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"sentence" is when they talk in English.


Salut d'Amour

A La Corda D'Oro FanFiction

By: chocolateicecream301


"Kaho-chan, we're gonna miss you so much~~" the 23 years old Takatou Mio said when she and all Kahoko's other friends came to see her off in the airport. Today she is going to go to England on her tour, so Mio, Nao, Amou, Mori, Tsuchiura, and Hihara came. They are now sitting in a café in the airport, waiting for Kahoko to board in.

"Aww come on, Mio, it's only a few weeks," Nao said, before she winked at Kahoko, "Imagine not meeting Tsukimori for a year."

Kahoko nodded, but then she realized what Nao just said. "Huh?? What was that??"

"You must have missed him so much," Nao said teasingly, "Don't you think so too, Amou-san?"

"Of course!!" Amou said, grinning, "Too bad though. I haven't got a shot of the two of you together. You make a very nice couple."

"Well… Actually-" Before Kahoko could finish her sentence, her phone rang. She looked for it inside her purse and when she got it she saw the caller's ID. Her face lighted up in a split second.

"Who's that? Lenny dearest?" Amou asked teasingly.

"Shhh!" All the girls giggled – well, Amou smirked – but Kahoko ignored them. She picked up the call immediately. "Hello?"

"What took you so long to answer the phone?" said the person on the other line, Azuma. He's obviously annoyed.

"Sorry, they're all bugging me," Kahoko said, shrugging, "Everyone's here. Well, not exactly everyone, but yeah… Oh, Hihara-senpai is here, do you want to talk to him?"

"Kahoko. I called you, and not Hihara, okay?" Azuma said, "Who exactly are there?"

"Umm, Mio, Nao, Amou-san, Mori-san, Tsuchiura-kun, and Hihara-senpai," Kahoko said, looking at her friends, "And apparently they still think that you're Tsukimori-kun."

"Really?" Azuma said, amused, but a little annoyed, "They didn't know about us?"

"No, I forgot to tell them that we're together," Kahoko said, while the others giggled, "You should talk with someone. So they will realize that you're NOT Tsukimori-kun. I've been saying 'not Tsukimori-kun', but they're well, ignoring the 'not' word."

"Give the phone to someone then," Azuma said, sighing. Then Kahoko handed the phone to Amou.

"What's this?" Amou asked in confusion, "Tsukimori wants to talk to me?"

"Like I've said, he's NOT Tsukimori-kun," Kahoko said, sighing, "Let him talk to you. You'll figure out who he is in a flash."

"Alright," Amou said. She stayed silent for a while, probably listening to Azuma talk on the other line. Then she got her notepad out all of the sudden, and started scribbling stuff. Then she ended it with an 'okay'.

"What's he talking about?" Kahoko asked Amou. Amou handed the phone back to Kahoko.

"Something very useful for my newest article," Amou said in excitement. "This is going to be AWESOME!!!"

"What did you tell her?" Kahoko said to Azuma on the phone. He chuckled.

"Something," Azuma said, "Give her Miyabi's number. She'll need it."

"Hey! What were you talking about???" Kahoko asked again, "Tell me Azuma-san…"

"You'll figure out…though this might make your manager furious…" Azuma said, "He might either get mad at you or resign."

"W-What???" Kahoko asked, panicked, "What will I do if he's not there to manage my schedule??"

"Find a new manager. It's that simple," Azuma said, "If he really quits, contact me and I'll get you a new manager in a flash."

"Ah, Azuma-san I have to go," Kahoko said, looking at her wristwatch. "It's boarding time soon. I'll call you when I get there, alright?"

"Alright," Azuma said, "…Be careful."

"Of course," Kahoko said, smiling. "Bye. I love you."

"Bye," Azuma said, "Don't forget to call."

"I won't," Kahoko said, before she hung up and turned to her friends.

"So, Amou-san," Kahoko said, "What do you think?"

"It was unexpected," Amou said, "I can't believe that you're actually an item with Yunoki-senpai."

"…Unbelievable," Mio and Nao said at the same time.

"Awesome, Hino-san, awesome," Mori said, "The Prince of Seisou. Awesome."

"Why do you need Miyabi-chan's number though, Amou-san?" Kahoko asked, "And what did Azuma-san tell you?"

