Get Back

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Summary - What happens when Ino finds her former best friend smacking lips with her boyfriend? How about her other best friend leaving for France? Can Ino Yamanaka get her payback? Or will she get caught up and fall in love again with someone else?

Rated T for some language xD Maybe a one-shot. Who knows? ^-^ I guess it will depend on the feedback o.o

Chapter One - Revenge Is What I Want

- Eighth Grade Graduation -

A bubbly platinum blonde girl bounced into the restroom, checking herself in the mirror, smiling cheerfully. Digging into her purse, she took out her cell phone, dialing up her best friend.

'Hey! You've reached Sakura Haruno. Sorry I'm not here right now, Leave a message and I'll call ya back, 'Kay?" BEEP.

Ino sighed, slamming her phone onto the sink. Where the heck was Sakura? Graduation just ended and everyone was going to the Pavilion for the after party. She checked herself once more before strolling out of the ladies' room heading for her car, dialing her phone again for her boyfriend.

"Oh come on Naruto. Pick up. I can't find Sakura anywhere, and now you—"

She stopped dead in her tracks; phone still in hand, but with her mouth gaping at the sight she saw. There was Naruto leaning against their old middle school building locking lips with a pink-haired girl.

The blonde dropped her phone, making a small ruckus startling the young couple. Sakura turned around, wide-eyed as she stared at her best friend.


Ino just kept on staring, she tried to move her lips and make words come out, but it was useless. There it was, her now ex-best friend and boyfriend making out. How could this happen?

The blond boy opened his eyes; He smiled a goofy grin, first looking at the pink haired girl, but then followed the girl's eyes to Ino. He, too, turned wide-eyed and pushed Sakura away from him and tried taking a few steps to the blonde. "Ino…Let me explain. It's not what it looks like…"

Ino shook her head, throwing the words out of her head.

"I-It's not what it looks like?! How can it not look like this? You're kissing my best friend! Y-You idiot! How could you do this to me!?" The blonde screamed and screamed, tears overflowing her eyes.

Naruto tried walking towards her again, but she just threw off her shoes at him, picked up her phone from the ground, and started running like the wind. Her feet pounded against the pavement, and the sky grew darker, clouds overlapping each other, thunder roaring, until it started pouring rain. The mascara and eyeliner started running down Ino's cheeks as her tears mixed with the rain. She didn't know where she was going. All she knew was that she had to get away from there. Far, far away from there; before she knew it, she was standing on the doorstep of someone's house. Collapsing on the ground, Ino was tired from running so much, all her energy sucked out of her.

"Eh? Ino? What are you doing here?"

Ino looked up, sky blue eyes meeting dark green eyes. With every ounce of energy she could muster up, she flew and hugged the person's legs.

"H-Hey! Ino! Calm down. Wasn't I supposed to meet you at the after party? Hey…Ino…What's…wrong.."

"Temari…H-He…T-They…" The blonde couldn't get it out. Her sobs were too much to handle, and her explanations came all gargled up.

The messy-haired blonde frowned, sighing. She helped Ino up, supporting her so she wouldn't collapse again, walking into the warm Sabaku household.

"Hey! Kankuro! Gaara! You two still in the kitchen?" Two mumbling "Yeah's" replied. "Can you bring in some hot chocolate and some towels too? We have a guest!"

Ten minutes later, the Sabaku brothers brought in a tray of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and two towels. They gazed at the blonde girl, surprised and shocked at the same time.

An hour passed again, and Temari had gotten Ino to calm down, all dry and cleaned up, finally getting the story Ino was trying to tell.

"Well I'll be damned. That jerk! My god, if Shikamaru ever did that I would've beat his ass then and there. I probably would've taken a few hits at the girl too! Gah! I'm going to beat that asshole if he tries to apologize to you. Ino! He doesn't deserve you. You're way too good for him! He's just a jerk! A mean, heartless—"

"Temari, don't get so wound up by something that might not be true." Gaara logically said.

"Yeah sis, you never know. Maybe Sakura forced herself on him or something."

"Oh shut up you two! You should know that that jerk has had a crush on the pink-haired slut for years! Maybe he was just using Ino! Come on, Ino! We're going to set him straight."

The younger blonde shook her head. "No…"

Temari blinked in response. "Eh? But Ino…"

"No…Thanks Temari. But I don't think that would be a good idea…"

Temari, sighed, rubbing her temples. "You still love him, don't you?"

Closing her eyes, Ino nodded sadly.

"But he wants Sakura. So she can have him."

Temari leaned back in her seat, staring at the ceiling. "So what are you going to do? Nothing?"

There was silence for a while, and then all three of the Sabaku siblings' heads turned toward a stifled laughter erupting from a certain blonde girl.

"Do I ever do 'nothing'? Oh, I'll do something. I'm telling you now. I'm going to get my revenge. Naruto Uzumaki…You'll regret the day you ever did this to me." She turned to face the other three, an innocent, yet with a devious edge, smile plastered on her face.

Temari grinned, shooting her arm into the air. "Hell yeah!"

