Get Back

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Summary - What happens when Ino finds her former best friend smacking lips with her boyfriend? How about her other best friend leaving for France? Can Ino Yamanaka get her payback? Or will she get caught up and fall in love again with someone else?

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Last Time

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched again, sighing with the new nickname, knowing he wouldn't be getting rid of it so soon.

Naruto erupted into a bit of laughter, so different from his previous depression and pointed a finger at Sasuke. "She's so right! Your hair does look like a chicken's ass!"

Sasuke shot a glare at Naruto, making him shut up.

"Just shut up dobe. I wasn't the one who got slapped by a girl."

"When fate hands us a lemon, let's try to make lemonade." — Dale Carnegie

Chapter Three : Stalker much?

Ino sighed, latching her arms around Gaara's and Temari's arms, pulling them through the school. "Damn that guy, I was so close to getting my payback."

"Ino, you know you shouldn't be fighting…" Temari muttered, hitching her bass up on her back.

The blonde rolled her eyes taking her hand off Temari and wrapping her arms around Gaara's. "I don't really care. Those two ruined my pride, my dignity, and most of all, my trust in them. I can never trust those two again. They deserve more than a slap! Especially that cotton candy pink haired whore!" Ino angrily replied.

"But she was your best friend." "Ex-best friend, Temari. She's no friend of mine now."

Gaara nudged Ino a bit, making the platinum blonde look at him. "Hm? Is something wrong, Gaara?"

The red haired boy cleared his throat a bit before showing her his watch. "We're going to be late to class…"

Ino cursed under her breath and made a run for it with Gaara, slinging his guitar onto Temari making the dirty blonde haired girl groan. "See ya later Temari! Take Gaara's guitar and put it in the music room, 'kay? We'll meet for lunch! Promise!"

The two sprinted towards the other side of the school, getting by just in time. Ino sighed deeply. "Man, I haven't ran that much in a while…We should really go work out again." She mumbled to Gaara as they took two seats next to each other in the back.

Gaara raised an eyebrow at her, and smirked, crossing his arms; showing no signs of being tired from the run. "Speak for yourself, Blondie." He chuckled a bit.

Ino pouted, looking at him. "Hey! Don't call me that. You know I don't like it."

Gaara waved his hand back and forth, giving a bored look. "Yeah, yeah." He smirked again. Ino was pouting even more. "You wouldn't rather have me call you Duckie or anything like that, now, hm? Or hm…What else could I call you? Sweetie? Babe?"

Ino groaned. He knew she hated those sorts of nicknames. And who was it to blame? Annoying, egotistic guys from all around the world; if there's one in Japan, who knew there would be another few in France or Spain or even Germany? Yes. Even guys from other countries had hit on Ino. Even at L'Ecole d'Arts.

"I'm tired of those names. I'll only refer to being called as Ino Yamanaka. Nothing else. I hate those nicknames, Gaara!"

"Where those names, really that bad? I mean, you said some of those guys were really great."

Ino shook her head. "No. I said you and Kankuro were probably the only good guys in that god-forsaken school. Who know such a great school would hold such snobbish guys!? Ugh. Especially that Kisame guy. I mean there were some nice guys there. Like Deidara. Oh and Sasori too! But really, Gaara. It was terrible. If it wasn't for the great things the school taught, I would've been gone long ago."

Gaara chuckled again. "Speaking of the classes though, where is our teacher…? I thought we were the ones late to class."

Ino blinked and looked around the class, everyone was still chatting like crazy, most of them were just looking at the blonde and the red head sitting in the back. "Hey, Gaara. What are they whispering about? They keep looking at us…"

Gaara smirked, "Maybe because we look like such a great couple?"

Ino punched Gaara lightly in the arm. "You know you're like my best friend Gaara. We aren't married or even dating you loser." Ino laughed.

Gaara smiled a bit. 'She's finally smiling and laughing like she used to.' The red head rubbed his arm, smirking. "Not if you keep abusing me like this. I think I should file for a divorce! That's it. This thing is not going to work between us, Blondie." Gaara laughed, and so did Ino.

The two stopped laughing as they listened around themselves and found it too quiet. They opened their eyes fully, looking forward seeing a familiar pale-eyed, long-haired male. Ino raised an eyebrow, and Gaara stood up as Neji put out his hand. "Yo. It's been a while. Gaara. Yamanaka." Gaara and Neji shook hands, doing their guy thing. Ino rolled her eyes. Guys.

After they finished, Ino gave him a small hug. "It's been a long time Hyuga! I've heard you and TenTen got together. That's great. What else has been new?"

"Just the fact that four people from our middle school year have actually come back from wherever they disappeared off too—" Neji responded just as a certain raven-haired boy smacked him in the back. "Hey Neji, picked up our seats…?" Sasuke came face to face with the Yamanaka girl.