"You'll find out," Amou said, "I'll send the article to you when it's done. Oh, Miyabi-san's number. Can you give it to me please?"

"Well, yeah, but why?" Kahoko said, sending Miyabi's number to Amou through a text message.

"Because I need it," Amou said, "Oh, thanks."

"I have to go now," Kahoko said, looking at the screen which has the list of flights. "Bye, I'll miss you all."

"It's only a few weeks, Kahoko. Don't worry," Amou said, "Plus you'll get to see Yunoki-senpai there, right?"

"…Yeah," Kahoko said, blushing. They all gave her a friendly hug, and after that she went inside for boarding.


Kahoko arrived in London after touring in other places in England for about a week. Like she had told him, Azuma didn't come to pick her up. It was actually because she didn't want her old manager to see him. He didn't want her to be in a relationship with anyone after all.

'It's all unnecessary now, though,' she thought. She glanced at her new manager, who is a pretty half-Japanese half-American. Her old manager, the male one, resigned just last week, and the day after she told Azuma about it, a new manager came. Her name is Suzuki Alana. She's really organized, nice, and fun to be with. To add to that, she's okay with the fact that Kahoko has a boyfriend, unlike her old manager. 'He should have come if he wanted to. But then again, I guess he must be busy with his own things.'

In a few minutes, their ride came. It was a very fancy car. Kahoko 'wow'ed when she saw it.

"Kahoko, come on," Alana called. She was already inside the car while Kahoko was still standing outside, in a trance.

"Oh, yeah," Kahoko said. She got into the backseat. She just stayed quiet through the whole ride. Alana didn't talk to her either, because she figured that she must have been tired.


In what seemed like forever, they finally arrived in the hotel. Alana quickly walked over to the receptionist so they can get their room keys and everything, while Kahoko just sat on one of the couches in the lobby, playing with her cell phone.


Kahoko almost jumped when the phone in her hand suddenly vibrated and rang. She flipped her phone open, and as expected, Azuma was the one calling her. She smiled and pressed the 'answer' button. "Hello?"

"Kahoko," Azuma said on the other line, "Are you in London already?"

"Ah, yeah," Kahoko said, "I'm in the hotel lobby, waiting for room keys. Why?"

"What do you mean by 'why'?" Azuma said, "Am I not allowed to know where my own girlfriend is right now?"

"E-Eh… No, that's not what I meant…" Kahoko said, panicking, while Azuma chuckled on the other line. That's when she realized. "You were teasing me, weren't you?"

"You're the best, Kahoko," Azuma said, chuckling, "Oh well. I'm actually really busy right now, so I'll make this short, okay?"

"What? You're still busy at this time of night?" Kahoko said in disbelief, "What time do you actually sleep?? It's already, what, 9 PM??"

Azuma chuckled. "No need to worry, Kahoko," he said, "I'll go back home right after this meeting I'm attending. I think it will only take about an hour."

"Don't you get tired? I mean, you have to work for the whole day and everything…" Kahoko said in worry.

"Well, of course I'll get tired," Azuma said, before adding seductively, "That's why I need you with me."

Kahoko blushed until her face was the same shade as her hair. "S-Stop teasing me…"

"Who said that I was teasing?" Azuma said in amusement, "I was serious."

"S-Still… D-Don't say things like that over the phone…" Kahoko said again.

"And why not?" Azuma asked, even more amused, "Oh, or do you want me to come over to your hotel after my meeting tonight? I'll say that again, directly, not over the phone…"

"A-Azuma-san… S-Stop teasing me please," Kahoko said, her face turning into a darker shade of red.

Azuma was silent for a while, before he broke into laughter. "Oh my god, Kahoko," he said, "You're the best. I'll never get tired of you. Good thing I'm inside my office though, or else my reputation would be broken just now."

Kahoko pouted like a child. "Well, I'm in the hotel lobby right now," she said in annoyance, "Can you please not make me look bad in public?"

Azuma ignored her. "Okay, back to what I was talking about before," he said, "What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Kahoko said, going over her schedule mentally, "Well, I have a concert tomorrow… I'll have to be in the venue by 2 PM, though I guess I'm free before that."

"Hmm… Alright," Azuma said, before she heard someone speak to him in English at the background. "I have to go now, Kahoko. I'll call again tomorrow morning."

