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The week passed on normally with everyone training, and Inari and Kuro argueing, which led to them getting scolded at by either Hinata or Tsunami, or both. Kakashi had gained about half of his strength back, but still couldn't move around that much. Since then he's been helping everyone out with their elements and such. As of now Kakashi is currently taking a bath while Kuro and Hinata are working on their wind elements, Kuro saying that he's got the basics down, but he wants to get better at other elements too.

Hikari was sitting on the docks, drawing. He would look up from his sketchbook every now and again to get a better look at the flower that was currently floating in the middle of the lake, before returning back to his drawing. All in all? It looked pathetic. A normal artist would laugh his head off at how bad it looked, which was the reason Hikari liked to draw when he was alone. He had already finished the beginning exercise of his training, so decided he wanted to listen to some music while he was drawing. He pulled out a small MP3 player and changed to a certain song. It almost alway reminded him of his past life as Uzumaki Naruto, before he met Kuro.

I'm a little boy with glasses
The one they call the geek
A little girl who never smiles
'Caus I've got braces on my teeth
And I know how it feels
To cry myself to sleep

I'm that kid on every playground
Who'se always chosen last
A single teenage mother
Tryin' to overcome my past
You don't have to be my friend
But it sit too much to ask

Don't laugh at me
Don't call me names
Don't get your pleasure from my pain
In God's eyes we're all the same
Someday we'll all have perfect wings
Don't laugh at me

I'm the cripple on the corner
You've passed me on the street
And I wouldn't be out here beggin'
If I had enough to eat
And don't think I don't notice
That our eyes never meet

I lost my wife and little boy when
Someone cross that yellow line
The day we laid them in the ground
Is the day I lost my mind
And right now I'm down to holdin'
This little cardboard

Don't laugh at me
Don't call me names
Don't get your pleasure from my pain
In God's eyes we're all the same
Someday we'll all have perfect wings
Don't laugh at me

I'm fat, I'm thin, I'm short, I'm tall
I'm deaf, I'm blind, hey aren't we all

Don't laugh at me
Don't call me names
Don't get your pleasure from my pain
In God's eyes we're all the same
Someday we'll all have perfect wings
Don't laugh at me

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Hikari sighed as he listened to the song. He looked out across the lake while listening to the song, thinking about how lucky he was to be alive. To be able to have not only a brother, but good friends, and a teacher. 'Kakashi-sensei, Kuro-nii-san, Hinata-chan, Jiji-san, Shika-san, Chouji-san, Ino-chan, Shino-san, Kiba-san, all the other senseis...' He then turned to the little rabbit that was fast asleep next to him. 'Even you, little guy.' He thought as a smile spread across his face. He heard a russle in the bushes off to the right, and the rabbits ears shot up. Hikari put his poor drawing off to the side and walked after the rabbit once it ran off towards the source of the sound. Hikari had just gotten through the bushes when he saw a girl in the middle of a clearing picking up herbs. Her long black hair blew gently in the small breeze. He watched as she turned her attention to the now approaching rabbit. "Yuki!" She called out happily. "Where'd you go? You've been disappearing alot lately..." The girl scolded the rabbit as she held it in front of her. Hikari smiled and turned to walk away from the happy sight when the girl caught sight of him. She watched as the boy turned around and started walking away. She gasped as the rabbit jumped out of her arms and started hopping after the boy. She watched in fascination as the rabbit just followed after the boy, while Hikari was completely oblivious to the fact that he was being followed.

The girl followed after Yuki and watched as it hopped right up to the boy while he was drawing. Hikari didn't even notice it as it laid down next to him. He just kept on trying to draw the flower. He grunted in frustration as he made another mistake, and tried to morph around the flower a bit. It wouldn't be an exact replica, he would change it around a bit before he dubbed it 'done'. The girl just stood there watching him trying to fix his flower, when she noticed it started looking like an actual flower. The boy shaded it in all the right places before he dubbed it finished, and held it up to admire it. He looked happy now that it somewhat resembled a flower. He then took notice of the little rabbit sleeping peacefully next to him. Hikari chuckled a bit. "You better go back to her. She's going to get mad at you for running off again." He said in a light voice. The rabbit looked up to him and just stared into his eyes. Hikari smiled and made the sign of the rabbit. Yuki blinked a few times before scampering off to the girl who was only a few feet away. Hikari looked up in surprise as he looked straight into the eyes of the girl.

Hikari didn't know why, but he just couldn't tear his gaze away from the beautiful amber eyes of the girl. He felt something flutter above his stomach where he guessed his heart was. He didn't even notice the slight blush that appeared on his face. He just couldn't stop staring at her.

The girl looked straight back at him, not letting her eyes waver once from those azure pools of mystery. She felt as if she could stare into them all day and not get bored for even a moment. The more features of his face that she took in, the more she wished the moment didn't stop. She felt a small heat go across her face as she saw the small blush on his face, and her heart almost gave a leap of joy thanking Kami for just letting her meet this boy.

