The instant Sakura entered her apartment, she decided on heading for her room and throwing herself on her comfy bed. The mission had worn her off more than she had expected. As she lay there on the spongy mattress, only a couple of moments later, she glanced wearily out through the transparent glass of the room's only window, and her jade gaze fell upon the pale full moon. Feeling sleepiness slowly taking over her body, she figured that taking a bath before falling asleep probably was for the better. By that, she rose and headed for the bathroom.

The warm cascade of water seemed to wash away a bit of her weariness along with the soreness of her muscles. There was nothing as great as a warm bath after a long mission. After stepping out of the bath, drying herself off and slipping into her panties and a thin, black tank top, she brushed her teeth and returned to her bed. She fell into sleep mere moments after closing her eyelids.

Not once had she noticed the crimson eyes watching her all along.

Sakura would have recognized the smile of her former raven-haired teammate if she had seen it; but the lips of the Uchiha were curled arrogantly upward in utter silence as he soundlessly moved out of the shadows from the living room, not once giving her a chance to spot the well-known smirk. He made some quick hand seals and let four long and thin snakes appear from his sleeves, letting them land softly on the white carpeted floor where they continued sprawling toward the bed and its sleeping occupant.

He prepared for her struggle that would occur in a few moments by grabbing a little glass bottle from his weapon pouch, silently uncorking it and moving to one side of the bed. The snakes reached the bed, one snake at each corner, and they moved their way upon the mattress discretely. Sasuke noticed the cherry-haired girl's eyelids flutter slightly, but it did not matter whether she was about to wake up or not, because she would be woken up in mere seconds nevertheless.

The second the snakes curled around her wrists and ankles, Sakura's eyes fluttered open in chock, and instantly Sasuke had forced her into silence by covering her mouth roughly with one hand. At the time she managed to make her body move after the surprise, the elapines had curled roughly around her wrists and ankles and were pinning her against the four posts of the headboard. She was unable to move and scream for help, and her mind instantly told her that she had to use her skills to get out of this situation.

"Hello, Sakura. Long time no see."

When the kunoichi recognized the Uchiha through the darkness, her eyes widened further, and she struggled futilely against the strength of the snakes. As soon as the four animals had her tightly fixed against the bed they turned into rope.

Sasuke could not restrain another triumphant smirk of the whole scenario. The girl was too easy to capture for her own damn good.

He released her mouth and let her breathe again somewhat properly before forcing her mouth open with a thumb and pouring the liquidly content of his little bottle in between her teeth. Then he once again covered her mouth shut, this time covering her nose too so that she was unable to breathe at all.

"Be a good girl and swallow," Sasuke said darkly while another of his trademark smirks had his lips curled upward. Sakura tried to yank her head in different directions to free herself from his grasp, but all resistance was unsuccessful, and she soon found herself in need of air.

"I will let go once you have swallowed," he continued. Through her fear Sakura noted that Sasuke's voice had grown more masculine and deep during the three years she had not seen him. The last time was at Orochimaru's old hideout. All these thoughts, however, were pushed aside as she felt her lungs scream and beg for oxygen. As a medic she was well aware of the dangerous situation her body currently was set in, and she was also in position of the knowledge about what exactly the liquid in her mouth was – and what it would do to her if she swallowed it. When consuming this liquid her body would instantly be drained for all chakra, and her muscles would be weakened temporarily. She did not know why Sasuke was doing all this to her, but all her mental guesses so far were absolutely not pleasant.

If I can just knock him off me with some of my chakra, maybe I'll be able to escape, she thought hopefully, but as she reminded herself of her current amount of chakra all hopes were drowned in the sad realization; she had to gulp down the chakra-draining drug in order to survive, since her lungs felt like they could burst every second. No matter what Sasuke had planned to do with her afterwards, and no matter how much she wanted that to not happen, the chances of surviving were far bigger than if she continued refusing the drug. By that, the cherry-haired kunoichi swallowed hardly and was relieved when she in the next moment was released and able to breathe again normally. Abruptly she felt all her chakra fade and her body weakening further, which caused a sour expression on her face.

"Defiant and stubborn like always, huh, Sakura?" Sasuke said, chuckling lightly. The girl definitely did not like the menacing tone in his voice, and tried once again to struggle her wrists and ankles free of their capture. No matter how much she fought it did not help the slightest, and Sakura gritted her teeth and narrowed her eyes toward the uninvited boy sitting on the edge of her bed.

"What do you want, Sasuke?" she spat angrily, feeling a bit hoarse after the rough treatment. By these words, the male ninja grabbed her duvet and threw it casually off the bed, causing the other ninja to give a small gasp. He did, however, not focus on the newly revealed sight as he instead grabbed Sakura's chin tightly while moving on top of her, balancing on his knees and left elbow as he hovered above her. This new position startled the girl, and his proximity made her jerk her chin out of his grasp and turn her head to one side, leaving only her jaw and ear in his sight. He huffed amusedly by her defiance and let his lips trace the shell of her ear.

