Title: Summer Escape

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Timeline: summer before 5th year

Summary: After his 4th year the Delacour's see Harry alone at Kings Cross and decide to take him to France where an unusual romance blooms between Harry and Rabastan Lestrange. But will it last longer than the first night?

Pairs: Harry Potter/ Rabastan Lestrange

Disclaimer: The characters from Harry Potter books do not belong to me. I merely use them in my plot for fun.




Saying Goodbye

Delacour household:

Apolline entered the house first.

"Je suis épuisé(I'm exhausted)" she declared as she dropped her purse.

Armand followed behind her with all their shopping bags.

"Il s'agit de la grossesse et de la chaleur (It's the pregnancy and the heat.)" he commented. " Les filles, aide avec les sacs. La moitié de ce genre de choses est à vous. (Girls, help with the bags. Half of this stuff is yours.)"

Gabrielle groaned. "Mais je veux jouer avec Jiselle (But I want to play with Jiselle!)" she pouted at her father.

"Apolline chere (Apolline dear?)" Armand asked for help.

"Les filles, écoutez votre père (Girls, listen to your father.)" the pregnant witch scolded.

"Je ne peux pas attendre pour obtenir une place de ma proper (I can't wait to get a place of my own.)" Fleur muttered.

The doorbell interrupted the family moment and Fleur, being the closest to the door answered it.

"Professeur Dumbledore (Professor Dumbledore.)" She exclaimed.

"Oh?" Apolline poked her head out and narrowed her eyes at the old wizard. "Comment pourrais-tu faire cela à un enfant? (How could you do this to a child?)"

Dumbledore was dumfounded and simply stared at her. Mad-Eye, Remus and Tonks had no idea what was happened as none of them knew the language but they were shocked by the angry, pregnant Veela.

The atmosphere was tense in the living room. Apolline was being stubborn so it fell to Fleur to serve their guests. Dumbledore was keeping an eye on the disgruntled mother and so were the rest of the British wizards. Gabrielle had taken her kitten and went to her room. It was a good thing too; Apolline was in a bad mood.

"You have to understand professor," Armand said. "We like 'Arry. Taking him home with us was the best choice for us and for him. No one paid 'eem any attention zere."

Dumbledore nodded. He had been practically scolded by both Molly and Minerva for days. He was forced to face the consequences of his actions the worst way possible. And he had yet to even face Harry. "I understand I am at fault with my choices," he admitted to the other wizard.

"Damn right you are," Apolline muttered. Then in her anger she slipped back to French. "Ce sont les animaux, pas les gens Il a passé des années à être tourmenté, rabaissé et affamée par ceux qui ... Je ne peux pas les insulter, sans insulter les animaux eux-mêmes.(Those were animals, not people. He spent years being tormented, belittled and starved by those…I can't insult them without insulting the animals themselves.)"

Dumbledore sighed "Vous êtes bien sûr raison, Madame, mais je ne peux pas changer le passé.Je peux toutefois essayer de me racheter à l'avenir.(You are of course right Madam, but I cannot undo the past. I can however try to redeem myself in the future.)"

Apolline huffed. "You are not forgiven Dumbledore. Not unless Harry says so and perhaps not after that. I doubt Lily Potter would like the way her son grew up."

Albus flinched. He had been tormented with that thought for years.

"Lovely house you have here," Remus commented pleasantly.

"My family's townhouse," Armand told him.

"Where is Potter?" Mad-Eye asked then. "I have not seen him."

"Now that you mention it," Tonks muttered. She glanced around and only saw numerous shopping bags.

"'Arry is out," Fleur replied.

"What do you mean 'out'? He could be attacked at any moment," Moody said gruffly. "I thought you were keeping him safe at least."

"'Arry's big boy," Armand drawled. "He can use magic to protect himself. Locking him in a room is not protection."

Dumbledore winced. The hits just kept coming. He knew he deserved that but it still stung.

"He's just out taking a stroll?" Remus frowned.

Fleur scoffed. It was really none of their business and Harry would probably want to keep his privacy but they really needed to learn that Harry had grown up.

"He's with his lover," she smiled sweetly as she said that.

Every wizard and witch from the delegation from England gasped and choked.

Rabastan's hotel room:

Harry arched his back off the bed. "Oh," he gasped. He clutched those pale shoulders hard enough to make marks on them. Rabastan's head bobbed over his cock and the sight was just impossible to resist. The two lovers were almost delirious.

"I'm going to come," Harry warned Rabastan and he met those green eyes and kept going. "Damn it Rabastan," the teen hissed. "Let go."

The older wizard just smirked and went on. It took Rabastan a second to moisten his finger and he was probing at Harry's entrance.

"Today I'll make you come as much as your body can take," he promised his younger lover. "And then some."

