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David hadn't made it home last night; a realization that dawned on Don when he walked into the break room to find David on the couch.

Damnit David…

Don wanted nothing more than to yell at David for not getting a good night's rest in his own bed but he knew the last thing David needed right now was to be yelled at. At least David had gotten some sleep, that was the most important thing. Don decided not to wake David and let him rest a bit more, at least until everyone else got there.

As Don put on the pot of coffee he heard David stir and seconds later David was sitting upright on the couch.

Don sighed.

"Sleep well?"

David looked tiredly at his boss as he shook his head. The video from last night kept replaying in his mind. It made David sick to his stomach, if they didn't find Colby today David was going to lose it.

"This wasn't exactly what I meant when I told you to go home and rest," Don smiled as he reached for a mug.

Without responding David simply stood up, walked over to where he had placed the disc last night and then walked over to Don, handing Don the disc.

"Is this…" Don looked at the disc he was being handed as a sinking feeling set in.

"It was on my desk last night, must have been put there by our mail guy during the day, but it managed to get covered up by paperwork. I found it under my pile as I was about to leave"

Don looked at the disc then at David quizzically.

"Why was it sent to you and not the team?"

David swallowed the lump in his throat.

"You'll see."

With that David left the room and headed to the washroom to freshen up.

Don watched David leave and knew that this was going to be bad.

He walked over to the player and set the disc in. For the next 5-10 minutes Don sat there with his hand covering his mouth as he was made painfully aware as to why this was sent to David.

At the end of the tape Don sat there for a few minutes trying to get a grasp on everything. He knew David was a mess over this, and he was worried as to what would happen to not only Colby, but David, if they didn't find Colby today, especially after this last taping.

Don waited till David returned to his desk before he approached his senior agent.

"David…I'm sorry you had to see that man, I wish we were here with you last night," Don said as he sat on the edge of David's desk. Don looked up and saw Colby's empty desk opposite David's. Don shook his head and looked back at David.

"We have to find him Don…today."

The fear in David's eyes were evident. The fear of what would happen if they were to receive another video, fear of what would happen if they didn't find Colby today.

"David, I need to know that if we don't find Colby today, that you're not gonna fall apart on us," Don said cautiously. He knew he was threading on a thin line, but he needed to take care of David as well as Colby.

"You don't think we're going to find him today?" David questioned accusingly.

"No, that's not what I'm saying David. I just need you to know that even if we don't find him today, we will find him."

David shook his head.

"No…we're finding him today," David finished as he looked away from Don.

Don sighed. He knew better than to argue with David right now, so he just left it.

Within the hour everyone had made it into the office and had seen the video footage from the night before. Megan was about to go talk to David when she saw Charlie rushing through the office doors.

"I got it, I got the location," Charlie yelled as he rushed into the conference room.

As expected, everyone rushed in after him, David being the first in there.

Charlie turned the screen on and projected his map on the screen.

"Ok, so according to all the data I have, which wasn't a whole lot but it's better than nothing, there's an 70% chance that Colby is being held in this warehouse right here," Charlie said pinpointing the warehouse on the map.

"70…" Don repeated. He was really hoping for 100, they all were.

"It's the best I could come up with the data Don, I tried everything," Charlie said suddenly feeling incompetent.

"I know Chuck, I didn't mean anything on your part, it just sucks that we don't have more data for you to go on," he said as he patted his brother's shoulder.

"It would help if I had more data, but 70 is better than nothing right?"

"Definitely," said Megan as she smiled at Charlie. Charlie smiled back as the rest of the team began to write down the location.

Don went outside the conference room to call Ian and let him know the location.

"You ok?" Megan asked as she took a seat beside David.

David looked at her and it broke her heart to see the pain so evidently vivid in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry you had to see that…what they did…god….we're gonna find him David," she said as she placed a hand on his back.

"I know…" It was all David could say, it was all he could believe, because believing anything other than that was just not comprehensible right now.

Just then Don walked back into the conference room.

"Alright guys let's role! Ian's gonna meet us there."

With that, everyone grabbed their gear and headed out.

Before leaving Don walked up to Charlie.

"You did good buddy," he said as he smiled proudly at his little brother.

Charlie shook his head.

"You can tell me that once you find him."

Don nodded his head and headed out with the team.

"I'll call you the minute we find him Chuck," Don yelled as he was walking out the door.

When everyone reached the site they gathered around one of the SUV's to plan their mode of entrance.

"This is a huge warehouse, so we're gonna have to split up. Generally I'm against sending an agent in alone but granted the circumstances and the urgency, we're each going to take one section of this warehouse. I've split it into 5 and they're labeled on the map. Ian will take section one, I'll take two, David 3, Megan 4, and Liz 5. When you're done your section, radio in."

Don put the blueprints away in the SUV.

"Let's hope that Colby's in here," he said as he led the way into the warehouse.


One by one the agents made their way into their sections.

An hour had gone by with no sign of Colby and everyone was becoming anxious, this wasn't looking good.

"Guys…I may have something," Don suddenly radioed in.

