squabbling hens

shinji & hiyori

( pecking order )

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They're fighting again.

It's not surprising, to be honest. They're at each other's throats like rabbits in heat.




It isn't supposed to be anything different to what it normally is.

It's supposed to be the awesome Whumpage of Doom where Shinji dies a thousand and ten times and then gets reborn into a freaking lewd monkey!

Somewhere along the line of 'beating the hell out of Shinji' and 'cackling like a deranged maniac', her grip slips and her tiny frame loses balance, planting her mouth—her freaking mouth—right on top of his.

It's time for the eruption of Mount Sarugaki Hiyori.

But not before pausing, placing her cold fingers on her warm mouth, trembling, fuming and then exploding into fireworks that look forward to spreading Hirako Shinji's ashes into the midnight sky.


Oh heck no!

"Get back here!"

This time he is not getting away!


His mouth still tastes of her. This is bad. And… kind of awesome. He hasn't got any action in a while.

But it's Hiyori. This is very, very bad. Even more so because the temperamental brat is in a vengeful mood that will instantly take place the minute he slows down and looks at her for a mere second. Which he will absolutely not do—

—even if he likes the kiss; and possibly wants more…


That's a dangerous path to follow. Only vultures and skulls lie in that direction.

"Shinji – shit-for-brains – Shinji!" The Grim Reaper dressed in red shrieks daring to make him come to a standstill.

That does it.

"Hey, Hiyori—"

He stops. And stares.


Aureate. Gold. Ochre.

There's a million ways to describe her weird eyes, pretty eyes, perhaps, but still weird. There are plenty of thoughts bundled inside her amber orbs, swirling, swirling in many watts of electricity, and simply waiting to be burnt into tarnished complexity. Sparks flitter in her eyes as cogs turn, set alight mirrored in rippling waterlogged eyes. He can see the reflection of a burning city mottled in a chocolate sprinkled city of ivory, diffusing as the hue of tawny seashores darken into something more.

He gets lost in her eyes so easily.

It's probably the reason why he doesn't see that killer slipper of hers coming right at him.