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If you come softly

John's voice washed over Helen in velvet waves. He had always known his voice calmed her. When in Oxford he would travel to her room at night, just to hold and sooth her nerves. Helen's agitated self had always drawn John to her. It was what made her different from other women in the 18800's Britain. John carefully laid next to Helen. All he wanted to do was to take her in his arms and kiss each tear away. While hoping, beyond hope that it would dissipate her burden. However, John knew he that could not do that anymore. He lost the right to kiss his true love a long time ago. He also knew that he did not reserve any right to remove her pain, not after all the pain he had inflicted on her. Instead, John ever so gently embraced Helen's quavering form and rested his head on hers. Helen didn't pull away, she couldn't. John's voice continued to whisper calm waves into her. They shared the only pain they could, loosing their only child. In the end John had come to her softly.