Naruto couldn't handle distance. He had been separated from everyone most of his life so that when someone became close, he wanted them to stay that way.

That could have been why Sasuke's leaving hurt so much. Sasuke had been his best friend, his brother. He had been the closest thing Naruto had and in one night it was gone. The fact that Sasuke left willingly only made it hurt worse. Sakura had tried to comfort him, but she was so swallowed up in her own pain that it didn't really help. Sasuke had been her everything too.

It made Naruto wonder if Sasuke knew what he meant to his teammates. Sasuke had been special, beloved above all others. If Naruto knew that he meant so much to someone he would stay by their side forever. Sasuke, Naruto decided, must not have known how much pain his leaving would cause.

Naruto blamed this on his bad luck. If he had confessed how he felt, then maybe Sasuke would have stayed. If he had put more into the fight, then maybe he could have beaten Sasuke. If he had loved Sasuke less, then maybe it wouldn't hurt so much. Naruto would never know.

Naruto wished he could have known Sasuke before he put the walls up over his heart. He wished he could have been closest to the brunet when it mattered. He wished he could have been the one to comfort Sasuke when his world collapsed. He wished he could have stopped Sasuke's world from collapsing.

He wished Sasuke wasn't so far away.

Sasuke was obsessed with avenging his clan, not caring about distance or time. Sasuke figured that since his family was gone, distance and time no longer applied to him. Who was waiting for him anyway? He had been so absorbed in fact that he completely missed the new kinship he was forming with Naruto and Sakura. So maybe they weren't perfect replacements, but Naruto had hoped that they could be close.

They weren't.

So Sasuke left.

Naruto couldn't handle the distance between Sasuke's heart and his. The thought of Sasuke not being where Naruto was, was unbearable. So Naruto vowed that he would find his brunet brother and bring him back, close to his heart. And when he did, he would look at the brunet that had made his heart ache all those years and say "Sweetie, you've been far away for far to long"

And that would be enough to stay.


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