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Chapter One: Be Gay

My sister was getting married. Well, my stepsister, but at this point and time in my life, it really wouldn't have made a difference. We knew each other nearly our entire lives. Both of our parents remarried quick enough for us not to miss out or have any mommy-daddy issues. We looked nothing alike, had completely different personalities, but nevertheless she was my sister and my sister was soon to wed.

I never met him, but I've seen pictures. And plenty. We never had time to meet in person, and it really didn't help that I moved to NYC and she followed her mom and my dad back to Florida. We were states apart for the last 3 years. All we had were phone calls and e-mails.

He looked very attractive and from what I heard from mom, he was quite the gentleman and apparantly his family was loaded with money. That's always a plus. Bella wasn't interested in him for that. She called me as soon as she met him. The first thing she said she noticed was his eyes and the way he spoke to her. She was almost certain he had came from another time, just by the way he handled himself. We both knew from experience, chivalry was hard to come by when it came to men.

I held the invitation card in my hand, reading the neat handwriting I was assuming to be his. He really was a gentleman. He was making me his Best Man without laying an eye on me or talking to me.

I know I had never had the fortune of being in your good graces, Jacob, but I would very much want you as my brother and Best Man at our wedding.

He wrote this under the printed words of R.S.V.P and all that junk. I snorted. There must have been something to him. It was still so surreal. Bella was getting married and her husband wanted me there personally as the most important man in his life. I wonder how his proposal went? Did he have to fight for it? Bella hadn't finished college yet when she called me up saying she was engaged and she wasn't screaming like any other woman would either. Weddings were not what she had wanted so soon. He must be special.

I placed the card on my coffee table, sitting down on the loveseat, staring at it as if it was going to speak to me. There was a PS note with it. They were coming into town and wanted to see me for dinner and hang a few days. I needed a moment to think. Sadly, the first thing I thought about was would it be right to invite my ex-boyfriend to my sister's wedding. We were close, but the idea of sitting beside him as Bella said 'I do' probably would have broken my heart all over again. Life isn't exactly easier with an ex as a best friend. I strummed my fingers on my knee. Why was I still thinking about it?

Well, he was the only man the family had met, so it wouldn't be so awkward for dad if I brought any other male along. He'd naturally assume they were boyfriends, but with the same man, there would be no raised eyebrows. Another good thing was he would be good company, elbowing me at the right time and pointing at something ridiculous that would leave him in hysterics.

Maybe I could tolerate the agony of watching Bella confess eternity to her husband with him at my side. I sighed, searching for his number in my phone, before hitting send. He answered almost immediately.

"Yo!" He said, "We still hitting up that movie?" He and I both knew I had the tendancy of changing plans at the last minute.

"Still on, I just wanted to let you know I got the invite to the wedding."

"You did?" He laughed over the phone, "Bella getting married. Didn't think I'd see it in this lifetime. Are you the Maid of Honor?" He snickered.

"Even better," I set this one up for him, "The Best Man."

I could hear him drop something on the other line, "Whoa, wait! But I thought you never met this guy."

"I haven't." He made a noise on the other line that I'd once titled 'The Pecieve Villian', where a long goatee and a cape was involved.

"This gentleman sounds interesting."

"Well, she is bringing him in town tomorrow for a few days." I started, hoping he'd catch on, "And we're have dinner."

"Sounds promising." He enthused.

"Want to come with me?" My heart pulsed in anticipation. I didn't want to do this alone. Not the wedding or the dinner. And I just hated the fact that there was a chance he'd reject me. Afterall, he had someone waiting for him when he got home everyday. There were boundries I couldn't cross.

"Sounds like a plan, bro!" He chuckled, "What time?"

"They'll be here around 7." I exhaled heavily, happy that tomorrow would maybe go a bit easier.

"Then I'll be there at six." It was something he used to say for every plan we made for dates. I smiled, feeling nastalgic, "And I'll see you tonight at 8, babe." That nickname was a habit of his that he seriously needed to drop.

"See you then." I hit the end button on my phone, heaving a sigh of relief. At least that went well. I bit my lip pondering on the next step. If he said yes to this, he'd say yes to the wedding, but I'd take these questions one at a time.

I rested my head back against the back of the couch, exhaling out the interesting day at work and the busy weeks up ahead. A thought struck me. Bella could be a bit absent-minded. She was known for leaving a bit of information out when I was introduced to previous boyfriends. There was one incident when it didn't go over so well, which followed with her dumping him the next day. I looked at the card again, this time in fear. Did Bella's fiancée know I was gay?


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