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Harry Potter and the Veela Life Debts

By Jojobevco

Chapter 28

Voldemort's Volley

8:00 PM

November 14, 1995

A Hallway

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hogsmeade, Scotland, Duchy of Magic

Ronald Weasley was, although only a fifth year, the senior student at school.

Senior in his relationship to His Grace, the Duke of Magic, that is.

While everyone else had moved on to work at the Ministry (Duchy Headquarters, he reminded himself) including Hermione "Killed, or worse, Expelled" Granger, Ron had remained behind. This was for two reasons, one, he had no usable skills for the Duchy Leadership positions and two, someone needed to run Hogwarts operations. Since his friends left, Ron was now the head of the Hogwarts Defense Auxiliary, or what was once known as Dumbledore's Army.

Ron was on his way to a strategy meeting in the kitchen with his leadership team when suddenly he heard footsteps behind him. He turned to see a group of Slytherins behind him, led by Theodore Nott Jr. All of them had rather menacing expressions on their faces and wands in their hands

He had enough time to draw his wand and fire a single stunner at Pansy Parkinson before he was hit by a variety of stunners and binding hexes. Nott unfolded an invisibility cloak and draped it over Ron as they locomotor-ed him toward the statue of the One-Eyed Witch.

10:00 AM

November 15, 1995

RAF Northolt

West London, United Kingdom

It was time. Finally, the past eleven days of negotiations were about to pay off. On the world stage it wasn't much of a diplomatic victory, Harry had basically been handed this win. But, for the Duchy, it was a victory that could very well mean the difference between life and death; the Duchy was about to significantly increase its fighting force.

Ever since the takeover on Halloween, the Duchy had been stretched thin. The Duchy itself had 25 Aurors and 65 standard MLE Officers, supplemented by about a hundred members of the Duchy Defense Force, consisting of magicals, squibs, and magic-aware muggles pulled from the UK's and Ireland's Armed and Police Forces. The French had deployed 300 Aurors and Auxiliary members to the Duchy. However, this only made the odds between the Duchy and Death Eaters about even.

Although the number of Death Eaters was bolstered by former ministry employees, the Duchy still outnumbered them. However, the Duchy had to be in more places. They had to secure the Duchy, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Grimuald Place, New Potter Manor, Hogwarts, and the rest of magical and muggle United Kingdom and Ireland against magical attack around the clock. Even with the French support, the Duchy was spread way too thin, and couldn't even operate beyond just guarding against attack.

So, international assistance was required. The Americans were about to send their first hundred troops, and the Russians were going to send a hundred as well. They were arriving today. Another 200 Americans were going to arrive next month and negotiations were ongoing with Canada and Australia for more forces.

The Duchy had pulled out all the stops. There was a grandstand filled with press and VIPs next to the inactive runway and next to them was a big brass band dispatched from Buckingham Palace. A red carpet ran to two sets of airstairs.

Suddenly the loud engine whine of a Boeing 747 could be heard as it came for a landing on the diagonal active runway. However this was no ordinary Boeing 747, this was an E-4B. Not to be confused with the VC-25, commonly known as Air Force One, the E-4B was one of the most magically hardened aircraft in the world. Designed to survive the EMP of a nuclear weapon, the EM shielding was reinforced against magic as well. There were only three in existence and the US had just lent one of them to the Royal Family as a flying command post. As the plane touched down and stopped, the band began to play "The Star Spangled Banner"

The Russians were not to be outdone; they were sending their special forces in the Russian equivalent, the Ilyushin Il-80, which they would loan to the British Muggle Government as a flying command post. As the plane touched down and stopped, moments after the E-4, the Band once again began to play, this time the "State Anthem of the Russian Federation." The Airstairs were pushed forward, doors were opened, and the troops marched out and formed up in front of their respective aircraft, and to the sides of the French and British honor guard.

The Americans snapped to attention and shouted, "United States Magical Army 1st Special Operations Company, Major Thomas Adams Commanding, Reporting as Ordered!"

The Russians responded in kind, "Russian Army 1st Integrated Magical Company, Major Sergei Androvich Commanding, Reporting as Ordered!"

Harry moved from his position at the front of the combined Duchy and French Forces (the French had yet to assign a replacement commander for Colonel LaFleur) to a podium that had been set up at the stage, "At ease!" The troops stood at ease, "On behalf of the Duchy of Magic, Her Majesty the Queen, and the Ministry of Magic of France, I welcome you and thank you for your assistance into this hour of great need. Fifty-five years ago, our muggle counterparts fought side by side in alliance to defeat another great evil run amok…"

Suddenly, Gabrielle ran up to the stage and covered the microphone before whispering, "This just came from the Director of Intelligence." She handed Harry a small note.