Harry was near tears when the wizard touched his prostate at the same time he deep throated him. He came in Rabastan's mouth with a loud cry.

Rabastan continued licking and caressing the now soft flesh, biding his time until the teen found his breath. Then he was pushed away and then some more until he was on his back and Harry was all over him, kissing his mouth and everywhere on his face sloppily.

"You…evil…sex crazed…bastard," the teen gasped.

"You like me this way," Rabastan replied.

Harry panted for breath. "Can't a man change his mind?"

"I won't let you." Rabastan rested his head against Harry's. "I want to remember every inch of your body, every response you give to my touches."

Harry's eyes filled with sadness. He knew that past this summer he would not see Rabastan again. The Order would not let him out of their sights probably until the end of the war. And with Rabastan they had never discussed about anything remotely close to their real lives back home. The war Voldemort had started was getting more serious and too dangerous for Harry to let more people close to him. Too many had died around him. He would like to keep his first love away from that. Because Rabastan was special. Cho had been a childish crush but now the teen knew he truly loved Rabastan even in such a short time. The realization left him with a bitterness he found hard to swallow. "Well, the night is young," Harry told his lover.

"That it is," the older wizard agreed and took his lips in a sweet kiss.

Harry gave in enjoying being dominated. He was giddy with anticipation when he felt Rabastan's fingers at his entrance again.

"Open wide," Rabastan whispered in his ear.

The teen agreed, spreading his legs so that he could settle comfortably between them.

"I so love being here," the escaped convict admitted. He run his hands along the slim thighs he had learned all too well in his stay in France.

"You know, you can pull your fingers out," Harry told him.

"After all these days and you are still as tight as the first night," Rabastan told him even as he withdrew his fingers.

Harry almost hummed when he was entered. It really felt incredible. "Hurry up. You don't look like you are going to last long."

"Not without you," Rabastan told him as he guided one of Harry's hands on the teen's awakening penis. Harry nodded and started pumping his cock while Rabastan kept thrusting inside him.

Harry held on him tightly. He was still sensitive from all the attention Rabastan had given him earlier. He was erect with no real effort on his part and all he could do was enjoy the sensations his lover created in his body.

Rabastan smirked when he heard the teen cry out when he repeatedly hit his prostate.


"Make that noise again," Rabastan urged him.

"Can't remember… oh, yes!"

Rabastan chuckled and pulled Harry atop of him. The teen found the opportunity to kiss him.

"Keep… going," Harry told him. He was short of breath but that all too familiar feeling that slowly built in his stomach moved to his loins until he knew he would soon come. He locked eyes with Rabastan. "I'm close," the teen gasped.

"Let it out," the man urged. "I want to hear you scream."

And he did. Harry screamed until his throat hurt when he came, followed soon after by his lover who was almost noiseless.

Rabastan collapsed on Harry, his stamina betraying him. Still the teen did not seem to mind the added weight. Instead he was hugged and kissed. "My ears are ringing," Rabastan commented.

Underneath him Harry pouted. "You did ask for me to be loud."

"Hm, I did," the other whispered and lowered his head onto Harry's neck.

"You aren't going to just sleep there, are you?" the teen demanded. "Where is the passion, the intensity," he paused for effect. "The duration."

"You…" Rabastan growled and pinned him under him. "You want more passion? More intensity?" His eyes were alight with determination. "I'm going to have you until you yield to come and I still won't let you. Then we'll see how long you are going to last."

Harry blinked. Last time he asked Rabastan to take it slow he took his sweet time until the young Gryffindor was crying for release. "Um, wait," he tried to reason but Rabastan had this look on his handsome face. The teen felt the weight leave him and then he was flipped over and Rabastan started teasing him with his mouth on his back and his fingers teasing his opening.

"Come on, don't do this, I'm tired," Harry whined.

"Shut up and enjoy it," Rabastan told him. "Perhaps that will teach you not to tease me."

The next hour was spent in agonizing bliss for Harry. Rabastan slowly built his pleasure to the point he had his young lover begging for the sweet torture to come to an end. But the escaped convict just chuckled and continued with his touches and kisses. The moment Rabastan entered him he felt his breath hitch. At the first thrust tears spilled from his eyes. Harry was overwhelmed and Rabastan enjoyed seeing the look of abandoned pleasure on his face. In the end they came together.

When Harry came for a second time he thought he saw stars. He said so to his lover and Rabastan could not stop laughing. The teen then snuggled up in his arms as Rabastan curled his body around him. Both were content to just lay there.

"I cannot move," the older wizard admitted. "My thighs and waist ache."

"Old age?" Harry teased.

Rabastan retaliated by nipping him on the ear.

"You bit me!" the teen accused.

"You deserved it," Rabastan returned.

Harry opened his mouth to argue but Rabastan just took the opportunity to kiss him again. The teen forgot all about talking and just kissed back.

