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I'm Lucy Gray. I just turned seventeen last week; on January 8th.

I'm a normal teenager, really. I have exams coming up, once I join my new high school. I want to be a journalist one day, so I'm working myself pretty hard.

Me and my family just moved here, to Wykoff, New Jersey, for a fresh start. My last high school was ruled by the 'popular' crowd and the jocks, and I was an outsider until they found out about my brothers. Then they used me; for the parties and the concerts, mainly.

You see, I live with my three brothers; Nate, eighteen next month, Shane, nineteen, and Jason, who's twenty one. We live with my parents in a pretty, big house.

My brothers have always looked out for me, especially Shane, who I've always been closest to.

It was my eighth birthday and I was running around outside with my friends, when I fell over on the gravel driveway. Blood trickled out of my new graze and down my leg.

"Shane!" I cried.

"Hey, Lucy Lu, it's okay, don't cry." Shane, ten years old at the time, rushed over and wrapped his arms around me.

"It hurts!" I sobbed, wiping my tears on the sleeve of his jumper.

He pulled me onto his back and gave me a piggyback into the house, where he covered my graze with a dinosaur plaster.

"All better." He smiled. "Now, let's go back out and play."

Shane had given me advice on everything as we grew up from going to highschool to dating, and he had always been there for me.

Then, one day, a record label heard my brothers perform at a music camp, called 'Camp Rock'.

When they were signed, my dad quit his job and became their manager, keeping them organised, whilst looking after me, as mom was away, starring as a leading role in a hollywood blockbuster.

Despite being in 'Connect 3', Nate and Jason remained the same big brothers they always had been. However, Shane was different...

"We're gonna be a pop-rock boyband!" Shane told me, jumping up and down, his red electric guitar in his hands.

"Really?" I faked a smile; my whole family were famous and talented and I was just a school student; I didn't want to lose my brothers to the evil musical business.

"What's wrong?" My seventeen-and-a-half-year-old brother put his arm around me.

"Nothing." I replied, looking down. "You guys will be great."

"Lu, tell me what's up?" His eyes met mine.

"Promise me you'll stay grounded, no matter what." I told him, looking into his eyes.

"What?" He chuckled.

"Shane, please. Don't let fame get to you. Promise to be the brother you always have been."

He wiped away the tear that escaped from my eye. "I promise. Nothing will break us apart, okay?"

Shane had broken his promise. He was now an nineteen-year-old arrogant rockstar. He loved attention from the ladies, but hadn't been getting much since becoming such an arsehole. He hardly ever spoke to me in proper sentences; grunts were usually the best I could get out of him. It made me sick.

I knocked on Shane's bedroom door, which was next to mine.

"What do you want!?" He hissed from the other side of the door.

"Erm.. you have mail." I replied, quietly.

"Just shove it under the door and get lost, would ya!?"

I slid the letter addressed to Shane under his door and walked down the hallway to my bedroom.

Once again, mom was away, filming, so dad was looking after me and the boys, whilst they recorded their new album in the record studio in town. Tomorrow is my first day at a new high school, and I just hope that maybe, this time it's different.

I'm Lucy Gray, I'm seventeen. My family are pretty big in Hollywood, but me? Well, I'm just stuck in the middle...