Chapter 1

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Waking up in the middle of the night, Hinata's heart was racing. She had been dreaming the same dream every night for the past few months. And in it she could see Sasuke Uchiha and another person in Akatsuki robes that looked a lot like him. After doing some research, she found out the other person was his older brother and a member of Akatsuki, Uchiha Itachi. They were fighting on top of a hilltop, but it wasn't any ordinary top of a hill or mountain. It almost looked like it was some sort of fortress built into the hills. Their fight also was not a friendly one between brothers; it looked to be to very brutal and to the death.

She could never hear what they were saying to each other, she just felt this strong sense of urgency that there was something she needed to do. As the days went by, the insistent feelings only grew stronger. After all these months of having the same dream over and over, Hinata felt she was still no closer to understanding why she kept having it. She sighed in frustration before praying silently to herself, Kami, please show me how to help them.

A few weeks later Hinata was on a mission with a very large team to find either Uchiha Itachi or Sasuke, or both. And in her gut, a sense of excitement and nervousness grew because she knew her dreams just had to be related to this mission.

She was teamed up with Yamato and Naruto and they also had one of Kakashi's big ninja hounds with them. While she was out on the mission searching the area, Hinata had been constantly scanning the landscape as far as she could with her Byakugan. She was trying to find the hilltop fortress where she knew the fight would take place. Though she hadn't found it yet, she could tell by the terrain around her that it had to be close. Naruto and Yamato never knew what she was doing, they just thought she was scanning the area for reconnaissance reasons.

Later in the evening Hinata decided to talk to Naruto, and tell him about her dreams. If she was going to do something to assist Sasuke and his brother, she would obviously need some help. They were getting ready for bed when she finally built up her courage and asked him if she could talk to him about something.

Naruto smiled at her. "Sure Hinata," he said in a friendly voice to her.

Hinata started walking away from the camp and motioned for him to follow her. Naruto looked puzzled, but followed her anyway. Hinata nervously swallowed before telling him about her reoccurring dream. After she had told him everything, her pale eyes silently pleaded with him to believe her.

Naruto looked surprised, but he actually believed her. "Hinata have you seen the hilltop fortress yet?"

She shook her head no. "I um, haven't yet, Naruto-kun. I have been searching for it almost the whole time we have been out here."

Naruto gave her a cocky grin. "Well, don't worry about it Hinata, I'll help you."

Hinata gave him a shy smile. "Thanks Naruto-kun," she told him before she headed back to camp feeling a lot lighter.

The next afternoon they were getting ready to join the other search teams when she looked again in the distance and she thought she found the hill. She forced her Byakugan to scan to its limits before she finally recognized it.

Her eyes were urgent as she pulled Naruto aside. "Naruto-kun, I found it. I think Sasuke-kun is over there."

He frowned as he looked at her. "Are you sure Hinata?"

She looked back him with resolute eyes. "Yes, I am sure." She had seen that hilltop fortress multiple times in her dreams, and had no doubt it was the one she had been searching for.

He grinned hugely before yelling, "Come on, Hinata, we need to tell Yamato right away."

They hurried over to their Captain, who was glad to hear they had finally caught up with their intended targets after days of searching for them. He sent the ninja hound to meet with the others and tell them their location. Naruto and Yamato followed Hinata as she rapidly ran toward the east. As they got closer to the hilltop area, she breathed out in relief when she could locate their chakra underground.

She turned back to her companions and said, "I found them, they are underground."

Yamato looked back at her impressed. "Great job Hinata."

A little blush stained her cheeks at his praise.

"Yeah Hinata, you're awesome," Naruto he agreed with a happy grin, and her face grew even redder.

She led them to a hill that was adjacent to the hilltop fortress and they stopped. As she looked at the top of it, she marveled at how it was exactly like the one she saw in the dream. She had found it! Using her Byakugan she looked through the thick walls of the fortress and saw the brothers were involved in a vicious fight. Though she could only see their chakra, she could still tell they weren't holding back in their fight at all. Yamato and Naruto couldn't see anything, but they trusted Hinata when she said she could.

A movement caught her eye and she saw there was also a third person down there hiding a wall and was watching the fight. I wonder if it is an Akatsuki member.

Suddenly they were all shocked when Sasuke and his brother exploded through the ground, and were now fighting on top of the fortress. Naruto and Yamato's eyes went big as they watched the fight. Hinata looked up at the sky and saw a dark chakra mixed in with the thunderclouds.

"Um...Naruto-kun - look up above us," she told him while she nudged his arm a little desperately.

Naruto and Yamato looked above them and Yamato quickly used his jutsu to put a protective wooden shelter above them.

They all watched in shock as lightning rained out of the sky and incinerated the area across from them where Itachi had been standing.

"Damn! That Sasuke sure is powerful," Naruto said in awed tones.

Yamato and Hinata shook their heads in wide-eyed agreement. They were even more amazed when Itachi let loose his Amaterasu and watched as the black flames scattered everywhere, burning everything to ashes within its deadly path.

The fight went on for some time and at the end they saw Itachi poke Sasuke on the forehead before he collapsed to the ground. Hinata gasped because it was just like her dream. Somehow, she just knew - she had to get over there quick.

Her eyes were anxious as she looked at her companions. "We have to get to them right now!"

Agreeing with her assessment of the situation, Yamato quickly made a wooden bridge over to the other side. They were running over it towards the brothers when they saw Sasuke collapse too. Nearly in a blind panic for his friend, Naruto used his Shadow Clone Jutsu to get to him even faster.

Hinata, using her Byakugan and running at full speed, stopped suddenly when she saw this creepy looking plant guy's chakra in the wall. Her voice was rushed and urgent as she turned beside her and yelled, "Yamato there is someone hiding in the wall, we have to make sure he doesn't get to them first."

He nodded and quickly did some hand-signs, and a huge wooden plank extended from his hand and brutally crushed the wall. Blindsided by the attack, Zetsu looked slightly stunned as he lay in the rubble. A quick assessment of his situation showed him he was outnumbered by the ninjas from Konoha, so he melted himself into spores and retreated from the area.

Getting to the Uchiha brothers first, Naruto quickly summoned his frogs, Gamakichi and Gamatatsu. Who wrapped their long tongues around Sasuke and Itachi, before they swallowed them whole.

"Now, hurry and take them to Granny Tsunade to be healed," Naruto told them anxiously.

"Sure thing Naruto," Gamakichi said cheekily. Gamatatsu waved bye bye as they poofed away.

"Good job Naruto, let's go find the others," Yamato told him in a relieved voice.

They were about to leave the area when the others finally found them.

Kakashi was impressed as he said. "Good work Naruto."

Naruto gestured toward Hinata with his hand, giving her most of the credit. "She's the one who found them."

Everyone looked at Hinata with surprise on their faces. Hinata began to blush and stare at the ground uncomfortably. She wasn't used to being the center of attention.

Sakura's eyes were full of worry and anxiety, as she only had one thing on her mind. "Come on everyone, we need to get back and go see Sasuke!"

Agreeing with her, they all started heading back toward the Village.

In the distance Tobi looked on and saw the leaf ninjas leaving the area. So Itachi, it looks like you were able to protect your brother after all. His eye narrowed just a fraction before a cyclone appeared and he vanished.

Author's note: I started writing this in 2009 so there may be some inconsistencies in the plot line or details. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you like it or not. Thanks.