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A four year-old boy ran down the twilight lit street, tears streaming from his face, bloody hands covering his ears, and a mob of civilians chasing after him. The boy kept running from the mob as they continued to call out names such as, 'demon', 'monster', 'creature from the depths of despair', and many other names that would mentally de-stabilize a small child. The boy ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, his dark blonde hair in a mess. Uzumaki Naruto turned a corner and found the next worst thing he could ever have imagined. A dead end. As Naruto turned towards the now closing in mob, all Naruto could do was whimper.

A moment later, the screams of a small child could be heard throughout all of Konoha.

As a villager picked up a spear the he somehow got a hold of, Naruto tried his hardest to keep his eyes open. As the villager raised the spear, he suddenly stopped. Naruto looked at the man, confused as to why he had not stabbed it through him. Naruto looked around, and saw that the man was not the only one who had stopped moving; but the entire mob had suddenly stopped moving, as if time itself had slowed. Naruto heard footsteps behind him, and quickly circled to see the newcomer. There in front of Naruto stood a boy. The boy, however, was almost an exact image of Naruto. The only difference was that the boy had red eyes and black hair. Naruto slowly backed away from the boy, when he suddenly tripped over his own feet.

"W-who are you?" Naruto said, his voice already cracked.

The boy looked at him, his face emotion-less, until a grin had crawled onto his face. The boy suddenly started laughing, as if he had just been told the funniest joke in the world.

"I'm you, who else would I be?" The boy said chuckling.

Naruto's eyes grew as he heard what the boy said.

"No, you're not me; I'm you must nii-san?" Naruto said as he looked at the boy in confusion.

The boy's smile dropped as he thought about it. For a few minutes, neither of the boys moved; then the boy nodded his head.

"All right, I guess I could be your nii-san, but then that means you're MY nii-san." The boy said smiling.

Naruto looked at him and then smiled. Nodding his head up and down as fast as he could, he stood up and walked over to his new nii-san. As Naruto's arms wrapped around the other boy, said boy spoke up.

"Hikari," He said solemnly.

"What?" Naruto asked him.

"You are Hikari, and I am Kuro."

"Is that your name?" Naruto asked him.

"Yes Hikari." Kuro said as he smirked. "Now, look at yourself."

Kuro suddenly pulled out a small mirror from behind his back and handed it to Naruto. When Naruto looked at it, he gasped. He didn't have blonde hair anymore, but rather light blue. Naruto also saw that his whisker marks were more defined now, and he could see fangs in his rows of teeth. Naruto almost dropped the mirror, but looked up to his new nii-san.

"What, what am I?" Naruto asked Kuro.

"You are Hikari Namikaze, and I am Kuro Namikaze, we are the scourge of this village. We are treated like monsters, and we have been chosen as the guards of a monster that nearly destroyed this village."

"Kyuubi no Kitsune, The nine-tailed fox…" Hikari said realizing what Kuro was saying. "So that's why they treat me like this." He said as he lowered his head. Kuro put a hand on Hikari's shoulder. "They do not fear us, nii-san. They fear the monster that we guard. But if we were to die, that monster would be let out into the world, and would kill many people. Our father entrusted us to make sure he never gets out." Kuro said growing serious. Hikari looked up, nodding as he realized the task that he and his brother must undertake. Kuro smiled as he saw Hikari understand the weight of their lives.

"Now, we don't want to die, so let's make sure these villagers pay for what they have done to us." Kuro said as his chakra started flaring to life. Hikari quickly grabbed Kuro's arm and said, "But we mustn't kill anyone! Only hurt them to where they will not bother us for awhile." Kuro turned to Hikari, an annoyed look on his face, but gave up. "Fine, we won't kill anyone." Kuro said as he put his head in his hand, slowly shaking it back and forth. Hikari smiled as he let go of his brothers' arm. "Now," he said turning to the villagers who were now slowly moving again, "Let's do this!"

The villager brought his spear down onto the spot where the 'demon-spawn' was crying on the floor a moment ago. His grin disappeared as he noticed that the spear was stuck into the ground…with no demon on it!

"What!? Where did he…?!" The man said as he looked around.

"Over here!" A voice said.

The man turned around, but didn't have enough time to dodge the fist as it collided with his face. As the man flew into a wall, barely conscious, Naruto landed on the ground.

"All right," Naruto said as he cracked his knuckles, "whose next?"

