Chapter 10

Kelryn climbed down the three-meter slope from the new road to the abandoned pier. She took off her sunglasses because they weren't needed anymore. She looked up at the golden sky, that faded into light pink, then purple as she looked towards the east. It was very picturesque to see, as there wasn't a single cloud to obstruct anyone's view of the sky's colours. There would only be half an hour of light left, but she tapped the side of her pocket containing three glow sticks, just to make sure of their presence.

Kelryn was thinking of the last few days, of her and Kari, and how it fit into her life. She divided her life into three main groups, her total life to date, and the past three years since she left Kovin, and the past few days with Kari. She was a bit hurt when Kari got back together with TK two days ago, but she knew it was for the best. Kari did have, past tense, a mild crush on Kelryn, that was just amplified when Kelryn needed support from her friend dying.

Kelryn was also supporting her relationship with Kari because she wanted to get Kovin's attention, she now thought. She still loved Kovin. She had for five years, and there was no sign of that changing anytime soon. She didn't know if she got Kovin's attention and he just didn't show it, or if she just made a fool out of herself. She preferred to think of the former.

She walked down the pier, not paying any attention to the broken crane equipment, where just two days ago, TK nearly ended his life. Kelryn stopped when she came to one of the many cracks in the asphalt that had weeds growing out of it, but this one was different. It had a flower growing out of it. Among all the cracks on the pier, and all the weeds growing out of all of them, this was the only flower. Kelryn couldn't tell what kind it was, but she didn't care. Knowing its name might take away from its splendor, just seeing this small yellow flower was enough. Kelryn reached down, and considered picking it. She decided she should rather than leave this beautiful flower here, among all the weeds, where no one would see it.

When she stood, she had the flower tucked into her hair, on the right side of her head. Kelryn proceeded to walk around the two old warehouses, and looked the last two hundred meters to the end. There was a figure at the end that was difficult to see against the dark backdrop of the eastern sky and the dark water of the bay during sunset. Kelryn stopped and leaned against the last of the two buildings, watching the figure at the end. He was holding a sword above his head in his right hand, pointing in the same direction as another sword in his outstretched left hand. His legs were apart, and he looked tense, obviously in an attack stance.

Suddenly the two swords began flying in circles, slicing and dicing imaginary enemies, while his legs flew into the air in matching roundhouse kicks. He stopped and faced the other direction, and struck his original stance. When he attacked again, he was using different sword and leg techniques. Halfway through this manoeuvre, he flipped the swords holding the handles so the blade was on the wrong side of his hands, using his fists. Then, just as quickly, the deadly blades were back in their position for a few more swipes through the air.

Kelryn started walking again out to the figure. No one would be able to tell who it was, not even her from that distance, but she already knew it was Kovin. She stopped about five meters from him, and just stood looking at him, he didn't turn his head to look at her when he spoke.

Hello, Kelryn. Who told you I was here? A few more swipes. At this point, a few drops of sweat flew away from his forehead with the motion.

TK did. He said you wouldn't mind me knowing about your little hiding spot. He said to tell you he wouldn't tell anyone else where this is. He also says to thank you for saving his life. Kovin nodded.

Hmm, thank-you.

How did you save his life?

That's probably best left unsaid. I know you and I tell each other everything, but this concerns TK as well. Just know that he would be dead, and it wasn't an accident, if I wasn't there to stop him.

Really? Does that make you a hero then?

No, just a friend who was in the right place and the right time. Kovin turned to face Kelryn finally. Nice flower. I saw it on the way in.

Thank-you. Do you know that those two factories are positioned so that you can't see this pier from anywhere in the city? You have to be in the air to see it, but even then the water in the bay and the dirt on this pier or almost the same colour. Kovin just nodded.

Yeah, it's great. Why did you come here? Kelryn looked at the ground, and kicked it like someone in an awkward situation.

I came here to see if there is any chance for us Kovin. I know I've done some bad things, and I know I don't deserve to, but I want to be with you again. She paused, and looked Kovin right in the eyes, to prove to him that she wasn't lying. I love you. And I want you to love me. She stopped to allow him to respond. It took him awhile, when he did he reached into his backpack and puled out and apple. It left his hands into the air, and then became three pieces of apple as both swords cut into it in a lightning quick move. Kovin speared the largest piece on the end of his sword before it hit the ground, brought it to his mouth and took a bite. He then cleared the fruit off the sword by flinging it out towards the water. He wasn't looking at her when he spoke.

What makes you think I don't already love you? What makes you think I ever stopped?

Because of the way you were treating me, I thought you hated me.

Just because I was mad at you, and you hurt me, doesn't mean I was ever able to stop loving you. Kovin moved the swords lightning quick, Kelryn was startled because they came towards her, but saw that their final destination was not she. The first severed another flower she had not seen, a green one from its stem, while the broadside of the second blade hit the flower and sent it flying towards Kelryn. She didn't catch it, and it hit her in the chest, but the did grasp it before it returned to the ground. You know, traditionally, when a guys gives a girl a flower, it means something.

Kelryn smiled, and gave the second flower an equal place to the first on the other side of her head. She summed up all her emotion in one word. She asked. Is it true?

You haven't called me that for a long time, Kovin said, but yes, it's true, my beloved. Kovin and Kelryn took step toward each other, and he dropped his swords on the ground. They meant nothing to him right here, right now. All either of them cared about was being back in the arms of the one they loved. They embraced each other as tight as their arms could. Kovin looked into her eyes, and brushed a tear away from her eye, letting his hand carry her hair back, as it stopped on the back of her head. He leaned forward, not far as she moved towards him as well. Their eyes closed as their lips touched for the first time in a long time.

The world melted away, the sun completed its daily cycle and now left no clue as to its presence except for the bright pale yellow of the moon that began to rise out of the sea behind the two lovers. The silver glow of the moon lit the pier, and cast a single shadow from the two back along the ground almost back to the warehouses, where a lone figure stood watching them.

Enjoy it while you can, Kovin, the figure said. You'll lose her, and you'll live with the pain of it, I promise you. The figure was swallowed up by the darkness, and left no indication of his own presence except for the glint of moonlight reflecting off the blade of a recently sharpened katana.