They would have stared at each other all day, if not for the sound of a bush russling before hearing a voice call out, "Hikari! Time for dinner!" Kuro called out a small distance away. Hikari turned towards the direction of the voice before turning back to the girl who was now running off back to the area she was at in the first place, Yuki tucked into her arms. "Hey wait!" Hikari called out in vain. Kuro walked up to Hikari with a confused look on his face. "What's wrong?" Hikari just stared off into the direction the girl disappeared to. "I.......I don't know...." He said as his shoulders slumped. Kuro tilted his face a bit before he noticed the drawing on the ground. "Wow, That's really good Hikari! You should try becoming an artist!" Kuro praised him. Hikari didn't even hear him as his mind was currently focused on one black-haired girl that he barely knew. It was then that he realized that he didn't even get her name. He sighed in disapointment. He probably would never see that girl again. He then felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Kuro looking at him with a worried face. "You okay?" Hikari blinked a few times before giving a small smile. He might not be able to see her again, but he would count meeting her as another blessing he had. "Yeah, I'm feeling great!" He said as his small smile turned into a full blown one. "Race ya to the house!" Hikari called out as he started running off to the house. "Hey! Wait!" Kuro called out as he chased after his brother, neither of them noticing the small flower drawing that was still on the dock.

The girl came out of her hiding place and watched as the two ran into the forest. She then noticed the drawing on the dock and slowly walked over to it and picked it up. She didn't know why, but she took it back with her after she got some more medicinal herbs.

~Zabuza's Hideout~

Zabuza was laying down on a bed as he waited for the girl to get back with the medicine. He heard a knock before he said in a gruff voice, "Enter." The girl walked into the room with a small woven basket that held the herbs. "Well well, look whose back." He said in a sarcastic voice. "I'm sorry Zabuza-sama. I ran into....someone....while gathering your medicine." Zabuza raised a non-existant eyebrow at this. "Oh?" Zabuza was just about to ask who when Yuki hopped in behind the girl and stared at him. Zabuza chuckled a bit. "Well well, look whose with ya? You've been getting out a lot, havn't you?" He then looked at the girl as she had a far-off look in her face. Zabuza just laid there before coughing. "Sorry to disturb your fantasy, but did you get the herbs for a quisine, or something else, Haku?" Zabuza said once more in a sarcastic voice. Haku snapped out of her day-dream of a blue-haired boy before getting to work. The entire time she prepared the herbs, her mind was only half focused on her task. The other half was center on the boy. She inwardly sighed as she never even got his name. Who knows, maybe if she held onto the drawing, she might meet him again. After finishing her task, she bowed to Zabuza before she walked out of the room. After Haku left, Zabuza sighed. It seemed to be getting harder and harder to treat her like a tool. He knew he was getting soft, and he didn't really like that...especially when he knew what would happen if the men of the hideout ever found out Haku was a girl. He did a pretty good job with disguising her as a boy, but they were starting to catch on. After this mission, they would have to leave again, with all of the hunter nin chasing after them. He sighed as he realized that she would be hunted as well. His life just sucked.

Haku walked down the hallway until she reached her room. She walked over to a small desk and pulled her basket out and put it on the desk. She pulled some herbs out of the way to reveal the sketchbook. She took it and walked over to her bed. She opened it up and started looking at some of the pictures the blue-haired boy drew. There were trees, plants, flowers, animals, anything that had to do with nature, it was in there. She flipped some more pages until she found one that startled her. It showed a boy and a girl. They were tucked into each others arms, sleeping peacefully. She brushed her hand against the picture of the boy. It looked alot like the boy she met, whose sketchbook she was currently looking through. She sighed. Whoever these two were, they were probably the luckiest couple in the world. They seemed so content, so happy in each others arms. She envied them, and wished she could find someone like that. But that was not meant to be. Her and Zabuza were being chased after by the hunter-nin of Kirigakure. They would be like that until they were killed. She could never live a life where she could actually meet people, let alone fall in love. She sighed as she turned the page and looked at the next drawing, but gasped as she saw the back of the last page she looked at. There was a picture taped to the back of it. It showed the boy and girl that were drawn on the last page, kissing. They were in the middle of a forest, it seemed to be late at night. Below it were the words, 'Kuro and Hinata's first real kiss. May they be happy together till the end of time.' Haku let a single tear fall down her face. It sounded so right for them. If the blue-haired boy was the one who wrote this, then he must truly be a caring person, wishing them happiness like that. She continued to look through the book, and eventually fell asleep with it tucked close to her heart.

~Meanwhile In Tazuna's house~

Hikari was currently lying in bed. He was staring up at the cieling, thinking about the girl he saw earlier that day. He had found out sometime after dinner that his sketchbook was missing, but didn't bother going after it. He would get it in the morning, seeing as it was too dark to search for it at this late hour. He stared up at the cieling, praying to Kami that he would get to meet her again. He then turned in and dreamed about the mysterious girl in the forest.

