Chapter 1

Love is not blind - it sees more, not less.
But because it sees more, it is willing to see less. –
Rabbi Julius Gordon


Luke! Luke! Come down for first meal before mid-day meal!

Aunt Beru?

No… Beru and Owen were long gone.


When Luke awoke, he was alone again, but not at the homestead.

I'm on Corellia, alone in Aubé's bed, Luke thought to himself ruefully. Well, not completely alone.

A pair of startlingly blue eyes peered at him shyly from the door way. "My Gra-mere said to see if you were awake," Pemberian said quietly. She rocked back and forth on her heels expectantly, and then with a burst of energy asked, "Are you? Gra-mere wants to know if you'd like some first meal? She made loads of good things!"

Luke pulled the blanket over himself, suddenly very conscious of the fact that he was completely undressed. "Yes… yes I would… Thank you. Where's your mother, Pem?"

"Ma-mere went with Nay-pa to help Kay-Kay this morning," she giggled. "Kay-Kay promised that I could have his award for my room because he doesn't want it! Come to first meal soon!" and with those cryptic parting words, Pemberian was away and down the stairs, a virtual blur of curls and the bright blue of her tunic.

Luke sighed and slowly climbed out of bed. To his surprise, he found, instead of his own clothing, a tunic and vest and leggings in soft shades of blue. His lightsaber and belt rested neatly folded next to them.

Local clothing.

Before Luke could really contemplate the meaning behind all of the morning's revelations, the warm smells of home cooking drifted invitingly to his nose, and he decided that his questions could wait – at least until after first meal.

Feeling refreshed and clean, Luke followed the scents and sounds of laughter to a small room overlooking a garden.

"Good morning Luke," Kampher said warmly, greeting him with a kiss on the cheek. "I take you slept well?" Kam's hair was dressed in a simple plait, the white cascading into the dark brown that Luke remembered from the first time they had met. It rested easily on the green of her tunic and looking at her, Luke thought of spring with the snow receding from the mountain side.

"Do you like shurra fruit, Pay-pa Luke?" Pem asked over a mouthful of her own, earning a stern glance from Kam. She swallowed and continued, unabashed. "My Nay-pa says it's his favorite!"

Luke took the proffered seat across from Pem, and promptly found a large plate with a generous assortment of fruit and meats in front of him. After pouring him a cup of caf, Kampher sat down to a much smaller meal of her own. On seeing the meat on his plate, Pem wrinkled her nose.

"Nay-pa doesn't like that," she said decisively, and then brightened. "But Ma-mere does!"

"I seem to have missed her this morning," Luke replied gently, more so to Kampher than Pem. "She seems to be a very busy woman…"

"She is," Kampher agreed, sipping on her caf. "I don't think we'll see her until tonight at the presentation. "There's so much to do." She turned to Luke with a smile. "I'm afraid it's just you and me and Pemberian this afternoon. I hope you don't mind."

"Can we take Pay-pa Luke to Treasure Ship row?" Pem asked excitedly. "I want to show him my favorite sweet stall!"

"Only if you promise to be good and not ask for too much, Pem," Kampher replied. "And if you're finished with first meal, I want you to go do your lessons. I need to talk to Luke."

"Yes Gra-mere," Pem said after taking a last swallow of juice. She jumped off of her chair, and threw herself into Luke's arms. "Pay-pa Luke, you're staying with us now, aren't you?"

Luke held his daughter close. "I'm always with you Pem," he murmured softly. "Even when I'm halfway across the Galaxy."

This seemed to be a satisfactory answer for her, and with a quick kiss on his cheek, Pemberian disappeared into the house.

As soon as she had gone, Luke turned to face Kampher, who wore an expression of expectation.

"Why didn't she tell me, Master Kam?" he asked her softly. "Why didn't any of you?"

Kampher arched a delicate eyebrow. "Didn't you ask Aubé last night?"

Luke tried to repress the color that was rising to his cheeks, but he didn't drop his eyes. He didn't want to tell her that almost as soon as they had put Pemberian to bed, their priorities had been decidedly on other things. Indeed, what little conversation they had managed had lost focus as quickly as the clothing had fallen away. To his relief, however, Kampher didn't belabor the issue.

"What would you have done, Luke?" Kampher asked him softly. "What would have happened if you had found out about your daughter?"

"I would have come…"

"And left everything behind," Kampher finished for him gently. "You would have done anything for your child, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," Luke replied just as softly, understanding dawned on his face. "But…"

"But it was right," Kam interrupted him, taking his hands in hers. "Pemberian has grown up with the full knowledge of her father and her heritage… at least that of being a Jedi…"

"But she doesn't know me," Luke sighed wistfully, casting his eyes in the direction his daughter had run. "She has no idea who I really am."

Kampher rose with Luke's hands still tightly linked in her own. "Then it's time for you to show her, Master Skywalker," her gentle smile became a grin. "Or perhaps I should call you 'Pay-pa' "