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I drummed my fingers lazily on the desk as I watched yet another Avril Lavigne wannabe head back outside. Seriously, do all of the girls in Seattle wear ripped fishnets, school girl skirts, and combat boots? After our lackluster response from this girl's rousing performance of a recent Kelly Clarkson song, she huffed and turned towards the door.

Oo…look at that ass. I bet Head Master Cullen wouldn't mind seeing you in detention later…

Eh, it wasn't really worth it. I'd definitely had better.

"We'll let you know," Jasper called after her.

Jasper, although my best friend, was too god damned nice, and I was getting impatient. Frustrated, I banged my head on the table in front of me, hoping that maybe with a good knock on the head this whole mess of a situation would be cleared up—maybe it had all been a dream. An angry voice called me out of my potential head injury.

"Quit your whining. Edward. You know this shit is all your fault, and now we're cleaning up your fucking mess…again," Emmett said gruffly turning towards my slumped over body.

I would usually fight my bear of a brother on any issue he had with me, but...damn it—this time he just had to be right. In fact, it was definitely my fault that our band had lost three lead singers in the course of five months. Shit, I mean, we weren't even a professional band or anything, but, it paid the bills. The bar that we played at, The Mansion, stipulated in our agreement that we could play an hour set three nights a week only if our band had a female lead. Apparently, the college co-eds from University of Washington wanted a short-skirted floozy to fawn over. Hence, the Avril Lavigne wannabes ,who had officially given me a headache.

"I know, I'm sorry. But if one more girl auditioning sings a Kelly Clarkson song, I might shoot myself in the head," I retorted.

Jasper chuckled lightly. "And, pray tell, how do you know so much about Kelly Clarkson songs, Edward? Is there something you need to tell us?"

"I knew your man whoring ways were just a way to convince us you weren't gay, bro. …it's ok, mom and dad will still love you, and it'll give me YEARS of material to use." Emmet laughed cocking his hat sideways. God, my brother is such a tool.

"No, Emmet, I'm not gay…thank you, though, for sharing your unconditional love for me. Fuck you, you know Alice listens to that top 40 shit in my car," I paused for a second knowing that they weren't going to let my whining go so easily and continued with my convincing, "Seriously, you guys, you know I will adhere to "the rule." No worries. Edward Cullen is a reformed man." Jasper and Emmett looked at me skeptically. And I'm not going to lie, they had every right to.

The problem is, well…me. It's not that I try to be an asshole, I really don't—apparently it comes naturally. And when you have a hot, busty strawberry blonde caressing the head of the microphone with her glorious mouth and brushing her hands all over the base of it...Fuck, I can't be stopped. So, yes, that's how we lost Lauren, Jessica, and Tanya. Tanya, sigh. She was a pretty decent fuck. We played that will they/won't they game for a few weeks until she decided she'd had enough of it and pushed me up against the wall after a set one night, and we went at it like bunnies on coke. For a few weeks, anyway. We managed to still play together until last week when she may have stepped in on a similar situation, except it was some random UW chick wrapped around my dick. Oops.

That's when Jasper and Emmet made the: "no inter-band fucking/dating/messing around" rule. Seeing as how Jasper has been pining for Emmet and my little sister, Alice, for the past three years, and Emmett's girlfriend, Rosalie, just moved to Seattle to be closer to him, they may as well have just sat me down and said, "Edward, no fucking the new lead singer." I may have been non-committal about my relationships, but I was committed to the band, and so I agreed to the rule.

Now we really needed a new lead singer. Our next gig was in three days, and I really couldn't get fired from The Mansion. Like I said, it pays the bills.

The door opened as our next contender walked in.

Holy shit.

Have you ever seen those movies where a guy sees a girl and the world literally stops? Like, the wind is blowing through her hair and it floats gently around her shoulders surrounded by a halo of light? I swear to fucking god that just happened to me. My dick twitched uncomfortably against my jeans as I tried to straighten up a little more.

The girl was a goddess. Seriously. The sun filtered through the window basking her creamy skin with a luminous glow. Her dark mahogany hair curled over her shoulders, and she brushed them behind her shoulders as she walked confidently toward the center of the room. It was such a nice change from the pop-tarts we'd been auditioning all day. No combat boots for this girl. No, she was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. Who'd have thought that a girl could cover up so much skin and still be completely alluring.

Alluring, Cullen? What the fuck?

Shut up—let me enjoy the view.

My head it battling itself. Good to know I'm officially crazy.

Somewhere I heard someone calling my name and decided it was time to come out of my inner diatribe.


I looked up to see my angel in the arms of Jasper smiling sweetly. He lightly ran his hands down her back and brushed his lips to her cheek. I swear to god I saw red.

What? Cullen—you DON'T get jealous. It's all part of your aloof charm, remember? You don't even know this girl's name and you're ready to stake claim on her? Get a life.

I shook my head lightly only to be met with the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. Our eyes locked for a second, but I must have looked deranged or something because she quickly averted eye contact and pulled out of Jasper's embrace.

"Edward….uh, Edward?"

Oh yeah—there was someone calling my name.

Focused once again, I looked up to see Jasper's questioning face calling my name.

"What?" I replied, annoyed. I was having a really hard time forgetting the picture of my girl wrapped around Jasper's waist.

"I'd like you to meet Bella." –and my angel had a name. Bella.