"A-Ah… Yeah," Kahoko said, "Good night, Azuma-san."

"Good night, my sweet Kahoko," Azuma said, before he hung up the phone.

Kahoko was just going to relax more on the couch when someone came up to her from the back.

"Boo!" that person whispered on her ear.

Kahoko jumped from her seat in surprise and turned around to see her manager, Alana. She sighed, "Oh my god, Alana… What was that for?"

"Was that Yunoki-sama, Kahoko?" Alana asked in excitement. She seems to admire Azuma as any other girl would, though she respects Kahoko's relationship with him. Kahoko nodded shyly and she grinned. "How lucky… Yunoki-sama is so hot~~~!!!"

"I'd rather call him beautiful instead," Kahoko said, chuckling, "Oh well. Have you got the keys?"

"Yep," Alana said, handing a card to Kahoko, "Here is yours. Let's go, our escort and the guys who will be carrying our suitcases are waiting."

"Okay," Kahoko said and walked with Alana to their room, following their escort.


Kahoko woke up by the sound of her phone ringing this morning. 'Ugh, who on earth would call at 8 in the morning??' she thought in annoyance. She took her phone which was placed on her bedside table and was going to turn it off before she saw the name on the screen. Her eyes widened and she sat up immediately, answering the call.


"Well, well, you sound sleepy there," Azuma said in amusement on the other line, chuckling, "Did I wake you up?"

"S-Sort of…" Kahoko admitted shyly, "So, what is it? Why did you call so early in the morning anyway?"

"To wake you up," Azuma said, "And 8 is not early, Kahoko."

"Fine, whatever you say," Kahoko said, yawning.

"So, you're free until 2 PM, am I right?" Azuma asked, and Kahoko replied with an 'hn'. "Good. Then you can come to my office at around 11 or 12, right?"

"I guess so," Kahoko said, "That's around my usual practice time, but I can start practicing earlier and finish earlier. I just hope that Alana doesn't have anything planned for me."

"Just tell Suzuki-san that you'll be meeting me," Azuma said, "She'll be happy to let you go. Maybe she'll consider tagging along."

"I hope not," Kahoko said, "She'll just be gawking at you. She won't do her work properly."

"Well, well, when did my precious Kahoko become so serious?" Azuma said, chuckling lightly, "So, you can come, right?"

"Can I ever say no to you?" Kahoko said, chuckling.

"No, of course you can't," Azuma said, "I'll be expecting you at 11 sharp, then."

"Oh, when I arrive in the building where do I go?" Kahoko asked.

"To the receptionist, of course," Azuma said, "Just tell her that you want to meet me. I'll tell her that you're coming, so she'll expect you. It will lessen the trouble."

"A-Ah, alright…" Kahoko said, "I'm going to go grab some breakfast now then. What are you doing?"

"Me? I was just going to take a shower," Azuma said, and she could hear the sound of fabrics rustling in the background. She blushed.

"Y-You… You're in the bathroom?" Kahoko said.

"Yes I am," Azuma said, before he added, "I just took off all my clothes, by the way…"

Kahoko blushed furiously. "W-Wha… A-Argh… Azuma-san… Stop teasing me, would you?"

"Do you want to join me, Kahoko?" Azuma asked seductively, "I'll keep my doors unlocked for you…"


"No?" Azuma said, as if he was hurt by her one-word-statement, "Oh, Kahoko… I'm hurt."

"E-Eh?? A-Ah, I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to…" Kahoko said, panicking. There was silence for a while, before Azuma broke it with laughter. "Azuma-san… I despise you."

"I love you too, Kahoko," Azuma said, still laughing, "Alright then, I'll see you at 11 sharp today, okay? Don't forget to speak in English to the receptionist. Bye now."

Then he hung up just like that, not waiting for Kahoko's response. 'Huh… That guy, he's always like this…' Then she went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.


Kahoko just finished taking a shower and is currently wearing a white bathrobe provided by the hotel. Her long red hair was still wet, and she was drying it with a towel. She went to the door and opened it. 'That must be Alana…' As she had expected, her hazel-haired Japanese-American manager was standing there.

"Kahoko, ready for breakfast?" Alana asked, smiling.

