Chapter 4:

While Edward and Bella were still going down a steep hill on their stolen board they got to the bottom when they stopped, to cross the road they had to give the taxi driver their pillow, skateboard, and sacrifice a small goat. They crossed the road and stumbled into a large green forest. They decided to have sex. Edward grabbed Bella and climbed the tallest widest tree in the whole forest. Edward ripped off Bella's clothes as fast as lightning.

"I know what you are…" Bella said in a hot voice.

"Say it… Out loud…" Edward continued.

"Rapist" Bella replied in a low voice.

"Are you scared?" Edward said in a nude voice.

"No. I'd only be scared if you were a nudist" Bella powerfully said.

"Good." Edward finally said.

He was worried that she would be scared or angry that he was a rapist, but she wasn't, he pushed his stick on tick tack into her. And she liked it… a lot… they had a sticky situation on their hands… literally… it was all sticky, Bella licked it up straight away… yum yum she was thinking… Mmm more… she liked it more than pie on a cold day with a warm sun. they were sticky all over, from, cum, Bella liked it… she liked the look, the colour, the taste, even though she licked it, it didn't taste right, she pulled out a peanut butter and vegemite sandwich, and put it on… "OH YES! YUMMY, RIGHT THERE," she loved it with bread, and she loved it more with vegemite and peanut butter, Edward was having sex while eating a scone and drinking tea. Then they threw the plates off the top of the tree. At the bottom of the tree a china man was on vacation having a sleep. Unlucky for him, both the plates went down his apophyges and into his abdomen. He was still asleep, no movement, no change. Bella and Edward thought "Oh well… old man anyways" and continued moving rapidly under the tree branches. A friendly chipmunk arrived with an acorn… he watched carefully as they were rapidly moving, pumping in and out, raster than lightning and thunder, faster than a race car, faster than super man, faster than a 99 gig computer, faster than the worlds fastest snail. Oh god. They were fast, moving, sliding, all their positions, they were doing a 69. (If you don't know what a 69 is, ask your mum.)

"GIVE ME SOME MORE YUM YUM!" Bella screamed from the tree tops.

"LET ME SEE YOUR PUSSY" Edward engaged in a deep voice.

"Hell yea" he continued.

Bella once again, pulled out a orange kitten from a hole in the tree,

"Meow" purred the kitten… it was helpless… little paws, bit eyes, cute. Edward had the hots for Bella and thought the kitten was interrupting, even though he asked to look at it. He grabbed it by the back of the head and flung it to china. They continued.

"Mmm I love you coconut juice…" Bella said with a naughty voice.

She then pulled out a long and thick hair from giving Edward a blow job. She licked it back up lick a flowers stem. Yum, she thought to herself. She pulled out a banana from her nose and picked a rose off the mango tree. She licked the rose and put it on Edwards vag. He licked it. And he liked it, a lot. She wanted to blow him again…

"Let's see how far your mouth can stretch" Edward said with a strong attitude.

Edward rubbed the rose on his willy, it grew rapidly, by the time he did one stroke it was the size of his leg, but thin, so it could fit in Bella's vag. He then picked a apple off the mango tree to make him Horney, once again. He grabbed her and put himself inside her once again. Pelvic thrusting, Lots of it too. They were butt naked, in a mango tree, and having sex. Bella thought it was the best moment of her life. Or one of the best moments of her life. Until they seen a large hairy mammal in the distance. It was the size of a man. The creature was white, like snow. It was with a friend, the other creature was brown, and had feet as wide as a 53 inch TV screen. Edward knew who they were, The Abominable Snow Man, and Big Foot… they quickly disappeared in the distance, when the Pepsi mascot decided to steal The Abdominal Snow Mans, snow cones… he stole them, Big Foot quickly grabbed him and ate him up like Bella's cum sandwich. Yum yum… Edward furiously spanked bellas cold wet bottom. He kept spanking, for hours, when he got tired, it was Bellas turn… she got out a long salami roll and spanked Edwards bottom as hard as she could.

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