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Time Jump 2 days later, Wednesday: 4/12

Sahlia's Pov

I sat next to Kluke in her bed in Talta Village and sighed. It took us half a day to get all the villagers back and it took us a day and a half just to start basic repairs on the village. Shu's Grandfather went to Jibral Castle and City to help the Soldiers with the immediate repairs. I walked away from her bed for a moment and looked out the window and smiled. No more worries about Nene, no more worries about Land Sharks. I heard footsteps and then looked to the door and saw Bouquet there.

"I got a new dress for Kluke to change into." She said with a sad tone in her voice. I smiled and nodded and took the dress from her. It was a soft fabric that was a simple dress that had no sleeves, no collar, went down to the knees, and it hand no design on it. It was a plain dress but it was beautiful in it's own ways. I nodded and pulled the curtain across the room and started to change Kluke into it. Once I was done I placed the scarf, jacket, and gloves on her. I knew Andropov wanted her to keep wearing it and I even got the Nene symbol off the sleeve and placed Talta's on it instead. I pulled the cherry red curtain back across the room to reveal the other side with Bouquet sitting on her bed. I heard footsteps again and Jiro was there.

"Did she wake up yet?" He asked in a depressing voice. I shook my head and then he went to the table side and placed a vase with white tulips there. I closed my eyes halfway and he sighed. I looked up at him and he smiled. "Don't worry guys. She'll wake up soon. She would never leave us behind." He said before he left the room. I smiled and watched his retreating figure, and then shadow. Bouquet then started to giggle.

"W-what?" I asked with a light blush on my cheeks.

"You like him~" She sang and I sweetdropped.

"I guess I do……but anyway. Should we go help Shu and Jiro with the repairs on the houses?" I asked and Bouquet saluted.

"Yeah! I asked Shu if we could borrow a pair of working clothes from his so he gave me two pairs of yellow shorts and he gave you a red tank top and he gave me a light blue one." She said as she handed me my outfit and then closed the curtain across the room again. I sigh and then mumbled something even I couldn't understand and went to changing. Bouquet pulled the curtain across the room after we were both done and I looked into the full view mirror.

"This shows off half my chest…are you sure you have no shirts I could wear?" I asked as I looked over to her, but I saw hurt in her eyes. "What's the matter?" I asked, but she just shook her head.

"You look like Kluke when you do that. She did that every morning to check her outfit….." She said, but I just gave her a light smile.

"Don't worry…our best friend will wake up today. You can count on it."I said, but then Bouquet laughed.

"You sound like Jiro know!!!" She laughed. She then wiped her eyes and looked at me again. "Sorry I only have waitress outfits, that gothic outfit, night clothes, and my Tenkai outfit. My chest is bigger then yours so you don't have to worry about anything. I can tighten it for you if you want though, that shirt is a little baggy for you." She said as she walked over and used a safety pin to tighten the shirt. "There you go. Mine fits fin so I'm ok. Now lets go put our shoes on downstairs and help them." She announced and I gladly followed her.

When we walked out the front door I saw Shu have a slight nose bleed at the sight of Bouquet in his clothes.

"Darling~! Do I look nice?" She asked Shu and he nodded. She gave him a grin and pulled him into her chest. "Thank you darling!" She screamed as she held his head there in place. I never really understood why she would call him darling every day….maybe because she wanted him to know she liked him? Then Jiro placed a hand on my shoulder.

"You could have asked me for clothes Sahlia….."He asked with his face all red. I nodded and saw that he was wearing a Tenkai outfit that Bouquet made for him once we got back, Bouquet was really good with sewing….I thought I knew that. I looked away and stared at the ground.

"So…do….so do I look ok?" I muttered and Jiro nodded.

"Yeah….now we should get back to work." He said as he walked away to go get more wood. I grew angry and lifted a hand in front of my face.

'He's kind one minute and then changes his attitude the next! Grrrrrrr…..how does he not know I don't like Shu anymore and now like him?!.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!' I angrily thought as I pulled the elastic from the bottom of my braid and that turned my braids into pigtails like Bouquet. I sighed and then pulled the two pigtails back and tied my hair up in the back. I looked back at Shu and then to Jiro's retreating figure just like before in the house. I sighed and looked at the villages entrance and sighed. 'I wonder if Zola or Sandra will ever come back to the village. I know she's with the King now and she's probably dating him so she won't be living here anymore but….I'm going to miss her.' I thought as I walked down the steps from Bouquet's house and lifted up various broken items. It's going to take a long time before we finished up fixing up the village.

We worked on Bouquet's house for about an hour and we were done since we only needed to clean it up a little and replace some boards. I smiled at our work and then Jiro and Shu moved onto his house with his dad and Bouquet and I went to Shu's house to start cleaning it up since it wasn't damaged that much. We finished up in record time and looked at his Grandfather's Workshop, it was in ruin and there was a sticky note at the door. I picked it off and read it aloud.

"Do not touch the workshop kids because I don't want you to waste your efforts since I'm going to re-build it entirely when I get back. Thank you…….Ok so Bouquet I guess we can go help the boys now since Shu's Grand dad doesn't want help."I said and started to walk away to help fix up Jiro's house.

Kluke's Pov?!

I shifted in my slumber and opened my eyes to see the ceiling of my shared bedroom. I gasped and sat up, but winced my I felt a pain in my left hand. I looked down at it and saw it bandaged up. I figured it would have been bloody, but it looked brand new. I sighed, but then felt my body grow hot. I looked lifted the sheets off me and saw I was wearing a beautiful dress and some of Andropov's clothes. And my hair was done as well. I blushed and looked away, but his scent was all over the clothes. I couldn't pinpoint what the smell was, but it felt like home. I smiled and got up from my bed and pulled out knee length white boots from underneath. I put them on and headed downstairs. I looked around but didn't see anyone so I opened the front door and a smile lit up on my face. Talta was being rebuilt by everyone, not just the men, but the woman and children too. I closed the front door and looked around, I felt a breeze and I was happy that I was wearing some of Andropov's attire, but then I felt a pair of eyes on me and I turned towards Andropov's house and I saw him standing right outside his door. He dropped the bucket he was holding and the wind blew again. He was wearing a black tank top and his light blue shorts with purple ankle boots. I looked down and smiled while I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. I smiled and looked up at him again.

"Hello Andropov." I smiled and then I saw him run over and run up the stairs. He looked at me and then pulled me into a hug.

"Kluke……Kluke….your ok…….thank god….." He whispered into the crook of my neck. I nodded and smiled as he let me go and I then felt something wrap around my legs. I looked down and saw Marumaro and Noi who were shirtless and wearing just a pair of shorts, except for Marumaro who was still wearing his Devee hat.

"KLUKE!!!! KLUKE'S AWAKE MARO!!!!!" Marumaro yelled as he hugged my leg even harder. I smiled and then felt more arms wrap around me and I saw Bouquet and Sahlia hugging me around my waist and Jiro and Shu also hugging me, but lightly around my neck. I smiled and then looked at all of them. Then Andropov stared at me with his beautiful eyes.

"Welcome back Kluke."

"I'm back……"

I smiled and then looked down at my dress and Andropov's clothes.

"Do you want these back?"

"Keep em."

Time Jump 2 days later, Wednesday: 4/12

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