"Oh, yeah," Kahoko said, "I'll put some clothes on for a while. Come in, just wait there somewhere."

"Alright, be quick, or else we'll get no food," Alana said. Kahoko nodded and looked for some decent clothes to wear in her suitcase.

"What should I wear?" Kahoko asked. Alana is also her fashion advisor at times, since she has good eyes in things like this. She walked over to her and looked inside the suitcase.

"This," Alana said, taking a white spaghetti-strapped tank top. Then she took out a pair of denim shorts, "And these."

Kahoko grabbed the clothes from her and quickly went to the bathroom. In a while, she came out. "Is this okay?"

"Good," Alana said, two thumbs up, "You should tie your hair though. Come here. I have an idea on how to tie it."

Alana motioned for her to sit on the chair in front of her mirror. She started to tie her hair, which is longer and neater than what it used to be in high school. Now her hair is like Azuma's hair, just red and a bit shorter. In a while, Alana was done with her experiment on her hair. Kahoko looked at herself in the mirror and saw that her hair is now tied up in a ponytail, but with some hair left on the sides to frame her face. She sweatdropped and turned to Alana.

"Alana…" Kahoko said, while Alana just smiled innocently, "This is Azuma's hairstyle."

"Exactly the point," Alana said, grinning, "I was just experimenting, and as I expected, it looks good on you as well!!"

Kahoko sighed. "Oh well," she said, "Let's go get some breakfast…"

Then the two of them went out of Kahoko's room and headed to the restaurant in the first floor. As usual, they were just talking about random stuff like the latest gossip in the music industry – there seems to be a lot more people hooking up lately – and other stuff. They just entered the elevator when Alana thought about something.

"So, Kahoko," she started, "Will your relationship with Yunoki-sama be kept secret? Or are you going to announce it to the public?"

"E-Eh?" Kahoko was quite surprised by the sudden topic, "Well, the news should be going in Japan soon… You see, there's this friend of ours who is one of the best journalists in Japan. I have a feeling that Azuma-san told her to make an article about it. I'm not really sure, though."

"He seems to be eager to have it published on the gossip column," Alana said, chuckling, "I think he wants to declare his claim on you. Well, considering the amount of gossips about you and Tsukimori Len-san, that's not a big surprise."

"I guess so," Kahoko said, "Oh, that's right. What's my schedule for 11 AM today?"

"Wait a sec," Alana said, taking an agenda from her bag. She carries this agenda everywhere so she can make changes to Kahoko's schedule anytime. She looked at a page where Kahoko's schedule for today was written, and shook her head. "No, you're free at that time," she said, "You'll have free time until around 1.30 PM."

"Ah, that's good," Kahoko said in relief, before Alana looked at her suspiciously, at the same time grinning. "W-What?"

"You have a date don't you?" Alana said mischievously, grinning, "You have a date with Yunoki-sama, am I right? That's why you were asking me about today's schedule!"

Kahoko blushed. "Y-Yeah…"

"I knew it," Alana said, "Well, you'll be allowed to go, of course. As long as it doesn't collide with your schedules spending time with your precious boyfriend is alright."

"Thanks a lot, Alana," Kahoko said, smiling widely and hugged her manager, "You're the best manager ever!!"

"Of course I am," Alana said, "Can I tag along with you then?"

"What???" Kahoko said in surprise. Alana laughed lightly.

"I was joking," Alana said, "I'll tag along with you until we arrive in his office, then I'll be going shopping alone. I'll pick you up at 12.30. What do you think?"

Kahoko smiled, "Deal."

"I'll get some clothes for you to wear too, don't worry," Alana said, winking. Before they knew it they're already in front of the restaurant. "Let's go in, then."

"Sure," Kahoko said, and the two of them went inside the restaurant.


A sleek black limousine stopped in front of the Yunoki Group London Branch building. The security guards of the building quickly went towards the car and opened the door for the extremely important passenger of the car. When the door was opened, the purple-haired CEO of the company, Yunoki Azuma came out and walked into the building; the security guards all bowing to him. Once he entered, all the females in the building, from the janitors to the finance director – who just happened to be a female – turned to look at him. Well, stare at him, to be exact. He ignored all of their admiring stares and walked straight to the receptionist.

