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Black Sheep 2: Most Wanted

(or: The Lamest Title Ever – So Sue Me)

Ok, so this is a bit weird so try to focus: this is a sequel, of sorts, to "Black Sheep Wanted" (DUH!), so you should have read that first… AND you should read the drabble "Lemon Princess" (which you can find as drabble number 59 in my collection "Delightful Drabbles").

The sequel was inspired by a review from yaoigurl12 buuuuut (and now the tricky part comes in) this first chapter is actually a drabble… it will tie into the story, but the story really doesn't take off here… I just had a lot of it written, and didn't want to confuse matters even more by posting another drabble FIRST…

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Prelude: Family Matters

To say that Robin had been tense for the last few days was a gross understatement. Slade had, apparently, decided to stay for a while, although he refused to talk about it, and Robin had run out of ways to approach the subject. It wasn't like he wanted the man to leave, but Slade in Titans Tower? Well, it was just something wrong with that…

Robin sighed tiredly as he made his way to his bedroom. He was constantly on alert to make sure the man didn't accidentally or intentionally kill one of his teammates. Not that Slade had been hanging out with them… no… that would have been… Robin shivered at the thought. Sure, he had seen him and Raven discussing values, philosophy, and, for some reason, medieval literature. He had also seen Slade and Cyborg together at the barbecue before dinner one day, talking about something. The man had, apparently, also introduced Starfire to Tabasco, and now the alien had almost abandoned the mustard. The closest call had been when Slade had demonstrated 'the bigger you are'- theory to Beast Boy and had taken him down one training session, while the Titan was in T-rex form. Robin stopped cold. Oh god. The man HAD been hanging out with his friends! Robin consoled himself with that it was sporadic, as the only one who didn't seem to drive the man crazy after more than ten minutes, was Raven.

The Titans had tried to include him, however, and they didn't care about either Slade's or Robin's protests on the matter. Take movie-night for example. Robin didn't know who the well-meaning soul was who had chosen Brokeback Mountain, the cliché hinted at Starfire, but as soon as Slade realized what it was about, he had smirked and asked the Titans why he should spend his time watching something he would rather do… Robin had then been more or less dragged into the bedroom, blushing furiously.

Thankfully Slade kept most of the physical part of their relationship to the bedroom… oh, and shower…

Robin entered said bedroom and flicked on his computer. Slade had mentioned something about a workout some time ago and had taken off, while Robin was busy filing things in the evidence room. With the villain away, it was a perfect opportunity to call Batman. It was better to call, than have the man appear on the screen with Slade in the room, after all... The teen wondered how, and IF he should tell his mentor about the last couple of days. He had told the team to keep quiet, not wanting any trouble, but if Slade should happen to stay much longer, it would be impossible to keep it a secret.

Robin sighed again, for the umpteenth time, locked the door, turned the screen to face him, plopped down on the bed, and made the call.

"Robin! I'm glad you called, could you send me the files you have on the H.I.V.E academy? I suspect they are trying to form a subdivision in Gotham."

Robin smiled. Bruce… straight to the point, all work and no chit-chat. He reached for the wireless keyboard, opening up a second window.

"Sure, I'm accessing them now, you'll have them in a few minutes."

"Thank you. How are things in Jump?"

Robin tried to get a feel for the man's mood, something the he had always found somewhat difficult.

"Oh, it's okay, not much going-"

The door to the bathroom opened. Slade, with a towel on his head, and only his head, walked out, passed between Robin and the screen, and stopped by the side of the bed, all the time drying his hair.

"We are running out of shampoo-" he started and let the towel fall around his shoulders. As he spotted the Dark Knight on the screen, Robin was glad to hear the quiet "ops."

"Not. Much. Going. On?" Batman spoke like he had had a recent stroke.

Slade unhurriedly fastened the damp towel around his hips.

"I… uh… Slade is here…?" Robin started and tried to smother a big panic-giggle attack. "I… I was gonna tell you! I swear!"

"You were?" Slade asked dryly. "I've only been here a few days… tired of me already?"

"No, I… I mean… oh, damn…" Robin muttered and put his head in his hands.

"Expect me." Batman growled from the screen.

"What?! No! You can't come he-" Robin cried, but the screen was already blank.

