AN: Takes place directly before 329.

I think I win.

But it's hardly over—our time together wouldn't end so abruptly, Senpai.

Those tools dear Negi-kun supplied you with didn't help at all this time, did they? But I'm happy you decided to use them again. Forcing your own weapons to bite into your flesh and hold you so that I can make you scream out again and again and again—

Oh… Senpai Can you even begin to understand the joy your sweet, pure screams give me? Can you? After waiting for so many months to have you properly, you are finally, finally at my mercy. No one will interfere; no one will hear. Your screams are reserved only for me.

I don't think I want them to ever stop.

I won't let them stop.

I want to break you: To seize you from the heights of your pride and power and drive you into the depths of despair. And then—then I will take every last bit of you for my own.

You are completely and utterly mine, Setsuna-senpai.