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Chapter 1

It was a normal day in the Kurosaki household. After a dinner plagued by his father's insistent nagging and random attacks Ichigo was in a bad mood. Grumbling about "crazy old men" Ichigo made his way up to his room with Rukia walking behind him with an amused smirk on her face. After they entered Ichigo's room and he'd shut the door Rukia voiced her opinion.

"You know your father's really not that bad. Actually, I think he's very amusing."

Ichigo sent her a dark look that showed he didn't appreciate her last comment at all.

"Shut up Rukia. You only say that because none of his stupidity is directed towards you," Ichigo said as he sat down at his desk to work on some homework he'd yet to finish.

Rukia, who was none to pleased about being told to shut up, crossed her arms in an angry fashion and glared at the orange haired teen.

"What do you know Ichigo? You're very lucky to have a father that loves you so much," Rukia said as a hint of pain flashed across her violet eyes, but vanished before Ichigo could notice.

"You call getting attacked everyday lucky?" Ichigo scoffed as he became angry as well, "You have no idea Rukia!"

The room suddenly became very quiet and Ichigo realized that he'd said the wrong thing. Rukia now had her head tilted slightly downward so that her eyes were shaded from the dim light of Ichigo's desk lamp and the darkness of the night hid her pain.

"You're right Ichigo. I don't."

With that, the dark haired woman swiftly jumped out of his window, ignoring his calls to wait, and fled into the night.

'Look what you did now you idiot,' Ichigo thought, angry at himself, 'why would you bring up the fact that she has no family? Stupid!'

Deciding that she needed some alone time after the harsh thing he'd just said to her, Ichigo turned back to his homework and sighed.

'When she comes back I'll apologize,' Ichigo thought as he picked up his pencil and began his math assignment, 'I'm sorry Rukia.'

Rukia had run a short distance before popping a gikongan into her mouth and instructing Chappie to go to Urahara's shop and wait for her there. In her soul form she could travel much faster using shunpo, and it would help her run off some steam.

'Stupid Ichigo!' she thought angrily as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop, 'Why would you say something like that? I'm well aware that I have no father.'

A single tear made its' way down her check before she caught herself and quickly wiped it away. Tears are a sign of weakness, as her brother had told her many times.

She had just reached the far edge of Karakura Town and was turning back towards Ichigo's house when she suddenly felt a strong Hollow's reiatsu that surrounded her and seemed to be trying to crush her. She was slightly put off by the onslaught of reiatsu but quickly countered by flaring her own reiatsu enough to negate the crushing effect.

"Well, well, well," a voice said from above her, "Looks like you are stronger than I first thought shinigami."

Rukia's head snapped in the direction of the voice as her hand quickly flew to Sode no Shirayuki's hilt.

The hollow that had attacked her with its' reiatsu was of human from with long black hair and piercing black eyes. He wore a black kimono, similar to that of shinigami's shihaksho, but the sleeves had been ripped from the seams and the obi was a crimson red. His mask was completely black and covered just the bottom half of his face, from the bridge of his nose and down his neck until it vanished beneath the collar of his kimono. The markings on his mask were the same crimson red as his obi and formed a malicious grin with elongated fangs. From the looks of him, as well as his powerful reiatsu, he was not going to be easy to defeat despite the fact that she had recently attained bankai.

"My name is unimportant, however you shall remember the name of my sword and fear it for every second of the last few moments of your life," the hollow said icily while drawing his zanpakto, "Mantanza, Muerte" (Slaughter, Muerte)

With the release of his zanpakto, a shockwave of red reiatsu flew through the surrounding area and destroyed two of the closest warehouses.

'Shit,' thought Rukia as she blocked the reiatsu that had come her way with her still sealed zanpakto, 'At least we're in a warehouse district so that the chance of human casualties is minimal.'

Wasting no more time, Rukia released her sword as well.

"Mae, Sode no Shirayuki." (Dance, Sode no Shirayuki)

The blade's released form turned a pristine white and a long white ribbon seemed to grow from the hilt. Rukia took a fighting stance and readied herself for the hollow's first attack; she expected that he would boast some, as was common with most hollow, but she wanted to be ready.

The hollow, however, did not say another word as he disappeared and reappeared behind her, swinging his scythe-like blade towards her unprotected back. Rukia spun and neatly block his attack and countered with a horizontal sweep of her own. The hollow, she decided to refer to as Muerte since that was the name of his zanpakto, jumped back and avoided her attack easily.

"You truly are stronger than I anticipated shinigami. Most of your pathetic kind would have been killed by that blow," Muerte said as he shifted his grip on his scythe's long shaft, "From now on I shall fight you seriously."

The next instant Rukia was blocking yet another attack from behind but instead of stopping, Muerte continued his assault with quick, vicious slashes that were slowly breaking through Rukia's defenses. When she managed to knock him back a few steps Rukia immediately took the chance to send one of her own attacks his way.

"Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren!" (The Next Dance, White Ripple)

A large wave of ice slashed forth from the white sword and crashed down on the hollow like a tsunami. A shocked look appeared on the petite shinigami's face as Muerte slashed through her ice with his scythe as if it were child's play.

'There's no way he could have blocked that entirely! My Hakuren has gotten much stronger since I trained with Shirayuki to obtain bankai,' Rukia thought as she wearily watched the hollow walk towards her.

"That was a highly powerful attack shinigami; you have earned my respect. I would like to know the name of the first shinigami that has landed a hit on me," Muerte said as he motioned towards a small gash on his left arm.

'That's all that my attack did to him?' Rukia thought, bewildered, though her outward appearance remained calm and collected.