The villagers were terrified. The bloody boy that was on the ground but a moment ago was now on his feet, all traces of his wounds gone. The boy had suddenly gone from a four year old boy, to an eight year old boy. He stood 4"7, had fangs, as well as more defined whiskers, and had semi-long blonde hair that had light-blue and black streaks running through it. The boy had a small orange jacket that had black flames running across the bottom of it, and light-blue wave patterns on the top of it. He had dark blue jeans and black ninja sandals. The most terrifying thing that the villagers saw about the new boy was the fact that his eyes were two different colors.

His left eye was a bright blue, while his right eye was a crimson red. "Well?" Naruto said as he crossed his arms, "I'm waiting."

A man snapped out of his daze, and jumped at the boy with a wooden stick. As the man swung at the boy, said boy continued to dodge all of his blows with ease. Suddenly the man dropped to his knees. The villagers all stared in awe as the demon removed his fist from the man's gut. As the man fell to the floor, completely out cold, Naruto looked at the rest of the villagers and smiled. As all the villagers took an unconscious step back, Naruto walked towards them, cracking his knuckles. "Payback." Was all Naruto said.

A moment later, the screams of the villagers could be heard throughout all of Konoha.

As Naruto exited the alley, he suddenly was surrounded by a light. When the light dispersed, two boys fell out of the light. One was the light blue-haired Hikari, while the other was the black-haired Kuro. As the two boys slept peacefully on the ground, an ANBU with a dog mask jumped down from the rooftop he was on just a moment ago. He looked at the two boys on the ground and then looked back into the alley the two were just in. The bodies of all the unconscious villagers cluttered the alley. The Dog ANBU made a shadow clone of himself, and had it quickly run to the Hokage's office. Meanwhile he picked up both boys and ran to the hospital.

~Hokage's Office~

Sarutobi was finally relaxing as he had finally finished his paperwork, when suddenly his door was slammed open and a silver-haired ANBU came running in. "Hokage-sama! It's urgent, you're needed at the hospital immedietally!" The ANBU gasped out as he bent over trying to catch his breath.

Sarutobi stood over the ANBU, pipe in hand, and raised his eyebrow. "For what exactly?" The ANBU still had his head bowed when he started explaining the situation. "Uzumaki Naruto was found in an alley, but....well..." The ANBU looked back up to the Hokage to find out he was the only one in the room.

"Hokage-sama?" The silver-haired ANBU spoke as he looked around the now empty room.

~Konoha Hospitol~

One Silver-haired ANBU rushed through the hospital carrying the two boys as he ran to a room in the back of the building. The room was a special room with seals everywhere. The Dog ANBU kicked open the door with his foot and walked to a bed and put the two boys down. Just as he did so, the Hokage appeared behind him and barked out, "KAKASHI!"

"PORN ATTACK!!" The ANBU yelped as he jumped in surprise before turning around and seeing the Hokage.

"Where is he!?" The Hokage said in a tone of both rage and worry. Just then, the Hokage noticed the two boys on the bed. He was just about to ask who they were, when he noticed they both had whisker marks on their cheeks.

"Kakashi, i want answers....NOW!" The Hokage roared out. Kakashi was now using his hands as a shield as he told the Hokage he had only seen Naruto walk out of the alley before being surrounded by a light and the two boys falling on the floor. Sarutobi rubbed his forehead as he let Kakashi's story sink in. "We will have to wait until one of them comes to..." Sarutobi said as he finally came to his conclusion.

"I will wait with them and alert you when they wake." Kakashi said as he bowed to the Hokage.

Sarutobi contemplated the decision for a moment, then nodded his head in agreement. "Very well...I shall wait." He said as he turned towards the door. "And Kakashi," The ANBU looked up at the Hokage. "You should be wary of the consequences, shall i find something happened to him....them." The Hokage said as he left a pale-faced Kakashi with the two boys. Luckily, Kakashi still had his mask on; otherwise Kakashi's mouth might have hit the floor from the amount of Killing Intent radiating from the Hokage.

~The Next Morning~

Sarutobi walked to the hospital in his normal Hokage robes. He couldn't really sleep, but at least he had gotten around 3 hours of sleep. As he neared the hospital, he heard a scream. Sarutobi rushed towards the sealed room, and found Kakashi tied upside-down with his dog mask off, while a black-haired boy was slowly ripping out the pages of a little orange book.