"Good morning, Mr. Yunoki. May I help you?" the receptionist asked, smiling her best smile.

Azuma smiled back at her politely. "Good morning to you too, Ms. Gold," he said, "And yes, in fact I do need to use your help."

"What is it, sir?"

"At around 11 AM, a red-haired Japanese woman named Kahoko Hino will come. She will be here to meet me," Azuma said, "When she comes, just quickly escort her to my office. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Gold said.

"Alright, thank you very much," Azuma said. He smiled politely and walked to a special elevator which only stops at the 6th floor. The only way to go to his office is through this elevator, since the whole 6th floor is his office. There is no other way in. This elevator is the door of his office. To make this elevator go up, you have to do a fingerprint scan with the machine, and only certain people in the company have their fingerprints recorded in the machine, so only certain people can go to Azuma's office without having someone escort them. These people are Azuma and the rest of his family, and two special escorts/bodyguards.

'Soon I'll have Kahoko's fingerprints recorded so she wouldn't need escorts,' he thought, 'People who need escorts are people who can't be trusted.'


Right at 11 AM, Kahoko arrived in a silver Ferrari car that had been bought for her – though she doesn't know that it's hers, she currently thinks that Alana rented it – by none other than Azuma. He just sent the keys to Alana last night. After one of the security guards opened the door, she went out of the car. The security guards started asking her what her purpose of coming is and she just told them that she's here to meet Azuma. They decided to trust her – since she came in an expensive car and she doesn't look like someone dangerous – and let her in. Quite a number of people were in the lobby at the moment, and unfortunately they all stared at Kahoko who was walking towards the receptionist, Ms. Gold.

"Good morning, miss. May I help you?" Gold said, smiling as usual. She figured that this woman standing in front of her must be who Azuma was talking about earlier, 'Kahoko Hino'.

"My name is Kahoko, and I'm here to meet Azuma," Kahoko said, smiling sweetly, "And by that I mean Azuma Yunoki."

With the mentioning of Azuma's name, all the females in the room turned and looked at Kahoko with curious eyes. They got distracted from their jobs and stared at her, following her every move. Kahoko noticed this and sweatdropped uncomfortably. 'Looks like he has a fan club here too…' she thought, chuckling inwardly.

"Ah, you must be Ms. Kahoko Hino," Gold said, and Kahoko snapped back from her thoughts. She was smiling politely, apparently hoping that if she serves this seemingly important woman in front of her she'll get a promotion, "He had been expecting you. Please wait for a moment."

"Alright," Kahoko said. The receptionist called two British guys wearing black suits and they approached her.

"Ms. Hino, right this way," Black Suit Guy #1 said. He and his partner escorted her to the special elevator. After they arrived in front of the elevator, Black Suit Guy #1 bowed and left, so Kahoko was with Black Suit Guy #2. He put his hand on the scanner and the elevator opened.

"Do you have to do a fingerprint scan every time you use an elevator?" Kahoko asked in awe. Black Suit Guy #2 glanced at her in confusion, though she couldn't see it since he was wearing black shades.

"Not all elevators, Ms. Hino, just this one," Black Suit Guy #2 said. After a few minutes, they arrived in Azuma's floor. Unlike other elevators, the door doesn't open immediately. The black-suited escort pressed a button. There is a microphone implanted to the wall, and when you press the button it will turn on. "Ms. Kahoko Hino has arrived."

In a second the door opened and all Kahoko can see is a huge office. She walked out of the elevator, and the door closed immediately.

"Shocked much, Kahoko?"

Kahoko looked around to find Azuma sitting on one of the sofas in the corner of the room. She smiled and went over to him. "So, you need a special elevator to get into your office?"

"Apparently so," Azuma said, chuckling, "This whole floor is my office anyway. Well, not exactly. There is a library, something like a lounge for the members of the Yunoki family – the main family - and a top secret document room too."

"Ah, I see…" Kahoko said, nodding.

"I'm planning to make a soundproof practice room in this floor also," Azuma said, smirking, "That room would be for you."

"Eh? For me?"

"Yes, for you," Azuma said, "So if you want to practice you can just come here. You can make all the horrible noises you want to make in there."

"Hey!!! What do you mean by 'horrible'??" Kahoko said, offended by Azuma's statement. The expression on her face is just priceless for Azuma.

