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The trip has been fine so far. A lot has changed but a lot of things remained the same between them. It was still silence that surrounds them. They were hardly talking and are not acting like a newlywed couple. They may be bound by marriage and law but it needs something more to make things like they were before. Their only connection for now is Natsuki, the sole reason they got married.

"I hate it." Mikan thought as she stared out in the window. "It was agreed that there will be no honeymoon." A bit annoyed by the fact.

"It's too awkward to be beside him like this." She thought as she peaked at the man beside her who was as silent too.

Both in their side of the seat, looking outside, enjoying the view of the beautiful country they will be staying for whole 3 days.

From the car that brought them to the hotel up to where they were supposed to be staying was well-planned. They did planned it too well, from the wedding to the honeymoon.

"Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Hyuuga." They were greeted as they arrived at the hotel. "We were informed that you were coming. Let me take your bag and lead you to your room."

The place was almost as big as Mikan's apartment. It had a spacious living area and a mini kitchen. But what was really amazing about the suite was the magnificent view of the ocean. It had a balcony that would allow them to just sit and enjoy the sight. If only they could enjoy it like how it was supposed to be.

Mikan looked around the room. "Wait." She faced Natsume who was inspecting the place as well. "We'll be staying here together?" Her dislike of the idea obvious on her face.

"Of course." Natsume simply replied. "What will people think if a newlywed couple on their honeymoon is in different rooms?" He continued to walk around. "We can't have people talking about us negatively. There are a lot who wants take down the Hyuugas." He added.

"It's a good day to go out." He went to Mikan. "Why don't we have breakfast?"

"Breakfast?" she exasperated. "How can we spend this 3 days together in the same room?"

She walked out of the door hastily, leaving behind a smirking Natsume who quickly followed his annoyed wife.

"Auntie, do you think Mommy is having fun?"

"I hope so." Hotaru replied. "She had always wanted to go there."

"I want to go there too." The little boy exclaimed.

"Maybe next time little boy." Ruka patted Natsuki's head, smiling.

"They need this time for themselves to pick up the pieces from where they left off." He looked at Hotaru, who had a concerned face. "Who knows? Maybe they'll find out what fate has in stored for them." Ruka said putting an arm around Hotaru's shoulder, comforting her which earned him a glare. But who cares, he was used to it anyway.

"Where is that old hag, anyway?" She pulled away. "We have been waiting for her for almost 20 minutes." Hotaru complained, sounding so impatient.

As if on cue, she arrived. "Hello." Keito greeted them with a fake smile.

"What took you so long?" Hotaru stood up and faced her. She is never afraid of anyone.

"At least I'm here." Keito rolled her eyeballs. She took Natsuki's hand and left without a word, not giving Natsuki a chance to say goodbye.

"That old hag" Ruka heard Hotaru mumble.

"That was the best breakfast I've had for so long." Mikan joyfully said, completely forgetting the awkwardness and her previous worries.

But her eating mate didn't seem to be enjoying it though. He was just playing with the food with the fork.

Mikan seems to be annoyed with his action and stared at him.

Natsume looked up. "What's wrong?" he asked as he saw Mikan's glare at him.

"Nothing." She let out an annoyed sigh and looked away.

Just then, a waiter came and asked if there was anything else they need. Natsume just dismissed him.

"You done?" Natsume finally asked as he placed his plate aside.

"Yeah." Mikan replied, getting up from her seat.

As they slowly walked out of the restaurant, Mikan heard someone say, "Look, isn't that man handsome?" a girl gleefully and loudly said. Obviously, wanting Natsume to hear.

"Yeah!" Another girl exclaimed, "I bet he's here to have a good night with the ladies." She playfully added.

Mikan's blood boiled and she looked the girls' way. She glared at them as strongly as she can and raised her left hand up, showing off the ring.

The girls rolled their eyes as disappointed response.

"Annoying" Mikan thought as she looked away.

Then within a couple of seconds, she realized what she had just done. "What were you thinking?" she mentally slapped herself. "Stupid Mikan." She shook her head.

"Hey, Mikan." Natsume looked back, when he realized Mikan was falling behind. "What are you doing?" he asked curiously.

Mikan was speechless as she hurried her steps.

"Showing off, are we?" Natsume teased as he raised the hand with the ring.

"Hmpf…of course not." She huffed, crossing her arms. "Let's just go." As she walked away.

Natsume just smiled. "I guess this honeymoon is really just getting started." He said to himself as he caught up with Mikan.

Natsuki stayed silent throughout the whole car ride and that was totally unusual for such an inquisitive boy. The reason for his silence was simply because the lady just freaks him out. A lady with an unsmiling face and eyes that do nothing but glare, scared him.

"Okay Natsuki." She momentarily looked at him. "I will be taking you to your grandma or let's say Natsume's grandma. So behave yourself." She finished stiffly, as she looked straight ahead.

Our little Natsuki just nodded quietly and hoped that the trip would end faster.

Natsuki will be staying with Natsume's family while his parents are on their honeymoon. Ruka and Hotaru had thought that this was a good opportunity and time to get to know each other and for Natsuki to be familiar with how the Hyuugas' are. But of course, that includes getting to know Keito too.

Finally, they arrived. A little longer than how Natsuki would have wanted but glad that the sinister ride was over. Someone opened his door and he slowly leapt out as he saw, Keito waiting for him.

"Come on, now." She called him as she walked on. Natsuki tried his biggest steps to follow. He was lead to a huge mansion. The little boy can't stop his awe as he looked up.

Then just a little up ahead, he finally saw a comforting face. He grinned and ran up to the old lady.

"Natsuki" Chiyo happily said upon seeing his grandson.

They went inside the grand house, hand in hand while the scary lady followed a little far behind.

"Grandma?" He called, as they were inside the living area. "Who is this?" Natsuki asked pointing at a picture of a young boy.

"Oh, that is little Natsume." She smiled sweetly, remembering Natsume's younger years. "You really look like him and anyone who will see you can clearly see that you are Natsume's child." She said patting the child's head softly.

"Okay. First night in bed." She was inside the bathroom, preparing herself. "Relax, Mikan. It's not like something is gonna happen." She slowly opened the door. "You just have to sleep beside him and nothing more." She thought tiptoeing as carefully as she can.

"What are you doing?" Natsume's voice shattered her composure. "Are you a thief? Walking like that?" He smirked.

Mikan quickly straightened herself and pretended like it was nothing. "I'm done. You can use the bathroom now." She said, back turned.

She jumped to bed before Natsume can say anything else. Natsume just lingered a moment then went inside to wash up.

When Natsume finished, Mikan was already fast asleep. He slowly went up to her, staring at her without any hesitation. He carefully fixed the blankets and knelt down beside the bed.

"Good night, Mikan." Before he even noticed, he gave a soft kiss on Mikan's forehead. "Sweet dreams." As he got up and went out of the room.

Morning came and Mikan expected a sleeping figure beside her but there wasn't.

She got up to look for Natsume and saw that Natsume slept on the couch. She approached the sleeping figure and smiled.

"It has been so long since I last saw his face this close." She thought, as her hand unconsciously traced his face softly.

"He must have a hard time sleeping here." Mikan thought.

Natsume stirred and not wanting to get caught staring, Mikan hurriedly got up and ran back to the bedroom.

"Some things really never change, Polka." Natsume thought as he sluggishly opened his eyes.

Unknown to Mikan, Natsume was already awake and was enjoying every moment he pretended to be asleep.

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