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Setsuna-senpai does not play fair.

I'll be content as long as there's blood and fighting. That's what I told Fate-han, and I always tell my employers the truth. I like fighting, and watching my opponents' blood soak the ground and color it red is delightful. Watching the way their eyes glaze over as they fade into death is also fun.

But I can't be happy when senpai's not playing fair. The more intense the fight, the more blood should be shed, but Setsuna-senpai's blood has never stained my sword or warmed my lips.

I wanted to be a vampire when I was little. I liked the thought of biting someone and sucking out all of their blood. Then I got older and realized that if I sucked out all of someone's blood, I wouldn't see much of it, and none of it would spill on the ground. And I wouldn't have a reason to use a sword. I like slicing people up. Bodies always look better in pieces.

Now, I almost want to be a vampire again, and it's all senpai's fault. If she fought me properly, we both would've marked each other by now, and I would have already tasted her. Instead, she decided to cheat and leave me wanting more.

We're supposed to be fighting to kill, and she's just not trying very hard. I'll have her either way, but I really would like to have my own blood mingle with hers as I take her. But if she insists on playing with me this way, we'll never reach that level of pleasure.

I wonder what she'll look like all sliced up. It's hard to imagine since I already enjoy staring at her enough to make spying torturous; after we've had our fun, I'm sure her beauty will be far beyond my fantasies.

I can see what her wings would look like, though, because I've always thought her white feathers would look prettier colored red. And when I remember the few times I've seen her bleed by someone else's hand, I can feel her warmth splashing over my body instead, and I want to—




Ne, senpai? Promise you'll fight fair next time. I want to taste you.