"STOP! THIS IS MADNESS!" Kakashi screamed out in agony as little pieces of paper were slowly floating in the air, while the black-haired whisker-faced boy wore a smile that would make Orochimaru proud. Kuro looked up from his work and asked Kakashi another question. "If a tree falls in the middle of a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

"I DON'T KNOW!!!!" Kakashi screamed out. He screamed out louder as Kuro ripped another page from the book. "AHEM!" Sarutobi coughed as he made his appearence. "May I ask why Kakashi is tied up and you are ripping out pages of his book when he doesn't answer a rhetorical question?" Kakashi stared at Sarutobi for a moment before he finally yelled out, "YOU MEAN THERE IS NO ANSWER TO THESE QUESTIONS!?!??!?"

As Sarutobi nodded his head, Kakashi began to moan out loud. Sarutobi then turned towards Kuro and asked, "And who are you?" Kuro stood up, and smirked. "I'm Kuro, and he's Hikari." Kuro said shooting a thumb towards the now awake Hikari. When Hikari finished rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he noticed the Hokage.

"Jiji-san!" Hikari yelled out before tackling the Hokage into a hug. "N-naruto?" Sarutobi gasped out. "Yep! Well...only half." Hikari said smiling. As Kakashi finally freed himself from the rope he realized he could have easily escaped from, he asked Hikari a question the Sandaime was about to ask. "What do you mean, half?" Kuro spoke up at this point, seeing that his nii-san was too busy hugging the old man. "We're half of the entity you people knew as, Uzumaki Naruto." Sarutobi, Kakashi and Hikari turned towards Kuro at this point. Kuro, seeing as he would have to explain himself, told everyone to sit down. As Kakashi took a seat on the floor, Sarutobi sat on a chair, when Naruto jumped into his lap and laid his head against the Hokage. When Kuro saw that everyone was comfy, he began.

"All right, four to five years ago, Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, sealed the Kyuubi no yoko inside Naruto." Kakashi and Sarutobi both widened their eyes, and quickly turned their attention to Hikari, but breathed a sigh of relief as the boy seemed completely unfazed by this. So Kuro continued. "While the people of this village think that Minato killed the demon, he could not." "But Minato-sensei killed the demon, we saw it!" Kakashi yelled out. Kuro started picking his ear, pulled his pinky out, looked at the small piece of earwax that was now stuck on it, and flicked it away. He then turned his attention to Kakashi. "Oh, were you saying something?" At this Kakashi bristled. "Now, returning to my story, Minato couldn't kill the demon, so he did the next best thing. He sealed the demon away for eternity, inside Naruto." Kakashi then voiced a question of his that he'd had since he first met Naruto. "but why Naruto of all people?" Kuro turned towards the sandaime, who in turn, was looking at Hikari sadly. "He sealed him in Naruto, because he couldn't bestow such a fate to any child but his own." Sarutobi said sadly.

Kakashi's eyes widened as he realized just who's son Naruto was. "W-wait, you mean Naruto's sensei's...SON!?" Kuro, Hikari and Sarutobi all nodded their heads. That was when Sarutobi asked a question of his own. "and just who told you this Kuro?" "No one, i was there when it all happened." Kuro said. "and just HOW is that possible?" sandaime asked Kuro, growing worried. Kuro, who had his eyes closed up to this point, opened them and said, "Because I remember every memory that Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto had since the day he was born. I remember each and every detail that happened there on that day." He then sighed and started again. "Now, returning to what i was saying earlier, Me and Hikari here each hold half of the identity of Naruto. We are exactly half of Naruto. More of the peaceful, happy nature that was Naruto is now Hikari, the more chaotic, fighting side of Naruto is me." Then Kuro gained a smirk. "And the rest of the personality traits of Naruto are givin to each of us. Which means that we both have a knack for pranking."

A shiver went down both Kakashi's and Sarutobi's spines at that comment.

"Now, because we are half of Naruto, like i said, we have Naruto's traits split between us, but we have our own personalities. But as we are half of Naruto, that doesn't mean that we can't combine into the original Naruto." Kuro then turned towards Kakashi. "You said you saw a boy come out of the alley, right?" Kakashi nodded his head. "That was Naruto. without the light and dark sides of his personality missing." Kakashi and Sarutobi nodded their heads.

"Well, I think that was enough excitement for one morning, how about something to eat?" Sarutobi asked the two mini-Naruto's. Hikaru and Kuro looked towards each other, smiled, and then screamed out, "RAMEN!!"

