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Full Summary: Kluke just moved into Talta Village from Jibral because of her parents recent death. She moved to Talta so she could live with her best friend Bouquet and so she could attend a school. But things go crazy after starting school! Preppies, gangters, punks, goths, emos, jocks, and terrible kids want to mess with her head! But when she meets a blued haired boy, she just feels her heart skip a beat. One problem: He's a semi-jock, a punk, and a gangster of the school. And what's up with this Jiro kid? Does her have a crush on her? And Shu always being watched by Sahlia and Bouquet? What's up with that? How will Kluke survive? No one knows.

Monday: 4/1

Kluke's Pov

I looked out the train window and smiled at the sight before me. I saw Talta Village, my destination, about a mile away. I gasped when I heard a bell go off around the train. I looked around and saw people ducking under seats and away from any windows.

'What's going on?!' I asked myself while looking around for a conductor or something of the sort. I stood up, but then felt myself be pushed back down, I closed my eyes and felt my back connect to the wooden floor. I opened my eyes and saw an elderly lady and she gave me a stern look.

"What's going on?" I asked her. She blinked a couple times and she sighed.

"Monsters are attacking child. Please stay down." she replied and I sighed. I gently pushed her off me and stood up straight.

"No need to worry," I started while starting to stand up. I dusted off my black dress and tightened up my yellow belt, and fixed my magenta colored bow. I tightened up my tan messanger bag and then I looked down at her and our gaze met, other passengers looked at me strangly. I finished off my sentence, "I'm a magic user!" I yelled and dashed for a door that was at the end of the hallway. I kicked it open and looked around. I stepped out and looked at the flooring, I saw a screw keeping the two train carts together. I smirked and attempted to make my way to the other cart full of passengers. I felt the wind pressure push me back against the door and winced at the pain. I reached my hand out and managed to grab onto to door and I used that to pull me to it. I slide the door opened and saw passengers hiding her also. "Everyone! Run to the other cart! Hurry!" I yelled. People exchanged gazes and shrugged. I saw many children to the door and run into the other cart, the adults followed closely behind. I smiled lightly and ran back outside. I closed the doors and held against a door for support so I wouldn't get blown away from the wind. I bent down and took out a screw driver out of my bag and loosend the screw and pulled it out. I smiled and threw it away to the ground. I kicked the other cart and watched it disappear into the distance. I was thankful that the train was so small, but now wasn't the time to even think about that. I scanned the area and then saw what my challenge was, 5 Poo Snakes and a giant Poo Snake were swimming through the sand towards the train cart and I. I gasped at the speed of those creatures, but then turned my head slightly to see that Talta Village was half a mile away.

'I can't allow these monsters to get to the town.' I thought. I glanced at the town and the monsters again. I felt a worried look get plastured on my face, but I took a deep breath and then jumped into the sand. I heard many people yell behind me, most likely they were worrying about me, but I needed them to get to the town safely. I sighed and lifted myself out of the sand and brushed myself off. I started to summonded my shadow and saw myself start to grow a light blew. I lifted my hands to my chest and then threw they straight out to my sides. I felt my shadow be summoned and looked up to face her. I nodded and smiled.

"Feather Protect!" I yelled and placed my hands in front of me. I started to glow and soon a sheild was placed infront of me, and the train that was just entering the town. I kept this up for a couple minutes, and then I saw the monsters suddenly just run under the sand and retreat. "Huh?" I mumbled, but I shook my head and placed it behind me. I started to head towards the Village and sighed. "This will be one hell of a long walk." I whispered and started running.

It took me about half an hour to get to the village, but I finally made it. I smiled and saw some kids thank me for saving them, then I saw the Elderly Woman who was trying to protect me also make her way towards me. I bowed to her in respect, but she lifted my head to face her.

"My dear child, please be careful here. The Land Shark will arrive here one day, just like back in Jibral. My dear child, I wish you well. Please be careful dear." She said. She started to turn around and walk away, but she turned her head towards me again. "Child, I believe that your road will be a tough one...but your strong, just like your mother." She said and then she dissapeared with the blowing sand. I blinked, but then I was tackled to the sandy floor.

"KLUKE-CHAN!! I heard what happened are you ok? Stop trying to be a hero!" I heard a girl with a high-pitched voice yell. I sighed and turned to face my best friend, Bouquet.

"Hi Bouquet." I said and started to stand up from the ground. I smiled at her. "How are you."

"I'm ok, I guess. Shu and I aren't getting anywere with that quiet Sahlia girl around. How about you Kluke-chan?" Bouquet asked. I sighed and looked towards the ground. Bouquet gasped. "Oh! I'm sorry Kluke! I didn't mean it to bring of memories of your gone folks! I'm sorry!" She exclaimed frailing her arms around. I looked at her outfit and smiled, trying to make her happy.

"So your working at the cafe? I love that place, I went there with my mom and dad! It brings back good memories. Thank you." I said giving her a cutesy smile. Bouquet's eyes shined and placed her bent arms over her chest and just under her chin.

"Really Kluke-chan? Good, then you can go there whenever you want. Hey! We need to get your bags!" She yelled and started dragging me along to the train luggage pick up. I spotted my tool box and first aid kit. I then spotted my other 2 duffle bags. I took my tool box and the heavier duffle bag so Bouquet could carry the light bags and not whine the whole way to her house, that I used to own but my family and I sold it when my father found a better job in Jibral's Castle Town. I sighed on the way back, knowing that Jiro and Shu would want to possibly glomp me, and now that Sahlia's in town mayber I can learn how to cook her cookies that she always made for Shu awhile back in Devour Village. I smiled and walked up the hill to my new home, and it turns out Bouquet said that she turned her bedroom around so she could place my bed in there too. I couldn't wait to walk into my old home, great memories rested there in that old place. I finished walking up to the hill and I smiled at who was waiting for me, Shu, Jiro, Marumaro, Noi, Sahlia, and Zola. I smiled and dropped my tool box and bag onto the ground. I ran over there hugged Shu and Jiro, I felt Marumaro hug my my left leg while Noi hugged the right one. Zola stood there and nodded, while Sahlia hugged me from behind. A moment later the reunion hug was over. Jiro sighed and crossed his arms.

"Guys, I think was should leave Kluke alone now, she's had a rough ride over here." Jiro said. Many people whined, but also agreed and said some goodbye's to me. I smiled and picked up my luggage and walked up the steps to my old home. Bouquet unlocked the door and we walked in. We went upstairs and started to place things away.

About an hour later everything was placed away and I saw there was a huge window that was added onto the left side of the room, my side.

"What happened here?" I asked my room mate. Bouquet sighed and walked over to the window.

"I wanted to get a better view, but then a kid built his house there, so now I lost the best view on the village." She replied, but she quickly recovered from her sad attitude and ran over to her closet, and then she pulled out a plaid red dress with green lines as the plaid color. The undershirt was longsleeve and white and there were white spandex shorts to go with it. I sighed and looked at the fabric. "This is our school's uniform Kluke. I don't like it, so I bet you won't like it either. But I hope it's ok for you, Zola sighed you up and everything, so you can go to school tomorrow.

"Yeah, I'll go to bed now for it. Good night."


End of Monday: 4/1

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