London Bridge to come under attack from TMR's Forces within the hour. TMR's presence possible.


"Bugger," Harry whispered, "I'll shorten my speech, but we can't give away the fact that we know. Discreetly inform the US and Russian commanders, and have Sirius prepare our people."

Gabrielle nodded and left the stage. As Harry continued his speech, punching it up a bit and making big flourishing hand gestures, Gabrielle discreetly moved down to Sirius, and whispered in his ear, Sirius straightened up a bit and pulled away a couple of officers as Gabrielle already moved to the American and Russian commanders who repeated the procedure.

As this was going on Harry started releasing a visible aura, desperately trying to keep the attention on him and not the scene unfolding feet away. Thankfully he finished the speech with a minimum of fuss and headed to the tent behind the stage, the military commanders snapped to as soon as he entered, while everyone else just straightened up a bit, "Report."

"Our source's information has been confirmed, we believe the enemy will most likely engage using brooms."

"Hmm," Harry turned to the American and Russian Majors, "Do either of your forces have broom combat experience?"

Major Adams nodded, "Yes, sir, all of our soldiers have basic broom experience and ten of us have advanced combat training."

"Have them be ready to deploy immediately, and deploy the rest of your forces to the bridge. The Aurors, Sparks, and Torrent will be deployed to cover the Thames. All Obliviator and Muggle-Repelling qualified people in Theater will throw a blanket over London. No cameras, video, or muggle gets out with a memory or recording of the attack."

Everyone nodded.

"Good then," Boom! BONG!

Everyone hit the deck as Gabrielle dove on top of Harry. Boom! BONG!

Although Harry had never actually been in a siege before, he quickly realized that the "BONG!" was the wards blocking the "Boom!" spell. However, he knew the wards couldn't last forever.

As the next "Boom! BONG" happened; Tonks and Fleur flew into the tent and literally lifted Harry off his feet dragging him toward the buildings on the other side of the airfield. As they ran, the Booms became louder and the Bongs became more muffled. The wards were weakening. As they entered the command's offices on the north side of the airfield a loud BOOM! CRACK! signaled the failure of the wards. Fleur pushed Harry and Gabrielle into the Floo screaming, "DOXY Center!" as they disappeared into the Floo network.

They were spit out a few moments later in the DOXY Center; Harry turned his stumble into a roll and came up wand drawn. After seeing the room as clear he holstered his wand and barked, "Report!"

Amelia Bones looked over from a giant blinking map of the United Kingdom. "We've been attacked at multiple locations. Northolt is under heavy bombardment as is the City of London, concentrated around London Bridge. We also have unconfirmed reports of Dementor attacks in West London, and Giants are attacking in the West Country.

"I thought the Giants were staying out of things?" He looked at Dirk Cresswell, Director of DISCA (Department of Inter-Sentience Cooperation and Affairs).

"There were rumors brewing in our French counterparts' office that there had been some sort of, well, coup in the Giant's leadership structure."

"Hmmph, would have been nice to know that. What's our military status?"

"Most of our forces are bogged down at Northolt. We've dispatched two of our Tigercopters to engaged the forces in London and reinforce the defensive perimeter we've established around London Bridge while a third is moving to engage the Giant's, they're buying time for the Americans. All Obliviators are in the field, we're basically wiping the memories of everyone along the Thames and the entire town of Somerset. Our warders are blanketing the airspace above the bridge in Notice-Me-Not Charms, but it's not helping much. Thankfully, there's enough magic in the air that it's blowing out any cameras in the area."

"Cover Stories?"

Arthur Weasley spoke up, "We're using a new nerve gas for the dementors. The Met Office, backed up by the American, Irish, French, and Russian counterparts is fabricating a severe hurricane in the West Country. As for the attack on London, we're calling it what it is, a terrorist attack."

"Security situation."

"We're holding our forces where they are, the ministers are secure in COBRA and Her Majesty is-"

"Right here." Her Majesty walked into the room and sat down at the table across from Harry.

Amelia Bones looked over, speaking on a phone, "Your Majesty, Your Grace, we have a problem."

10:23 AM

Airspace over Central London

City of London, United Kingdom

"Jimmy, get us closer."

"Closer! Have you been listening, Martha?"

"Attention BBC Helicopter, you have entered restricted airspace, turn back immediately!"

"Oh it's not like they'll actually do something, this is the story of the decade and we're going to scoop it.

"Martha, you're live in 90 seconds."