"Do you really want to know?" he asked darkly, continued brushing his lips lightly over her ear and further down to her jaw. This sent a shiver through her body. If the circumstances had been different she would have been squealing in rapture by now, but her old feelings for Sasuke were now gone, faded through the years of loneliness, pain and betrayal. In fact, she did want to know what exactly he had planned on doing to her since she hated not knowing her situation fully, but somehow her mind screamed no. She therefore kept silent, hoping he would find an answer himself, which he did.

Sasuke fisted his free hand in a cluster of pink locks and forced Sakura's face to his, letting their lips crush together boldly. The kunoichi kept her lips tightly sealed together to prevent any further action, and when Sasuke discovered that she would not give in he broke away. Instead, he continued placing kisses down her neck, nibbling slightly on the soft and warm skin.

"Tonight," he murmured against her unbelievingly soft skin, "I am going to," he continued as he kissed her collar bones and then slowly moved up to her ear, "fuck you senseless." Sakura froze instantly, feeling goose bumps covering the skin on her arms and the air freeze in her lungs. His words had just confirmed one of her most despised guesses, and though she during the last minute had guessed on this one the fact that he had told her so frankly startled her.

"I would rather recover after my mission," she remarked dryly, finding an unknown source of arrogance inside herself. Sasuke gave an amused huff and sat up, abandoning the smooth skin of his former teammate as he flashed an arrogant smirk.

"When I have first begun what I have planned to do with you, you will wish I would never stop again," he said, once again leaning over her with a hand resting on the pillow on each side of her head, trapping her face, "I will make you scream my name in pleasure like you have never screamed before." And then his lips once again crushed against hers at such speed and force that she gasped. Before she managed to think of the consequences of that movement, Sasuke's tongue had already infiltrated her mouth, smooth and dominating. The kiss was passionate and long, and when Sasuke finally broke away Sakura found herself breathless, the long-forgotten feeling of a blush on her heated cheeks. By that sight, the missing-nin smiled triumphantly and let a hand brush gently over one flushed cheek.

"And I was sure that you no longer held feelings for me. I guess I have been proven wrong," he said smugly and raised one ebony eyebrow, waiting for a reply.

"I do not – In fact, I hate you for abandoning and betraying me," she answered bitterly, her face wrenched in an angry and slightly hurt grimace. This answer, though it was expected, amused him, and he chuckled darkly.

"Is that so?" he asked and moved his lower body between her spread legs, grabbed her upper thighs and lifted them slightly, then letting his crotch collide against hers, which brought a deeper shade of red to her face as she suppressed a strangled sound, "Then why does this affect your body in such way?" The answer was unknown, even to Sakura. She guessed she still had a bit feelings left for the Uchiha; otherwise, it was just her girlish dream of finally being sexually together with a handsome man that seemed to come true. Whatever it was, it made her heart beating faster.

"Stop doing this to me, Sasuke," she said hoarsely, gritting her teeth in annoyance because of the fact that her body was giving in so easily. She had never found herself desperate to be together with anybody, except from Sasuke, and the fact that he was devilish handsome did not help on that matter.

"Your pleas affect me little," he answered smugly and leaned in over her, lifting her head so that he could kiss her while once again thrusting their lower bodies together. As Sakura's lips parted to let out the low moan she had failed at restraining, Sasuke let his tongue invade the kunoichi's mouth, once again dominating passionately and breathtaking. When afterwards leaving her lips and letting her head fall back down on the pillow, he undid his purple sash and hip clothes and discarded it casually onto the white carpeted floor. It amazed him how much her breathless pants affected his body, making him more eager than he had expected. He supposed that after years of waiting for this to happen he had grown impatient.

Once again he let their lips meet in a hot and long-lasting kiss, and this time he let his hand travel up her tank top, well-knowing that she was not wearing any bra; he had felt that long time ago. His fingers slid softly in circles around her navel, on her hipbone and slowly inching up toward her most prominent and feminine curves. She had grown into a beautiful woman, and Sasuke was not afraid of admitting that. His fingers' travel on her body made Sakura moan again, and she soon found herself unable to resist his kisses anymore and gave in, but stiffened once she felt him smirk against her lips. The Uchiha broke away and let crimson meet jade. If Sakura had not been so affected by all this she would have noticed his unusual eye color long time ago, but now it did not cross her mind once.

"Do you want me, Sakura?" Sasuke asked smugly, his fingers still tracing circles on her sensitive skin. It took the female ninja a few seconds to regain all her sanity.