"Rukia Kuchiki: Vice Captain of the Thirteenth Division and temporary liaison to Karakura Town," she replied to the hollow's inquiry.

"So I was correct, you are a powerful shinigami," Muerte said as he stopped a short distance in front of her and repositioned his hands on the long shaft of his zanpakto for the second time, "Vice captain, huh? Well I guess I'll get to have some fun after all…Bankai!"

Muerte's sudden bankai transformation shocked Rukia completely. The hollow armor that now covered the majority of his body was pitch black with crimson accents. The only body parts that weren't covered in the black armor were his arms and top half of his face, and the crimson markings ran together to form the bloody outline of a skeleton on the outside of his black armor.

'This hollow has achieved bankai?!' Rukia thought worriedly, 'I didn't think there were any hollows with this much power left after Aizen's defeat.'

She realized that she would be no match for Muerte without her own bankai and readied Shirayuki for the transformation. Before she could gather enough reiatsu however, the hollow threw his now small scythe at her still form, holding on to the long crimson chain that had formed when the shaft had shrunken for bankai, and caught her off guard.

The now compact weapon sliced through her left shoulder painfully, sending her sliding backwards and crashing into a warehouse wall. The wall was left with a large, jagged hole that the tiny shinigami had made when she'd crashed through it. Muerte smirked as he started walking towards the rubble, intent on finishing off the shinigami that he assumed was near death from his attack and the violent collision with the thick, bricked wall.

Before he could get close, however, there was a large explosion of white reiatsu and a loud call of "Bankai!" from the area that Rukia had been thrown.

Muerte, who'd leapt back to avoid the reiatsu blast and flying bricks from the wall, peered through the dust to see the dark haired shinigami that he'd blasted through the wall was now clad in a sleeveless, more form fitting version of her former shihaksho with a silver obi and tomoeri. Her bare arms were covered, however, by the long sleeves of the silver robe that flowed down to just above her ankles and had what looked like a faint outline of white snowflakes running along the bottom edge.

The wound she'd received from his scythe while in shikai form was still visible through the hole that had formed in her robe, accompanying her transformation. Muerte could also see that her impact with the wall had left its' mark on her as well as a large line of blood could be seen making it's way down her face and crossing her left eye before vanishing into her black hair.

"I'm impressed. I did not expect you to be able to achieve bankai in such a state Kuchiki-san," Muerte said with a malicious smirk, "However, you shall be in a much worse state when I get done with you."

With those last words he launched himself towards her battered form as Rukia brought up Sode no Shirayuki's bankai form, now equipped with a beautiful silver hilt and silver snowflakes delicately placed on the long white sleeve as if they'd fallen there from the clouds, to block his attack.

"I will not be taken down so easily," Rukia growled as she brought her sword up horizontally in front of her, "Some no Enbu, Aisu Shouheki!" (First Waltz, Ice Barrier)

Her first waltz created a thick barrier of hardened ice between Rukia and her attacker. Muerte, who had not been expecting a defensive attack, slammed hard against the ice barrier before regaining his footing and stepping back to asses the wall of ice. Rukia smirked slightly and took advantage of the hollow's current lack of concentration.

"Kujiku! Tsugi no Enbu, Shiruba Shikon!" (Shatter! Second Waltz, Silver Fangs!)

At her command the wall of ice shattered into millions of sharp pieces and flew towards Muerte, who had obviously not anticipated a defensive attack to so easily change into an offensive. The black clad hollow tried to avoid the projectiles but was unsuccessful and ended up with his body riddled with the icy daggers that had managed to penetrate his armor and imbed themselves into his skin.

"You'll pay for that!" Muerte yelled as the amount of reiatsu he was emanating suddenly doubled and Rukia was pushed back a few feet by its' force.

'This is not good,' Rukia thought as she readied herself for another assault that was sure to be even more powerful than the last.


Gikongon- the pill that Rukia swallows to remove her soul from her Gigai(faux body)

Shunpo- also known as flash stepping, used by soul reapers to move quickly from place to place and also as a weapon in battle

Reiatsu- spirit power

Sode no Shirayuku- Rukia's zanpakto that literally means "sleeve of white snow"

Shikaksho- soul reaper's uniform

Mantanza- Muerte's release word for his zanpakto, is actually spanish since I wanted the hollow's release to be different from the shinigami's, means "slaughter"

Muerte- the name of the hollow's zanpakto, also in spanish, and literally means "death"

Tomoeri- japanese for over collar which is the three inch wide piece of material that you see on the shihaksho and other japanese kimonos

(Rukia's attacks)


Some no Mai, Tsukishiro- First Dance, White Moon

Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren- The Next Dance, White Ripple

San no Mai, Shirafune- The Third Dance, White Sword(not used)


Some no Enbu, Aisu Shouheki- First Waltz, Ice Barrier

Tsugi no Enbu, Shiruba Shikon- Second Waltz, Silver Fangs

San no Enbu, Shiroteikiatsu- Third Waltz, White Cyclone(not used)

a/n: Soooo? Good, bad, ugly? Did the translations help yall? Cuz I spent a lot of time on translations alone and I hope I made Rukia a fairly decent bankai since she doesn't have one as far as I know. I tried to model her bankai attacks after her shikai ones, just alot more powerful and deadly so I hope I didn't mess up too bad. Improving on the most beautiful zanpakto in Soul Society was not an easy thing to attempt after all. ^.^ Well chappie 2(and the last chappie unless I have some reviews telling me to continue) will be up as soon as I can get it typed. It's written down in a notebook since I didn't have my computer last night and I had to work today but I'll get it up ASAP.