The Nightmare: Part 2

A/N: Hi guys, I know it has been a very long while, but I am back, to pay tribute to the one and only, Elle and Lucas. Also you'll be happy to know I am still a loyal Neighbours fan.



Lucas enters Harold's Store to pick up a coffee and cheeky slice of cake, before heading to the garage that morning. A quick encounter with Toadie and Susan have him chatting, before he is off for the start of his day. But he is unaware that his girlfriend Elle is still thinking about what he could possibly have meant in his dream, and how when she had mentioned it to him, his slow realization had lead to him completely avoiding any more questions, as she recalled him pulling her in for a quick kiss and saying how he was really craving a piece of choccie cake. She was going to find out more… for this is how a journalist thinks…

Charlie's Scene-

"Morning Elle," Rebecca greets her at the bar in Charlie's. "Can I get you anything?"

"Oh no, I'm fine, just looking for Susan actually. Been busy today?"

"Just a quiet morning, but hopefully pick up a bit later on. What about you? You seem a little flustered. Or is that just lack of sleep" Rebecca said jokingly, "Lucas keeping you up at night aye?.." She said with a cheeky grin.

"How did you know!" Elle responded, not yet comprehending what Rebecca had meant by her snark comment.

"Um, I wasn't hiding in the bushes or anything hun… its just what hot new couples do now and again haha, sounds like you guys are going well" Rebecca said, smiling as she wiped down one of the lunch tables.

"Oh!" Elle had finally gotten the jist of that cheeky smile now. "Oh no I wasn't referring to that Rebecca, Lucas was.."

"Hahaha, it's nothing to be ashamed of sweetie. I'm not going to judge, in fact I think it's wonderful, you and Lucas are a perfect fit" she said matter-of-factly, still smiling her world of knowledge Rebecca grin.

"Rebecca, honestly!" Elle said, going a little red, a mixture of both unnecessary embarrassment and a little annoyance at Rebecca's claims. "Lucas, well I awoke to him mumbling in his sleep about..."

But Elle's sentence was cut short as Rebecca was in a whirlwind fantasy mood now, thinking about her own romance with Paul; "…just as Paul and I still share those special moments, it's essential in a good working relationship, you know? Oh and that man… really knows how to make me happy I must s—", she smiled a cheeky yet satisfied smile.

"Rebecca!" Elle cut in, "that's my father you're talking about, did you forget? And just, oh my god, NOT the images I want to be having right now, ahh. I must be leaving, I'll see you later Rebecca", she yelled behind her as she headed straight through the exit at Charlie's, her face now, completely red.