~8 years later~

Three figures walked towards the gates of Konohagakure no Sato. Two of the three figures started running towards the gates with excitement going throughout their bodies. "C'mon sensei! we're almost home! pick up the pace!" a black-haired boy shouted back to the tallest of the group. The other boy ran up ahead when he came to a stop. "I can see the village!" he said out loud. The black-haired boy ran up to the other boy and saw he spoke the truth. "All right! C'mon Kakashi-sensei!" he shouted as he ran once more.

Kakashi sighed, but then called out to the two boys. "Kuro, Hikari, if you two don't get back here, no ramen!" Suddenly the two boys disappeared from sight. Kakashi blinked rapidly trying to figure out where they had gone, when suddenly.

"Kakashi-sensei, what are you looking at?" the two boys said, suddenly at the sides of their sensei.

"WAH!" Kakashi jumped in front of the boys. "What did I tell you two about doing that!?" Kakashi said, a vein slowly appearing on his forehead. "Gomen Kakashi-sensei." The two boys said as they bowed their heads. Then they shot their heads back up. "but come on Kakashi sensei!" Kuro said as he complained. "We're almost home!" "and I want to see Jiji-san again!" Hikari finished.

Kakashi sighed before saying "All right, we'll pick up the pace." "YEAH!" The two boys shouted out loud as they ran once more towards the gates in the distance.

~Hokage's office~

"Give me a better trainer NOW Hokage-sama!" A raven-haired boy shouted at the hokage. "N-now now Uchiha-sama, don't speak to the Hokage that way! P-please!" The glasses-wearing Tokubetsu-Jonin pleaded to the Uchiha heir. The Hokage sighed out loud. "You had best learn respect young Sasuke. In fact, you could learn some tips from two young boys that i know of." Sarutobi said as he lit his pipe. "Humph! They aren't Uchiha, they could never beat someone like me! They wouldn't even be able to touch my beautiful hair!" The boy said as he ran his hand through his hair.

Just then the door suddenly slammed open and in came a black-haired boy, closely followed by a light blue-haired boy. "Gramps!" Kuro yelled out happily as he jumped up on top of the head of the young Uchiha. "Jiji-san!" Hikari yelled as he ran around Sasuke and hugged the old Hokage. Kuro jumped off of Sasuke's head, making the heir fall onto the floor, and landed on the Hokage's desk. "How have ya been doin!?" They both asked at the same time. The old Hokage laughed and returned Hikari's hug as he ruffled Kuro's hair. "Good, good, how was your training trip?" They both smiled and said the same thing. "AWESOME!" "Kakashi-sensei is annoying as heck when he's reading that book of his, but other than that he taught us how to use our teamwork to beat any enemy out there!" Kuro said happily. "Yeah! and he taught us some ninjutsu too!" Hikari said excitedly.

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU TWO THINK YOU ARE!?" A voice roared out in rage.

Hikari and Kuro turned towards the voice to see a boy who's hair looked to be in the shape of a ducks butt seething in rage. Kuro then fell off of the Hokage's desk laughing. "Y-you're hair looks like a duck's ass! HAHAHAHAAA!!!" Kuro roared out in laughter. "Kuro nii-san, That's not nice!" Hikari said as he turned towards the Uchiha. "I'm sorry mister, my brother can be rude at times..." Hikari said as he scratched the back of his head while bowing towards the Uchiha. "Aww, would you stop being so nice all the time? It's starting to drive me crazy!" Kuro said as he recovered from his laughing fit. "How dare you laugh at young master Sasuke! You two should be ashamed of yourselves!" The special Jonin yelled out. It was then that he noticed the whiskers on Hikari's face. " dare you show your face around here again!" He said as he jumped towards the boy. Before the Jonin had a chance to react he suddenly had a foot smashed into his face and was sent flying across the room. As the Jonin twitched on the ground Kuro got off of the back of Hikari and patted his hands together.

"Touch my nii-san and you're dead meat, got it!?" Kuro said, his eyes flashing a deadly red. The Special Jonin then took notice of the fact that BOTH of the boys had whiskers on their cheeks. "Wh-what!? how can there be two!?" He said as he stood up shakily. "EBISU! STAND DOWN!" The Hokage suddenly shouted out. Ebisu stopped for a moment, then turned towards the Hokage in confusion. "But, how are there two!?" Ebisu said as he pointed between Hikari and Kuro.