Kankuro shook his head, mumbling about the dangers of a woman's mind and then cursing himself about sounding too much like Shikamaru now. Gaara smirked; watching as the two blondes huddled together, starting to develop a plan. "This will be interesting."

- The Next Day -

Ino stood in lobby at the airport. It was a long night of planning, last minute promises, short-notice phone calls and such. And now, here she was. A newly eighth grade graduate of Konoha Middle, ready to head for France with her friends, the Sabaku's to study overseas.

"Hey Ino! Come on, the plane's over this way!" Ino nodded in the direction of her friends, grabbing her belongings,

'Just you wait Naruto Uzumaki. You'll pay when I come back."

-End of that- o.o Okie okie x.x I sorta wanted it to end there, but I just had to keep writing Plus. I wanted a certain raven-haired boy to make his appearance already xD Su…


- Four Years Later -

The hallways of Konoha High were bustling with noise. First day of school and somebody was already going to get a detention. Sakura Haruno was sitting on some picnic tables with her now boyfriend, Naruto Uzumaki, his best friend, Sasuke Uchiha, and other people part of the "Populars." Neji Hyuga; TenTen Chen; and a few others. Chatting like they always did, Sakura excluded herself from the conversion to think about things. It had been four years since her best friend left, or well probably ex-best friend now. 'Ino Yamanaka.' She sighed. Every year, Sakura would hope for the blonde to come back, she did indeed miss the blonde girl. Ever since that day, Sakura Haruno never seen a glimpse of Ino Yamanaka besides the pictures she kept of them from earlier years; the sea-foam green-eyed girl regretted the upsetting misunderstanding. She tried calling the blonde, but her number was changed. Calling the Yamanaka's main line wasn't of much use either since they gave no information. All they said was that Ino Yamanaka was currently going to study overseas.

'Senior year…I wonder if she'll return this year…'

The bell rung and everyone gathered their stuff up, heading to homeroom. Naruto slung his arm around Sakura, pulling her into the school, the foxy grin still on his face, joking about something she didn't know about with Sasuke and Neji.

Sakura sat by the window, gazing out as Kakashi did the usual "Welcome back" to school and congratulations on being seniors. She sighed. It was usually the same. It's probably the same this year too. No Ino Yamanaka.

"Oh, yes. Before I start attendance, we have two new students. Well not really new students, but returning students. They have been studying abroad for quite some time, and now they've moved back. Would you two please come in?"

Sakura's ears perked up a bit at hearing this and just looked from the corners of her eyes. Naruto, Sasuke, and Neji joked about if they were girls, and if they were hot or not. Or if it was someone they knew. TenTen was scribbling something in her notebook already. Hinata was scolding Kiba for using terms like "babe" and "hottie." Shikamaru was half awake, trying to keep his eyes open, while Chouji and Lee were playing rock paper scissors. The rest of the girls in the class were giggling, wondering if there would be new additions to the cute guys in the class, the same with the guys except they were hoping for a girl.

Two figures approached from the other side of the door as it slide open. One was definitely a boy, his red hair, rugged body, and yet a slim shape. He had on some jeans, and a white T-shirt on. Gaara Sabaku. The girls all gasped and cooed at him, adoring how handsome he was. The other one was probably a guy too, but who knew? They had on so many layers that it was hard to tell. They had a hoodie on, covering their face, and jeans on as well. It might have been a girl, but who would wear that much on, anyway? They didn't even have the school uniform yet. Maybe there was a problem or something. Sakura sighed. So it wasn't Ino…was it…

Uninterested again, Sakura turned her head away to stare out the window.

Kakashi coughed to get everyone's attention. "Please introduce yourselves and maybe share a little bit about your experience overseas."

Gaara stood forward, glancing back at his companion, and then to the rest of the class. "I'm Gaara Sabaku. I went to France with my siblings about four years ago to study at L'Ecole D'Arts to help further my studies in being a musician. I've come back to Japan to spend my senior year in the place where I grew up and maybe just spend time with old pals."

He stepped back to his position before and nudged his friend.

The person stood there, looking at Gaara and then turned to Kakashi, surprising everyone that it was a girl with her higher-pitched voice then a male would have.

"Sensei! Can I go and change, it was a big change of weather from France to hear, and now it's getting uncomfortable."

Kakashi stared at the person for a while before nodding. "By all means, you can after your introduction. If you like, you could take off that hoodie of yours."

The girl nodded, before turning her back to the class, taking off her hoodie, revealing long, platinum blonde hair. She had a slender body, nicely developed so well that it turned a few heads in the room. She turned around, scanning her sky blue eyes around the classroom till it stopped at the group of her old friends, and one new student there. 'His hair looks like a chicken's ass…' But next to the raven-haired boy was no one else but Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. Naruto's eyes met hers for a moment, and at that exact moment, he could feel the tension her gaze was holding. Her gaze hardened for a bit before she put on a smile for the class.

"Hi everyone! Like Gaara said, we went overseas to L'Ecole D'Arts to study. I was there to study in being a singer and dancer. My name is…Ino Yamanaka. Please take care of us this school year!"

Sakura grew wide-eyed as she swung her head back to the front of the classroom. It was like déjà vu. "Ino…"

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