Harry Potter and the Veela Life Debt

By Jojobevco

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Welcome to the newly remastered Harry Potter and the Veela Life Debts, please read carefully as there have been a few retcons.

Chapter 1

Merpeople are Supposed to be Nice!

Harry Potter was sleeping in the library after a night of desperate research into magical methods of breathing underwater. Currently he was tossing and turning as dreams of attractive mermaids danced in his head. Of course he would not sleep much longer, as a house-elf popped into the library. This wasn't an ordinary house-elf, this was Dobby, an elf so thoroughly devoted to Harry Potter that it bordered on insanity. He, of course, had to interrupt Harry's sleep. He started poking Harry. Harry tried to brush him away.

"That hurts - get off - ouch -"

"Harry Potter must wake up, sir!"

"Stop poking me -"

"Dobby must poke Harry Potter, sir, he must wake up!"

Harry slowly opened his eyes, squinting in the morning sun. Dobby, of course, wouldn't stop pestering him, with his annoyingly squeaking voice.

"Harry Potter needs to hurry! The second task starts in ten minutes, and Harry Potter-"

That got him up.

"Ten minutes!"

That didn't stop Dobby.

"Hurry, Harry Potter, you is supposed to be down at the lake with the other champions, sir!"

Harry's heart plummeted to the floor; he still had no way of completing the task.

"It's too late, Dobby. I'm not doing the task, I don't know how."

"Harry Potter will do the task! Dobby knew Harry had not found the right book, so Dobby did it for him!"

Harry was suspicious, the last time Dobby had did something for him, he had ended up being attacked by a bludger.

"What? But you don't know what the second task is."

"Dobby knows, sir! Harry Potter has to go into the lake and find his Wheezy-"

Now Harry was just confused, "Find my what?"

"Your Wheezy, the Wheezy who his giving Dobby his sweater."


"Yes, the thing you miss the most. Here, you must eat this sir, right before you go into the lake, it is being Gillyweed."

"What does it do?"

"It makes Harry Potter breath underwater."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Quite sure, Dobby heard Professor McGonagall and Professor Moody talking about it in the staff room."

This little fact convinced Harry; he tore through the school, and ran around to the lake, where Cedric, Fleur and Krum were waiting next to the judges table.

"I'm...here..." he panted, skidding to a halt and accidently splashing Fleur's robes. Fleur turned her nose up in disgust.

A few minutes later, they began. The whistle sounded and Harry removed his shoes and socks before stepping out into the icy lake, chewing and swallowing the Gillyweed. He stood and waited, as the crowd laughed and teased him from above.

Then he suddenly felt like he was suffocating, there was a pain on his neck. He felt large slits below the cold air, gills. So, he dived into the water. As he regained his senses he felt his hands and toes becoming elongated, the water felt comfortable, he felt as good as he did when he was flying. Harry swam out into the lake, so far that he couldn't see the bottom. As he was swimming, a grindylow grabbed hold of his ankle. He grabbed his wand and fired off a Relashio, to something of a strange affect. Instead of forcing the grindylow to let go it shot a jet of boiling water at them, causing them to let go. He shrugged and moved on. He was now so deep in the lake that he could only see the silt swirling around him.

Suddenly, without warning, Moaning Myrtle appeared in front of him.

"How are you getting on?"

Harry tried to shout, with little success as only a very large bubble appeared in front of him. Myrtle giggled and pointed, "You want to try over there! I won't come with you...I don't like them much, they always chase me away when I get too close." This worried Harry, these merpeople so scary that they actually scared a ghost? But he gave her a thumbs up and swam toward the direction that Myrtle had indicated.