Azuma laughed hysterically. "I was just kidding, Kahoko," he said in between laughs. Then he suddenly stopped laughing and gave Kahoko a seductive look. "Or would you like to do something else in there?"

Kahoko blushed immediately, "A-Azuma-san!!!!"

Azuma laughed again. "Kahoko… You're simply the best," he said after his laughing ceased. , "But why on earth are you standing up like an idiot over there? Come here, you stupid girl." He patted beside him, motioning her to sit there.

'Bastard,' Kahoko thought inwardly, although she went and sat there with him.

"Now that's a good girl," Azuma said, patting her head gently as if she was a kid. After that he put his arm around her shoulder. In no time at all, that same arm was already circled around her waist. He pulled her closer to him and turned her head to his. Then he caressed her cheek lovingly with his free hand, looking at her so intently that she felt like blushing again. They just sat there staring at each other for a while until Azuma broke the silence.

"Kahoko…" he said, still looking right into her eyes.


"I missed you," Azuma said while leaning over to her until their lips touched. Kahoko was surprised at first but closed her eyes started kissing him back after a while. After getting a response from her, he slightly parted his lips and started kissing her a little bit more deeply. Knowing that Kahoko enjoyed the kiss, he pulled her closer and started kissing her intimately with a deep fiery passion. He felt her give in to him so he pushed her gently and pinned her onto the couch. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and started kissing her harder and more desperately, his need for her completely in shown in his kiss. Kahoko kissed back almost as passionately, before the phone in Azuma's room rang.


Azuma ignored the phone at first and continued kissing Kahoko. The phone continued ringing, and in the end Kahoko pushed him away.

"Azuma-san, the phone," Kahoko said, pointing at the phone. Azuma looked at her for a while before he sighed and walked over to the phone unwillingly.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Mr. Yunoki, you have an incoming call from a Ms. Nami Amou from Japan."

'Great timing, Amou,' Azuma cursed in his mind, "Please tell her to call again later. I am busy right now."

When Azuma was about to hang up, the operator started speaking again. "Sir, Ms. Amou insists to speak to you right now and said that she will be quick. She has important news."

"…Alright, then, connect it," Azuma said. 'Damn you Amou.'

"Yunoki-senpai?" Amou's voice said from the other line.

"Hello, Amou-san," Azuma said with his sugar-coated voice, "I'm really sorry but I actually have tons of documents to look at right now, so please be quick."

"Documents?" Amou said, "But the operator just said that you're in the middle of a meeting with an important guest. I wonder who this guest is…"

"I am in the middle of a meeting with an extremely important guest, Amou-san," Azuma said, "But I really do have a lot of documents to look at as well."

"Whatever, just say hello to Hino-chan for me," Amou said. They talked on the phone briefly before Azuma hung up and walked back to Kahoko.

"Amou said hello," Azuma said as he threw himself back on the couch and circled his arm around Kahoko's shoulder.

"Amou-san called?" Kahoko said in confusion, "What was that all about?"

"The article," Azuma said simply.

"What article?" Kahoko asked again, not getting what Azuma was talking about.

"The article about us," Azuma said, "She's done with it. She said that she'll send us a copy."

"W-What?? She made an article??" Kahoko said, not knowing about it. Azuma raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't know?" Azuma said, "I thought she told you about it."

Kahoko shook her head so Azuma just sighed. "Well, now you know," he said and stood up. "Wait here."

Azuma went through one of the doors in his office and came out looking neat and tidy. His hair was also up in a ponytail. When he turned to look at Kahoko, he chuckled suddenly, making her confused.

Kahoko raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"You look like a mess," Azuma said, chuckling, "Come here for a bit."

Kahoko obediently followed his order like a loyal puppy and Azuma dragged her into the room he just came out of. It turns out to be a bathroom, a very luxurious one and there's a full-length mirror there. Azuma went behind Kahoko and started playing with her hair. After a while her hair was already up in a chic ponytail. 'Wow, he's good at hairstyling too?' she thought in awe. He didn't even use a comb to do it and it looked so neat.

"Now we match," Azuma said, smirking, "Come on, let's go."

"Huh? Go where?" Kahoko asked.

