Episode 2 - Complexity of Life

Two months have passed since the events of The Battle of Tokyo Square', as it has come to be known. Kovin has acquired an apartment of his own, and works as a software technician in a large computer store. Kari has regained full use of her left arm, and only two scars remind her that she was ever wounded. Allura has managed to grasp the full concepts of being a digidestined and the game; although her innocent banter will be missed. Ken and Yolei's relationship has been going swimmingly. TK and Kari's relationship has cooled off some, TK is slightly worried despite reassurances from Kari. Kelryn has showed up more often than she'd like to admit, every other weekend spending time with Kari, the two actually have a good friendship going.

As for the former digidestined, Tai has been pursuing a relationship with Allura. Sora has been very quiet since Matt died, but after two months, started to show signs of life again, although some topics are sensitive with her. Joe has passed his finals and is now beginning an internship at the local hospital. Izzy is working with Kovin at the same store. They also have become good friends through a keen interest in technology.

Aeromon has been called upon twice since the battle. Everyone uses him as a kind of airbus. Once digivolved, he can take about seventeen or eighteen people on his back. When they curl under the top layer of his feathers, and hold on, he can reach speeds of mach four, while his passengers stay warm and comfortable. He was used for them all to take a trip to America to visit Mimi. Allura and Mimi have discovered they're actually long lost twins. There was a lot of Parent Trap' jokes, but it subsided. The two have now made it their life's work to find their lost half-sister.

And the Palmon thing has been explained as some kind of short circuit two humans with the same DNA have. If there is another human with the same DNA when a digimon is killed, the digimon instantly regenerates with the other, retaining all abilities and knowledge.

Chapter 1

Kovin stepped out the bathroom after taking his morning shower. Ozlimon was at Kovin's computer playing Diablo. Kovin smiled at the little bird standing on the desk using the mouse with his foot. He was about to pour a cup of coffee when he heard Ozlimon squawk loudly.

What's wrong with you?!?

This guy on the net killed me! We were going down to the last level looking for books and potions, and he just turned and killed me! I'm going to get that son of a.... Ozlimon's voice trailed off as he began his plot to massacre the player who had killed him.

Can I have a few minutes to check my email and shit before I go to work? Kovin asked, now with coffee in hand.

Yeah, sure. He left anyway. I'll get him later. Kovin quit Diablo and proceeded to load Netscape, going straight for Hotmail. He was reading over the titles of the various messages in his inbox. The usual stuff: free porn, free porn, free money, free porn, and free money. Today he saw a message from someone he hadn't seen in a long time. It was from Adam, someone Kovin knew from back home.


I don't know if you even check your email anymore, or if your even still alive. But I'm emailing to say Natasha's died. It was a blood cancer. The funeral is on Saturday of this week. Not to freak you out, but I'm sending the same email to Kelryn. They were really good friends, so if you come be warned you might see her. I hope to see you there.


Kovin hadn't seen them in a long time. They were the only two normal humans who knew Kovin was digidestined. Adam also knew about the unpleasantness between him and Kelryn. It was Friday now, he decided he would make the trip tomorrow.

Kovin remembered the note, checked his online comic strips, and went to work. Today was set to be a big day. He and Izzy were setting up a DHCP server and a network for a big accounting office. Kovin smiled again, he was excited about setting up a server. Anyone else would be bored to tears with his job.

The day went smoothly. Izzy, Kovin and another tech had setup the network with only one minor glitch. Izzy forgot to terminate the cable on one subnet, so he got to buy the coffee and doughnuts on Monday.

The sun was climbing down the sky as Kovin made his way back to his place. By pure chance, Kovin had managed to select and apartment that was at the geographic centre between the homes of the other digidestined. So it was usually at Kovin's place were they gathered for games, pizza, movies and whatever else seven kids did on a Friday night. It did count as seven, because Kelryn four times out of five showed up. Kovin and she were back to speaking terms, and it was apparent to everyone that she wanted more, but that Kovin wanted less.

They were sitting around a big kitchen table, player cards and devouring some pizza, when Kelryn decided she wanted to stir up some shit.

So, Kovin. A little quiet over there. Only a pair? I'll have you beat. She mocked.

I'm out. Ken tossed his cards on the table.

You chicken shit! You could have stayed in longer! Yolei said.

Kelryn, I got an email today. Kovin said.

Really!?!? I'm so proud of you learning to work the computer all by yourself! She mocked. The other's snickered at that.

It was from Adam. Tash is dead. Kelryn looked up startled. The others became instantly quiet to see what would happen.

Are you sure? Really? Kelryn was quiet now. Gone was her sarcastic nature, loud voice, and most of the colour from her face.

I'm sure. The funeral is tomorrow. Ozlimon and I are going back to Canada for a few days. You're welcome to come with. I know she was a good friend of yours. Kelryn nodded in agreement, accepting Kovin's offer.

And what about us? Kari asked.

added TK, we're your friends now and we're coming with you. You two may need us there, and we shouldn't split up the team. Plus, someone needs to make sure you two don't kill each other. Yolei, Ken and Allura were on board with that too, smiling at the Kelryn killing reference.

Looks like were going on a road trip. Although most of it will be across ocean on the back of a huge owl. Kovin said.