It was not long before Harry rolled over Rabastan and pinned him to the bed, set on having him once more.

Rabastan eyed the teen sleeping in his arms. The wolf cub was on a velvet pillow close to them but far enough not to disturb him with their trysts. A good thing too since Harry would not stop pouncing on him. The dark wizard was tired but sleep did not come to him. That suspicion he had ever since he met with the Delacour's in the market had been nagging at him. Carefully he disentangled himself from the teen and got up from the bed.

His mind was filled with doubts. He knew that Harry Potter was supposed to have a cursed scar. It could not be hidden with a simple glamour charm or any of those cosmetic charms witches favoured. It needed to be much more complex and quite strong. His eyes travelled to his left arm. It was smooth, unmarred and a bit tanned but there was no sight of the garish tattoo all Death Eaters were feared for. He had used a concealing spell on it. Looking at his Harry he could not live with not knowing.

He took his wand and pointed the tip at the sleeping youth.

Ciel moved in his sleep but did not wake.

Harry curled around his pillow with a smile on his lips.

Rabastan's eyes were glued on the bolt like scar on the teen's forehead. He dropped his wand and rushed to the bathroom and under the shower.

"It's not happening," he whispered. "Not happening."

He stayed under the spray for a long time. He could not accept what he had done. Even unknowingly he had entered in a relationship with the Dark Lord's number one enemy, his Dark Lord's enemy. That made the teen on his bed his enemy. Harry Potter was his enemy.

That sounded bad in his head and felt even worse.

He also knew that the teen had not even heard of him. He had thought that Dumbledore would train the boy better but after everything he knew about Harry's family he was not surprised about his lack of knowledge. Had the teen been trained he would have known who he was just by the name. There were not that many people going by 'Rabastan' in Britain for the past five centuries.

He tried not to think of it, keep his mind blank so his heart would stop thudding in his chest.

Rabastan got out of the shower and dried his body.

When he got out of the bathroom Harry had not even stirred. And under the dark hair that dreaded scar was seen clearly. So was his wand.

'It would be so easy,' he mused darkly. 'No one will know or even suspect. Just two simple words and the teen will be dead. Or I could take him back. The Dark Lord would be happy. Harry would soon die. So easy…'

And there was his problem. Harry Potter was just 'Harry' for him. He was the minx that had seduced him in that club; the silly youth that made Rabastan lick every inch of his body while he was covered in whipped cream. He had that smile that drove him crazy and those mischievous green eyes that shone every time he had to mock chase the teen around the room. To him he was not simply his enemy.

Now the dilemma Rabastan was facing was whether to treat Harry like a lover or an enemy.

There was rustling and before long the wolf cub was awake and sniffing around.

Delacour household:

"What do you mean Harry is with his lover?" Remus demanded.

Moody scoffed. "Teenagers hardly think with their brains. It is dangerous for him to be alone. Have you even met that girl? She could be out to kill him."

Fleur smirked. The opportunity was just too good. But her father beat her to it.

Armand arched an eyebrow. "Who said he's dating a female?"

Moody choked on air. Remus blinked in shock while Dumbledore kept quiet. However Tonks just started laughing. "Come on! Harry's as straight as they come. He even had a crush on…"

"…Cho Chang?" Fleur drawled. She smirked. " 'Is taste improved zis summer."

The metamorphmagus gasped at how the younger witch replied.

"The question stands," Dumbledore cut in before the two witches got angry. "Have you met his lover? The other boy…"

"Man," Apolline interrupted. "'Arry is dating a man."

"A man?" Remus echoed. It made several alarms scream in his head. "How much older than Harry is he?"

"Our little Harry! Impossible!" Tonks muttered.

"Date a man?" Dumbledore asked politely while peering at the witch.

"I meant go out with a guy just like that. He's too shy and self-conscious," Tonks replied.

"And he never told me he was gay. Why is that?" Remus asked. He could truly not understand how the youth could be gay. He was not against it by any means, just surprised. And perhaps he wished he had been there for the teen when he needed advise. For the first time the werewolf felt real respect for Apolline and her family. It seemed like they had supported Harry when the boy needed them the most.

Fleur shrugged. "You probably never asked."

Yes, Remus could understand that. Harry had after all grown up with the Dursley's and their views on normality were atrocious. He was almost certain that those three were also homophobes. Harry had probably no idea about how things were for homosexual relationships in the wizarding world. He chanced a look at the others. Moody was frowning, which was nothing new, Tonks was pouting and only Dumbledore looked calm. He supposed the old wizard had a lot to think about.

"He is nice to 'Arry and quite the gentleman," Apolline told them.

"You have met him," Dumbledore mused.

"Ask 'arry for details," the pregnant witch told the Headmaster before he had the chance to ask. "It is not our place to say more on him."

