"Stop this." I murmured, under my breath in my darkened room. I shook my head frantically, the dark curls blurred in my clouded vision.

"Get out of my head!" I stood from my crouch, running across the room and slamming my head against the opposite wall. The action only heightened the busy whisperings in my head. I couldn't suppress another sob, and I collapsed on the cold floor, shaking and hitting the ground with my palms.

The voices laughed, and their silvery, melodic giggles both numbed my head and heightened my franticness. I heard briefly a door open and close, and someone's strong arms around me. "Tell them to go, Raoul!" I moaned, the voices at once dying down to a dull thud in the back of my mind. "I can't do this!"

I let him cradle my shaking form for some time. He shushed me, though not in a soothing way, more of an agitated way. I looked up at his face, and sobbed again at the tight look of disgust he aimed at the wall.

He was angry with me. I didn't know why. How could I stop it? I'd tried everything. I think, at one time, he was genuinely worried about me, but as it got more frequent and more violent he began to loathe my screaming and whimpering. I thought he wouldn't get anymore hurt at me as he did, but alas, I was wrong. Erik made sure of that.

He was the worst. I could handle the dizzying voices in my head with time and practice, but it was him I could never get over. His deafening roar in my ear, his blinding presence so I could see nothing but him. I wasn't sure about the reality of the voices screaming inside me, but Erik I was sure of. How could nobody else see?!

Why did he have to plague me with his presence? It scared me, unnerved me, fascinated me. His beautiful, hypnotic voice I could never shake free of. His maddeningly mysterious mask that he hid himself away with. His tales of music and beauty and love, that haunted my dreams.

His terrifying orders he gave to me, his obsessive hold he had over me, and his utter hatred for Raoul. It scared me so much, I had been reduced to no more than a shivering wreck, confined to one darkened room in the largest manor in Paris. I touched Raoul's face nervously with my finger. He blinked, and looked down, grimacing a smile before he let me go, sending me crumpling down onto the floor.

"Raoul, wait!" I murmured, too tired to get up. He stopped at the door, and shuffled his feet.

"Oh, Christine, I have to go. I was halfway through the door last time. Just ignore them for a bit, please keep the noise down!" After that he gently pulled the door shut, to keep himself from slamming it in his impatience and anger.

I curled up in a ball, and held in the sobs that racked my body again. The voices started up again, and I tried my best to follow Raoul's parting advice, to no avail. Thankfully the noises quietened, but I knew it was a sign that their master was returning. I straightened up, rubbing away the tears from my eyes. I heard his whisper caress my skin and wind its way around my body;

"Christine, my love."

I shuddered, and nodded to acknowledge his presence. He laughed, and a nervous chuckle issued from my mouth in imitation. "Come now, Christine. After all these years you wouldn't be frightened of me!" He laughed again, and I gazed at the floor, trembling. He must have noticed.

"Sit on the bed, Christine." He ordered menacingly. "I need to give you the truth."

Every day he would do this, sit me on the bed and tell me the lies I had heard that day. He said he did it because he was my 'truth teller'. He told me no lies and that is why he was the only one I could trust. "Raoul is a liar," he hissed, and I shook my head defiantly.

"My husband is no liar," I squeaked, terrified of his anger, "He loves me-"

"He does not love you, I love you!" Erik roared, shaking me by the shoulders with his large, rough hands, "Nobody else!" I nodded quickly, squeezing my lips together so I kept quiet.

His eyes bulged, as this angered him more than anything else. "You…dare…follow his orders?" He whispered, stepping away from me. "His orders? The man that has confined you to this dank room, all alone. Thank God I am here, to look after and to love you. He thinks he's helping you. Bah!"

He slapped his thigh, a bellowing laugh shaking the foundations of the mansion. "I'm the only one who can help you, and one day he will, and you will, both realise that!" Before I could protest his mouth was on mine, and a spasm of shock ripped through my stomach.

He laughed again, yet his eyes looked soft and tender. I blinked, and he had vanished.

The only thing I could hear was a short yell from downstairs. "Jesus, Christine, please be quiet!" And I was the entire night.