John Sheppard's: How To Dance 101


Author's Note: I really know how it feels to dance because I took it for 1 year so I know what all the positions are and all that type of stuff...well most of it...some of it Enjoy! Please review because it encourages me to write more "John Sheppard How-To's".


"Plea' and back down, and plea' and back down, plea relavea' and hold and hold and hold and come down like you were coming down on marshmellows..."

"Hey Teyla," John said.

"Hello, John."

"So what exactly are you doing?"

"I am teaching a dance class..."

"A dance class?"

"Yes, I thought that it would be a good way to have some fun."

"Could I come and join you dance class?"

"I don't know... practice started an hour ago..."

"An hour ago?"



"Because Rodney had to go to the Infirmary..."


"He got hurt doing the first stretch."

"Which was?"

"Bending over to touch you toes..."

"Of course...only Rodney..." Teyla chuckled a little.

"You can come in since I am short one person..."

"Thanks..." He started to walk in but Teyla stopped him. "What?"

"Your not wearing the right stuff for dancing..." He looked down at his black shirt and kahki pants and army boots.

"What's wrong with them?"

"You cannot do ballet in that," she shook her head no.

"Wait, you're teaching ballet?"


"Oh..." he breathed out. "OK, so what do I have to wear?"

"A leotard and tights and ballet shoes...." Sheppard laughed.

"No way!"

"Yes way... even Ronon has all the stuff on..." Sheppard looked at Ronon in.. and laughed

"Oh, no I am not going to look that stupid; especially in front of Ronon."

"Just go do it..."

"Fine!" When John came back he looked like someone who was about to dance...ballet. "Here! Are you happy?"

"Yes...know go in the and start doing plea's and relavea's!" She pushed him into the room.


"Uhg...I am going to have a lot of work..." she walked over to him. "No not like that bend you neas like this and then come up like this in a relavea!"

"Ahh!" Sheppard fell over the minute that he went on his tip toes...

"Having a little problem, Sheppard?" Ronon asked, laughing, Sheppard glared at Ronon ,who was doing a perfect relavea.

"No! Not at all!" John said still glaring at Ronon.

"John...John...JOHN!" Teyla yelled giving John a hand to get up.


"You have to do more plea's and relavea's..." Sheppard fell back down on the floor.

"Shep...hello, anybody in there? Hello?" Ronon said.

"Hun...where am I?"

"In the Infirmary," Teyla said.


"Because you feel down on the floor again and you weren't waking up; so I thought it would be best for you to come here..." Teyla said holding his hand.

"Well...your blood signs are back to normal; your good to go," Beckett said.

"Thanks Doc." Beckett smiled and walked away.

"So do you think you going to do anymore ballet?" Ronon asked, John fell down...again.


The End


Author's Note: Just to make sure everybody knows what a plea and a relavea is I'll tell you.
A plea is when you bend you knees (turned out!) and go down almost all the way to the ground...and then come back up.
A relavea is where you go on your toes and stay there for a while and then come back down on the ground.