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Chapter 2

Ichigo had been waiting for Rukia to return for an hour and a half. After finishing all his homework for the next few days he was left with nothing to do but sit and contemplate the reason that Rukia was not safely sleeping in his closet at that very moment.

"You call getting attacked everyday lucky? You have no idea Rukia!"

'Why do I always say things that I don't mean?' Ichigo thought as the image of Rukia's pain filled expression as she'd fled the room entered his mind.

His thoughts of self-loathing were shattered however, when he suddenly felt an explosion of incredibly powerful hollow reiatsu.

'That's captain level reiatsu! That feels like a bankai!' Ichigo thought worriedly as he grabbed Kon's gikongan from his desk drawer where he'd thrown it after the lion plushy had annoyed him into removing it from it's fuzzy body.

Popping the round pill into his mouth, Ichigo quickly swallowed and felt as his soul separated from his body. Not waiting to listen to Kon's angry yells Ichigo jumped out of the window and started shunpoing towards the source of the amazingly strong hollow reiatsu.

He was only a block away from his house when a second bankai level reiatsu assaulted his senses. He recognized it immediately and his eyes widened in horror.


He immediately drew Zangetsu and, while running, yelled "Bankai!" His transformation left him in his usual black bankai robes and gave him the extra speed that he needed.

'Shit Rukia, hold on!' Ichigo thought desperately as he flew towards the battle at blinding speeds.

His eyes widened as he felt Rukia release her most powerful bankai attack.

'She's using San no Enbu, Shiroteikaitsu (Third Waltz, White Cyclone)! If she's using that attack then she doesn't have another option,' Ichigo thought as he pushed his body to try to gain more speed.

His heart nearly stopped, however, when he felt Rukia's reiatsu suddenly drop to a dangerously low level and he still miles away.

"No!" he yelled as he drew his hand across his face and pulled on his hollow mask to supplement his speed even more.

Now he was moving so quickly that his feet were barely touching the buildings that he was jumping atop. Even then, though, Ichigo didn't think he was getting to her fast enough.

'She's hurt badly. I can feel it. Her reiatsu's so low…' Ichigo thought as a sick feeling settled itself in his stomach.

When the battle scene finally came into his sight Ichigo was mortified to see a black armored hollow slashing Rukia repeatedly with a black bladed scythe; Rukia only barely blocking with Shirayuki and it was quite apparent that her body was starting to fail her. Pushing himself for one last burst of speed Ichigo slid to a halt between Rukia and her attacker, blicking the vicious blows with Tensa Zangetsu's thin, black blade.

Ichigo harshly threw the already badly injured hollow back and sent a powerful black Getsuga Tensho at him. Knowing that he hadn't killed the hollow, but seeing that he'd bought himself a moment with that attack, Ichigo immediately turned towards Rukia who's silver bankai robes were slashed to pieces and covered in blood.

"Rukia!" Ichigo yelled as he suddenly appeared at her side and carefully took her into his arms, "Talk to me Rukia! Don't you dare give up on me now! Not after everything we've been through!"

The bloody and badly injured shinigami obliged and slowly opened her weary violet eyes to gaze upon her savior who was still wearing his white and red hollow mask; his concern for her evident even in his hollow-ized golden eyes.

"I-I'm fine I-Ichigo," Rukia choked out before coughing up a small amount of blood.

"Just hold on Rukia. I'm going to get you some help as soon as I slaughter the bastard who did this to you," Ichigo said as he took note of the hollow's recovery from his previous attack.

"B-Be caref-ful," Rukia said as Ichigo gently lay her back down.

"Idiot. You're worried about me getting hurt? Look at you!" Ichigo scolded as he stood.

Turning, Ichigo looked at the hollow that had now managed to regain his footing, however unsteady due to his injuries, and the orange haired shinigami glared angrily at the bastard that had hurt Rukia.

'I'll make this quick,' Ichigo thought as he wasted no time in talking, 'Rukia won't last much longer. I have to hurry; but that doesn't mean this bastard isn't going to pay.'

Ichigo used his Vizard speed to attack Muerte from every angle, seemingly simultaneously. The hollow blocked some of the attacks but was ultimately being cut to pieces by the male shinigami's attacks. Muerte managed to push Ichigo away for a moment and harshly yelled at the shinigami that seemed to be radiating a powerful hollow reiatsu as well as a shinigami one.

"What ARE you?!"

"Ichigo Kurosaki: substitute shinigami, Vizard, and the last person you'll ever see."

With that said, Ichigo drew Tensa Zangetsu back and, slicing forward, released an enormous moon fang of black and blue reiatsu that consumed the hollow and erased his body from the face of the Earth. Seeing that his opponent had been defeated, Ichigo disappeared only to reappear next to Rukia and carefully take her into his arms.