Wait…Bella? This was Jasper's Bella? Bella Swan…Finally the puzzle pieces clicked together.

Jasper had been trying to convince us for months to get rid of Tanya and replace her with this girl he met last semester at UW. Apparently, Jasper had a secret life going behind our backs. Without my or Emmett's knowledge, Jasper had auditioned for UW's senior musical, which last year was Guys and Dolls. Although he told us that he had performed in the show LONG after the show was finished (which I'm still pretty pissed about because, hell, I hadn't been able to mock him properly), he could not stop raving about the brunette beauty who played Sarah for all the months that followed. Apparently Bella was good at everything music related. Jasper thought she had the voice of an angel and that she could piss on stage and it'd still be magical. If I wasn't 100% convinced that Jasper was pining after Alice, I'd be seriously pissed right now.

"Hi." And the world stopped again. Jasper was right, she DID have the voice of an angel. And I'm pretty sure that if she pissed her pants right now during her audition, I'd still worship the ground she walked on.

Houston, we have a problem.

If we chose Bella to sing lead, "the rule" would be royally fucked, and I could NOT have that. I made a promise to the band, and, like I said...I really needed that paycheck each week.

"Hi, um, can we just get this started? It's great that you know Jasper, but you came here to audition, not socialize, am I right?"

"Uh…yeah, I mean, of course," she stuttered blushing furiously.

Oh come on…because you weren't temping enough before.

My dick was straining painfully now against my jeans, and I really just needed this audition to be over so I could go to the bathroom and take care of my now massive problem.

Emmett nudged me in the ribs as Jasper came and sat down. He raised his eyebrow, to which I just rolled my eyes.

"Alright, Bella. What will you be singing for us today?" Jasper cooed lovingly. Ugh.

Bella pulled at the hem of her t-shirt—definitely a nervous tick—and looked directly at Jasper. "I'll be singing "More Than Anyone" by Gavin Degraw." I have no idea who that is, but she's already getting bonus points for not subjecting me to another rendition of "A Moment Like This."

Bella continued nervously, "…do you mind if I accompany myself on the piano?" She plays the piano? Nice.

"Of course," Jasper smiled.

Bella made her way to the piano and pulled out the bench with a loud squeal. She took a deep breath and focused.

You need a friend, I'll be around. Don't let this end before I see you again…

What can I say to convince you to change your mind...

For me?

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! The skies just opened, birds are helping her sew a dress, there is a fucking halo around her head. I want Bella Swan, and I want her now! My dick was now so hard that I was sure my jeans were cutting off its circulation and it was just going to fall off right here. Looking up at the gorgeous creature before me, trying my very hardest to ignore the dulcet tones of her delicious voice and watch her graceful fingers glide over the keys with ease, I snuck a peek at Emmett and Jasper. They, too, were engrossed in her performance. Discreetly I tried to adjust myself.

Ouch. That hurt, buddy.

I grimaced as I shifted once more, the pain only steadily increasing with each second. I needed a bathroom break ASAP, stat! I sat there, drumming my fingers along the table—anything to prevent myself from palming myself through my pants in the middle of her audition. …can you imagine if she looked up to see that? Uh, hello, awkward.

As she played the final notes of her song, she looked up into my eyes, and I couldn't take it anymore. I bolted out of my seat from behind the table and fucking BOOKED IT to the bathroom. Once inside the locked room I unzipped my pants and my erection literally jumped out at me. If I weren't in so much pain, I would probably be quite amused at this situation. Slowly I wrapped one hand around my cock and placed the other one against the wall, bracing myself for my (what was sure to be) massive explosion. Oh, it came…about 45 seconds into stroking myself just picturing those long, pale fingers gliding up and down my shaft, I exploded all over the bathroom sink. Ugh, gross.

What are you, seventeen? Jacking off in a bathroom…and you couldn't even make it last for a minute! You should be ashamed of yourself, Cullen.

Officially disgusted, I cleaned up the bathroom and myself, making sure I was presentable for the rest of the wannabes, and sauntered back out to the audition room. Thankfully, she was gone.

Crisis averted.

"What the FUCK, Edward?"

Oops…maybe not.

"What, Jasper?" I replied nonchalantly.

"You acted like a complete lunatic in there? I'm surprised Bella even said that she'd sing lead for us with the way you were treating her." Jasper yelled.

Hold up. Did he just say what I think he did?

"You offered her the spot? …with out consulting me?" This couldn't be happening. It would literally be like torture every second we were together that I couldn't touch her, make her moan…well, fuck—now I'm hard again.

"Yes, we offered her the spot! She was the best god damned person we saw today, and you know it, and Emmett knows it, and I definitely know it. She'll be at practice tonight at six. My house, don't be late. And please, try and act like a civilized human being while you're at it! If you so much as look at her the wrong way, I swear Emmett and I aren't above finding another guitar player. You may be my best friend, Edward, but I will WRECK you if you screw this up. Bella needs a job, and we need a lead singer, now let it be PLEASE." Jasper was pissed. I don't think I'd ever seen Jasper pissed before. Well, maybe once…when I accidentally pantsed him at our family pool party in front of Alice in high school. He was almost as red right now as he was then.

A hard hand clapped me on the back. "Broseph, don't be a fool. The girl was awesome. We sent all the other groupies home. Let's go. I'm starving."

Well fuck me now cause it was going to be a long, long year.

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