"Hikari, Kuro, would you please introduce yourselves to Ebisu and Sasuke?" Sarutobi said as a smirk grew onto his face. The two boys turned towards the Hokage and flashed their foxy grins. "Sure thing Jiji!" They said in unison. Kuro pulled out six Kunai, and put three in the slits of both of his hands, and crouched down with his arms crossing the other. Hikari then jumped up onto the back of Kuro and pulled out six senbon, holding them in a similar style to how Kuro was holding his. "I'm Hikari Namikaze!" "And I'm Kuro Namikaze!" "And together we make the 'Namikaze no Higure!'" They said in unison. Sasuke stared in shock at how the two looked. they actually looked! Ebisu was staring in horror. If they truly were the Namikaze no Higure, then he'd just made a grave mistake. Even in Konoha, rumors had started spreading about two boys who had been saving lives by performing various deeds. (Kakashi dubbed them as missions)

It was at this time that Kakashi decided to make his entrance. "Yo!" Sasuke then turned towards Kakashi, and shouted out the first thing that came to his mind. "YOU'RE GOING TO TRAIN ME!"

"Nande?" Kakashi said at the finger that was now pointed at him. "Sorry, but I just got back from training someone, and i don't think i'll be training ANYONE anytime soon..." Kakashi said glaring at the two boys in their poses.

"WHAT!? but i'm an Uchiha! I always get what i want!" Sasuke yelled out loud as he started a fit. "Uh-oh, watch out! The ducks about to explode! Quick! Hikari! get me a frying pan! i'm making bacon and eggs for breakfast!" Kuro said as he pretended to hide. As Sasuke continued to sizzle, Sarutobi called out to Hikari and Kuro. "All right you two, go home and get some rest, in two days you'll be taking your finals for the Genin exams."

"WHAT!?!?!?" The Uchiha yelled in shock. "All right! we're gonna be official Shinobi!" The Namikaze duo called out as the high fived. "But how can they enter the academy!? They weren't here for ANY of the classes!" The Uchiha yelled out. The old Hokage sighed and said, "Because, the only reason we HAVE those classes is so that you kids will study and work on your skills as ninja. These two have read everything that you have read, and practiced all the techniques that you have been taught. If you cannot defeat them, it just means that they studied and practiced more than you did. Not only that, it means they were mature enough to do all that studying on their own, and made time to practice their techniques. You all have the same chance of passing the exams as these two, as well as the same chance of failing as these two." The Hokage said as he finally breathed in air again after his long speech.

Sasuke's mouth was agape after hearing this, but caught himself on the rebound. "Oh well, at least I have a unique kekkei genkai." He said smiling smugly. Kuro and Hikari turned towards the heir and stood in shock. "What? Too caught by surprise to say anything?" Sasuke said still with that stupid smile on his face. "So?" the Namikaze bros. said in unison. "We have one too."

Sasuke's eyes proceeded to fall out of their sockets. "WHAT?!?"

"Yep! Although we don't use the cheaters way out, we only use it in a life-death situation." Kuro said giving Sasuke the same smug smile that he was giving them a moment ago. "Enough! Kuro, Hikari, Sasuke, Ebisu, I want all of you out of here! Kakashi, I want a progress report on the boys." "Hai Hokage-Jiji!" The Namikaze bros. said as they bowed and left the room. Sasuke just stormed out of the room with Ebisu quickly bowing to the Hokage and then chasing after Sasuke. The Hokage sighed before turning to Kakashi, who closed the door. "Well?" Kakashi then turned towards the Hokage and smirked. "They could almost take me down without my Sharingan activated. Those two's teamwork is amazing." The Hokage smiled and nodded his head in satisfaction. "Then I doubt you would mine being a Jonin instructor?" Kakashi almost passed out. "Um...I...I'll think about it...." Kakashi said as he slowly got up from the floor. the Hokage laughed and then dismissed Kakashi.

"This will be interesting...Kuro, Hikari, what will you show me this time around?" The Hokage said as he laid back in his chair, taking a small puff from his pipe.


Hikari - Light

Kuro - Dark

Namikaze - Mealstrom

Hokage - Ho + Kage = Fire Shadow

Ho - Fire

Kage - Shadow

Uchiha - House

Kakashi - Scarecrow

Kekkei Genkai - Bloodline Trait

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