~Next day~

The day went on as it usually did, but Kakashi tested the genin on how far they've come with their techniques. Kuro could call a small amount of electricity into his hand, and Hinata could cut a leaf in half. Hikari could pull up some water, but couldn't hold it for long, 10 seconds being the longest he'd gotten it to stay in his hands. Kakashi nodded before turning to Kuro and Hinata. "You two can go and keep watch over Tazuna at the bridge, Hikari, I want you to try getting the water to stay in your hand for about 2 minutes." Hikari sighed but nodded and turned to start working again. Kuro and Hinata went back to the house to get their supplies before they left with Tazuna to go to the bridge. Kakashi then turned to go take another nap, but not before having some 'fun' with Tsunami, a pastime that he had come to enjoy since he was able to walk around. He had never known why Kuro liked to tease people, now he knew.

~6 hours later~

Hikari was still trying to keep the orb above water. He could keep it above his hand for about a minute. He was completely focused on the orb, nothing to distract him. He was sweating as the orb started shaking, but he pushed more chakra into the orb and it calmed down. He stood there, for another 20 seconds before it started shaking again. He pushed more chakra than he needed and the orb blew up in an explosion of Chakra. Hikari wiped the water off his face before he suddenly felt weak. He fell back with a thud as he passed out as Kakashi walked out from behind his tree. He smiled as he dubbed him approved to guard Tazuna. He then picked him up and brought him back to Tazuna's house before putting him in his bed and letting him sleep.

Kakashi walked into the kitchen to see Hinata, Kuro, Tsunami, Tazuna and Inari all seated eating. Kuro and Hinata were smiling as they talked about how one of the bridgbuilders slipped on a little puddle and sent a paint bucket flying straight to Tazuna, who was ignoring the conversation all-together. Inari was shaking as he gripped his fork before slamming it down on the table just as Hikari came into the room. "I just don't get you guys!" He yelled out startling everyone. "How can you guys act so happy!? Gato's going to kill you all! Then you won't be laughing, you'll all be dead!" "Say's you." Hikari said in a grumpy mood as he just woke up. "You don't get how cruel life can be! You just go around clowning around, acting as if the world is right! You have no idea what it's like to suffer, or what loneliness means! You-!" He was cut off as Hikari had disappeared from his spot across the table and slamming Inari into the wall. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?" Hikari said, His eyes a blood red color with slits. "I don't know what suffering is!? That's the biggest bull-shit I've ever heard!" He said as the his killing intent shot throughout the room. Hinata felt as if Zabuza had really returned, and that he took over Hikari seeing as she had never seen him actually get mad.

"Do you have ANY idea what suffering is!? You have a family, you have a grandfather, you have people who actually CARE FOR YOU! Yet you decide to spit on everyone, including your mother who tries so hard to make you happy!" Inari flinched as he heard that. "Every day of my life, I've been treated like shit! People spit on me, they attack me, they laugh at me when I bleed, hell, they enjoy it when I bleed! Until I met Kuro and we became brothers, I had NO-ONE! I was all alone! People detested me, they wished me dead every day! On my birthday, I never got a celebration, The only presents I have EVER gotten are broken bones, bloody arms, and pain! People would try to kill me, but they enjoyed doing so on my birthday the most! They said it was for their Hokage, that they would try and honor his memory by attacking me! If it wasn't for the old man, I'd be dead before I was five! I was always laughed at, and until Kakashi-sensei took me and Kuro away from the village, I was nobody! I didn't even EXIST!" He roared out at the trembling boy he was still holding up off the ground. "So if you DARE try and say you're the only one whose suffered, I will have no problem killing you! Because even though all the shit I've been through, I know there is STILL someone whose had it WORSE! And that's DEFINITELY NOT YOU!" Hikari said as he finally dropped the kid and stomped out of the house. Everyone was in complete silence while Kuro and Kakashi sighed.

Inari was shaking terribly before his mother came over and wrapped him in a hug. After Inari finally calmed down, he looked up to Kuro. "I-.....Is it true?" He said through the tears in his eyes. Kuro sighed before looking at Inari. "Yes. Everything he said was the truth." Tsunami and Tazuna's eyes widened. "W-what?" Kuro stared at the table, but Kakashi spoke up. "Konoha has treated him as if he were a monster, and because they fear him, they hurt him, trying to make themselves feel better. Hikari was known back then as Uzumaki Naruto, and was the outcast of the village. There wasn't a single child who wanted to play with him, because their parents always told them that he was a monster, and that he would hurt you if you got near him. So he became truly alone. When I had found out about this, I went to the Hokage to ask if I could watch over him. He gave his permission and I started looking out for him." "But if he was so hated in the village, why did you leave him there!?" Tsunami yelled out in rage. Kakashi sighed before looking at her with a dead-serious expression. "I DID do something about it. I talked to the Hokage a few months later, after Naruto came close to dieing for the billionth time," "WHAT!?" Tsunami yelled out in anger. "Yes, Naruto was beaten to within an inch of his life many times, and even worse, most of the doctors of Konoha didn't want to even help him. But like I was saying, I asked the Hokage if I could back down as an ANBU agent to take Naruto out of the village to train him, as he had somehow come to care for Konoha, even though they attacked him." Kakashi then looked at everyone except Kuro.