"Of course," Dumbledore agreed.

"So enjoy your tea. He might take a while to return," Armand told their guests.

"Perhaps we should leave then?" Dumbledore suggested. "You could alert us upon his return."

"It could work," Armand nodded. "Apolline needs her rest."

Rabastan's hotel room:

Harry stirred from his sleep. First he turned on his back for a while. Then he stretched like a cat before finally opening those green eyes and searching around the room. Rabastan resisted the urge to smile. He merely petted the cub in his lap while observing Harry's habit. He usually was next to the teen when he came to wake but the few times he got up early he observed this behaviour his young lover had. It was nearly as good as waking up at his side and a bit more entertaining. He had vanished the scar before his young lover awoke. Knowing it was there made the picture odd for him. How could such a vulnerable boy oppose a man like his master the Dark Lord was? It was inconceivable.

"Mmm, there you are," Harry whispered. His voice was slurred from sleep. His hair was all tousled up. His torso was tanned but the bite marks were obvious on them. The Death Eater felt his cock stir again. The teen was truly a wonder for his libido.

Harry blinked his sleepy eyes and yawned. "I really need a shower. I'm sticky."

"Well, you did pass out last time," Rabastan commented.

Harry blushed. He glanced at Ciel and forgot all about his lover in favour of the animal. He stood and padded over, not bothering with clothes. "He's so cute. Has he opened his eyes yet?"

"I feel threatened and neglected," Rabastan told him.

The teen rolled his green eyes and gave him a peck as he took the wolf cub from him. "I'm going to feed him."

Rabastan followed Harry's naked form with a smirk. Usually the teen was more self-conscious and avoided walking around naked. Perhaps Ciel had some merit.

Delacour household:

Fleur picked at her food.

"Harry est en retard (Harry is late.)" Gabrielle complained.

"Il reviendra, maintenant manger votre nourriture tranquillement. (He'll come back, now eat your food quietly.)" Armand told her. "Il sera ici dans la matinee. Laissez-le s'amuser un peu. (He will be here in the morning. Let him enjoy himself a bit.)"

"Nous pourrions jouer ensemble (We could play together.)" the young witch replied with a pout. She really missed the young wizard when he was not around.

"Pas les jeux qu'il aime (Not the games he likes)" Fleur commented with a sly smirk on her face.

Gabrielle blinked while the adults chuckled.

Rabastan's hotel room:

Harry munched on some chicken the Room Service had brought them. He had fed Ciel, cleaned up himself and now enjoyed his dinner.

"Teens do love their food," Rabastan mused.

"I'm just exhausted. I needed a lot of energy today," Harry replied. "Want some?"

"You are offering your food. I'm honoured," Rabastan joked. He took Ciel from Harry's side and put the wolf cub on its pillow while he claimed the spot next to Harry. Once the teen was done he banished the plates and pulled Harry to his chest.

"You cannot possibly want to have sex again!" the teen exclaimed.

"I don't," Rabastan assured him.

Harry sighed and settled against him. They just lay there, staring at the ceiling. The teen spoke first.

"I'm expected back home soon."

Rabastan suppressed a snide comment about the Order of the Phoenix but barely. "My… boss and my family also expect me."

Harry went silent for a while. He really did not want to even think about never seeing Rabastan again. Another person he would ever meet again. It stung. "We could write to each other," the teen commented.

"We could," Rabastan replied. But it would not be possible. If he were caught mailing letter to the Boy-Who-Lived… He did not even want to imagine what would happen to both of them. There was also the fact that the teen was unaware of his real identity could cause a lot of problems.

"I hate going back to school," Harry muttered. "I love Hogwarts but I hate going back, you know?"

"Hogwarts really is amazing," Rabastan agreed. "I wish I could return." His school days were really simple and mundane. Rabastan missed simple and mundane things in life. He was willing to bet this summer would give him grey hair.

"I know a lot about the castle," the teen commented. "I could give you a special tour."

"How special?" the older wizard asked.

"Down boy," Harry joked.

Rabastan grabbed him and kissed him hard. "Who's a boy?"

"Um? Kiss me again?" the green eyed youth asked. Rabastan did, not minding the teen's poor attempt at diversion. He just wanted an excuse to touch Harry more and the teen welcomed it. "I love it when you kiss me," Harry admitted.

"I love it when I kiss you," the dark wizard replied.

"Who's the best kiss you've had?" Harry asked then.

Rabastan was surprised. But the answer hardly needed thought. "You."

"Really? I thought you, being more experienced and all…"

Well it was awkward for the man but the truth was he did not remember anyone before Harry. Years in prison did not help. And the Dementors curbed any and every emotion other than fear and weariness. Love, happiness and even lust were barely in his memory. The prisoners had not felt human touch for so long it became a distant memory. Sometimes Rabastan even had trouble remembering his parents' faces, even though he had no love for either of them. On the other hand every single regret he ever had he felt tenfold. Though Harry could not know that and probably never should learn of it. He wanted the teen to remember him fondly. If Harry ever learned the truth he did not know what he would do.