"No, I want you to leave me alone," she answered firmly, obvious that she might be lying. The question was: did she want him? Her mind rejected him, but her body told her that this was what she always had waited for. Of course, this was not something she wanted him to know.

"I see no point in denying it. You are slowly giving in. It is only a matter of time before you cannot refuse me anymore," he said and let his fingers inch up and caress the curvy bottom of her breast, seeing how this caused goose bumps on her body and feeling a far greater effect on his own, "and then I will have it my way." Their lips met again, and this time Sasuke felt absolutely no resistance in her lips' movements. Their tongues performed a sinful dance and the kiss deepened more than ever as it grew bold and lustful. When he opened his eyes he met lust-clouded, jade ones, and a moment it struck him that his own eyes probably were just as clouded as hers. Though, he doubted they looked just as breathtaking as hers did. Pushing all thoughts aside, he kissed her again.

Soon, his hand under Sakura's shirt was accompanied by his other hand, and together they embraced her breasts fully. The missing-nin felt the girl under him moan and arch slightly upward, and her nipples hardened while the movements of her tongue grew bolder.

This new sensation thrilled Sakura's body, sending shivers through her over and over again, exciting her. Her head was spinning slightly, and when she felt Sasuke's fingers play with her aroused nipples she broke away to focus on breathing. She was losing control, just as Sasuke had told her.

Sasuke took the opportunity to rid Sakura of her shirt, so he withdrew his hands, found a kunai and cut the black material in one elegant move. As Sakura heard the fabric rip she frowned slightly, knowing that her tank top now was impossible to repair.

The missing-nin then cut the straps of her top and freed the girl from the thin black material, which was thrown away somewhere on the floor. Every thought of destroyed clothes was forgotten in the instant she noticed the hungry look in his eyes. The boy let his eyes follow every shape and curve of her torso, and especially her finely shaped breasts caught his attention. The look in his eyes sent a shiver up her spine, and a blush crept upon her cheeks.

And then he was on her again, this time slowly licking his way from her navel and up to her breasts, where his mouth conquered one erect bud, licking, biting; teasing. Sakura fisted her pinned hands in pleasure and bit her bottom lip to hold back a breathed moan. With his mouth occupied, Sasuke freed himself of his shirt and discarded it. Then, still using the kunai, he cut the robes capturing Sakura's ankles to the headboard posts and packed the deadly weapon away. Releasing the aroused bud, he let his lips place kisses upward until he reached rosy lips and kissed them deeply, hungrily. He felt Sakura's legs curl slightly around him, a triumphant smirk on his lips as he broke away. Once again, Sakura was left breathless.

"Say you want me," he demanded silently as he began kissing her collar bones while running his hands over the unbelievably soft flesh of her upper and inner thighs. Of course, this did not help on Sakura's breathless and vulnerable state, and she whimpered mutedly, tightening her legs' hold around Sasuke's hips a bit further.

"I-I… ahn… I don't want y-you," she answered distractedly, still fighting to breathe normally. The answer made Sasuke arch his crotch against Sakura's, which caused her to moan and him to grin victoriously, knowing that she was not speaking the truth. He would make her unable to refuse him. A few seconds later he had grabbed a kunai again, intending to free her for the last piece of clothing. By the sound of the cotton of her panties being ripped, the cherry-haired girl's eyes widened, knowing that she now was completely naked and vulnerable. She would have begged him to stop right there if she had been able to do so, but the Uchiha's lips once again sealed with hers and she felt all thoughts disappear.

Sasuke removed Sakura's legs, undid his pants and rid himself of every last piece of clothing. He then grabbed her thighs, lifting them up so that the girl got the point and snaked them around his slender hips again. Letting his thumbs draw circles on the smooth skin of Sakura's inner thighs, Sasuke let their kiss grow wilder and more passionate.

By now, Sakura's head was spinning like never before. Her body ached with a strange feeling, sending bolts of pleasure and lust to the place between her legs. Her heart was beating so fast that she was not sure that was normal anymore, and she wanted to free her arms and pull Sasuke's face closer, even though that would have been impossible. When she thought she could not drive any more insane, she felt Sasuke's fingers on the aroused bundle of nerves between her folds, massaging, caressing; teasing. She took a sharp inhalation through her nose and a whimper escaped her throat and was drowned in the kiss. Soon Sasuke broke away, and he, too, was panting airlessly.

"Tell me, Sakura," he managed between huffs and let his exploring finger move downward to her wet entrance, teasing there, a smug smile on his lips, "do you really not want me?" The answer was a throated moan as he slipped the finger inside and out again, repeating the movements a couple of times.