"Oh, it's the Blondie, Ino Yamanaka, right? I think we had a bad first impression earlier—" Ino cut him off by pointing at him with her index finger, surprise all apparent on her face.

"It's the chicken ass shaped hair guy! What?! Are you like stalking me now!?"

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched, and Neji and Gaara stifled a laugh. "I told you my name before, didn't I?"

Ino nodded, with a grin on her face. "Yep! It was like Sissy Uchiha or something like that, right?"

This time, Neji and Gaara weren't able to stifle their laughter. Sasuke shot a glare at them, and then back at the Yamanaka girl. "No! It's Sasuke Uchiha."

Ino smirked a bit, smiling with her eyes. "Oh, yeah, yeah! I was just about to say that. So anyway, why are you stalking me?"

The PA system sounded in the room, and a voice rang out. Everyone's eyes went to face the front of the room, where the little speaker was held. "Biology Honors, Period 1, Teacher, Asuma Sautobi. This class and other class, and others taught by Mr. Asuma, will be changed to a free period, due to Mr. Asuma having gotten a fever. Please use your time wisely, and do not get in trouble. Thank you."

The PA system cut off, and most of the class had started talking away, just hanging with each others' friends.

Sasuke and Neji looked back at Ino and Gaara.

"I am not stalking you, this is my class too."

Ino rolled her eyes. "No way. I thought you were like, a sophomore or something. Especially with that face of yours. Could it get any uglier and baby-faced?"

The blonde girl heard gasps from around the classroom. Ino raised an eyebrow, as well as Gaara as the two turned toward the sources of the noise.

The conversation was heard by most of the class, especially the last part. Every girl in the class started to glare daggers at the blonde.

Ino crossed her arms, and stared back. "What the hell is your problem? Didn't like what you heard? Well, why don't you come and give me a piece of your mind?"

Before the four knew it, they were being chased by at least 20 other girls from the class. Ino panted lightly, still running along, looking back once in a while.

She looked at the raven haired boy. "What the hell is their problem?! What! You got a fucking fan club or something?"

Sasuke looked to the side, avoiding her gaze. Ino blinked at his reaction and looked at Neji. "Oh my god. For this loser?! Why the hell would there be one for him?"

Neji shrugged, looking back, seeing the girls right on their tail. "We should split up, and divert them or something, you and Sasuke go that way, and Gaara and I will go this way. Me and him will try to distract them for a while, so go hide for a while, 'kay?"

Ino was about to protest till Sasuke grabbed her wrist and whisked her toward other way. Neji stopped, as well as Gaara, waiting as the hoard of girls approached the two boys angrily.

Gaara looked at the Hyuga. "You think they will be all right?" Neji sighed. "I think we should be more concerned with ourselves. The girls around here can get pretty…crazy." Gaara sighed, his eyes now closed with his eyebrow twitching a bit.

In less than a second, the silence was filled with the snarls of girls as they demanded to find where the Uchiha and Yamanaka were. Neji tried to reason with them, showing the most charm he could muster up. Gaara did the same, and little by little, the girls calmed down more, excluding a certain redhead in the back. Her glasses perched on the tip of her nose; she moved them back up, examining the whole situation. As most of the girls started to leave, she stayed there, with her arms crossed looking at the two boys.

"So, where are they?"

Gaara and Neji looked up, sighing a bit. "Where is who, Karin?" Neji questioned.

Karin flared up, throwing her arms in the air. "You fucking know who Hyuga! Where is Sasuke-kun and that blonde slut?!"

Neji rubbed his temples, "She is not a slut. Her name is Ino Yamanaka, and he is gone with her. So give up."

Karin growled viciously, turning around in a huff. "Sasuke-kun is MINE! Tell that Yamanaka-slut to stay the fuck away from him."

Gaara looked at Neji, "And that was…?" Neji crossed his arms, watching the girl leave. "Karin Hebi. Sasuke's number one fan girl. Or so she says. She has an obsession with him."

Gaara quirked an eyebrow, "Obsession?"

Neji responded with a nod. "We've found out over the years she would try to sneak into his house, and things like that. I think she's even stolen a shirt or two from him."

Gaara made a disgusted face, "That's…just wow."

Neji nodded again. "Mhm. Well come on. Let's go find those two."

The Hyuga and Sabaku boys started off the direction Sasuke led Ino in, searching for the two.

- With Sasuke And Ino –

"Ugh! Let. Go. Of. Me!" Ino tried wiggling her wrist out of Sasuke's hold as the two kept running down the hall. "I don't need you to fucking take care of me! So let go damnit!"

The Uchiha grunted and stopped for a second, looking around. The blonde took it as a chance and kicked him in the back, making Sasuke tumble forward. Though the plan backfired as Sasuke's grip on her wrist still stuck, and brought Ino along with the impact. Sasuke, before tumbling all the way, swirled around to land on his back in hope of less damage, although it made Ino fall on top of him…

Cerulean eyes met ebony eyes, and locked onto each other.