"I'll go set the Tower on the highest alert system…" Slade smirked.

"No, you won't! He's my guardian, I'm not gonna booby-trap the Tower because of him!" Robin protested. "Besides, I'm not in that much trouble…"

"I wasn't thinking about you…" Slade told him dryly.

"Oh… yeah… right… YOU are in trouble…" Robin grinned a bit despite himself. "Sure, he has to cross the continent in his jet to get here, but I would advice you to start running now…"


"Really?" Robin sounded amazed, and looked at Slade in wonder, the look bordering on worshiping. Someone actually would hang around to face the Bat's wrath? That was either incredibly brave or incredibly idiotic. Robin leaned towards the last.

"It might not be practical, but I will defend what's mine," Slade said simply, starting to dress.

Robin unknowingly imitated a fish out of water quite well. He was feeling such a confusing mix of emotions right then, from the defiant 'I'm not yours!' to the weak-in-the-knees-version of happiness. Mostly, though, he wanted to jump the man. Badly. He just had one fear to be dealt with first.

"You…" Robin cleared his throat and straightened his back. "You are not going to fight him!"

"Of course I will. I'll do whatever is necessary for him to back down."


"No 'buts'," Slade cut him off. "Shall we go and warn the Titans to put away the fragile valuables?" he asked and disappeared out the door.

Robin stood frozen for a moment before hurrying after him. As he arrived in the common room, Slade had already told his team the news, and Starfire flew up to Robin, looking excited.

"It is true that the Batman is coming, is it not?"

"Yes, he-"

"Oh, this is truly marvelous! We must have a party! What do bats eat?"

"Err… Star, I don't think he's gonna be in such a good mood…" Robin muttered.

"Whatever for?" the redhead asked, looking nonplussed.

"How much time do we have?" Cyborg interrupted, his more serious tone hinting that he, at least, had understood the situation.

"The jet is fast, but it will still take a couple of hou-"


The elevator doors had just been wrenched open, and one more than mildly annoyed guardian had entered the scene. Half a second later he was sprawled on his back on the floor.

"Slade, what the hell!?" Robin cried out and hurried to kneel at his guardian's side.

"Only self-defense." claimed the mercenary with a smirk and shook his hand slightly, getting the sting of the punch out.

"If everyone would perhaps calm down?"

Robin raised his eyes towards the voice and saw the reason for the Bat's fast arrival.

"Superman!" Beast Boy exclaimed, and soon big blue was surrounded by curious and rather star struck teens.

"Dude, you're sooooo cool!"

"Please? Is it true that you are indeed stronger than a Doonglock?" Starfire asked, prodding the poor man as she hovered around him like a hummingbird.

"How do you cut your hair?"

"What is your uniform made off?"

The questions flew through the air like bullets, and against these bullets even Superman didn't stand a chance.

While Superman patiently started to answer the questions, Bruce was coming around. Robin was amazed at how the man could go from semi-unconscious to a state of rage so fast. Luckily, for both men, Superman was faster than a speeding bat.

Robin, realizing that he had been about to be crushed between them, quickly took a step back and watched Superman holding them apart. The man from Krypton could do this with jumbo-jets, and still he, now, looked slightly strained.

"Calm down!" the man more begged than ordered.

"I. Am. Calm." Batman lied. Slade smirked, took a step back, and pulled an unsuspecting Robin towards him. Before the teen, or anyone else, had time to react, Robin found himself being kissed deeply. He knew why Slade was doing it, however, and refused to participate as soon as his brain worked again.

"Stop it!" Robin growled as he pushed away from the man. "You only did that to annoy Bruce!"

"Yes. Bad me." Slade grinned, but refused to let go of the teen completely, an arm still around his waist.

"Should we try to handle this as adults?" Superman interrupted, rolling his eyes.

At that moment the screen lit up with an incoming emergency call.

"I'm terribly sorry to interrupt," the elderly man on the screen said, "but it seems Batman is- oh."

"Hi Alfred!" Starfire exclaimed.

Robin resisted hiding his face against Slade's chest.

"I see Master Bruce's sudden disappearance was not the emergency I had feared," the butler said, after making sure everyone in the room was in on the millionaire's secret identity. "Or am I mistaken?" he added, his eyes darting from Slade to Bruce before landing on Robin. "Master Richard?"