"He wanted to show the villagers he wasn't the monster they had come to think of him as, and decided to become Hokage. So I got ready to take him out of the village when....something happened." Kakashi said. "What?" Kakashi looked at Kuro who, in turn, gave Kakashi a look that said, 'You say it, you lose another Icha-Icha book'. Kakashi sighed before saying, "I'm sorry, but that is an S-class matter." "What do you mean!?" Tsunami yelled. "I'm sorry, but I'm pushing it enough that I'm telling you this alone. I've already let out an A-ranked mission breifing, I'm not going to say anymore in the matter." Tsunami's eyes widened as she heard him say A-ranked, and realized they were pushing it as it was. Kakashi then turned to Inari. "Naruto never had any parents, he grew up completely alone. He didn't find out who his father was until he met Kuro, and even then, he still had it rough. Don't get depressed about what he said though, just remember his words." Inari looked up confused. "No matter how bad you're life is, Someones life is always worse." Inari looked down. The rest of the night was silent until everyone went to bed, minus Hikari.

Hikari just sat on the roof of the house as he stared at the full moon. He was already regretting at how he snapped at Inari, so he was punishing himself by freezing himself outside, thinking it was the right thing to do. After about an hour of staring at the moon, he fell asleep. Kakashi walked up to Hikari, about to ask him to come back inside before he caught a cold before he noticed he was asleep. Kakashi smiled a little before picking the boy up and bringing him to his room.

~The next morning~

Everyone was downstairs at the door as Kakashi, Tazuna, Kuro and Hinata were all heading out to the bridge. "Well, take care of Hikari, he's wiped himself out from all the training yesterday." Kakashi said. 'Not to mention the hour or so he spent out in 34 degree weather without a heavy jacket.' He added as an afterthought. Tsunami nodded while Inari just stared at the ground, the night before still replaying itself in his mind. The group left before Tsunami looked at her son. "Wanna help do the laundry?" Inari looked up and thought about what Hikari had said the night before. He smiled before nodding his head. "Sure!" They then started on the first batch of laundry.


Kakashi and the others had just gotten to the bridge when Kakashi felt something was off. His suspicion proved true when they arrived on the scene to see the workers on the ground, small patches of blood on their bodies. "WH-WHAT HAPPENED!?" Tazuna exclaimed. He ran over to the closest man and asked him what had happened. "We-....we were.....attacked...." He said weakly. "By who!?" Kakashi had a good idea who had done this. A bone-chilling laugh could be heard throughout the area as a mist suddenly appeared. 'I knew it.' Kakashi thought. "Kuro! Hinata! Gaurd Tazuna!" Kakashi ordered. The two ran in front of Tazuna and prepared for anything. In front of them appeared Zabuza, as well as the hunter-nin that knocked him out. "Looks like I was right. He was working for you." Kakashi said. Haku looked at Kuro before gasping. She turned to look at Hinata and held her breath. 'It's....It's the two from the sketchbook...' She thought. "Haku, Go on and take care of the boy, I've got Kakashi." Zabuza said before disappearing. Haku jumped off the side with Kuro following after her. "Looks like we have to fight." Haku said in a mellow tone. Kuro pulled out a Kunai and readied for the fight. This wasn't going to be easy. He knew all about senbon, as his brother had used him as a pin-cushion multiple times when he pranked him. He found out from those past experiences, that a well-aimed senbon could take you out with only one shot, as well as Paralyze you from movement.

~Back at Tazuna's house~

Hikari woke up feeling slightly better than the day before. He then got dressed before walking out into the living room to see Tsunami and Inari doing laundry. "Oh! Hikari!" Tsunami said upon seeing him. "Mornin, where is everyone?" Hikari said as he looked around. "Oh, Kakashi-san said that you could stay home for the day, they went to the bridge to protect father." "WHAT!? Those jerks! The moment I'm out they leave me behind!" He then turned towards the door before running out of the house. "I'm outta here!" He called out. Tsunami and Inari just stared at the door before looking back at each other and shrugging. They then went back to work. Hikari was jumping through the trees when he heard something. He stopped above two samurai and heard them talking about something. He then focused chakra to his ears so he could hear them.

"Heheh, That was fun! Hope I can cut something else up!" The first samurai said as he licked the blood off his sword. "Dude, you JUST killed a pig, you don't have to cut everything that moves, geez." The second Samurai said as he put a hand to his head. "Who cares, It's fun! Anyway, you remember that Haku kid?" "Zabuza's apprentice?" "Yeah, him. Found out something interesting." He said, a sick grin crawling onto his face. Hikari just wanted to go down there and beat that grin off his face. "Found out, he's a she." "What!? Are you serious!?" "Yep, boss said after he kills off Zabuza, we can do what we want with her." Hikari gasped at this information. Gato was trying to kill off Zabuza? Why would he do that!? He couldn't ponder the thought further when he heard something that shook him to the core. "Yeah, she's always holding that snow hare whenever she thinks no-ones looking, what did she call it....Yuki?" Hikari almost lost his footing. The girl he met in the forest was Zabuza's apprentice!? He felt sad as he realized that he might have to fight her. Then he remembered what they said earlier. They were going to rape her! Not something you let Hikari find out about. He wanted to pound their faces in even more now, but decided to have his own little fun first. He jumped down from the tree and henged into a samurai looking guy. He ran up to the two and called out for them to wait up. The two turned to him confused. "What?" "Gato wanted me to come along, just in case one of those ninja's stayed around back at the bridgbuilder's house." Hikari faked his way through. The two nodded before continueing on.

