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Last Part, Fukki

Who am I?

Am I Fukki? One of the first beings who sealed Jyoka with my other three companions? The being who lived with them before, and found another planet called Earth to live in?

For me, Fukki is my past where I lived happily with my beloved companions and our leader, Jyoka. But it's a really far past, and even though I've tried so many times to forget it, I can't, and I mustn't. Because I'm the only one who can stop Jyoka after my other companions–who didn't believe me that someday Jyoka will wake up and get her revenge–merged with the Earth.

Am I Ou Eki? The one who gave the idea of the Houshin project to eliminate Jyoka? The one who played as the disciple of the Konron Mountains' head master?

And Ou Eki is a disguise to fool Jyoka. I use the body and appearance of a human, and trained as a doushi under Genshi Tenson. What I want was simply Jyoka's defeat. But when my soul was divided into two, I forgot all about that. And I was sent to the Kingou Islands, traded with a youkai and eventually became one.

Am I Taikoubou? The son of the Kyou's chief and a member of the royal family of the tribe? The doushi who drove the Houshin project on the surface?

But Taikoubou is another part of me that doesn't know the truth about the Houshin project. I simply drove it because I wanted sendou and Jyoka to stop interfering human's world and history.

Am I Outenkun? The devious youkai of the Kingou Islands and also the head of the Juutenkun? The one who drove the Houshin project from the backstage?

The Outenkun within me also didn't know about the real purpose of the Houshin project. But hell, I didn't even care about any of the fake purposes I knew. The first Outenkun hated Youzen who lived a very better life than mine. The second hated Genshi Tenson who traded me and ruined my life; and Bunchuu too, for he didn't believe in me, and yeah, his true purpose was to kill all including me. And the third, after got the other two souls back beforehand, found the last piece of my soul's puzzle, Taikoubou.

So who am I? Do I even know?

Of course I do; silly questions. I am Fukki. I am Ou Eki. I am Taikoubou and I am Outenkun. They all are me, from the start to the end. No wins or loses, and no right or wrong. I was an alien, I was a human, I was a doushi, and I was a youkai. But I am?

I am who I am, and I have nothing else to describe myself better than that.

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