"I am holding back. I can make this so much better." Though Sakura was a medic-nin and knew very much about the human body and its effects something inside her doubted that anything in the whole world could possibly be more pleasant than that. When two fingers entered her, she buckled her hips toward him, rolling her eyes in pleasure as more noises escaped her throat.

Feeling himself grow aroused to an unexplored extent, Sasuke withdrew his fingers and placed the tip of his erection at the girl's entrance, goading her. One single movement would lead him inside. That thought made it much harder restraining himself from entering her, but he wanted Sakura's acceptance first. If he did not, this was considered rape. Members of the Uchiha clan had too much pride to rape girls.

Rather attacking girls at night, pinning them to their beds, driving them insane with pleasure and then get the acceptance to fuck then – it is better than rape, at least, Sasuke's mind told him sarcastically, but this was ignored. He once again took a nipple in between his lips, suckling and licking while receiving several moans from the kunoichi beneath him. She struggled slightly, feeling her self-control slip up completely. Just one arch with her hips, and he would enter her. The thought was unbearable. As Sasuke slowly kissed his way upward, Sakura found herself unable to resist him any longer.

"Ahn… S-Sasuke… ha-nng," she moaned as she once again felt a finger on her clitoris, each of the finger's movements sending pleasurable jolts to her core. The male ninja kissed her jaw and stopped to let their lust-clouded eyes meet.

"Yes, Sakura?" he answered, with that handsome and sexy smirk gracing his lips. It took Sakura a few moments to gain control over her thoughts again since the constant feeling of pleasure being gathered between her thighs made her unable to think clearly.

"I-hng… need you-… ahh… so m-much," she stammered in pleasure and felt something great beginning to build up inside her belly. The moment she had finished that sentence, Sasuke's lips were immediately on hers, dominating, craving once again. And then he entered her, buried himself to the tilt. Sakura both felt pain and pleasure, arching her hips against his and her head back into her pillow with an inward cry.

It did not take the Uchiha long to know that his former teammate was a virgin, but that could not stop him. He had waited for this moment in years. He could be a bit gentler but not hold back. He had passed the point of being able to do that long time ago. It was like giving a hungry tiger a piece of meat and then expect it to only eat half of it.

As Sasuke moved out and in again a few times it did not hurt as much, Sakura noticed between messed up thoughts and a constant stream of huffs and pants from her slightly parted lips. This was discovered by Sasuke, who smiled thoughtfully and began finding a rhythm of his deep thrusts. When he did, Sakura felt the weird feeling in her lower body and knew immediately what it was, and when Sasuke began moving faster, she found herself reaching the edge faster than expected.

She cried out in pleasure as she reached the orgasmic peak, and shuddered as waves of that amazing feeling washed through her body and slowly brought her down from the high. Sasuke, clearly affected by his lover's cry, felt himself slowly near the edge as well, though not as quickly as Sakura obviously had.

Almost instantly after her first release, the cherry-haired kunoichi felt the pleasure slowly build up again, and once again she wanted to free her hands and draw the Uchiha closer. As if having read her mind, Sasuke bended over her and kissed her again, though this time she noticed how much he was panting. He, too, was nearing climax. This was confirmed when he broke away and let a strangled sound pass his parted lips.

Sakura, feeling near the edge again, tightened her legs around Sasuke's hips, and they moaned in unison as he once again was buried completely inside her. Sakura, reaching the mountain of pleasure first, whimpered as she came for the second time, and when Sasuke felt her muscles tighten around him he came too, slumping his head against her shoulder as they both enjoyed the waves and shudders the orgasms caused. Panting hardly, the raven-haired boy let his lips meet the girl's. The kiss was not bold, passionately or craving; it was sweet, pure and more than just lust – Sakura dared not guess what exactly it was. When the two ninja broke away, Sasuke withdrew and began dressing up again. Pearls of sweat on his bare marble chest sparkled slightly in the moonlight.

By the sudden lack of warmth, Sakura began freezing slightly. Sending her duvet glances, she hoped Sasuke would pick it up and put it over her, but no such reaction, of course. Sasuke, now all dressed again, moved to the side of the bed and stared silently down on Sakura, who began feeling a bit awkward by the fact that she was naked and he dressed. He looked thoughtful for a moment, but the look disappeared when he bended down and kissed the kunoichi's lips again, and though the kiss was not as hot as the others it still left her somewhat breathless. She spotted his trademark smirk.

"See you again sometime soon, Kitten," he said, moving toward the window.

"H-hey, aren't you going to free me!?" she asked, a bit panic in her voice. Sasuke stopped, casting a triumphant grin over his shoulder.

"You will regain chakra in the next couple of hours. Then you will find a solution yourself," he answered cockily and opened the window, ready to jump out.

"I'm freezing, couldn't you at least-" And then the missing-nin disappeared into the night, leaving Sakura cursing irritably.