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Sakura did not have a reputation for being pragmatic. No. Rather, she was known to have an excessively imaginatively romantic mind. Of course, nobody knew about it except those very few people whom she poured her heart out to. Sasuke Uchiha was, to his chagrin, one of those people. And her romanticism clashed terribly with Sasuke's-er- less than romantic attitude.

Naruto, however, was the hyperactive fuzzball of energy that everyone was attracted to. He only spewed out the truth of his feelings when he was drunk, or to Hinata. And sometimes, his best friends.

But, however, Sasuke sometimes showed his soft side to a select few people. If 'select few' meant 'only Sakura'. Because, aside from all the emoavenger!quotes and general pig-headedness, Sasuke was quite fond of Naruto, and even more so of Sakura.

So, this was why he was stuck in his former teammates apartment, listening to the Hokage and Sakura drinking themselves silly and singing a song about somebody named Takashi and his cattle. He massaged his head as they plunged into the chorus:

"The old man Takashi, what a good man!

He fed his cattle

He fed his cattle, he did.

Well and full.

Why, oh why, did he have to quit dairy farming?"

Sasuke frowned at the lyrics which barely made sense (and didn't even rhyme, by the way, who even WROTE that kind of song?) and mentally cursed his former teacher for leaving him all alone to babysit his two drunken ex-teammates at the blond fool's apartment.



"Don't you ever-hic-wonder why Sasuke-kun is so-hic- bastardly?"

"All the –hic- time, dear, all the time."
"I mean, seriously. You're the –hic- Hokage! I mean, you have the whole _hic_ ANBU at your command! And why the hell does he still call you –hic- DOBE?????"

"I know, Sakura-chan –hic- ! I must have asked him to call me dobe –hic- sama at least a hundred times, but the asshole won't listen!"

Sasuke suppressed a chuckle-sorry-smirk (because the emo avenger didn't DO chuckles) at the antics of his trashed teammates and knew that in a few minutes Naruto would fall unconscious and he and Sakura would be alone… Mmm… The possibilities…

He was dragged out of his-rather adult- contemplations by a ragged kiss placed on his mouth by a drunk Sakura. When had she, er, noticed him?

He glanced at the blond fuzzball and his eyes lit up when he saw his for slumped on the sofa in sleep.

He returned his gaze to the kunoich in his arms who was now fingering his belt with a longing expression.

" Sakura."

" Hic- Sasuke-kun?"

"… What, Sakura."

"Do you feel turned on by me?"


"Don't blush, you asshole, answer me!"


Sakura frowned at this and grabbed his collar and pulled his face to give him a rough kiss.


Sasuke smirked. The bedroom was right next to the living room. He thought they could make it that far.

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