"There's a small door here," Don said as he placed his ear against the door. "I can hear voices from the other side."

Everyone's heart began to race. David's ears were pinned on the radio.

"I'm going in," Don radioed in.

The team could hear the sound of the door being kicked open and Don yelling for everyone to freeze. There was silence for a bit as Don took in the room.

David was on the edge of his heels ready to run to Don's section to get his partner.

However, everyone's hearts sank again as Don came back on the radio.

"Damnit! It's just a stupid radio in the room, someone was definitely here…but no sign of Colby."

With everyone's instant hope crushed, they returned back to the task of finding their agent.


One by one the agent's radioed in. They were all done thoroughly checking, then re-checking, their sections to no avail. Colby was nowhere to be found. The last agent left still checking was David.

David's section was especially dark, and creaky. As he got near the end of his section, his heart began to sink. He couldn't leave here without his best friend. This was the last section…Colby had to be here…he just had to be.

David's eyes started to sting a bit as the last conversation Colby and him had had at the office kept replaying in his head. He hated himself for what he had done, for the things he had said. The guilt was eating him alive and if they didn't find Colby…David honestly didn't know what he'd do. But no…he couldn't think that…they were going to find Colby because really…there was no other option.

David continued on searching every inch of his section until he realized he was at the end.



It was Don's voice on the other end of the radio.

"David…are you done your section?"

"I…" David couldn't say it…he couldn't say it was at the end of his section without finding Colby.

"David…come on man, let's head back to the SUV…"

David shook his head even though no one could see.

"No…no not yet…he could still be here," David started to look around frantically for anything, any sign that Colby was somewhere in his section.

"David…" Don couldn't do this, he couldn't let David torture himself like this.

Within minutes the entire team was in David's section.

"David," it was Megan this time. "Look, Charlie could work out another equation, with this spot off the map he may be able to get a clearer picture of where Colby is." Megan tried to reason with him.

"No…no…he's here Megan…he has to be here…"

"David…" Don looked worriedly at his senior agent. This was exactly what he was worried about.

David ignored everyone's looks and pleas and headed back down his section. The rest of the team followed, all trying to reason with him that their best option was to head back. For ten minutes they all tried to reason with him, while David spent those ten minutes ignoring them and frantically looking around for anything, anything that would lead him to Colby. Finally Don had had enough as he walked up to David.

"David, this isn't helping Colby. We're just wasting time man, he's not here."

"He is here…" David said as he continued looking around the room. David knew he sounded crazy and was acting crazy...but Colby had to be here...this warehouse was the only clue they had had...if Colby wasn't here...

"DAVID! LISTEN TO ME! HE'S NOT HERE!" Don hated raising his voice, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

This got David's attention. He turned around and started heading straight for Don, ready to get into Don's face and give him a piece of his mind, to let Don know that there was no way he was leaving without Colby, when all of a sudden David stopped dead in his tracks.

"Did you guys hear that?" he asked as he froze.

"Hear what?" they all practically said in unison.

David lifted his right foot and slammed it down again on the exact spot he was standing on.

They all heard it this time. It was the sound of something slamming into a hollow floorboard. The other floorboards didn't sound like that.

"There's something here," David said as he bent down to lift the floor board up.

Sure enough there was a square shaped hole with a ladder, leading down into a tunnel.

"Oh my god…" Megan covered her mouth with her hand. 70% or not, this was something.

"David," Don didn't know what to say. His expression was a mix between an apology and awe.

The hope of finding Colby was once again restored in all the agents as they walked through the tunnel. The walk through the tunnel was a good 10 minutes but finally at the end of the tunnel was a door.

David's heart started to beat fast as he approached the door and held the doorknob in his hand. This was it…if Colby wasn't in here…

David took a deep breath, with his gun in his right hand, he turned the knob with his left.

It was dark at first but when their eyes adjusted to the room David froze, as did everyone on the team.

Megan gasped and actually started to cry and David felt his chest tighten and his stomach flip as his eyes began to tear.

There on the ground, on the muddy, dirty ground, arms and legs still tied was his partner, his best friend….his brother.

"Oh my god," Don couldn't believe it, they had finally found Colby. He immediately pulled out his phone to call an ambulance.

David was the first to move towards Colby. Finding Colby was one thing, but finding him alive was another. With his heart beating insanely fast, so fast that David was sure it was about to pop out of his chest, he made his way to his partner. As he got closer he noticed the small rise and fall of Colby's chest and he actually let a tear fall…Colby was alive.

As David got closer he was about to untie the rope around Colby's feet and arms when he noticed that Colby's eye's weren't completely closed.

Oh my god…he's awake.

The rest of the team was slowly following behind David. They didn't all want to rush to Colby because they didn't know what kind of condition he was in. If he was still delusional seeing a lot of people at once may not be good for him.

When David finally reached Colby's side he knelt down right beside him. As Colby locked eyes with David, David took a deep breath and let another tear fall.

Colby heard the door creak open as it had done several times over the past god knows how many days. He couldn't do this anymore…he couldn't take this anymore, he just wished they would kill him now and get it over with. No one would miss him anyways, he just wanted this all to be over.