"So yeah, what were you saying about a girl?" Hikari asked as he hid his temper. "Yeah, that Haku kid is actually a girl! Gato says that we can have some fun with her after he's finished with Zabuza at the bridge today. Man I can't wait. I'm gonna tie that little Bitch down an-" He was cut off from explaining his dirty plan as his head was disconnected from his shoulders. The other Samurai gasped as he turned towards Hikari. "D-dude! I know he liked to cut things to an extreme, but you didn't have to do that!" He said terrified. He then gasped as the 'Samurai' disappeared to show a VERY pissed off Hikari. You could tell he was pissed by the raging fire around him as he sent a slit, red-eyed glare at the other Samurai who was now shaking. "If you think I'm gonna let you guys do that to Haku-chan, you will die in the most painful way POSSIBLE!" He roared out before beating the living snot out of the last guy before knocking him unconscious. Hikari calmed himself, now thouroughly satisfied with venting his anger out on the dirty samurai. "Now, I've got to get to the bridge to warn Zabuza!" He then tied up the samurai before doubleing his pace towards the bridge.

~Back at the bridge~

Kuro was not enjoying himself. He had, since their fight started, almost gotten turned into an icycle pin-cushion when that Haku kid used an Ice-style attack that sent thousands of needles at him, which he barely escaped. Now he was getting turned into a senbon pin-cushion while this guy was shooting needles out of these wierd ice mirrors. He tried using a fire-style technique, which proved useless against the ice. He didn't notice it, but Haku was getting tired from keeping the Demonic Ice mirrors up for so long. She felt something ripple throughout her body when she heard birds chirping. Kuro grinned as he heard the birds. Kakashi only used the Chidori when his opponent was pinned. Haku immediately jumped out of a mirror and ran towards Zabuza's location when she saw Kakashi holding an electrical surge of lightning in his hand, while Zabuza was pinned by a bunch of dogs. She screamed as she saw Kakashi getting ready to lunge, but right before he did so, an object shot in front of him, making Kakashi jump back. He looked up to see something he wasn't expecting to see. It was an arrow. Kakashi began to wonder where it came from before he heard laughing. He turned to the side before seeing Gato standing there with a bunch of Samurai and an archer behind him.

"Gato! What's the meaning of this!" Zabuza roared out. "Don't worry Zabuza, Once that Konoha-nin finishes you off, I won't have to worry about paying you. You were nothing but a pawn for me, and may be disposed of if I so choose." Gato said with a sly grin on his face. Haku just looked at Gato in shock, while Zabuza looked at him in rage. "YOU DECIEVING LITTLE RAT!" Gato just laughed. "Well? What are you waiting for? Finish him!" He ordered Kakashi. He suddenly heard laughter. The dogs around Zabuza disappeared and the surge in Kakashi's hand disappeared. "Well, since he's not my enemy anymore, I don't have a need to kill him!" Kakashi said as his eye turned into an eye smile. Zabuza grinned as he turned towards Gato, as he somehow gained very sharp teeth. He now really did look like a demon...

"HOLD IT!" A new voice called out. Everyone turned to see a swirl of leaves before Hikari appeared on the bridge. "I want first dibs on this guy!" He raored out, his eyes still glowing red. Everyone gasped, but Zabuza grew enraged. "And why should I do that!?" "Because of what this swine was planning on doing to Haku!" Said girl gasped as she realized that this boy was the same boy she met in the forest, as the mist died down enough to where she could see his hair. Zabuza looked on with a question as he walked up to Hikari. "And what, pray tell, was he going to do?" Zabuza asked Hikari as his eyes narrowed on Gato. Gato felt as if he were on death's doorstep as he felt an enourmus wave of killer intent wash over him, courtesy of Hikari. "It's not what HE was going to do, it's what his MEN were going to do." Hikari said as he started walking forward, while pulling out a senbon. Zabuza looked on at the boy in interest, wondering what he was going to do.

Gato started laughing as he saw the little needle. "What are you going to do, poke me!? HAHAHAHAHAA" Hikari twirled the needle around before expertly tossing it into a certain point on Gato's body. The little man suddenly fell backwards writhing in pain as he felt each and every bone in his body being torn to shreds. "AAAHHHHHHHH!!! WH-WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!? AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" He writhed in pain.

Hikari's fiery glow returned around his body as he glared at the little man on the other side of the bridge. "I hit a specific point on your body which makes the entire body throb in pain, as if it were being crushed by an enourmus boulder. You are going to feel that pain until we have decided to kill you." Hikari said as he turned to Zabuza, who was now grinning at the cruelty of the boy. "I know you have already met this swine, but I'd like you to be re-introduced. This is Gato, the man who was going to let his men rape Haku before they pillaged the village." Hikari said as he spat the word 'rape'. Zabuza twitched at hearing the boy, before a killing intent worse than before was re-leased into the air. "I'm sorry, but is what he said true? Did you really plan on letting your men RAPE MY DAUGHTER!?" Zabuza roared out in rage. Every Samurai started shaking at the amount of killing intent. Some actually screamed out in a girly voice before saying, "YOU COULDN'T PAY ME ENOUGH FOR THIS!!" before they ran off the bridge. The Samurai who were left were shaking in terror as Zabuza stalked up to them, while summoning his Kubikiri to his hand. That day, Gato really did see that Zabuza was indeed, NOT a little demon, but a BIG demon. A very big, scary, sadistically evil demon.