"Hang on Rukia. Just a little longer," Ichigo said as he sped back towards the house of Orihime Inoue, the one person that could heal wounds of this extent.

Making it there in record time Ichigo was relieved to find Orihime waiting for him at her door.

"Kurosaki-kun! I felt Kuchiki-san's reiatsu drop. Bring her in quickly,"

Orihime said as she moved aside to allow Ichigo to enter her apartment.

By now Rukia's silver robe was completely covered in her blood with only a few silver patches able to be seen on the clothing. Orihime quickly called forth her Shun Shun Rikka and put a healing barrier over Rukia.

Ichigo stood behind the deeply focusing girl and watched carefully as Rukia's serious wounds slowly healed and then vanished under the power of Orihime's rejection. When all of her wounds had healed Orihime dropped the barrier and settled back onto the floor tiredly.

"Kuchiki-san will be fine Kurosaki-kun. Her wounds have all been healed but the blood loss she suffered has drained most of her energy. She should wake up sometime in the early morning."

For the first time since he'd entered the apartment Ichigo took his eyes off of the petite, violet-eyed shinigami and glanced quickly at Orihime.

"Thank you Inoue. I'm going to take her home now."

Ichigo moved forward and gathered Rukia into his arms yet again before thanking Orihime one last time and exiting her apartment. Using shunpo to arrive home swiftly he entered his room through the wall and lay Rukia down on his bed, where Chappie was lying asleep in Rukia's gigai, and watched as her soul fused with her body.

"She came while you were gone Ichigo. Said she could fell Rukia was in trouble and came to get you," Kon said sedately as he stood behind a very solemn Ichigo.

Ichigo merely nodded before entering his body and putting Kon's gikongan back in its' former position in the drawer. Grabbing his desk chair, Ichigo drew it up beside his bed and settled himself in for a night of worriedly watching Rukia's unconscious form.

'This is my fault,' Ichigo thought as he held the hand of the unconscious woman, 'If I hadn't said those things to her then she wouldn't have run off on her own.'

"H-Hey. What's that pathetic look on your face for I-Ichigo?"

Rukia's voice broke through his thoughts and immediately drew his attention to her face. She was wearily smirking at him with her eyes on their intertwined fingers.

"If I didn't know better I'd say you were worried about me Ichigo."

For a moment he thought about falling back into their usual playful banter, but the image of Rukia's near death form told him that he could not wait any longer to tell her how he felt; what would happen if one of them were to die without knowing how the other felt?

"Of course I was worried Rukia! I care about you a lot," Ichigo said as he carefully watched the shock register on her face.

"I-Ichigo, I-I…"

"I was so afraid Rukia," he said in a soft voice, " I thought I was going to loose you. I thought I was going to loose you without telling you how I feel about you."

Rukia's shocked face had fallen and she now wore a peaceful expression. Her eyes were soft as she looked at the orange haired man who'd somehow stolen her heart.


"I…I love you Rukia," Ichigo said as he peered deeply into her violet eyes, as if his heart was calling out for hers to answer.

"Oh, Ichigo. I was so afraid you wouldn't feel the same way," Rukia said as she smiled sweetly, "I love you too Ichigo."

Upon uttering the words that she'd felt since he'd rescued her from certain death atop Soukyoku Hill, risking his life to save hers, Rukia slowly leaned forward and shared her first kiss with the orange haired idiot that she loved.

When their first romantic kiss broke apart Ichigo sat on the bed with Rukia and protectively pulled her into his strong chest.

"I will always protect you Rukia," Ichigo said as he wrapped his arms around the dark haired midget that he'd come to love so deeply.

Those were the last words spoken between the two as Rukia feel asleep one more but this time wrapped safely in Ichigo's strong embrace feeling completely protected for the first time in ages. Ichigo simply shifted so that his back was against the pillows, allowing him a comfortable position from which to watch over Rukia's sleeping form.

'I love her so much,' Ichigo thought as he looked down at the beautiful woman in his arms, 'She means everything to me.'

With that last thought, Ichigo drifted off to sleep with both arms still wrapped firmly around Rukia's slim waist; not bothering to think of the position his father would find them in when he burst into the room to perform his morning "attack Ichigo" ritual. He didn't care either as long as he was holding the woman who meant everything to him.


Gikongan- pill that is used to remove Ichigo's soul from his body

Shunpo- also known as flash stepping, used by soul reapers to move quickly from place to place and also as a weapon in battle

Reiatsu- spirit power

Muerte- the name of the hollow's zanpakto, also in spanish, and literally means "death"

Zangetsu- Ichigo's zanpakto

Tensa Zangetsu- Ichigo's bankai

Getsuga Tensho- Ichigo's powerful attack that literally means "moon-fang slices the heavens", is used in shikai and bankai.

(If you don't know what shikai and bankai are then you're helplessly lost people and you should go watch the anime a few times. -_-)

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