10:23:10 AM

DOXY Center

Duchy of Magic Headquarters

London, Duchy of Magic

"Are they out of their mind?"

"Perhaps a direct order from the Queen?"

"Can anyone say coverup?"

Harry silenced them all with a hand and looked across the conference table, "Your Majesty, the Statute of Secrecy must be maintained at all cost. As these are muggles, you must give the shoot down order."

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, the Duchy of Magic and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, nodded twice, "Take them down, non-lethal if possible."

"Get me the Director of Intelligence"

10:23:40 AM

Airspace over London Bridge

City of London, United Kingdom

"Martha kzzkt live in 50."

Martha didn't even notice the static. She was too busy staring, jaw dropped, at the scene in front of her. Men were flying and fighting, shooting beams of light at each other, how they were flying was not quite clear, but they were.

Suddenly a few bolts started coming their way, she heard them hit some metal, and the Helicopter lost control, crashing into the Thames

10:24 AM

DOXY Center

Duchy of Magic Headquarter

London, Duchy of Magic

"Well done, Severus, resume your previous duties, and remember to actually hit some people with the non-lethal ones."

"Hmph, I know how to do my job, Potter!"

Harry shrugged off the lack of decorum and said, "Get me Director Granger."

10:25 AM

HMS Puncher

River Thames

City of London, United Kingdom

Hermione Granger stood on the bridge of the Archer-Class patrol vessel, one that had been outfitted with the "optional 20mm cannon" in addition to its usual 3 machine guns. She was trying to not be seasick.

The Royal Duchy of Magic Navy (RDMN) only existed on paper and in a shore establishment off of Hogwarts Lake (the only real Duchy Territorial Waters). It did have a Flagship; however, the ship was currently under extensive repair and refit by the US Magical Navy. As a result, the Duchy had been given the authority by the Queen to, "commandeer the forces of the Royal Navy as necessary to Duchy Defense." Hence why Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Hermione Granger was commanding a Naval Patrol Vessel, the magical and magic-aware Duchy of Magic crew was well aware of who the 16 year old girl was and who she worked for.

Hermione looked at the battle field through Omnioculars and tapped the mirror connecting her to the rest of her department, "Team 6, increase your fog output, it's getting a bit thin."

"Acknowledged, Director."

Then, her other mirror started speaking, "Duchy Actual to Puncher, over."

"This is Puncher, Admiral Granger speaking."

"Hermione, do you see the BBC Chopper crash?"

Hermione had noted the sinking chopper earlier but didn't care; it was not in her jurisdiction, "Affirmative."

"Execute SAR operations, and take the pilot and reporter into custody. Tonks, wait, where's Tonks?"

"Copy that." The line went dead and she turned to her helmsmen, a young ensign, still older than her. "Helm increase to flank, head for that downed chopper," She then shouted to the crew below, "Prepare for Search and Rescue operations and to take the crew into custody."

10:26 AM

Commander's Office

RAF Northolt

West London, United Kingdom

Screams filled the air, screams of many different tones and sounds. Getting hit by a Cruciatus was not fun. Getting hit by a Cruciatus as a Metamorphmagus was worse. Holding your form requires conscious and unconscious thinking. When you can't think about your body because your nervous system is in constant torment, your body tends to go into a state of flux, leading to a rather ugly image.

It was this that pissed off Tonks more than anything else.

As the curse ended, she took a breath as her natural form reasserted itself.

The senior Death Eater grinned, "Now tell me where Potter is."

Tonks grinned, "Potter? Who's Potter?"

The senior Death Eater grinned lecherously, Tonks could tell where his mind was going, of course her current state of undress (her robe had been pulled off and her tank top now covered less than it exposed) and position tied to this chair might be part of that. She could still hear the muffled sounds of battle outside as they got quieter and quieter, one side must be winning.

Both she and the Death Eaters were too busy to notice a head briefly appear in the fireplace, but they did notice the Hell that followed. His Grace, Harry, Duke of Magic flew out of the Floo like a bat out of Hell, a tornado, firing spells with speed and precision, before coming to a stop directly in front of Tonks, looking every bit the epic class dueler he was, although Albus would probably mark him down for breathing too heavily.

And although Harry had just performed that placed him firmly in the top three wizards in Britain, Tonks was not impressed, "Harry, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Um, saving you?"

"Why the hell are you saving little old me? You are the Duke of Bloody Magic! You need to be at the Doxy Center coordinating the defense. I am your—mmph!"