The escaped convicted leaned over Harry and kissed him. Harry murmured in surprise but kissed him back with fervour.

"You are really one of a kind Harry," Rabastan told him. "How did you say it?'Short of an Obliviate I will never forget you' or something like that?"

Harry nodded.

"Well it is the same for me as well. You are an amazing person Harry."

"Thank you," the teen told him. A blush marred his cheeks.

"Ah, you are just too sweet," Rabastan told him and kissed him again. It was many short kisses and pecks on his lips and chin that caused the teen to giggle and laugh with delight until they fell asleep content.

Next morning…

Harry woke up gradually. His whole body was strangely, but in a good way, sore.

"Room service?" a familiar deep voice asked him.

Harry rolled on his stomach and lifted his head.

"Merlin and Morgana you are a mess. Your hair is flying in all directions."

"Yeah, well, good morning to you too," Harry muttered.

Rabastan kissed him on the forehead. "You look sexy."

"Oh, well, that's good then," the teen blinked and yawned. Then he rubbed his tired green eyes. "You owe me a proper good morning."

"I do?"

Harry nodded.

"Oh, well, here," Rabastan smirked as he pulled the teen to his lap and gave him the 'proper' kiss he wanted. He had the teen humming for more. But the sound of his stomach growling put a stop to the kiss and anything more.

"Um, feed me?" Harry gave him a sheepish look.

The wizard laughed. "How can I resist your stomach?"

The teen rolled off of him and put on a discarded shirt to wait for the food to arrive. Rabastan observed him as they waited.

"You were ravenous last night," he commented. "For what is worth I really enjoyed my time with you. You are a gem Harry."

"Sucks," the teen muttered.

"I know." Rabastan felt the same really. He wished they had more time.

"I don't like the thought of us never meeting again," Harry said to him. "I have lost too many people I cared about. There wasn't even time to say goodbye."

"I hate goodbyes," Rabastan told him. He briefly remembered his aunt Beatrice crying as he was carried out of the court room and to Azkaban by the Aurors. She had died a year after that, the last family he and his brother Rodolphus had. The witch had been proud, smart and had the kindest heart. She was also the only Light witch in the family though only family had known. He had been sad to hear about her death. The situation was hardly the same but it was the closest he had felt an emotion as strongly as he did now for this teen in his bed.

"They're so final, so permanent," Harry whispered. He bit his lip. "I don't want to say goodbye."

"Then don't," Rabastan told him.

"You know, Britain is not that big a country and I had freakish luck. We might meet again," Harry sounded hopeful. Rabastan did not doubt him even for a second. He only hoped they did not meet on the battlefield.

"See you soon sounds better," the escaped convict offered.

Harry smiled. "Do I get a kiss for the road?"

"Do you have some time?" Rabastan asked. "Because I will give you something that lasts longer than a kiss," he smiled even as he flipped Harry on his back. He had to feel him one last time to remember him and to console himself.

"Take all the time you need," Harry told him and surrendered fully to him.

Delacour household:

Apolline was drinking iced tea when Harry entered the house. She waited until he came around to kiosk in the garden, carrying the baby wolf in his arms. He looked down, like when she had first met him but there was a small smile on his lips when he gazed at Ciel.

"Bonjour," he said to her on sight. He had that little word down and the witch took delight whenever he spoke the couple of words he had learned in French.

"My 'arry! You're such a delight! Come, come, have you had breakfast?"

Harry smiled and nodded. "But I would love some coffee. And do you have those cinnamon rolls?"

The witch laughed and herded him to the kitchen. She took the cub from him and placed it in a basket at their feet and close to Harry before pushing the teen to a chair and taking the seat next to him. Harry winced as he sat his bottom still sore. Apolline was observant but let it slide, for that moment.

"Espresso or cappuccino?" Apolline asked.

"Cappuccino, with extra whipped cream, two sugars and cinnamon," Harry replied.

The expectant mother beamed. "My kind of coffee." She waved her wand and their snacks appeared on the table, followed by their coffee. "You know, right after we returned from our shopping trip we had some visitors." She paused to nibble on a cinnamon roll. "Do the names Dumbledore, Lupin, Moody and Tonks ring any bells?"

Green eyes widened. "They were here? What did they want?"

At that the witch looked smug. "It doesn't matter. They won't return until later tonight. I wanted you to have some time, gather your things in your own pace." She locked eyes with the teen. "Have dinner with us, like a family."