"Um, no, well… I… Alfred, this is Slade… you remember him from..? Yes… and has Bruce told you…? No? Well… he… he and I… Can I call you later?" Robin babbled. He mentally added 'about the funeral arrangements', but wasn't sure whose. At this moment half the citizens of Jump were probably at risk.

"Make sure you do, young man," Alfred told him in that scary, serious way, so Robin gulped and nodded automatically.

The screen went blank and Robin almost relaxed before remembering he had two very dangerous and explosive items to deal with… the problem was that he had no idea how to defuse any of them.

"Listen, Bruce…" he bravely started, before Batman made a quieting gesture.

"I'm not here to talk to you, Robin; I'm here to talk to him."

"Talk, Bats? Getting old?" Slade smirked.

Robin could hear a vein pop on Batman's forehead, and he thought he could see the outline through the cowl.

Superman's feet seemed to move a little, as if he was trying to steady himself, his hand on Bruce's chest had quickly reappeared, holding the man back.

"Robin might be out of his mind, but the rest of us know who you are, Slade. Or should I say what? Nothing but a simple murderer!"

"Simple? That's offensive. I'm the best," Slade muttered, actually sounding somewhat hurt.

"You are wanted in most states and several countries. We are going to take you in."

"Bruce-!" Robin objected, but Slade merely smirked.

"Sure, Bats. You know what? I'll go with you. Take me to any jurisdiction of your choice. You are right, they will arrest me… but then I want you to count the minutes until they get a phone call demanding my immediate release."

It was Batman's turn to smirk.

"And why do you think will happen?"

"Because, daddy dear", Slade chuckled, and Robin thought he saw a bead of sweat breaking out on Superman's forehead, "I am a very valuable man to many very important people. I do more government work than all of the hero community put together… they would rather see all of the Justice League in jail than me. Trust me on that."

To Robin's surprise Bruce merely seethed, not objecting like the teen had expected. Robin looked from one to the other and started to wonder if he, maybe, somehow, still managed to be a bit naïve about the political workings of the world.

"Even if I can't get you locked up, I will make sure you are nowhere near Robin. Leave, Deathstroke. Now."

"No." Slade folded his hands behind his back. Robin hadn't realized what a taunting gesture that was, until now. As it left the man completely vulnerable, it told his opponent that he wasn't considered a threat. Robin's eyes narrowed. He had thought he knew everything about Slade, but he would be watching the man closer from now on. The teen's gaze darted to Batman, who actually looked like he hadn't expected that answer. Robin rolled his eyes.

"You. Will. Leave." Batman insisted.

"Why?" Slade cocked his head to the side and seemed genuinely interested. "What are you so upset about? That I'm male? My age?"

Batman took a deep breath and surprised them all by starting to speak rather calmly.

"I don't give a damn about Robin's sexuality, and your age…" he glared at Slade, "you are old enough to be his grandfather, but you are also practically immortal…" the man took another breath. "No. I don't care about that. I care, however, deeply about Robin, and I won't have you corrupt him into your way of life. You are a criminal, a murderer who cares only about himself… what the hell do you think you have to offer my ward?"

"Oh, I think you got a pretty good idea about what exactly I have to offer him during the call, didn't you?" Slade smirked.

"Slade!" Robin hissed, blushing so deeply his bones turned red.

"All right." Slade chuckled, making an appeasing gesture. "Your guardian seems to think you are a weak little lamb waiting for a shepherd… so, Bruce… if your theory 'you become what you fuck' is true… what does that make you…? A kitty-cat?"

Robin's eyes turned round. Sure, Selena was flirty sometimes, but they hadn't really…? Had they?