Harry had just about had enough of Tonks, her whining, and this unresolved sexual tension. So he kissed her and was rather thoroughly dominating her mouth with his (having two Veelas kissing you on a regular basis, you tend to become an expert). After about a minute he stopped and stared into her eyes.

Harry started speaking in a soft, but hard tone, "Listen here, Major, I am the Duke of Magic, I can do whatever the bloody hell I want to and if that means saving you that that's what I'll do. Clear?"

Tonks seemed to shudder just a bit, "Yes, sir! But could you kiss me again?"

Harry stood up and diffindoed the ropes tying her to the chair, "Later, we have Death Eaters to engage."

They walked outside to see the battle was mostly over, the Aurors, Americans, and Russians seemed to be surrounding a small group of Death Eaters, while a second, larger group was apparating away. Tonks started walking toward them before Harry stopped her.

"Uh, Tonks?" He gestured to her mostly missing tank top

"Oh." She waved her wand and conjured a new one.

As they approached, they could see that the various groups were pouring fire into a bunker, and the Death Eaters were returning fire, occasionally actually hitting someone.

Harry walked over to the senior present officer, "Report!"

"We've contained the Death Eaters but they're entrenched pretty heavily. Director Black has led most of the forces to relieve the forces at London Bridge"

Harry almost rolled his eyes at this. He picked up a spare XM-29. It looked like some sort of weapon from the future but was very simple in layout, a trigger, sights, and a fire select mode, even simpler than most rifles. The XM-29 was designed to act as an amplifier of sheer magical power. How much power the weapon could generate depended on how powerful the wizard using it was. Therefore, if the weapon was used by say, Harry Potter, it had a significantly more powerful effect.

He pointed the rifle at the bunker and dialed it up to a 55, on the scale of 100, and pulled the trigger. A millisecond passed when the gun verified his identity before shooting a large bluish white bolt of energy at the bunker, which promptly exploded. A moment later, the weapon promptly started shooting sparks and steam. Harry dropped the now useless rifle and shook his hands.

"Ouch!" He cleared his throat, "And we're walking, people! Let's get moving, deploy accordingly to London Bridge and all Patronus-Capable officers report to West London, immediately."

10:32 AM

USS Wonder- A Hercules-Class Battle Cruiser

Over the West Country

15 Miles South of Somerset, UK

The Hercules-Class Battle Cruiser is a massive airplane developed by eccentric wizard-inventor Howard Hughes at the height of World War II. For the Muggles, it was a giant cargo carrying sea plane, the largest ever built; that only flew once in its history. For wizards, it has been the mainstay of the US Magical Air Force for fifty years. The "Spruce Goose" represented the first, and most successful, attempt to adapt sailing age magical battle strategy to the modern era. At 218 feet long, it is 11 feet longer than the US Magical Navy Flagship. Each side is armed with a 40mm 'conjured ammo, magic enhanced (CAME)' anti-air cannon, a 105mm CAME Howitzer, and 2 25mm CMAE Gatling guns. The ship was also peppered with 20 50 caliber CMAE machine guns controlled by a magical autofire system.

In summary, it was what the ground crews called, "A Big (expletive) Wooden Gun."

Major General James "I hate Gene Roddenberry" Kirk sat, watching as his dedicated crew of fifteen performed their duties with the professionalism he had come to expect from them. A farm boy from Iowa, then Lieutenant Jim Kirk had been profiled by Magical Life for his heroics during the Korean War. Gene Roddenberry had read the article and based a character off of the young Kirk in a low rated 1960s science fiction series. Kirk's life was never the same. In his career he became the poster boy of the US Magical Air Force, before becoming the definitive front line commander of the USMAF.

"Status report."

His middle aged San Francisco born Asian helmsman replied, "We're 10 miles south of the target area, sir."

Kirk nodded, "Decrease to attack speed. Tactical, arm all weapons."

His Russian-born tactical officer nodded, "Aye, Keptin."

Less than a minute later, his overly logical navigator reported, "We are over the target area."

"Very well then, begin our attack circle."

The giant ship began circling the area, where the giants were on a rampage of destruction.

"Communications, inform ground forces to standby for support. Tactical, paint your targets." His African-American Communications Officer nodded, and started speaking into her earpiece as his tactical officer reported, "Targets locked."

"Ground forces standing by."

"And Fire!"

The ship shuttered as the howitzer and Gatling guns opened fire on the giants below, with a massive amount of power. At first, the giants growled at the Wonder, as they realized it wasn't working, they tried to find shelter, but it was much, much too late. They fell under the pounding might of the US Magical Air Force.

Kirk grinned at his crew, "Good Work everyone! Now, set course for London."