Colby's heart stopped as he saw people walk into the room. There were more than 2 this time…they had brought friends. This was it, Colby just knew it, he was going to die today.

Colby saw one of the men walking towards him very slowly, the others moved forward too but were still pretty far behind the man in the front.

Colby 's heart sank as he saw the shoes of the man…he recognized the shoes instantly. As the man bent down in front of him, Colby began to quiver a bit as he locked eyes with his former partner and best friend. Colby remembered what happened the last time he had seen David and it broke his heart that he was going to be killed at the hands of his best friend.

"Hey man," David shakily said as he smiled and reached to put his shaking hand on Colby's shoulder.

The hand headed for him seemed to be coming at an alarming speed. Was David going to beat him to death?

The minute David started to reach out he saw the instant fear and pain that filled Colby's eyes before Colby broke off eye contact. Colby proceeded to pull into himself to protect himself while trying to jerk away from David's touch.

David's heart shattered as he saw the way Colby had looked at him and the way Colby pulled away from his touch. At first he thought it was because of the things he had said to Colby right before Colby left, but then he remembered. He remembered the video from last night as it started to replay in David's mind.

Oh god…he thinks I'm here to hurt him.

"Colby no, I'm not here to hurt you," David pleaded but Colby was still shaking as he closed in on himself more.

"Colby that wasn't me last time, I promise you! That wasn't me!" David tried to reason with him to get Colby to understand.

It killed him to see the state Colby was in, not only physically but mentally, and it killed him even more to know that his best friend was terrified of him. Not that he blamed Colby at all, after what Martin had done, saying those horrible things and beating Colby while pretending to be him, he was kicking himself for not expecting this reaction. But still, expecting or not, it still hurt.

Colby could hear David talking, he heard every word come out of David's mouth, but it couldn't be…he had seen David…talked to David.

"Colby please man, you have to believe me, it was Martin, not me…you were hallucinating because of the drugs."

What…hallucinating…no…no…I saw him….

"God Colby…I'm so sorry man, I'm so sorry, but that wasn't me Colby," David pleaded his voice shaking as more tears threatened to fall.

Hearing the agony in David's voice Colby stopped and slowly looked up at David.

He has tears in his eyes….why does he have tears in his eyes.

Colby looked at David, and this time he really looked at David.

The only time Colby had seen his partner look so distraught was in the interrogation room after the janus list had come out.


Colby knew he had been drugged, he tried to remember what Martin had said about the drug...and then he remembered…vivid hallucinations…

Colby broke eye contact with David and looked at the ground. He was so confused, he was trying to piece everything together. He was so sure it was David that had been here the other night…but then why was David here now…with tears in his eyes…


It was David again, and this time when he looked up at his former partner, it hit him that David was telling the truth. Suddenly Colby felt like he couldn't breathe as tears immediately began to sting his eyes…David had found him....he wasn't alone anymore.

"D-Dav-id…" Colby blinked as he curled out of himself and looked into the sorrowful eyes of his best friend.

David let out an audible sound that was a mix between a sob and an exhalation.

David's hand was still shaking as he reached for Colby, holding back his tears with everything he had, as Colby didn't pull away this time.

"God Colby…" David moved closer to his best friend. David quickly pulled out his pocket knife and cut the ropes around Colby's feet and hands.

As Colby's hands were released they began to shake as David helped him move them to the front of his body.

David cautiously, being aware of Colby's injuries, proceeded to slowly move Colby's head onto his lap. David justified that it was to get Colby's head off the dirty floor, but really, he just wanted -no needed- to be close to his best friend.

At the instant warm contact of his head in David's lap, Colby began to cry. He wasn't alone anymore.

"I got you Colby…I got you…" David, although his voice shaky, repeated. He felt Colby's entire body shaking. He knew that it was not only from the sobs but from the sheer exhaustion and torment that Colby had been put through the past week. David held onto Colby a little tighter.

Colby reached up slightly and grabbed the sleeve of David's shirt. He gripped the sleeve tight as if it was the only thing keeping him from falling into a really dark place.

For days he dreamt of this, dreamt of being saved, dreamt of his team…of David walking through those doors and getting him out of here. Finally it had happened, so he held onto David, he held onto David because David hadn't given up on him…he had saved him…and as the overwhelming feeling of everything that had happened, all the torture both mentally and physically over the past, god knows how many days, he just needed to feel the closeness of the one person who meant the most to him. He wasn't alone in that thought.

David let a tear finally fall as he felt Colby's grip on his sleeve. The entire week rushed back to him. A week...a whole week of agony. Everything they had done to Colby, how badly they had hurt him, tortured him, not only now but back when he was in prison...how David had had to just sit by and watch those tapes feeling completely helpless and useless and hating himself and blaming himself and wanting nothing more than to take Colby's place...to make them stop hurting him. How he dreaded every night that they weren't going to find Colby alive.

But none of that mattered right now...not in this moment...because Colby was alive….

God Colby was alive.