From what he could see of his mentor's face, the possibility was rather big…

"But she's a thief!" Robin didn't really realize how stupid his exclamation must have sounded to the rest of the occupants of the room until all eyes turned to him. "I… I mean… she's…" he stumbled, and, when finding himself in a corner, Robin decided to try anger instead. "Look, you are both idiots! Bruce, you have no right to say who I can or can't… be with! I know who Slade is, okay? He hasn't pretended to be anything else, and as long as he keeps in line around here, I just don't care right now! And Slade-" Robin turned an angry, pointing, accusing finger in the mercenary's direction. The gesture actually had Slade unfolding his hands, something that would make Robin grin in a very content way when he thought about it later, but for now, he barely noticed. "Bruce is my guardian! He raised me! I love him, and he's my bloody hero! So back off! If you provoke him one more time, I swear to god-!" Robin never finished the threat, knowing it was more effective if Slade filled in the blank himself. Judging by the look on the man's face, it was.

As if by magic, both men seemed to, figuratively speaking, step down. The tension in the room lessened, and the Titans, their leader included, were amazed.

"I still feel we have some things to talk through." Bruce said in a very reasonable voice.

"Yes. Maybe in private?" Slade said, looking at Robin.

"I… okay, let's go…"

Robin intended to lead them to his research-room, feeling that the bedroom would have been a very bad idea. Suddenly, as they headed down the corridor, both men, as on cue, stepped into the training-room and slammed the door shut.

"Wait! Stop! What are you-?" Robin's fingers danced over the control-panel, but the door remained locked.

"Bruce has smashed the controls from the inside…" Superman declared, having taken a look through the metal door. "Which reminds me… you need to replace the panel downstairs… and in the elevator."

"I'm on it." Cyborg shrugged and turned to leave. "Coming BB?"

"Awww! I wanted to watch the fight!" Beast Boy muttered.

"What?! Wait! No, we need to get in there!" Robin screamed and pointed to the door. "They're gonna kill each other! Raven, morph me through it!"

"I think not."

Robin stared at his friend.

"Why?" he just asked, not caring if he sounded whiny. Why didn't she want him to have a mentor anymore? Or the best sex ever, for that matter…?

"I feel they need to work things out."

"You think they are gonna go a few rounds and then be fine?!" Robin asked bewildered.

"No, but it might help." the empath insisted. Cyborg and Beast Boy nodded and left to get the tools, they would rather do some work than hang around as their leader had a neurotic episode.

"I think so to…" Superman agreed, before wincing. "Ow… that had to hurt…"

"You are watching them?! What is happening?! Are they okay?!"

"More or less." Superman shrugged, before taking Robin's arm and more or less dragged him away. "Listen, do you really think Slade is going to kill Batman?"

Robin hesitated.

"No." Robin muttered. "He wouldn't."

"And do you think Batman will kill Slade?"

Robin hesitated noticeably longer this time.

"He'll try… but, no… not really…"

"Well, then…" Superman said, looking like he had no idea why Robin was upset at all.

"Earthlings have strange mating habits…" Starfire mumbled.

"I'll go meditate. I have a feeling I'll need my energy…" Raven said, taking off towards the roof.

Robin noticed Superman's questioning glance.

"She has some healing powers… I guess they'll need them?"

The man of steel glanced at the door and winced again.

"Oh, yes."

Robin leaned against the wall and then slid down it.

"This is all my fault… am I an idiot?" he looked up at his childhood hero, begging for advice.

"I have to say that your choice is rather… he is… Slade…" Superman looked a bit uncomfortable.

"I know!" Robin mumbled.

"Please do not be sad, Robin?" Starfire asked quietly. "Slade… he is not a good man, but he is good for you, yes?"

Robin smiled wanly at his friend.

"Yes, Star… he is. But that's not enough, is it? I can't be that selfish, can I?" Robin looked up at Superman again.

"Bruce seemed to think Slade would have a bad influence on you… maybe you'll have a good one on him, instead?" the man offered.

Robin gave him a 'you can't really be that naïve, can you?'-look, but the Kryptonian merely smiled.

"Love can do amazing things, Robin."

And there it was. That word. Robin had come to fear it, almost loathe it… at the same time he longed for it. To hear it… to be able to say it, no, even feel it… it would…

"You do love him, don't you?" Superman's voice cut into Robin's thoughts, stopping them like a stick in a spinning bike wheel.

"What's love gotta do with it…?" Robin murmured wryly, feeling like he understood that stupid song now. He glanced up at the man to find him blushing slightly, then shrugged and looked away. "I… it's complicated. We are complicated… I don't know." Robin closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall. "I need to think…"

After a while it became clear to the two aliens that the teen was serious, and not about to move or talk anymore right now. They left him alone, giving him some privacy, although Superman glanced through the wall once in a while to make sure the men inside were… well… alive.

