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The beautiful yet sorrowful tones filled my mind as his hands guided my fingers across the keys. I could not believe that I was creating the music, and I could not help but smile.

"You are so beautiful" he whispered with his breathtaking velvet voice. I had grown to love his voice and his personality. His voice aroused feelings inside me, unknown feelings which I had never heard of or felt. He caressed my shoulders and kissed my neck, while I continued playing. He knew my soft and weak spots, where I was most ticklish. He knew how to make me smile and he could read me so well, almost as if I was an open book.

"Let's stop here" he said while holding my hands and putting them to rest on the keys. A soft and funny sound emitted from the piano because of our action. I giggled and turned my face to face him. He kissed my cheek and pulled my back into his arms into an embrace.

"We are making so beautiful music from my baby grand" he chuckled and he slid me off his lap and guided me up. He took my hand and led me across the room, carefully so I would not fall over or stumble.

I was blind. I was born with a malfunction in my eyes and my parents could not afford an operation, but I was content with my state of blindness. I did not know what my parents looked like or what the wonderful man, named Edward looked like. All I knew is that he had a good heart and cared for me. I relied on my hearing and on my passion for music. I did not know why Edward wanted to spend so much time with me, but it could not find it in my heart to complain.

I was happy and in love.