There were almost NO samurai left after Zabuza was done, what few there were ran to the boat and high-tailed it outta there. Gato was still writhing in pain as Hikari and Zabuza walked up to him. "As much as I'd love to, would YOU like to do the honor, Zabuza-san?" Hikari said as a grin as sadistic as Zabuza's appeared on his face. Zabuza grinned. He liked this boy. "The pleasure would be mine." Zabuza said as he raised his sword up. Gato yelled out a, "HAVE FUN IN HELL!!" before his head was de-tatched from his body. Hinata, Tazuna and Kuro all shivered as they heard the *thock!* of Gato's head being chopped off. Hikari and Zabuza just watched it in pure joy. After a few minutes though, Hikari realized what had happened, as well as when he killed the Samurai earlier. He fell onto his knees and began to empty his stomach of anything that was in it. Zabuza looked at the kid for a minute before turning to Kakashi. "I guess I owe you an apology..." Zabuza said. Kakashi shook his head. "No, you were tricked. No harm done, we all made it through. for Gato." Kakashi then held out his hand for Zabuza to take. Zabuza grinned before taking it and giving it a firm shake.

Hikari had wiped his mouth before he stumbled back towards the group. Kuro ran up to him and caught him before he hit the ground. "Dude, What the heck was that!?" Kuro asked in pure shock. "I killed someone earlier, and I just remembered it..." Hikari said in a sick voice. "Why did you kill him?" Zabuza said as he, Kakashi, Haku and the others walked up to Hikari. "He....he started going on about how he was going to.....enjoy himself, with Haku-chan." He spat as he said it. Zabuza was getting angry again at how one of them was thinking about raping his daughter, but he caught what the boy said. "Haku-chan?" Zabuza grinned. Hikari blushed as he realized what he said. "Haku-san" Hikari corrected himself while looking away from Zabuza. Unfortunately, Haku was in the direction he turned to. He saw her blushing before he looked away. "Umm...." Haku started. Hikari turned back to her, the blush still on his face.

Haku pulled out a scroll from her ninja pouch and made the sketchbook appear. She then handed it to Hikari. "Y-you left it, the last time we met." She said as she backed away. Hikari looked at the book before looking back at Haku with a grin. "Thanks!" He said as he hugged her. Haku's face turned tomato red the moment he touched her. Kuro and Hinata looked at each other before grinning. *AHEM!* Zabuza coughed to get their attention. Hikari realized how they looked before he jumped back from Haku, a bright shiny blush on his face. "S-s-sorry...." He stuttered out while he scratched the back of his head. Zabuza grinned as he looked at how red the two were. "Well Zabuza, it seems our battle is done." Kakashi said. They then heard the sound of feet trampling before they turned to see Inari and the rest of the villagers. They were about to yell out, "GET OUT OF OUR TOWN GATO!" when they realized they had arrived too late. They felt a little embarassed as they saw the headless body of Gato on the ground behind the ninja. "He....He's gone?" A villager asked. Tazuna grinned. "YEP!" The village cheered as they were finally freed from Gato, while the others were smiling. Zabuza grinned before he turned to the others. "Well, it's been fun, but we gotta go." Zabuza said. Hikari felt as if his world was torn in two. "What!? What do you mean you have to go!?" Hikari said as he turned towards Zabuza. "Sorry kid, but we're missing Nin....We gotta keep moving or we'll be hunted down and killed." "But why not come with us back to Konoha!?" Hikari offered. Zabuza chuckled as he shook his head. "Sorry kid, I doubt we'll be able to. I'd need strict permission before I was able to do something like that." Hikari glared before he said, "Hang on a minute." He then turned towards Kuro. "We're asking Jiji, GOT IT!?" Hikari yelled at Kuro. Kuro blinked before saying. "You wanna get there now....don't you..." Hikari nodded up and down at a rediculous pace before glaring at Kuro. Kuro just laughed a bit before smiling. "You got it!" Hikari grinned before turning to Zabuza. "Wait right here a moment." He then turned back to Kuro, who nodded. The boys went through two hand signs.

"Namikaze no Jutsu!" They shouted out. A bright flash filled the area before Uzumaki Naruto appeared once more on the earth. Zabuza, Haku, and the rest of the villagers all gasped as they saw Naruto. "LET'S GO!" He then bent down into the runners position and looked straight in the direction of Konoha. "BLAST OFF!" Naruto yelled out before an explosion occured. When the smoke cleared everyone looked in the distance to see a flying speck before it disappeared. Kakashi sighed as Tsunami ran up to him, yelling, "WHAT THE HELL DID THEY JUST DO!?"