It took four hours for the door to open. The room was soundproof, but now and then the walls had shaken ominously. Robin heard the creak from the door and quickly got up on his feet. He had been sitting there, thinking, the whole time, and he was emotionally exhausted.

Slade came into view, forcing the opening to widen, before stepping out, closely followed by Bruce. Robin stood with his arms folded across his chest and looked behind the men, into the former training room.

"You are both paying for that." he said in a clipped tone, spun around on his heel and walked briskly back to the kitchen. "I expect the expenses covered by the end of the week." he added over his shoulder.

The two men glanced at each other.

"I admit I'm confused…" Slade muttered gruffly. "I thought I'd seen every one of Robin's moods, including anger and fear… but economical?"

"I think it's bad." Bruce answered curtly.

"I thought so." Slade sighed, and they followed in the young man's tracks, both trying very hard not to limp.

As the men entered the kitchen they were met by the cooing sounds of Starfire and, to a much lesser degree, Raven, and the cold back of Robin. Raven immediately started tending to Bruce, checking broken ribs and deep bruises, as Cyborg and Beast Boy looked on, commenting in awe. As Starfire approached Slade with a First Aid-kit, however, she was brushed away.

"Robin." Slade's voice was commanding, not begging, at least that was what the man hoped.

Robin finally turned around, trying to stare the much taller man down.

"Happy now, Slade?" the teen hissed. "Have you hurt each other enough?" Against his will, Robin's eyes started to travel over Slade's body, noting every fading bruise. Slade was favoring his right arm, and Batman had gotten a good hit in on the side of the man's temple, splitting an eyebrow. The wound was almost healed, but the blood still painted the right side of the man's face in streaks of read, a ghastly imitation of his mask.

"You're not going to ask who won?" Slade smirked.

"Neither of you did," Robin stated coldly. "And if you didn't have those powers of yours, you would barely be able to walk. You have no right to smirk."

There was a strangled chuckle from across the room, where Bruce sat, getting his ribs bandaged.

"And not a sound out of you!" Robin growled. "It didn't occur to you that it was me you should have fought? Do you think Slade would even be here if I didn't want it? If, in the future, you have a problem with who I fuck, take it up with me or keep your mouth shut!" Robin had stressed the f-word to make his mentor as uncomfortable as possible, but also to make sure no one thought there were any feelings involved. He was tired of feelings.

"That won't happen…" Slade said dryly. "They would have to go through me first…"

For once, Robin didn't get any cozy feelings from the possessiveness in Slade's voice, and he spun around again.

"No, they won't! Before you leave here we will talk, and if you don't want to, don't bother coming back! I'm not gonna sit here like some damn army-wife waiting for you! Especially when you might decide you won't come back!"

"Are you telling me you want some sort of commitment?" Slade asked, very carefully.

"I'm sixteen!" Robin groaned, wondering how he could get into that thick skull. "I just need you to understand that if you leave here indefinitely again, don't expect to have a place in my life when you return… If you tell me you'll be back in a month, then, maybe… but if I meet someone…" Robin shook his head sadly. "It's my life Slade… I'm not your toy."

Slade stepped forward and pulled him close in a strange, one-armed hold.

"You're not a toy to me."

"I deserve to be happy…. to have something real." Robin mumbled, having completely forgotten that they had a rather large audience.

"You do."

Robin looked up in surprise at the admittance.

"You can't give me that, can you?" he said, quietly.

"You know me… there's nothing I can't do…" Slade's smirk was rather thin, however. "But neither of us really believes it, do we?"

"A hero and an assassin? Since then has that ever worked?" Robin muttered, and smiled a little.

"Well, look at this team… god knows how you manage to work together…" Slade smiled back.

Robin chuckled a little, and felt Slade's hold on him tighten for a second.

"If I'm forgiven for the moment," the man said, "could you help me pop my arm back in its socket?"

"Oh, yes…" Robin's smile turned wicked. "I'd love to do that!"