Harry felt a lump in his throat. While he had been accepted by the Weasley family and treated like their own kin, he had never heard it with words. Apolline showed it with both actions and words. But still, Harry was very insecure and afraid to assume anything. Swallowing the lump in his throat he spoke up. "Do you really think of me as family?"

Her eyes were shadowed at his response. It saddened her that the boy before her even had to ask. "Of course," she replied. "You were like a son to me and a brother to my daughters and the only man in the house to give my Armand some reprieve. You were wonderful 'arry and we will miss you so much." She reached over and poked his nose. "That does not mean we will never meet again. I tell you now as to save you embarrassment, but I expect a letter each week the least. You will not have me worried sick. Understood?"

Harry nodded feeling that there really was no other way to reply to her.

"Sip your coffee before it gets cold," she instructed. "And tell me all about your man. He wore you out, non?"

Harry blushed. "Not really."

"You know, you two reminded me of Armand and me in our … what is that word? Aha! Honeymoon," Apolline exclaimed. "He treated you right all this time?"

"It really was perfect," the teen admitted. "I would not change this summer for anything in the whole world."

"This is what truly matters," Apolline told him. "It feels good to be appy."

"It does," Harry agreed.

She eyed him from top to bottom. "We really need to undo that spell on your scar or they'll think we lost you and hired a double," Apolline told him. "Though that would be a sight."

"You are bad," Harry teased her.

"Good to know I still have it," the witch winked.

Fleur joined Harry when the teen started packing his things. She sat on the bed next to his opened trunk and helped him fold some of his clothes with her wand.

"It eez a pity you are leaving," the blonde witch commented.

"I know," the teen agreed. "I wish I could stay here longer but I really miss the castle."

"I know the feeling," Fleur nodded sagely. "I miss Beauxbatons, the marble staircases, the gardens, the fountains, and the bistro in the nearby town with all the cute waiters…"

Harry laughed. "You had me worrying there for a moment."

Fleur threw a shirt at him which the seeker caught with ease.

The teen then placed the shirt in his trunk. "Weren't you going to work in London, practice your English and all?"

"I still can," Fleur replied. "I am waiting for offers."

"Good luck then," Harry told her.

"Hm, thank you. Have you decided what to do with Rabastan?"

"We broke up," Harry told her with a shrug.

Fleur frowned. "'Arry…"

The teen straightened his back. "I'm not sure we did break up. We just decided to see if we'll meet again. I did not want to say goodbye…" Another shrug.

The part Veela rose and offered him a hug. Harry was not very tall or bulky, it felt like she was comforting her sister, or brother as the case was. "You will be fine. And perhaps it is good, London is not that big."

"Your mother said the same thing," Harry told her.

"She knows best," Fleur stated.

"Of course," he replied. "Hm, the leather pants. I don't think I'll need them."

Fleur grabbed them and placed them in the trunk. "You will still take them. You never know when you might need them."

"Can you imagine Hermione or Ron going clubbing? My Hermione and Ron?" Harry asked her.

"They must know how to 'ave fun," Fleur said. Then she looked sceptical. "Or you could go with Draco Malfoy."

Harry choked. "Him?"

"Oui," Fleur nodded like she had suggested the most natural thing in the world.

"We hate each other's guts," Harry told her.

"I did not tell you to have sex with 'eem," Fleur drawled. "Just to go out together. Perhaps not speak a word all night. That might work."

"If I feed him 'Draught of the Living-Dead' it might."

The blonde witch glared him. "Now you are being negative. Blonds are a natural choice when you want to have fun!"

"Rabastan is a lot of fun and he does not have a blond hair on his body," Harry muttered.

"Excuses," Fleur dismissed his words with an air that showed she had a lot of practice. "If not Malfoy then Zabini, Italians are the way to go."

"You have a thing for Slytherin's," Harry observed.

Fleur shrugged. "Rosaline slept with the dark skinned boy and said he was heaven. Then another girl, perhaps Cecile, had the blond, she was completely satisfied."

Harry blinked. "You make it seem like you are trying out dresses."

The witch shrugged. "In a way. My friends are part Veela, like me. We have a very active libido. You should see full blooded Veela's," Fleur told him. "They are total sluts."

The teen spluttered. She waved it off. "Don't be so surprised, mother said so herself. You should 'ear grandmamma speak about her younger days…"

"I don't!" Harry cut her off. His face was red and the witch seemed delighted.

"After all the sex with Rabastan and you still blush like a virgin," she cooed.

"If you'll excuse me I have things to pack," Harry tried to save some of his dignity and failed when she outright laughed and called him 'cute'. He really had no chance. She was worse than the twins when they teased Ron. It was strangely touching and affectionate but irritating beyond words. The last bit she seemed to know about too well and went to great lengths to make him blush as much as she could. Harry sighed. He was going to miss this greatly.

