A/N:Hey! This is my new story! It was originally going to be called Thirteen but I decided the title Going Under – by Evanesence – would go better with the story because if you've watched the movie Thirteen-It has Nikki Reed in it! Yay!-it has a lot of drug taking and cutting in it…if you listen to the lyrics -I feel this song points on some level to abuse...she's trying so hard to escape, to "breathe" and "break through" but his abuse is so overpowering that she can't help "going under" and drowning .So yep…Oh and you know on my poll…that is if you voted it said that Rose and Bella where Bff's when they where human and got changed? Well I thought I'd change it a bit by adding Jasper – Squeal-into it also = Rose and Jasper where twins when they where human and Jasper ,Rose and Bella where really close , Jasper goes of to war and gets changed the same way he does in Twilight ,Rose gets changed like in the book also. Rose and Jasper's mom gives all friend-ship bracelets to Bella then Bella nearly dies in a Car accident and gets changed by some O.c charicters.

i'm going under
drowning in you
i'm falling forever
i've got to break through
i'm going under

blurring and stirring the truth and the lies
so i don't know what's real and what's not
always confusing the thoughts in my head
so i can't trust myself anymore
i'm dying again

Okay sorry! It's stuck in my head XD

Hope you like the idea so far!

Love you all!