"Do you think that I was planning to make you stay in my dull office for the whole day or something?" Azuma said, "We're going downstairs to get some food. It's lunch time."


"Wow… What's with all these luxury you get here?" Kahoko said while she looked around the place she's currently sitting in with Azuma, "First a special elevator and a whole floor reserved for your use only. Now a restaurant with first class service for VVIP's only!!!! Oh my goodness…"

Azuma just chuckled. "Don't be so noisy, Kahoko," he said, "Or else people will stare at you again."



When the special elevator door opened in the first floor, all heads turned to look at the one and only person who can possibly be coming out of it. They were only expecting Yunoki Azuma, of course, though they were surprised to see him with Kahoko. To add to that, his arm was circled around her waist and they were talking to each other intimately. They seemed to glow in happiness. All the females looking started giving dark auras and shot death glares to Kahoko.

"They're staring at me," Kahoko said while chuckling.

"Who are?" Azuma said, looking around with the corner of his eyes, "No worries, I'll fire them."

Kahoko just shook her head, "Oh Azuma…"

While they walked together towards the restaurant, they can hear people talk about them, although now both are already used to being talked about when they pass.

"Hey, who is that with Mr. Yunoki?"

"I don't know, his close friend?"

"Definitely not. Look at how intimate they are!!"

"Then his wife maybe?"

"He's not married!!!!"

"Well then, fiancée. Or girlfriend."

"Whoever she is, she's so lucky!!!"

"They look good together. Plus, that girl's hot!"

Azuma twitched when he heard this. Someone thought that Kahoko is hot. He had an urge to fire that guy on the spot. But then again, he should actually be happy if people thinks that Kahoko looks attractive enough to be with him… 'Oh well.' With that he immediately shrugged the thought of firing the guy away.


"I can't believe that someone thinks you look attractive," Azuma said, chuckling, "He has a bad taste in women."

"Oh? Is that so?" Kahoko said, pretending to be offended, although she knew that she can't ever fool Azuma, "Then I can say that you have a bad taste in women as well, can't I?"

"No, it's a different case for me," Azuma said, "I just have some…special requirements that must be met."

"Still, bad taste," Kahoko said, "Oh well. The food is here."

They started eating, and before they realized it the time has shown 12.30 PM. Alana called Kahoko, telling her that she had arrived in the lobby already. Azuma escorted Kahoko to the car and after one last kiss – just a peck on the lips actually – Kahoko went inside the car. After the car drove away, Azuma went back to his luxuriously dull office.



The blue-haired man had just stepped out of the airplane taking him back to Japan from Vienna, Austria when his phone rang annoyingly. He just turned it on and there's already someone calling him. Sometimes he wished that he can just throw his phone away to the ocean or something since it disturbs his peace.

"Hello?" he answered in his icy tone. He doesn't even know why he picked up the call.

"Tsukimori-kun!!! You picked up!!" a female voice said from the other line. From the annoying tone that can make him shiver in the middle of a hot summer day, he can already tell who she was.

"…Amou-san," he said, "What's your business with me?"

Amou ignored his question. "Oh my goodness, Tsukimori-kun, everybody has missed you so much, especially Tsuchiura-kun," she said. Len twitched at the sound of his worst enemy's name.

"Tell him to go to hell," Len said coldly.

"Aww, don't be like that to your best friend," Amou said, chuckling over the phone, "He really missed you, I swear!!"

"I don't care," Len said, "If you're just going to talk about that son of a b***h Tsuchiura then I'm hanging up."

"Okay, okay," Amou said, "Chill, Tsukimori-kun, well, if you can be colder than you already are. So, then, how are you?"

"Just say what you want with me," Len said, annoyed, "I wanna get this done and over with quickly."

"Fine!! You're in Japan now, am I right?" Amou asked.

"Yes," Len answered shortly.

"Great!!" Amou said, "We were thinking of hanging out in a restaurant tomorrow. Wanna join?"

"Who's 'we'?" Len asked.

"Well, the participants of the concours," Amou said, "And Hino-chan's best friends and her ex-accompanist. And me."

"I'll think about it," Len said, "I will come if I have nothing better to do."

Without waiting for Amou's response, he hung up. He walked to the arrival hall and saw his family there. He walked over to them, and after his mother gave him a hug – that made him really embarrassed – they went back to their house.


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