10:35 AM

East Side Command Post

London Bridge

City of London, England, United Kingdom

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Arnott, is the second-in-command of the newly formed London Magical Law Enforcement Liaison Unit, (LMLELU, "lem le lu") a combined unit of MPD and City of London Officers dedicated to acting as liaison to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement within the Duchy of Magic. After Amelia Bones objected to all liaison work running through Magical Counterterrorism and Security, a second department was created to liaise with the DMLE. Arnott was picked for the position due to his Hogwarts education (Hufflepuff , '91) and previous counterterrorism and investigative experience. He was given a two grade promotion to boot.

DCI Arnott was having a very bad day. To his left is Commander (Agent) John Smith, of the Magical Counterterrorism and Security Liaison Office (MCSLO, "Mc slow"). To his right, is his partner Detective Sergeant Kate Fleming (Ravenclaw '93), and beyond her was his boss, Commander Ted Hastings (Gryffindor '54). They were taking cover behind a wall as stray concussion hex blew two mailboxes off and into a nearby building. They popped up and started firing stunners at the nearby Death Eater (Smith was firing his Glock 17, having run out of ammo for his HK MP-5 a while ago). A stunner and one of Smith's bullets hit home and the man fell into the Thames, only for them all to be caught off guard by a Depulso which pushed them into the police car behind them.

Steve got up, shaking his head clear and took an eye on the battlefield. It was slowly changing in favor of the good guys as the reinforcements from Northolt applied additional pressure on the enemy. However that was all about to change as with a loud crack, Lord Voldemort himself arrived on the battlefield. For a moment nothing happened, then the Death Eaters reformed around their leader.

Hastings shouted over the noise, "Arnott, Fleming, continue engaging the Death Eaters. Smith, you and I will fire on Mr. Riddle." And so they did, many of the other units surrounding the bridge did the same. However, it was clear that they could not bring the level of fire required onto Voldemort to force his retreat. Then, suddenly the wind whipped as an amazing sight inspired the defenders and struck fear into the heart of Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Duke Harry was flying in, and it wasn't on a broomstick.

10:38 AM

Above the Command Deck

USS Wonder

Over the River Thames

London, England, United Kingdom

Harry was standing on a small observation/firing deck built into the top of the Battle Cruiser. It was halfway covered with a steel fortification that Harry could take cover behind, similar to a conning tower on a submarine. While Harry found it weird that a plane had a deck on it, unbeknownst to him, it harkens back to the naval heritage of the Hercules Class. After all, if you can have crew on the deck firing at ships with wands, you should build it into the next generation of flying ship.

Harry himself was in Standoff mode, boldly standing there, firing off heavy spells at the enemy, as the machine guns around him opened fire in a devastating volley. Between the ground fire and the fire from the Wonder they had no idea where to turn and Death Eater after Death Eater fell. Harry fired a few stunners in the general direction of the blinking infrared beacon belonging to Severus Snape, intentionally sending them very wide. Harry then turned back toward Voldemort who was flying without the assistance of a broom, "Surrender, Riddle, and save your forces the ignominy of such a lethal defeat."

Voldemort fired a Sonorus at his throat and chuckles, "Harry, don't you see who I'm holding." He suddenly lifts a disillusionment charm on a wizard being held by his pants.

With shock, Harry realizes it's Ron Weasley, bruised and bloodied. He shouts, "CEASE FIRE!" Within seconds everyone stopped firing. Harry growls, in barely restrained fury, "Hand him over, now, Riddle."

Riddle chuckles, "Certainly!" Riddle twists Ron in an odd way and drops him. As Ron falls to the ground Harry fires an Arresto Momentum at him before firing several high powered spells at Voldemort, who chuckles and disapparates with the rest of his forces.

Harry grabbed his Firebolt and flew down to Ron, who was surrounded by medics, as Harry approached he could see frantic wand work. When he landed, he saw the blood pouring out of Ron's throat, a cut which the medics were desperately trying and failing to seal. Ron convulsed for a few moments before he collapsed with a great shudder, his hand in Harry's as he died.

Harry shook with tears, fury, and rage, as he cried and screamed, "No!"

Meanwhile, at the Burrow, Ron's hand on the Weasley Family Clock began to spin.

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AN2: I do not own the rights to the characters from Star Trek or Line of Duty featured in this chapter. This chapter was a long time in the making, the idea of having the crew of the Enterprise in command of the Wonder was one of the earliest ideas, as a hommage of sorts. However, since then truth has become stranger than fiction as a certain Captain James A Kirk is now the commanding officer of the US Navy's latest destroyer, the USS Zumwalt.