Soon he saw a large rock with paintings of merpeople on it. There was one image of them chasing what looked like the Giant Squid, and another of them throwing spears at bird-like creatures that were throwing fire. Harry followed the mersong to a cluster of stone dwellings, inside of which were greyish beings, with wild green hair, yellow eyes and bad teeth, most definitely not the hot one he had seen on a mural in the prefect's bathroom. They were leering at Harry, pushing along with their fish like tales. He soon approached what appeared to be a village square. There was a giant statue of a merperson, to which Ron, Hermione, and Cho Chang were tied. They were bound by thick slimy ropes. Harry turned to a nearby Merman and tried to borrow his spear. The Merman however was not interested in helping, and kept looking behind the statue, at a stone table.

Harry scouted around and eventually found a jagged rock, he hacked at the ropes holding Ron until they gave. Ron started drifting, a few inches above the bottom. He looked around, there were no other champions in the area. Where were they? He turned back to Hermione and tried to free her.

Until a bunch of merpeople grabbed him and pulled him way, laughing.

"Take your own hostage, leave the others!"

"No way," Harry replied, or tried to reply. However, only bubbles came out.

"Your task is to retrieve your own friend, leave the others."

"She's my friend too!" Harry attempted to gesture, but to no effect.

However the argument quickly became mute as Cedric swam toward him, using the Bubble-Head charm.

"Get lost, Fleur and Krum are coming now!"

Harry felt an enormous sense of relief as Cedric pulled Cho free and toward the surface.

Then the Merpeople screeched as something monstrous came toward them. Krum, with a shark head. He swam toward Hermione and tried to chop the cords off, however was more in danger of separating her from her arm. Harry gave him the rock, and Victor quickly cut Hermione free, and shot toward the surface.

But this left Harry with two questions, Where was Fleur and where was Fleur's Hostage? He looked around the square at the gathered Merpeople, and then saw that strange stone table again, surrounded by a group of mermen.

He then swam over the merpeople and looked down. Tied to the table was a small girl, who seemed to be quite frightened. Surprisingly she was awake for some reason. She was struggling against the bonds that held her down, as one of the merpeople held a knife to her throat.

Harry shot downward, charging at the merpeople. He fired an Expelliarmus at the merman with the knife, which again resulted in a jet of boiling water. However it put the merman in enough pain to force him to drop the knife. Harry then quickly shot boiling water at the other merpeople, causing them to withdraw. He picked up the knife and cut the girl free. Harry then pulled her back to Ron, while firing more jets of water to keep the merpeople at bay. He grabbed the neck of Ron's robes, took the little girl around the waste and kicked off from the bottom.

It was slow work, and the merpeople, who had scattered after Harry's attack, were regrouping and following him. Harry kept firing jets of water, trying to keep them at bay. As he approached the surface the Gillyweed's effects started ending, he started losing consciousness. He kicked harder, the water was only ten feet above him. He broke the surface, he could here the crowd around him. Harry kept pulling them toward shore. Ron spewed out a huge amount of water and looked around, his eyes finally settling on the young girl that looked like Fleur.

"What did you bring her for?" Ron asked

"Fleur didn't turn up; they were going to kill her."

"Harry, you prat, you didn't take the song seriously did you?"

"It wasn't the song, Ron, more the fact that they had a knife pointed at her throat."

" Oui, c'est vrai"

Ron looked at her confused, "what?"

She shook her head and kept swimming, with Harry helping her.

They eventually reached the shore and turned around, seeing the Merpeople shaking their fists angrily at Harry. Fleur came running over, but was restrained by Madame Maxine. Fleur shouted, "Gabrielle, is she alright, is she 'urt?"

Harry shouted back, "she's fine!"

Percy came running out to meet them, and helped get them out of the water. Harry and the girl both fell to their knees. Harry turned to Gabrielle and said, "You should go get checked out by Madame Pomfrey"

Gabrielle responded, "oui, mon maître."

Gabrielle was facing Harry kneeling on all fours her head almost touching the ground. To Harry it looked like she was getting air. However, others in the crowd saw things differently. Fleur stopped struggling and seemed to go into some form of shock. Madame Maxine looked at Dumbledore, furious. Dumbledore looked guilty, and very sad.

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