Gabrielle carried the silver ware to the dining table. Harry was right behind her with the plates while Fleur charmed a tray of glasses and guided them to the table. Apolline was having some down time, sitting on a chair and giving out orders.

"Does your dada know how to cook?" Harry asked the youngest Delacour.

The girl shrugged. "Two dishes only."

"He can boil pasta," Fleur reminded her.

"You mean the Muggle way?" Harry asked.

"With spells," the two sisters told him.

"Oh, that is sad," the teen commented and the two girls nodded.

"Come on, hurry," Apolline told them. "My 'usband is not that bad."

"He's worse," Fleur added her two cents.

"Now I'm scared," Harry told them.

"Nonsense," Apolline spoke up. "No one has been poisoned yet."

Harry swallowed and braced himself.

A few minutes later they were all seated and Armand brought in the trays and started serving the meal. It was roasted lamb, with sweet potatoes, gravy and two salads. Fleur leaned close to Harry and told him quietly. "He can cook this and wild boar with applesauce and grapes."

"And can't simply boil pasta?" the teen asked.

Fleur shrugged. "There are stranger things."

"True," Harry agreed.

Once they were all seated Armand filled their glasses with wine. "A toast," he announced. They all raised their glasses. "To the newest member of this family, who we love and cherish, may he return to this home again," the man proposed.

"May he have a safe journey," Apolline continued.

"And stay out of trouble," Fleur added.

"And never forget us," Gabrielle finished.

Harry cried then.

"No tears," Apolline told him. "It is a happy occasion."

"Of course," Harry swallowed the tears he wished to shed.

"Drink up or the wishes won't come true," Armand dictated.

They all raised their glasses and then drank, though Apolline only sipped a drop.

"Now eat up and tell me what you think," the French wizard urged them and started handing out the portions.

Remus Lupin rang the bell to the Delacour residence.

"…play nice," Dumbledore told Alastor.

"I'm not that bad," the odd eyed Auror replied.

"No comment," the bearded wizard all but whistled.

Mad-Eye scowled.

The door opened and Armand Delacour greeted them. "You are just in time, please come in."

"We are happy to be back," Dumbledore told the wizard. The British wizards entered the sitting room where the entire family was gathered.

Remus spotted Harry next to Apolline Delacour. He looked different than before. He had grown up a couple of inches; his hair was messier and slightly longer. He looked like he had gained some weight and it was good on him. The teen had a change in wardrobe as well. He was dressed in clothes that fitted him for once. It was an expensive jeans brand, a leather belt, a simple black top and no glasses. He looked really good.

"Hey Moony, Tonks, Professors," Harry waved at them.

"Wotcher Harry!" the metamorphmagus beamed.

Alastor grunted a greeting while Remus smiled and greeted him properly. "Hello Harry, you look great."

"Indeed Harry my boy, I'm happy to see you so well," Albus Dumbledore added.

"Thank you sir," Harry told him.

"Have a seat," Armand offered. "Iced tea anyone?"

"We have time," Dumbledore replied.

They took the available seats and for a few minutes they merely gazed at Harry, speechless on the changes in the teen.

"How did you like France?" Remus asked.

Harry's eyes lit up and he started rambling about everything he had seen in Paris, both Muggle and magical.

"I'm glad you had such a wonderful time," Dumbledore told his student honestly. It really was rare seeing Harry in such a good mood. The elation and joy he was showing; the boy only had that when he was up in the air zooming through the skies at impossible speeds. It made the aged wizard feel worse for the mistaken actions he had taken with the teen all these years. The distrust in Harry's eyes hurt the most. Dumbledore knew he had quite a way ahead of him before the teen forgave him.

"So am I," Harry told him.

Moody cleared his throat. "The Portkey is set to activate at ten o'clock," he informed the room.

"My trunk is packed," the green eyed teen informed them. "Hedwig and Ciel are in their cages as well."

"Ciel?" Tonks asked.

"A wolf cub," Fleur replied.

"Our present," her mother told them. "For 'arry's birthday." She narrowed her eyes at Dumbledore. "That won't be a problem, right?"

The Headmaster of Hogwarts felt himself sweating. He had never felt more intimidated by anyone or anything before he met Apolline Delacour. That witch scared him.

"Of course not," Dumbledore hastily replied.

"I'll bring the trunk," Armand offered. "Did you say goodbye to Hedwig?" he asked Gabrielle.

"There's no need," Apolline told him. She pierced Harry with her stare.

"Once a week," Harry promised.

"Good boy," the witch smirked and patted his back.

Harry stood when Armand came down, his trunk levitating behind him with Hedwig in her cage and Ciel carried in his arms.

"Here you go; he was awake when I went back. The warming charms wore off," the wizard told Harry.

The teen accepted the cub with a smile. Remus' nose twitched at the presence of the wolf. "He is cute," he told his friend's son.