Kakashi sighed once more. "They just became Uzumaki Naruto...." Tsunami blinked before glaring at him, indicating that he should explain. "Remember that S-ranked secret I couldn't tell you?" Tsunami nodded as the other villagers gathered around to hear, as well as Haku, Zabuza and Hinata.

"Well, you see...." Kakashi then went on to tell them about how he found Uzumaki Naruto flashing before out popped Kuro and Hikari. He then went on to explain that they were both exactly half of Naruto, but with the other half of their personalities the way they see them now. He then told a little bit of what he learned of them during their 8 Year training trip.

~Hokage Tower~

Hiruzen Sarutobi was finally finished with his paperwork, and was currently reading a little orange book when his door suddenly flew open. In came Uzumaki Naruto glaring daggers at the Hokage. Sarutobi just blinked before quickly putting away the book before coughing and saying, "Oh...Naruto, I thought you were out on a mission?" He said as a blush adorned his face. Naruto stomped up to him and grabbed him by the robes. "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT! I NEED A FAVOR!" Naruto said in a dead-serious tone. Sarutobi noticed this and motioned for him to sit and explain. Naruto then went on to explain that he wanted Zabuza Momochi and his daughter, (he heard Zabuza call him his daughter, so he went along with it) Haku Momochi, to be given permission to live in Konoha. Naruto then explained as to the reason he wanted them given permission. Starting with how Gato had planned to trick them, as well as aiding them in their original mission. Sarutobi thought about it for awhile. If what Naruto said was true, and that Zabuza would join their village, it would mean a great boost to their military might. Not only that, but he had a daughter, which would most likely be taught his styles. He then looked into Naruto's eyes, and noticed that the blue eye, Hikari's eye, was begging him to let them join. The Hokage smiled before he exhaled a breath from his pipe. "Very well Naruto. I will allow them to stay. However, YOU must find a place for Zabuza's daughter to stay. If you can do that, then they may join." He looked up just in time to see Naruto tackle him while saying, "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!" Naruto said as he bolted for the door saying that they'll be back in a few days. Sarutobi blinked as he realized that the rest of the group was still in Wave. He then chuckled to himself before he started on the paperwork. Now THIS paperwork he wouldn't mind doing.

~Wave bridge~

Everyone had their jaws on the ground as Kakashi finished his tale. Kakashi looked up and noticed a black dot flying overhead. "Ah, here they are now." He said as he indicated the black dot that flew into the forest. A few moments later Naruto ran out onto the bridge with a smile on his face before a light appeared, making Kuro and Hikari come into existance once more. Kuro was grinning, while Hikari had a smile that could make the world go 'round. "HE SAID IT WAS ALL RIGHT!" Hikari said as he jumped around and put his fingers in the victory sign. Zabuza looked at the kid in confusion. "Who said it was all right?" "Jiji!" Hikari said happily. Kuro then explained. "Sarutobi Hiruzen, The Sandaime Hokage." Zabuza, Haku and Hinata all slipped and fell on the bridge. "YOU MEAN YOU RAN ALL THE WAY TO KONOHA AND BACK THAT FAST!?" Hikari, after balancing himself from the tornado that was their yell, nodded. "But we need to find a place for Haku to stay." Kuro said as a frown came on his face. "She could stay with me." Kakashi offered. Hikari held a senbon to Kakashi's face. "The day I let you keep ANY girl in your house is the day I let you read Icha-Icha in front of me." He said as a dark aura surrounded him. "Because we're pretty sure that a new book will be made soon after." Kuro added in. Zabuza gained that deathly glow around him as he glared at Kakashi, who nervously laughed before backing away from the angry demon of mist.

Hikari then put his hand on his chin as he tried to think of place for Haku to live. "There's gotta be someplace..." He thought out loud. Kakashi smiled before walking over to Hikari. "I'm sure we'll find a way for her to live in Konoha, but for now we have to help build a bridge." Kakashi said as he placed his usual eye-smile on his face. Hikari looked up and groaned. He would not like the rest of the day. Kakashi turned to Kuro. "Well boys, let's get started!" "Right!" They yelled in unison before putting their hands in a cross-shaped hand-sign. "Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" They called out. The next moment, the bridge was filled with over a hundred Kuro's and Hikari's each. "YOSHEI! ITTIBAYO! (All right! Let's go!)" They called out before setting to work. Zabuza's eyes were the size of dinner plates as he stared at the spectacle the two boy's pulled off. "Kakashi." "Yes Zabuza?" "Did those two just pull an army out of their asses, AFTER they fought a battle?" Zabuza asked as his left eye twitched. "Why yes Zabuza....yes they did." Kakashi smiled as he created about twenty or so clones before they got to work. Zabuza sighed before he walked over to a tree and took a nap, trying to recover from their battle while Haku healed him.

A few Hikari's would glance over to Haku every now and again before smiling and getting back to work. Kuro and Hinata did not fail to notice this, and the multiple times it happened. They grinned as they helped repair the bridge while thinking, 'Who didn't see that coming?'

