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Edward And Bella's Girl Moments...

Chapter 1:

Edward and Bella are in a drama hall stretching for the formal. Bella's slick hair slides down her soft skinned back with elegance and beauty. While Edward is kinking his hair in a naughty way, while giving Bella a naughty smile.

Bella and a little girl get in a fight.... while slapping nipples and hairy chests...

Bella- "Just because I'm rich doesn't mean I'm a bitch, Ashley."

Fugly Girl- "You know what would be embarrassing...? ... Having your head!"

Bella- "Sorry, No offence but its true...."

Fugly Girl- "Umm what do you mean? ..... do you know what I mean?"

Bella- "How do you spell your name?"

Fugly Girl- "J.A. apostrophe M.I.E."

Bella- "How shit?!"

Fugly Girl- "Well, my breasts would have been bigger, but i had a eating disorder in year 8.."

Bella- "Oh my god, were friends"

Fugly Girl- "But listen, just because I'm rich, doesn't mean I'm a bitch... okay?"

Bella- "Damn Straight!"

Fugly Girl- "Oh my god... AM I HOT?!?!? AM I HOT?!?!?..."

Bella- "Bloody Hell yes!"

Fugly Girl- "Oh my gosh, I'm seriously going to hyperventilate, and die"

Bella and the Fugly Girl are pulling each others hair on the ground. Bella gets her pink tight tutu pulled off by the Fugly Girl. The Fugly Girl is very ugly. She has 99 warts on her neck, pink push up bra, no top, only undies, no pants, shoes are purple and Fugly.

Edward and Bella are then naked in a shower moving rapidly in the water.

Bella- Give me some more yum yum....

Edward- oh yes, PUSH IT IN!!! HARDER, HARDER!!!!


Edward- It's G time not free time...

Bella- Oh my gosh Edward, if you spank me hermaphrodite willy one more time, ill slap your pinner.

Edward- Oooh, no way girlfriend... you went there ... YOU WENT THERE... ill have to spoon you!!!!

Bella- ooh feisty....

Edward and Bella are slapping each other with spoons... until suddenly...

Edward- FORK ME BABE!!


Edward and Bella take out two mysterious forks and start slapping each other with them. Edwards hot thin face suddenly looks around suspiciously to check if anyone's around. Then he gets his two fingers and puts then in Bella's jacket pocket which was lying on the bed. He was practicing... for when he opened a can of watermelon goodness. Bella sees Edwards long thick hairy nipples dangling near her face. She licks it... and enjoys it.... a lot.... she wants more... She grabs his pinner and pulls it as hard as she can, until it almost falls off... by the time they got out of bed... Edwards pinner had turned into a fire hose. Bella was amazed and extremely Horney. Bella's phone got a message from Edward who was typing in the numbers with his long fire hose. It played:

Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake-Shake it!

The song about sexual intercourse represented the show perfectly. After all, the show was all about how they had decided to make Twilight an eighteen's movie before being ordered to delete all the porn scenes. Bella smiled a sexy smile and before Edward knew it she was on his lap kissing him hard her tongue dancing with his own. Bella started undoing the buttons of his shirt with a tense hand "I want to fuck you eddy," her lips attached to hers once again with a small groan. Bella slid away from him she took his hard cock in her mouth and sucked gently. Edward moaned and grabbed her, he threw her onto the white shag pile and entered her. Bella moaned passionately in his ear.

"God" he gaped

"You're so fucking wet" Bella let out a strangled gasp

"I've been waiting so long for this"...

"Umm...Bella i want to talk to u about something" Edward said.

"Sure Edward what's the matter" Bella curiously replied.

"I heard u masturbating to yourself with your little toy that you've got on your top draw your easiest way to rea-" Edward tired to finish saying.

"Shut up and lick me!" Bella demanded.

Edward and Bella had the whole house to them selves.. They left the bedroom and....

Then his lips returned, his hot tongue entering again through my rapid breath. He held me tight as we made our way from behind the door to the couch. He pushed me back against the cool fabric and climbed on top of me. We were dead naked when he filled his hands with my breasts, and went round in circles, and started licking, his swirling tongue made it hard. He bit softly and I groaned it was amazing; He slowly pushed me back down on the couch spreading my legs with his. His dick was touching the wetness around my pussy. Bella kissed Edwards nipples and pulled her head back as she slowly pulled out a long thin nipple hair.

"Yummy" she said with confidence.

"Hell yes" replied Edward.

Bella rode him harder and harder. Edward pounded faster and faster. She couldn't hold onto him. She let go and fell on the ground. She fell asleep in the hands of Edward, which she wanted. They woke up the next morning, with Edward naked laying on the kitchen bench... and Bella lying naked on a dildo...

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