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"It has been some time since I have been here." She thought as she breathes in the cold Japan air. "I wonder how he has been." Her thoughts wandered as she was standing outside the airport.

"Mommy, how long are we going to stand here?" the three year old little boy asked impatiently

"Okay. Okay. We will be waiting for a taxi now, shall we Natsuki?" her mom said smiling, noticing the irritation and the excitement the little boy was feeling. He had been looking forward to this trip ever since Mikan has decided to go back home and raise his son in his roots.

They rode a taxi going to their new apartment. She noticed that surely a lot had already changed but not too much since the familiarity was somehow still there. The location of their new home was not that far from the city and the rent anyway was not really that expensive so as a lowly teacher, she can afford it.

Upon arriving with only their necessities in hand, they were both ready to start a new life. Natsuki was so excited that he was literally jumping up and down. Mikan just giggled, the excitement becoming infectious.

"Mommy! Mommy! Which one is our home? That one or that one?" Natsuki was pointing randomly at the building apartments. Her mother was smiling while pointing at their apartment door. It wasn't a fancy apartment but it wasn't that rundown either, so it will do.

"Hotaru really knows how to choose a place. It is even near to the home I used to live in." Mikan just mused at her bestfriend's choice. She had been the best of friends truly. Hotaru had always supported her in whatever decisions she made and always spoke her mind when needed. She may be a bit cold-hearted but despite that, she always cared for Mikan and Natsuki.

"Mommy, let's go now." Her son said pulling her towards the apartment.

"Okay. Okay." She followed along, balancing their bags in her arms.

The apartment was more than enough for a family of two. It had a kitchen where Hotaru had made sure was spacious enough to work around, a living room that allowed enough space for Natsuki to play, bathroom and one bedroom for them to share. It was truly more than she could bargain for. Of course, her bestfriend also made sure that everything were fully furnished and livable even though Mikan told her not to.

"Mommy, will Aunt Hotaru come over visit us? Or Uncle Ruka?" the little boy asked, already missing his other two favorite persons in the world. His words.

"Of course. But not today honey, because they have work." She replied.

After about an hour of putting the stuff they brought in place, a certain young lad was already complaining that he was hungry and so and so.

"He still so young but he really complains a lot. So much resemblance to him." It just seems like that as he is constantly growing, their likeness always exhibits.

"Natsuki, how about we go to the city to have our lunch and a tour?" Since she didn't have any ingredients yet to prepare a decent meal.

"Are we gonna buy a new toy and a new comic book too?" He asked with a big sheepish smile on his face. So how can a mother say no to that?

"Of course, but only one toy and one manga, agreed?" She gave in and was reminded of him again, "So much like him. Especially the comics."

"Mommy! Are you listening?" the little boy said almost to shouting. Mikan's mind seemed to wander off again and it has been doing that a lot of times since arriving.

"Sorry honey." She apologized as she let her son wear his coat. "Let's go since you said you were hungry." She took his hand and went out.

With a big smile plastered on their faces, hand in hand, they went to the city to grab a bite. It was a busy time where people were rushing to get lunches before their break time ends. She saw the stores and restaurants were lined up for about 2 blocks. There were some that were familiar and others that were new to her.

With the many choices, Mikan was confused. So to her rescue, she asked the 3 year old boy. "What would you like to eat?" she knelt to his level. "There are a lot of good places and mommy's having a hard time." She admitted. Actually, this wasn't the first time it had happened. She always had the tendency to have difficulty choosing where and what to eat and it was usually Natsuki who would decide. He was so smart for such a little boy.

"Umm…" he was thinking as he was looking around. Then he saw something that caught his eye, he pointed at it. Mikan just laughed. Who doesn't love pizza? So they went in and the place was buzzing with people that they had to wait a good 15 minutes before they were seated.

Their orders were taken and Mikan was asked if she wanted a kid's chair which Natsuki quickly said no because 'I'm a big boy'. The waitress was amused by his show of maturity and it also made his mother smile.

"Mommy, it is really beautiful here." The boy said first. "And it's cold too." He shivered.

"It really is." She agreed and looked out the window.

Their order arrived and no time was spared as they quickly started eating. After lunch, they had a trip to the toy store and the book shop as promised.

As they were walking out, her cell phone rang. "Hello Hotaru!" she happily greeted.

"So, you have arrived well?" Hotaru asked with her usual cold voice without even a hello.

"Yes. We are now in the city just having a little sight-seeing." She responded. "We just had pizza too."

"Mommy! Mommy! Is that Aunt Hotaru?" Natsuki interrupted, trying to pull her arm down.

"Ssshh Chris. Mommy's talking." She reprimanded kindly. "Sorry Hotaru. You were saying?"

"Remember the school I told you about, they are hiring teachers and I recommended you. The principal is a friend of mine. So, she asked me if she could meet you. It will be two days from now at 9:00 am and don't be late. Damn it! I forgot. I gotta go. Just say hi to Natsuki for me." And she hanged up, as usual without the proper goodbye.

Mikan sighed and placed her phone back in her pocket, grateful to have such a reliable friend who even had found a job for her. She looked around and that was when she noticed that Natsuki was not beside her. She frantically looked around the and there he saw him, Natsuki was too near the street and her heart was pounding hard on her chest because on the road was a car coming.

"Natsuki!" she shouted, running to where her son was.

She reached him just on time and thank God, the car stopped too. She hugged him tightly.

"What were you doing?!" she held to his shoulders too strongly. "You could have been killed." She said with teary eyes, hugging him again.

The driver went out of his car and went up to them, obviously furious by the almost accident. "You shouldn't let your son play on the roads! This ain't a playground!" he scolded her. "Such a careless mother." He added the last line like a whisper even though it was clear enough for her to hear.

Mikan just apologized and ignored his last remark since what's important that Natsuki was okay. So, she carried him out of the middle of the street and to the sidewalk.

"Mommy, I'm so sorry." He apologetically said, tears forming on his eyes. "My toy just rolled down there. I had to get it." Natsuki explained, grasping the toy on one hand and the other wiping his tears. "I'm so sorry." He apologized again and gave her mommy a hug.

"Don't cry. Sshh." She comforted, rubbing her son's back. She pulled him away and looked at him straight in the eye, "Don't do it again, okay? You almost gave mommy a heart attack." Mikan told him seriously. He was a smart kid and he listens well to elders.

"What a boring day" he thought as he was sitting at the back seat.

His days were work and more work. It was a tiresome, repetitive cycle. Yes, he had the money but he couldn't have what he really wanted. Although, years have passed and it seemed like he was ready to move on. He was young and he was sure that women would come crawling once he starts entertaining.

Glancing through his window, his vision caught a sight of a brunette girl. He had to look twice as his eyes widened, "Mikan?"

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