~Three day's later~

Thanks to the boys' endless supply of clones, the bridge was completed sooner than expected while the original workers recovered from Zabuza's attack. Zabuza and Haku were forgiven for their deeds as they had helped put an end to Gato, so they were given a room and food at Tazuna's. Everyone enjoyed themselves since Zabuza agreed to go to the village. He didn't have any other options other than running, and this way Haku would get the protection she needed. He grinned as he remembered when he started getting to know Hikari. The boy was way too soft in his opinion. But if the battle on the bridge had anything to prove, it's that this was a good thing. When the kid get's pissed, he's almost as bad as Zabuza himself. I mean, the look in his eye when he let Zabuza decapitate him was just priceless. It was just as sadistic and evil, if not more so than his own 'happy grin'. The kid wouldn't be too bad to call a son. He grinned as he thought of the chance of it happening. He had seen Haku's face everytime she saw him. He did not miss the, 'I LOVE YOU!' look she had on her face most of the time. He wondered how long it would be before her inner personality would be let out. Haku would always look calm and conserved, but he knew there was an inner Haku that had the body of a chibi, but the mind of a seductress. He grinned. He could just see what would happen to the poor boy when she let 'Inner Haku' loose. He needed to have a camera on him when that happened, so he went out and bought one.

Meanwhile on a certain dock, Hikari shivered involentarily. "I get this bad feeling someone's going to blackmail me in the near future....." He said as he looked around. After making sure no-one was around he went back to his drawing. He looked up to see his current subject for his drawing, Yuki, munching on some more berries. Hikari finished shading in the area behind the rabbit's ears before he smiled at it. "It isn't a perfect replica, but it's close enough." He decided. "You can say that again." Another voice said. Hikari jumped before turning to see Haku standing there. He smiled as he looked at her in her new outfit.

Haku was currently wearing a blue jacket with a green undershirt. She was wearing a blue and green battle skirt, but had the same ribbon she had on her battle kimono tied around her waist. Her long black hair was flowing down her back, just like when he first met her. Her amber brown eyes twinkled with a hidden happiness from the reflection of the water as she walked up to him and sat down.

She pulled Yuki to her chest as she started petting her. "It's kinda funny." She said with a glazed over look in her eyes. Hikari looked at her confused as he waited for her to finish. "Yuki never goes to just anyone. Any of the thugs at Gato's that tried to pet her, or even get near her, she would either bite or run away. But you..." She stopped and turned to Hikari. "She just runs up to you and follows after you, as if you two had known each other all your lives." Hikari chuckled a bit before petting the rabbit. "I've always been good with animals. They seem to get calm when I'm around. Heheh, it's kinda funny, since it's always been that way." He said as he looked back out onto the lake. "I've always had this wierd connection to nature. I can tell when a plant needs water, or if a dog is sick. In return, whenever I look at a tree or an animal, I'm always filled with a sense of calm-ness. It's been like this since I can remember." Haku stared at him in awe. He really was as amazing as she thought he was. Yuki hopped out of her arms and went to her side. The rabbit started pushing Haku towards Hikari, and surprisingly, actually moved her a bit. The two blushed and turned away as they bumped into each others shoulder, before Hikari slowly turned his gaze back to her. She looked so cute with that blush on her face. Hikari didn't know what force possesed him to do so, but he did it anyway. Haku gasped as she felt Hikari's lips on her cheek as he gave her a soft peck. She turned to him with a beat-red face as he just grinned. "You're too cute for your own good." He said with a small blush on his face. Haku stared at him before she felt herself die and fly to heaven. With a mental, 'goodbye' she passed out. Hikari jumped when she fell to the side and started panicking until he saw that she was breathing peacefully. He grinned as a flashback of Kuro and Hinata came into his mind. It was the same situation as when he made Kuro first kiss Hinata.

He bent over her face and smiled. He wanted to kiss her like Kuro did to Hinata, but decided not to. He didn't want to go like Kuro. He wanted another way to get his first kiss. He slowly shook her until she woke up. "Mornin' sleeping beauty." He said as he smiled above her face. Haku blushed as she noticed that he was so close to her face. She wanted so badly to just move forward and take his lips, but she couldn't gain the strength to do so. Kami decided to give them both a break though, as they both forgot about little Yuki who suddenly jumped on top of Hikari's head, sending his lips crashing down on Haku's. The two stared at each other for a moment, their lips locked, before a flash caught their attention. They both turned to see Zabuza with a camera and a grin behind his bandages. "About time brat." He cackled out. Hikari scrambled back, an enormous blush on his face, while holding a hand to his mouth as he still felt Haku's lips on his. He turned to Haku to see her equally red before she glared at her 'Father' before standing up and storming over to him. She grabbed him by the ear and pulled him away all the while yelling at him for, 'Ruining the moment'. Zabuza could only grin as he ignored the pain of his daughter pulling his ear. How could he pass up something so juicy?

Hikari was still dazed as he refused to let the feeling fade away from his mouth. He groaned as it soon disappeared before he turned to the llittle rabbit standing next to him. He could have sworn that the rabbit was grinning like a madman...bunny...but couldn't tell further as it hopped off towards the house. He took a deep breath and then exhaled. Things were definitely going to get interesting from here on out.

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