Harry beamed. "He is, isn't he?" The teen cuddled the wolf. He contemplated the man. "It is not bothering you, is it?"

The werewolf shook his head. "No, Harry, he is not a bother."

"I vant a hug," Gabrielle declared and crushed into Harry's body. The teen chuckled and consented with a smile on his face. This little girl was the annoying little sister he wished he had met earlier. Remus expertly took the cub from Harry's arms and the teen gave him a grateful look.

"Stop ogging 'im," Fleur told her sister as she pulled Harry into her own hug. "See you soon, right?" she whispered in his ear. He grinned and nodded.

Armand regarded him for a moment before he too pulled him in a hug. "Not embarrassed are you?"

Harry shook his head, overwhelmed that even the wizard thought of him as family. Words were nice but Harry had been starved for attention. The hug and the pat on his shoulder felt great to him. "Thank you for everything," the teen told Armand, his voice thick with emotion.

"You needn't thank me, 'arry. It was a pleasure," Armand assured him.

Lastly there was Apolline. The witch stood carefully, a hand on her belly. "Come here 'arry. You are not getting out of this one."

Harry laughed and went to her, throwing his arms around her in a hug. "My boy," the witch crooned. "My sweet 'arry. Make sure you eat well. And dress properly; castles are draughty. And do write to me soon when you arrive." Her accent was thicker than usual, her emotions running high. There were tears in her eyes. Harry could only nod in everything she asked of him. "And no stunts when you fly. Fleur told me you are reckless."

"I'll try on the last one," Harry told her.

"Boys will be boys love," Armand pulled his wife in a hug and the witch released Harry from hers.

"I can still worry," Apolline told her husband.

Harry swallowed. He approached Remus, facing the family. "So, I guess I'm going now," the teen swallowed the lump in his throat.

"See you soon," Apolline told him. She looked stern when she said that.

"Of course," Harry offered them all a smile. "See you soon."

"Please touch the Portkey Harry," Dumbledore told the teen. He spoke for the first time, having not wanted to intrude in what was obviously a family moment. He pointed at the rope he held. "It will activate soon."

Harry consented. He gave a last smile to the family that became his own for the short time the summer lasted. Then he felt a tug behind his navel and before he could blink he left France behind.

Rabastan's hotel room:

The Dark wizard eyed his reflection in the mirror. He was nude from the waist up and any glamour he had cast on his body was dispelled. The Dark Mark was noticeable on his arm again.

He appraised his form with satisfaction. All the malnutrition he had suffered when imprisoned in Azkaban had been corrected in the months he spent in France. His hair which he had been forced to cut short because of lice was healthy again. His eyes were not haunted and hollow and any lingering effect from the presence of Dementors was gone.

There was a thrum of magic in the air and another shape appeared behind him. Rabastan eyed him through the mirror.

"Have you turned into a narcissist since the last time I saw you?" the man drawled. His voice was very deep and an accent of a person who spoke too many languages to simply settle completely to one. He had the same pale skin as Rabastan and shoulder length raven hair caught low on his head. He also had a tuft of white streaks on his left side. His face had a couple of wrinkles round the eyes, eyes darker than black and similar to the ones the half naked wizard had.

"Merely observing the results of my recuperation, never fear that I might turn myself into a self loving idiot," Rabastan replied.

The man dropped a hand around his shoulders and he joined the younger wizard before the mirror. "You do look good little brother," Rodolphus Lestrange finally commented. "You are not all skin and bones anymore." He released his brother and walked a bit around the room, taking everything in. Rabastan regretted then that the room was still a mess. He had not bothered to use even a spell to tidy up a bit since Harry had left him that morning. And when Rodolphus smiled in the direction of the bed the younger Death Eater felt his stomach drop.

"And apparently you were fed very well," Rodolphus purred suggestively.

Well used to his brother's dirty mind, not caring how true it might be on this occasion, Rabastan threw him a discarded towel. "Don't be so disgusting."

"I'm merely stating the facts Rabastan." The older wizard scrutinized his younger brother. "Unless it was not a onetime thing." It was a statement.

Rabastan changed the subject. "Why are you here?"

"Suit yourself," Rodolphus allowed the change in subject. "Our Lord requested I check on your health."

"You could have sent a house elf. Is that bitch driving you up a wall again?" Rabastan smirked.

His brother returned it. "Is that the way the way to talk about my darling wife?" He purposely put emphasis on 'darling' that made both of them crack up.

"Seriously," Rabastan urged.

"Well, He wants us all back. Plans to make, people to kill, you know, the usual. Are you ready to return? Or do you need to say a special goodbye to someone?"

"Again with the innuendos?" Rabastan scowled.

Rodolphus gave a cheeky grin and the younger wizard sighed and then replied, "No I have no unfinished business here."

"Well then, come on, your summer escape in France is over, time to get serious again."

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