"On the other hand, maybe I should ask Rav-"

"Don't be a baby, Slade…" Robin smirked, quickly getting in position behind the man's back. "On three!"

Robin popped the joint back on 'two' and was rewarded with a grunt from the man.

"You enjoyed that far too much. I'm starting to think your guardian was right. I'm a bad influence."

"On no, Slade," Bruce cut in. "I enjoyed that very much too."

"Good. Now you can stop blaming me when Robin turns dark. He gets it all from you." Slade snorted and rubbed his shoulder.

Robin snickered, but the next moment he found himself caught and kissed. As they broke apart, Slade's grin was back full force.

"That talk… that was only for when I was leaving, wasn't it?"

Robin rolled his eyes.

"Yeah… I won't force you until then… coward…"

"I think kissing you, in front of your family, makes me pretty brave…" Slade chuckled.

"Nah… only dumb…" Robin grinned back. "Now let me show you how a real hero does it…"

Robin never found out what had happened in the gym. The situation between Slade and Bruce was still tense as hell, but it seemed they both actually had tired of fighting physically, at least for the moment. It didn't help Robin's nerves, though, and his mood was rubbing off on Raven, making random things around the place shatter or levitate.

"Bruce, we need to talk…" Robin finally said, leading the man to the roof, where they didn't have to duck the odd coffee mug. The teen and the man stood facing each other, both unsure where to start. Finally Robin did.

"Look… I know you think I'm an idiot, and I probably am… scratch that, I know I am… Slade is a mistake, but he's mine, do you understand?"

"Are you going to defend him to the families of his victims as well?" Bruce muttered. "'Yes, he killed your father, but he's great to snuggle with'?"

Robin snorted, half amused, half disgusted.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out… does being with him mean I condone what he does?" Robin shrugged. "It probably does… so it has to end… I'm… I'm just not ready, and when it does, it needs to be all me, you understand?"

"And what if he says he loves you?"

The words hit Robin's heart like a dagger of ice.


"He might. He's manipulative. He wants you, and he knows what you want to hear."

"Great, so you are saying that if he ever tells me that, that's when I'll know he really doesn't?" Robin said bitterly.


"Thanks. You're a big help. Makes me feel so much better."

"You are a teenager dating a murderer, how are you supposed to feel?" Bruce said cruelly.

"Good, at least you are taking it out on me now." Robin turned around and wrapped his arms around himself, rubbing them as if he was cold. He blinked away some treacherous tears, but he knew that Bruce was just being honest. Painfully, heart wrenchingly so. He deserved every truth he got. However…

"He's not all bad, you know…" he mumbled. "He's not this evil monster… he's smart, and funny and… he can be caring too…"

"He's dangerous."

"Yes." Robin nodded. "He is."

"He's deceitful."

"No." Robin objected this time. "Manipulative, yes, but he's honest."

"It's impossible to be both!" Bruce protested.

"Yeah…" Robin smiled and turned around to face the man again. "But not for him…" Robin sighed deeply. "Go home to Gotham now, Bruce. I appreciate that you care for me, I agree with most of your views, I do… but you know I have to do this alone…"

"Play house with Slade?" Bruce sneered, still not convinced he was beaten.

"For now… yes…" Robin smiled.

Bruce and Superman did leave soon afterwards, the former duo on shaky but friendly terms. Slade seemed very happy to watch them go.

"Well, it's late…" the man said, coming up to Robin who stood with his team, watching the departure through the window, and wrapped an arm around the teen. "Let's go to bed, hm?"

"Actually, I'm thinking about letting you sleep on the couch tonight…" Robin muttered.

"Yeah! Let him do that! Beast Boy agreed, grinning from ear to ear at the prospect. Soon the entire team seemed to concur.

"Of course, if's that's your wish…" Slade smirked and glanced at the faux leather sofa. "But, just so you'll know… I sleep in the nude…" He waited a moment for all the implications to sink in. "So… who thinks I should get to sleep in the bedroom?"

Four hands shot up in the air.

"Traitors!" Robin growled.

"Sorry. Democratic vote. Don't worry, I'll make it up to you…" Slade promised generously as he herded his young partner towards the hallway. The team didn't hear what Robin answered, but it made Slade chuckle deeply.

To be continued… in a bit…

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