked me for the last time boy. It is time I finish this, prepare yourself. Bankai" said Byakuya as he dropped his sword point first into the ground. Instead of sticking it sank into the ground and disappeared. Ichigo actually became slightly worried when he saw the two rows of gargantuan blades rise up from the ground.

"Fuck me" he said. The blades burst into millions of sakura petals right before his very eyes.

"Fuck me sideways" he said just before he narrowly avoided the tendrils of extremely sharp blades.

"Guess I'll have to take it up a notch now, Batsu Kanshiki" called Ichigo releasing his second blade. His left hand wore the gauntlet as he wielded Zangetsu with his right.

"I didn't know you could use two zanpakutō in shikai at the same time" said Soifon as she looked at her own shikai and saw a resemblance between it and Kanshiki.

'Oi Suzumebachi, didn't you say that you had a sister zanpakutō' asked Soifon curiously.

"Yes I do, but I haven't seen her in such a long time" replied the tiny fairy sadly.

'Her name wouldn't have been Kanshiki, would it' asked Soifon her curiosity peaked.

"Yes it was! How did you know" asked Suzumebachi stunned.

"That's the name the kid called to release his second zanpakutō' replied Soifon.

"Hey ryoka, which of those two blades was originally yours" asked Soifon while Ichigo dodged another tendril of blades.

"Why do you want to know" asked Ichigo, who never took his eyes off Byakuya.

"I just want to confirm something" she said.

"Zangetsu was my first zanpakutō, and Kanshiki I got after I killed Zaraki" replied Ichigo as he slashed at Byakuya.

'Well that at least explains why you didn't know where she was' said Soifon with a sweatdrop.

"Use me to strike Kanshiki, I want to talk with my sister for a moment" said Suzumebachi without her usual hyper energy. It actually made Soifon shiver at how serious she sounded. She complied and struck right on the blades.


(Inside the Swordscape (AN: Inside a swordscape zanpakutō spirits will have normal speech))

Suzumebachi floated around in a barren wasteland filled with rivers of molten lava. The occasional outcropping of rock spewed more of the viscous molten rock at random times. In the distance was a gargantuan mountain that seemed to float roughly a mile above the ground. On the mountain was a paradise of lush, green, fruit bearing trees. Pastures with multitudes of animals and plants dotted around it and at the very top was a palace of pure marble.

"*Whistle* Little sis did some serious remodeling since I last saw her" said Suzumebachi to herself.

"That I did nee chan. Tell me what you think of our battlefield" asked Kanshiki as she gestured around their surroundings.

"Nice, very nice. I assume you did this so that your palace doesn't get wrecked when you have an unruly visitor" asked Suzumebachi curiously.

"Yes, and it also reflects my elements as well. Earth and fire, a devastating combination if used properly" said Kanshiki as she watched another gout of lava burst from a pillar.

"A nice touch with the pillars as well. From what I can tell it's kind of like being judged worthy of heaven or banished into the depths of hell" said Suzumebachi.

"I was going for that. You know psychology is half the battle. If my enemies believe I can send them to a hellish plain than they believe I have powers akin to a kami. Most of them would be so psyched out they couldn't concentrate on actually fighting me" said Kanshiki.

"It also goes along with you name, 'Judgment'. Very clever little sister. But for the real reason I'm here, why have you betrayed us" asked the little fairy sadly.

"I did not betray you. You can blame this on Zaraki if you want. Never learning my name, never even listening to me. The bastard even had the gall to give me to someone else. Though I have to say it was at least someone worthy of wielding me. I must follow my wielder. Ichigo became my wielder by right of conquest when Zaraki bestowed me to him with his dying breath. I'll tell you this now though sister, do not fight Kenpachi Kurosaki. He is stronger than you can ever imagine, and his power will keep increasing by magnitudes. When Kenpachi gave Ichigo his name and me, he also gave him a boost of power that doubled his original spiritual pressure. Couple that with the fact that he has learned BOTH Zangetsus' and my Bankai. Right now he is holding back, testing himself to find his level. When he finally decides to fight for real, get Soifon away from him, because he will not pull a punch simply because she is a woman. Soifon will die, because she will face her worst opponent, a master of his own blades" said Kanshiki with total seriousness in her voice. Before the fairy could respond she felt a tugging sensation on her back and was flung from the swordscape and back into her own.


(Back in the real world)

Soifon pulled back just as Ichigo was swinging the massive form of Zangetsu, nearly clipping her cheek. She moved a safe distanced back and observed Byakuya attempt to kill him once again with his Bankai.

"Soifon, do not reengage that man. I just had a very informative talk with my little sister. To put it simply he is holding back, and if you keep fighting him when he gets serious, you will die" said Suzumebachi.

'How can you be certain' asked Soifon curiously.

"What do you call knowing the Bankai of BOTH Zanpakutō, yet still only using Shikai? My little sister is known for never telling a lie, so anything she says is true. I think the best thing we can do right now is assist Ichimaru, and let Byakuya get himself killed. You are my first and only priority Shaolin Fon, no matter how much we disagree, you are my partner and all I do is in your best interest" said Suzumebachi in a voice that Soifon had never heard before. In was dead serious, absolutely nothing like the hyperactive fairy she usually deals with.

'Alright I'll trust you. You have always fought with me, and our relationship is a two way street. Now I'll fight as you suggest' said Soifon as she leapt away.


Ok peoples here is my most recent chapter for this fic. As you can see I'm trying to have a few different angles here. Now before anyone bitches about my OC being a Marty Stu, he is not all powerful. He is strong yes, perhaps in a middle ground between captain and vice captain. The only reason he was able to beat Gin like he did was pure surprise and a lot of speed. Then once he had his zanpakutō it was just a matter of transference of power. Now you all know the drill review or flame, ja ne.